Just about everyone loves Japan, and for good reason. Good food, gorgeous scenery, amazing technology, impeccable manners- and don’t even get me started on the fascinating blend of modern and traditional culture. It’s an intriguing country, so it’s no wonder that a lot of people are in awe of it.

And with the steady approach of Japan’s famed cherry blossom season, this admiration is going to be all the more obvious.

Here’re five J-Vloggers you should check out if you’re interested in Japan:

Rachel and Jun

Possibly one of the, if not the most subscribed to J-Vloggers on YouTube, Rachel and Jun are an international American-Japanese couple based in Japan. As such, this adorable pair have many videos that surround cultural differences. Their work isn’t limited to just one subject matter, however. Rachel and Jun also produce the occasional skit, and a lot travel and Japanese language learning videos.

It’s hard not to be drawn to Rachel’s cheerful, bubbly personality and Jun’s quiet yet friendly aura.

Abroad in Japan

Now known as that grumpy British guy who got rudely awoken by a North Korean missile, Chris Broad is a popular J-Vlogger who often produces videos about travel, culture and Japanese language learning. While his work tends to take a rather educational standpoint, they never fail to entertain thanks to his dry, sarcastic sense of humour. In other words, Chris makes learning fun. The fact that he shows real potential in hosting his own TV travel program is another plus.

Check him out if you’re keen on learning more about Japan.

Sharmander & Sharla in Japan

From lifestyle to beauty to travel and culture, Sharla’s channels have a little bit of everything to cater to just about everyone. A popular J-Vlogger in Japan, Sharla is a sweet, even-tempered YouTuber who gained recognition through her well-made, often informational videos. And thanks to her rather extensive stay in Japan (she lived there for years!), she has plenty of tidbits to share with everyone.

Bonus: Sharla has moved to South Korea, so pretty soon you’ll have plenty of K-Vlogs to watch too!

That Japanese Man Yuta

Like the name suggests, Yuta is a native Japanese man. Unlike Rachel, Jun, Sharla and Chris, however, his videos largely comprise of street interviews, the majority of which take place in Tokyo. He mainly interviews native Japanese people, but also has a healthy amount of interviews with foreigners, half Japanese and other people from different walks of life. Thoughtful, calm and intelligent, Yuta’s videos grant outsiders a look into life in Japan.

Among the topics that can be found on his channel are Japanese culture, racism, dating, Japanese language learning and general everyday life in Japan.

Find Your Love in Japan

Nobita is another native Japanese man, and like Yuta, his videos are primarily made up of street interviews. However, unlike Yuta, the main focus of his channel is dating. This was due to his attempt to encourage foreigners to try out dating in Japan. Was, because he has been branching out into different topics over recent months. These new topics can range from heavyweights like racism to politics to religion; Nobita is not shy about discussing controversial topics.

When he is not making videos, he is dedicated to his job in teaching Japanese to foreigners.

Melissa Kartini
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When it comes to charity and social issues, what is the first thing you think about? Poverty? Orphans? The environment? Animal cruelty? Sexism? Hear about any of these issues, and most people would have a strong opinion on it. Many would even express their sympathy towards those who suffer.

But what about the elderly?

Be honest now. Did the elderly cross your mind once when I posed that first question? Was it even one of the first things you thought about? If your answer is no on both counts, it is actually not unusual.

As a matter of fact, it highlights a growing problem in our society.

More often than not, as our lives get busier, the elderly are forgotten. This, despite how it is in our culture to care for our parents when they’re older. Then again, the fault doesn’t rest entirely on us. There are many other factors to consider: our migration to other cities or countries, elderly who do not have children, long working hours, high cost of living, both men and women working, just to name a few.

This combination forms a poison that has wormed its way into our society; it’s an ugly truth that we’re not proud of admitting, but it is definitely there.

While many of us still observe our filial duty to care for our parents, there has been an increase of those who don’t. A survey by researchers from University Malaya’s Prevent Elder Abuse and Neglect Initiative (Peace) found that one in 10 elderly experience abuse and neglect in urban settings, while one in 20 experience the same in rural areas. This is something that we cannot ignore.

Perhaps it’s also because we have a culture that cares for the elderly that we have this problem- because we have this assumption that everyone will observe their filial duty, we don’t immediately realise that there are elderly who need our care.

And as though to place emphasis on this issue that has occupied my mind, I have attended a charity event that was meant to give support to both underprivileged children and the elderly. What I saw was disheartening. Upsetting, even.

Whilst the children were blessed with gifts by many Good Samaritans (and this is wonderful! I’m glad for them), the elderly were entirely forgotten. They sat in their own corner during a party that was meant for them too, neglected. Barely a single soul spoke to them, save for the odd volunteer, and these volunteers were busy with ensuring the party proceeded smoothly.

The dejection and their silence gave me the impression that this was something they’ve unfortunately grown accustomed to. A phenomenon that was confirmed verbally by the charity workers themselves, the behaviour of the party-goers- and apparently, the statistics.

This brings me to the end of this long monologue. Times are changing, everyone. It’s about time we change too.

Let’s extend our heart and goodwill to those who raised us, and those who helped build the society we live in today. Tell your parents you love them, give them a gift, volunteer at an old folks’ home. You have no idea how happy these gestures will make them- after all, the elderly need our attention too.

Don’t let these people feel as though they’re abandoned.

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team


We’ve heard it time and time again: what you put inside your body will reflect on the outside as well. If you’re on a mission to gain gorgeous, healthy skin, then pay attention to this quick list I’ve put together for your convenience.

For this particular piece, focus will be placed on fruits, which are essentially nature’s candy. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a bowl of sweet, nutritious fruit, after all.

1. Oranges


  • Rich in: Vitamin C
  • Benefits: Helps prevent wrinkles and sagging

2. Blueberries


  • Rich in: Antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
  • Benefits: Helps rejuvenate skin and prevent pimples

3. Avocadoes


  • Rich in: Vitamin B7
  • Benefits: Promotes cell regeneration and growth

4. Pomegranates


  • Rich in: Punicic acid, ellagic acid and antioxidants
  • Benefits: Controls acne, helps tighten skin and prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles

5. Bananas


  • Rich in: Potassium
  • Benefits: Moisturises and hydrates

6. Persimmons


  • Rich in: Antioxidants
  • Benefit: Helps prevent aging

7. Strawberries


  • Rich in: Antioxidants
  • Benefit: Helps prevent wrinkles

8. Papayas


  • Rich in: Vitamin A, Carotene
  • Benefits: Helps prevent pimples and reduces the signs of aging

9. Apples


  • Rich in: Malic acid, pectin
  • Benefits: Promotes firm, youthful skin and drives away acne

10. Kiwis


  • Rich in: Pectin, fiber
  • Benefits: Helps prevent wrinkles and blemishes

I wish you luck on your journey to gorgeous skin!

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

It looks like it’s really happening. After a hyped up announcement last year before fading to the background not long after, we’ve been granted another teaser of the live-action version of “Bleach”.

For those of you who aren’t aware, this version of “Bleach” was inspired by the massively popular manga series of the same name. Known as one of the Big Three (a term used to describe the three most popular manga at the time they were all still ongoing), “Bleach” is likely going to be the first of its fellow Big Three members to hit the screens as a live-action.

The trailer above showcases one of the series’ most famous scenes; the moment when Kurosaki Ichigo gained his Soul Reaper powers from Kuchiki Rukia in order to fight a Hollow.

Hollows are essentially tortured human souls that had been neglected for far too long. When human souls don’t receive a proper burial by Soul Reapers, these souls suffer and turn into spiritual monsters. And as a Soul Reaper, it is up to Ichigo to battle these monsters to ensure everyone’s safety.

What do you think? Are you excited for the live-action “Bleach” movie? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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As the years pile on, it is only expected for signs of aging to creep in too. But before you splurge on all those expensive creams and masks, it is best to remember that one of most effective ways to stay young is to build a solid foundation first.

All the skincare in the world won’t be able to help if you don’t take care of yourself. At least not as much as you’d hope.

Here are five inexpensive ways to keep yourself looking young.

Get your beauty sleep

We’ve all heard this a thousand times, and there’s a darned good reason for it. According to dermatologists, our skin requires some precious downtime in order to repair itself, and this is primarily done whilst we’re asleep. So the next time you’re thinking of hitting the sack late, remember that by doing so, you’re depriving your skin of much needed reparation.

Perhaps you can get away with this once or twice once in a while, but do it too much and it’ll take a toll on you. Lack of sleep leads to dull, sagging skin and puffy eyes- definitely not a good look on anyone.

Stay hydrated

Dry skin sufferers know how important it is to keep their skin moisturised. This is because if it isn’t, their skin will experience flakiness and are much more prone to forming fine lines- which can lead to wrinkles. With this logic in mind, drinking lots of water will keep your skin hydrated, and therefore ensure it looks plump and youthful.

If that’s not enough to convince you to start drinking more water, perhaps this will. Do you know the Hsu sisters and their mother? Believe it or not, the secret behind their youthful looks is water.

Stop smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are habits that can dehydrate your skin, and therefore speed up the aging process. As mentioned before, dehydrated skin tends to be dull and riddled with fine lines and wrinkles- again, hardly a flattering look on anyone. This is not to mention the health complications that come from these habits as well, but that’s a story for another day.

If you must drink, do it in moderation. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Eat and drink right

What you put in your body will reflect on the outside. This will forever be an undeniable truth. Which is why it is important to eat food that will help nourish your skin. Drink lots of water and green tea, and avoid anything that can dehydrate you. And this one might surprise you, but sugar and white carbohydrates can actually age you faster, so it would be best to avoid those as much as you can.

Opt for food that are high in protein, antioxidants and vitamin C; these are things that can help you keep looking youthful.


If you’re a fan of beauty and not a fan of looking older beyond your years, then it’s time to get moving. Exercising is an excellent way to maintain our looks, yet it is something that many of us neglect to do. According to experts, exercise increases blood flow to the skin, and this in turn promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. Which is absolute yum for most of us out there, isn’t it?

Strapped for time? Working out just 20-30 minutes for four to five times a week can make all the difference in the world.

Melissa Kartini
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Empire project Bowling 2018

Remember that charity bowling competition I mentioned a while ago? Well, the registration deadline is closing in on us and there are only 18 team slots left!

So if you and your friends are interested in participating, be sure to send in your registration by 25th February 2018 at the very latest.


For more information, please refer to the following:

Payment method:

Official Account – Maybank


Payment slip must be sent to:

You can register online at:

We hope you’ll have tons of fun with this!

Show your support for Empire Project by following their Facebook page

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