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It’s the beginning of the year and our second issue of “Crunch” is out- and with it, our featured talent of the month! This time the title goes to the beautiful, equally ambitious Careen Tan of The White Atelier.

For a taste behind why we love her so much, feel free to peruse the following blog post.

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The Truth About Social Media

…is that what you see, isn’t always what you get.
…is that what you see, are the highlights of my life.
…is that what you see, is what I CHOOSE to show you.
Yes, guys. That’s the truth about social media. You may say, “Well yeah, I already knew about it. I knew everything that you mentioned above.”
We may all KNOW it, in our heads. But very often, whenever we scroll our Instagram feeds and Facebook timelines, we tend to forget all of that and be subconsciously influenced to think that whatever we see is how that person really is, how things really are, in real life.

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Disclaimer: This article is an excerpt from our second issue of our e-magazine, Crunch.

preston-social media

Photo Credit to our ChurpChurp Alpha @prestonles

Is this situation familiar to you? You go to work and spend 8 hours on a laptop, go home, kick off your shoes, take a shower and then face another device yet again. In our fast-paced and quick-changing times, it is almost impossible to detox from social media. We always need to keep up with the why, the what and the how of the day or the week. Why do we do that?

When we think about the likes, the shares and the comments on pictures, they might come off as inconsequential but they actually matter. WHY? Because they are every element that make us human- they spell our addictions, our desires, our anxiety and our joy. All put together, they are essentially made up of two very basic neurochemicals in our brains, namely dopamine and oxytocin.

Dopamine creates the “WANT” reflex; desires which seek unpredictability and reward cues in us. Research actually found that people found it harder to resist tweeting than smoking! WOW.

The oxytocin in our brains on the other hand, is the “cuddle chemical” that is responsible for the feeling of trust in social media users. Did you know that 43% of Facebook users are more likely than other internet users to feel that people can be trusted?

Updating on social media

So why do people update their social media about themselves so very often?

One of the more prominent ways we portray ourselves is through things and they have to signify who we are. That would then create the intensity of how some people would feel for their favourite brands. Some research done in the past found that social media users have the same amount of psychological arousal to logos shown to them as to when they were shown a picture of a loved one or best friend.

If you like talking about yourself, why share a brand?

Many of us are unaware that we are hardwired to pass information around. Did you also know that 68% of people share the brands and things they love with people around them because it helps others perceive them and what they care for better? People share with others because they want to self-define, have self-fulfillment and to share the “causes”that they believe in. Hence, when creating content on social media about a product, it doesn’t have to cater to the masses but only to specific people.

While it is quite normal that your brand(s) would want product awareness to reach the masses, try consider targeting a certain age group, gender or even race that you would want to reach. Doing so will allow for the correct audience to react to your brand presence instead of an audience that your product does not cater to.

Using social media to your advantage


Photo Credit to our Nuffie @nicolevalerietan

There is just so much happening online. What should you keep track of?

Comments are an important and powerful assessment of the credibility of a product. Comments are also known as a “shared reality” as consumers shared how reading another’s response would help them understand their thought processes.

Your brand might have a few positive and negative comments from users and these can’t be controlled. So try considering that while negative comments do exist, they have already created interactions and talk about the product(s) you are offering!

One key takeaway for you and your brand is that you have now created a platform for discussion among your users that you can use for your benefit – product improvement!

2. Selfies
Selfies are the “in thing” right now and rightly so. “Why?” you may wonder. It is because humans in general pay attention to a person’s facial features more than anything else in a picture. When a picture has someone’s face in it, it is 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments.

If you want to focus on brand advocacy, then a selfie or a photo with both a person (the influencer) and the product would work best. However, it is recommended to avoid “in your face” hard sell product placement that is off tangent to the influencer’s organic content, otherwise it might have a negative response instead.

3. Nostalgia
Nostalgia is a universal feeling that we all can relate to. When people think about a past experience or a good time they had, they are more willing to spend on products that represent that time frame of their life.

How can you use this to your advantage? Try selling your product with a throwback post about how it was used during a significant time of an influencer’s life and how that would make it best for future use. Another way nostalgia plays an important role can be through touching on experiences that your target market might share with someone they look up to, e.g., influencers. An experience from childhood times, a community event or even a personal life experience.

4. Colour Usage
Are you one of those marketers who fancy adding just about any colour to your ads? Maybe you’ll reconsider this as many consumers make decisions based on the colours portrayed alone. A brand should pick colours that support the personality they want to portray through their products.

Some colour pairings for your consideration: blue, to represent calmness and innocence; mint green, to give the feeling of freshness; and red, to reinforce boldness.

5. Emotional Triggers
There are just so many tricks used as conversation starters when a conversation takes place face-to-face, so why not through an ad as well? Brands can consider using humour in comment replies, photos and video captions. Humour shows enthusiasm that brands put into their products and has been shown to drive social media engagement as it appears to be more engaging as well.

Take for example Wendy’s Twitter account that replies to countless customers’ tweets with so much humour that it often goes viral! A small gesture goes a long way, so next time you see a fan’s tag, take notice and put aside time to reply.

Whether you are a client, an influencer doing branded content, or even just participants of the social media community, you are always an active participant instead of a silent listener, so make it count.

Written by Samantha Keo

If you need any help in creating ideas for your campaigns for the new year, you can reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to advise you!

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Remember when slim designs were all the rage? When those burst forth, other mobile companies started to follow suit till it reached the point that they are now the norm. Expected, even. As far as new trends go, however, it seems as though borderless displays are among the latest to hit the tech streets.

If you’ve yet to notice this, then allow me to ease you into it, starting with Huawei’s Nova 2i.

It defines elegance


If there is one feature the Nova 2i has that immediately stands out at a glance, it is its near borderless design and in turn, FullView display. Sleek and sophisticated, the Nova 2i boasts smooth edges and a 5.9 inch display fitted into it. Much like its cousin, the Honor 7x, having it in your grasp can be likened to having a cinematic experience in your very hand. Aesthetic-wise, that is pretty sweet.

As largely visual creatures, the idea of pushing borders is an extremely welcome one.

Sharp, gorgeous graphics

By now, Huawei’s reputation with graphic aesthetics precedes itself, and for good reason. One need only take a gander at the Nova 2i to appreciate the clear, sharp graphics that it has been blessed with. In most cases, it is as though you are staring at a painting; unpixellated, bright and certainly not lacking in detail.

You have its 2160 x 1080 resolution to thank for that.

Two pairs of dual cameras


Are you familiar with the feeling of frustration when your smartphone camera produces a not so flattering picture of you? There is a reason for this. Most people in the world view their surroundings with a binocular vision, whereas smartphone cameras are stuck with the one eye they’ve got, and hence have monocular vision. In the simplest terms, this means cameras aren’t able to capture as complete a picture as our own pair of eyes can.

Of course, Huawei recognised and took the initiative to combat this problem. This is where the role of the other halves of the pair of cameras come in; they’re designed to lend more depth to your photographs, therefore enhancing their appeal.

Bokeh on the front and back


There is something incredibly attractive about the ever popular Bokeh feature, and for good reason. Focus is given to the object of your desire, and to subtly enhance this trait, the object’s immediate surroundings are softly blurred- often in an artistic, tasteful fashion. What makes the Nova 2i stand out in this aspect is that the Bokeh feature is boasted by both the front and rear cameras. More good news for photography fanatics, I believe.

What makes it an even more persuasive choice is how the Bokeh effect in the Nova 2i trends more so towards the natural side. An added plus.

Watermark feature

There is something to be said about the quality of the digital photographs a smartphone camera can produce if there is a watermark feature installed in the device. And when I said watermark, I meant a watermark indicating that the image was snapped by Huawei’s Nova 2i. That is the level of confidence Huawei has in its product; it has pride in how far it has come in the photography field, it is high time even more people know of it.

So if you want to show off your Nova 2i’s photographic capabilities, this is a way to do it. That said, you can also switch off this feature whenever you please.

Fingerprint reader on the rear

This is a common gripe that selfie addicts can relate to: the act of fumbling with your smartphone just so you could safely press the Capture button without accidentally dropping the device. In fact, this isn’t something that only selfie addicts experience- it’s something just about anyone who has even attempted a selfie has gone through.

What a joy it is to discover that this isn’t a problem with the Nova 2i. Ever insightful, Huawei went ahead and rid us of this minor annoyance by shifting the Capture button to the back of the smartphone. This particular piece of tech responds to your fingerprint; all it needs is a lil tap to snap your picture.

Long-lasting battery

While the Nova 2i is without Huawei’s popular fast-charging feature, the 3340mAh non-removable battery it is fitted with is able to hold its own without repeated charges throughout the day. The battery is able to last the entire 8-hour day at work and then some, leaving you with just enough power left over before you can reach for the charger at home. For the majority of us, that is all we need.


For more information, please visit and

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Photography enthusiasts rejoice! Known for their high-quality smartphone photography, Huawei returns yet again with the latest in their Honor line: Honor 7X.

And we have to say, this sleek beauty does not disappoint. Priced at RM1,099, this phone may not be in the same league as the latest iPhone, but it offers some of the stellar features the elite do without breaking your bank account.

So in precisely how many ways to I love thee Honor 7X? Let me count the ways.

Captivating, top-notch photography

Have you ever wanted a high-tech phone that produces DSLR-like quality photographs? While smartphones have certainly come a long way since their inception, we can’t really say that the photographs they produce are comparable to that of a DLSR’s.

Now we can. Thanks to its dual lens rear cameras of 16MP and 2MP, the Honor 7X has an incredible knack for capturing images that are crisp, and rich in colour and detail.

And have I mentioned the incredibly attractive Bokeh Effect Selfie feature? Your artistic snapshot is just one tap away.

Gesture trigger

With the amount of focus Huawei places on its smartphone photography, it comes as to no surprise that the company has taken a step forward in further enhancing our photo-taking experience. Especially with taking group photographs. How, precisely?

It does this by eliminating the fuss of running over to press the Capture button and running back just in time for the timed flash to come on. All you have to do now is to open and close your hand in front of the phone- and the timed flash will come on a few seconds later. Pretty nifty, if I could say so myself.

Safety airbags

Safety airbags? Aren’t those supposed to be just for cars? Apparently not. Ever vigilant, Huawei has taken great pains to install safety airbags in all four corners of each Honor 7X. So if you think all Honor 7X is good for is looking pretty and taking pictures, think again. This gadget is a hardy friend, and is certainly not to be underestimated.

After 4,800 Honor 7X phones were used in quality tests to ensure just this, it’d be pretty hard to make an argument against it.

Attractive design

Not only does it look rich, the slim body of the Honor 7X allows it to sit comfortably in your hand. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is when you’re trying to swype your latest text message. The minor inconvenience of fumbling with your phone is eliminated thanks to this elegant piece of technology.

Wide, edgeless screen

There is something aesthetically pleasing about having a wide, edgeless screen. Just like how it’s far more enjoyable to watch a movie on the big screen as opposed to the much smaller screen of a television. Do you see where I’m going here?

The Honor 7X provides ultra-high definition and a remarkable display quality- so much so that it would almost be like having a mini cinema screen in the palm of your hand.

Split-screen feature

We’re sure that everyone has had at least one moment where they wish they could multitask on their phone- and we’re sure this happens most often when they’re on YouTube. If only you could watch and listen to your favourite music video without pausing it, just so you could reply to your latest text message…

Thankfully, Huawei has fixed this little predicament by introducing a split-screen feature in the Honor 7X. Want to email someone while watching Netflix? No problem!

Large memory

A microSD card of up to 256GB can be used to increase data storage. In layman’s terms, it means hundreds of television episodes can be downloaded and stored to watch offline afterwards. And as though to combat the concern of Android performance degradation, smart optimization and file management features have been put in place to prevent this.

So fret not. You can go ahead and download that latest episode of Game of Thrones without worry!

Long lasting battery life

With great power comes great responsibility. Fortunately, Honor 7X is able to shoulder its fancy specs without too much of an issue. Even with the larger FullView Display, this sophisticated smartphone can go on for more than one full day.

If you turn on the Ultra Power Saving Mode, its resilience is even more so impressive. You’d be able to watch a full season of your favourite television series or 91 hours of music, on a single charge. Talk about a powerhouse!

So in exactly how many ways do I love thee? Apparently, far too many. The Honor 7X is just that impressive.


You can buy the Honor 7X for RM999 via vMall and Lazada on 18th December from 3-4PM


The Honor 7X will be available nationwide beginning 22nd December

For more information, please visit

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WhatsApp Image 2017-11-30 at 10.45.01 PM

As some of you may already know, our very own Grace Ch’ng was featured on the cover of our newly launched digital magazine, Crunch!

And if you’ve already leafed through it – if you haven’t, it’s high time that you do – you also know she contributed a fun DIY Christmas article. It was an entertaining read, needless to say, but allow us to shed further light on why she was chosen for the issue by sharing excerpts from her blog.

For your reading pleasure:

5 Must-Know Tips If You’re Planning To Start A Small Business

2 years ago, I did the most extraordinary thing I could ever have done.

I gave up my 6-figure, comfortable job, for one which has NO PAY, lousy working conditions and overly demanding targets. Some countries call it “stay-at-home mom” but really, that’s just a politically correct term for ‘housewife’.

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How To Stop Doubting And Get Your Business Up And Running

Are you an aspiring business owner? Perhaps you have an idea in mind but you haven’t been able to put it into action. You’ve probably even consulted your family members and confided in your closest friends. Your (poor) spouse has been hearing you talk about your idea for the last 3 months. However, you haven’t put it into action yet because…


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We’ve already talked about Now it’s time for us to turn our attention to, the self-hosted sister to This is the software you’ll have to turn to if you’d like to get serious with blogging. Yes, you read that right. Software.

What is that supposed to mean? Read on to find out.

WordPress.Org, a Summary

Unlike, where everything is ready-made and provided for you, you’ll need to do a bit of legwork before you can get your blog up and running.

First of all, you’ll need to find a suitable host for your blog. To make the best decision you possibly can, I suggest doing your homework for this one. There are many bargains to be found online if you know where to look.

Once you’ve selected and paid for your own host, you’ll have to install on it. Examples of popular hosts include and are not limited to Hostgator, Bluehost and SiteGround.

Like before, here is a list of features that does and does not offer, neatly split into pros and cons:


Click to enlarge

WordPress.Org, a Conclusion, it is obviously an option that should be for those who’d not only like to enhance their professional image, but also have something to say. It might sound ridiculous to pay for a blog when you can easily create one of your own for free, but remember that this is an investment. Familiarity with WordPress is a valued trait on the job market, especially with the growing importance of social media in this day and age.

And while setting up your own self-hosted blog might sound intimidating, fret not. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to get it up and running. You don’t need a lot of tech know-how to get this done.

So that’s about it! If you’re still undecided, you can always sign up for a free blog first, then maybe create a self-hosted one later on. Win-win, huh?

For the most part, anyway.

Ahem. Good luck and happy blogging!

Click to read Part I: Free Blogs vs Self-Hosted Blogs.

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