Photography enthusiasts rejoice! Known for their high-quality smartphone photography, Huawei returns yet again with the latest in their Honor line: Honor 7X.

And we have to say, this sleek beauty does not disappoint. Priced at RM1,099, this phone may not be in the same league as the latest iPhone, but it offers some of the stellar features the elite do without breaking your bank account.

So in precisely how many ways to I love thee Honor 7X? Let me count the ways.

Captivating, top-notch photography

Have you ever wanted a high-tech phone that produces DSLR-like quality photographs? While smartphones have certainly come a long way since their inception, we can’t really say that the photographs they produce are comparable to that of a DLSR’s.

Now we can. Thanks to its dual lens rear cameras of 16MP and 2MP, the Honor 7X has an incredible knack for capturing images that are crisp, and rich in colour and detail.

And have I mentioned the incredibly attractive Bokeh Effect Selfie feature? Your artistic snapshot is just one tap away.

Gesture trigger

With the amount of focus Huawei places on its smartphone photography, it comes as to no surprise that the company has taken a step forward in further enhancing our photo-taking experience. Especially with taking group photographs. How, precisely?

It does this by eliminating the fuss of running over to press the Capture button and running back just in time for the timed flash to come on. All you have to do now is to open and close your hand in front of the phone- and the timed flash will come on a few seconds later. Pretty nifty, if I could say so myself.

Safety airbags

Safety airbags? Aren’t those supposed to be just for cars? Apparently not. Ever vigilant, Huawei has taken great pains to install safety airbags in all four corners of each Honor 7X. So if you think all Honor 7X is good for is looking pretty and taking pictures, think again. This gadget is a hardy friend, and is certainly not to be underestimated.

After 4,800 Honor 7X phones were used in quality tests to ensure just this, it’d be pretty hard to make an argument against it.

Attractive design

Not only does it look rich, the slim body of the Honor 7X allows it to sit comfortably in your hand. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is when you’re trying to swype your latest text message. The minor inconvenience of fumbling with your phone is eliminated thanks to this elegant piece of technology.

Wide, edgeless screen

There is something aesthetically pleasing about having a wide, edgeless screen. Just like how it’s far more enjoyable to watch a movie on the big screen as opposed to the much smaller screen of a television. Do you see where I’m going here?

The Honor 7X provides ultra-high definition and a remarkable display quality- so much so that it would almost be like having a mini cinema screen in the palm of your hand.

Split-screen feature

We’re sure that everyone has had at least one moment where they wish they could multitask on their phone- and we’re sure this happens most often when they’re on YouTube. If only you could watch and listen to your favourite music video without pausing it, just so you could reply to your latest text message…

Thankfully, Huawei has fixed this little predicament by introducing a split-screen feature in the Honor 7X. Want to email someone while watching Netflix? No problem!

Large memory

A microSD card of up to 256GB can be used to increase data storage. In layman’s terms, it means hundreds of television episodes can be downloaded and stored to watch offline afterwards. And as though to combat the concern of Android performance degradation, smart optimization and file management features have been put in place to prevent this.

So fret not. You can go ahead and download that latest episode of Game of Thrones without worry!

Long lasting battery life

With great power comes great responsibility. Fortunately, Honor 7X is able to shoulder its fancy specs without too much of an issue. Even with the larger FullView Display, this sophisticated smartphone can go on for more than one full day.

If you turn on the Ultra Power Saving Mode, its resilience is even more so impressive. You’d be able to watch a full season of your favourite television series or 91 hours of music, on a single charge. Talk about a powerhouse!

So in exactly how many ways do I love thee? Apparently, far too many. The Honor 7X is just that impressive.


You can buy the Honor 7X for RM999 via vMall and Lazada on 18th December from 3-4PM


The Honor 7X will be available nationwide beginning 22nd December

For more information, please visit

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WhatsApp Image 2017-11-30 at 10.45.01 PM

As some of you may already know, our very own Grace Ch’ng was featured on the cover of our newly launched digital magazine, Crunch!

And if you’ve already leafed through it – if you haven’t, it’s high time that you do – you also know she contributed a fun DIY Christmas article. It was an entertaining read, needless to say, but allow us to shed further light on why she was chosen for the issue by sharing excerpts from her blog.

For your reading pleasure:

5 Must-Know Tips If You’re Planning To Start A Small Business

2 years ago, I did the most extraordinary thing I could ever have done.

I gave up my 6-figure, comfortable job, for one which has NO PAY, lousy working conditions and overly demanding targets. Some countries call it “stay-at-home mom” but really, that’s just a politically correct term for ‘housewife’.

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How To Stop Doubting And Get Your Business Up And Running

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Happy reading, Nuffnangers!

We hope you’ll see the gem that Grace is in the same way we do 😉

Show your love and appreciation for Grace by following her blog @graciouslittlethings!

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We’ve already talked about Now it’s time for us to turn our attention to, the self-hosted sister to This is the software you’ll have to turn to if you’d like to get serious with blogging. Yes, you read that right. Software.

What is that supposed to mean? Read on to find out.

WordPress.Org, a Summary

Unlike, where everything is ready-made and provided for you, you’ll need to do a bit of legwork before you can get your blog up and running.

First of all, you’ll need to find a suitable host for your blog. To make the best decision you possibly can, I suggest doing your homework for this one. There are many bargains to be found online if you know where to look.

Once you’ve selected and paid for your own host, you’ll have to install on it. Examples of popular hosts include and are not limited to Hostgator, Bluehost and SiteGround.

Like before, here is a list of features that does and does not offer, neatly split into pros and cons:


Click to enlarge

WordPress.Org, a Conclusion, it is obviously an option that should be for those who’d not only like to enhance their professional image, but also have something to say. It might sound ridiculous to pay for a blog when you can easily create one of your own for free, but remember that this is an investment. Familiarity with WordPress is a valued trait on the job market, especially with the growing importance of social media in this day and age.

And while setting up your own self-hosted blog might sound intimidating, fret not. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to get it up and running. You don’t need a lot of tech know-how to get this done.

So that’s about it! If you’re still undecided, you can always sign up for a free blog first, then maybe create a self-hosted one later on. Win-win, huh?

For the most part, anyway.

Ahem. Good luck and happy blogging!

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If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, you must have come across the terms “free blogs” and “self-hosted blogs” before. So, what exactly are these? And why are there two kinds? What’s the difference?

To put it very simply, the differences between the two lie in what you want to do with your soon-to-be-blog. If you’d just like to be a casual blogger, then the free route is for you.

If your reason for starting a blog is to enhance your professional image, then the self-hosted route is the way to go.

As for the reason why these are categorised as such, allow me to draw a comparison between and Seeing that WordPress has a powerful presence on the Internet, this is the easiest and perhaps one of the most relevant comparisons one can make.

For this particular article of this 2-part article series, I’ll be focusing on

WordPress.Com, a Summary

With similar URLs, people often get confused between and, but once you learn the differences, they cannot be anymore different.

The most obvious contrast to take note of is that one is paid for while the other isn’t. This is because the free version comes with many restrictions that encourage you to eventually self-host your own blog.

This “free” version is, a website that allows you to sign up for an account and create a blog under them. “Free” because it does have a paid option, but this upgrade is often times more expensive than having a self-hosted blog. Do note that even if you upgrade to a paid, you will not be able to access everything that blogs can.

To keep things short and sweet, the following are the features that does and does not offer, neatly split into pros and cons:

Infographic (3)

Click to enlarge

WordPress.Com, a Conclusion

If you don’t mind any of the hurdles comes with, then you can go ahead and sign up for a free account. This version of WordPress is perfectly tailored for those who want to blog as a hobby, and those who want to explore the world of blogging.

Honestly speaking, blogging doesn’t have to be taken seriously, and this is the perfect way to have fun without worries in mind.

You’ll be able to improve your writing while you’re at it too!

Click to read Part II: Free Blogs vs Self-Hosted Blogs.

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