Happy 31st December Nuffnangers! It’s the last day of 2015, how is everybody? Did you manage to accomplish the goals you set the beginning of 2015?  Leave us a comment below and let us know what have you accomplish this year. :)

Thank you once again for sticking with us throughout the year! So many things have happened. Let’s do a quick run through of what went down in 2015. :)

Bloggerati Launch cum Nuffnang’s 8th Birthday Bash

Nuffnang turned 8 this year! We celebrated this milestone by organizing a glitz and glamour ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ themed party. That day, we also introduced BLOGGERATI by Nuffnang, our new talent program.



It was definitely an unforgettable morning! Want to know more, read it all here.

Transcending the online space

With the launch of BLOGGERATI by Nuffnang, we wanted to bring talent promotion and branding to a whole new level. One of the ways we did it was to engage a PR agency to promote our talents offline. Here are a few features that we managed to secure:


Jessica Chaw featured on Women Health Magazine


Tziaaa featured on Marie Claire, Nuyou and Female Magazine


Yen Simpson featured on New Straits Time


KampungBoyCityGal featured on New Straits Time


Runway 2.0 APAC

Nuffnang was also the online partner for this year’s Runway 2.0 APAC; the first ever fashion and technology event.#NuffnangXRunwayTwoPointZero

The founder of Zalora and ZaoZao were present to speak about their experiences in the fashion world, it was definitely an eye opener for our fashion bloggers :)


Netccentric goes IPO

6th July 2015, a date to remember for Netccentric and its founders, Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen. Netccentric was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, ASX!


It wasn’t an easy journey but the Netccentric team’s hard work and determination paid off.

If you have not already followed our bosses on Dayre, do check them out at:

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week


The most anticipated Fashion Festival  in Kuala Lumpur, Churp Churp worked with KL Fashion Week to be their online partner. Our own alphas Kittieyiyi and RNadia ran their shows there too and we couldn’t be prouder!


Many of our alphas and Nuffnang friends also joined us there!
Check it out here.

The Electric Run 2015

Malaysia’s first ever Night run with fluorescent light! Our Bloggerati and community had the chance to participate in the fun 5KM run dressed in the most creative way possible. The run is made easy with loud music blasting in the background! Keep a look out for the next Electric Run organized by Tune Protect.

Interested to look at more pictures from the run, check it out here.


Mamee Cool Tea Spicy Challenge

The constant hissing, the amount of sweats shed and the bucket of tears poured over a plate of level 10 spicy chicken. Our community tummy were filled by Mamee Cool Tea that day to rid the spicy feeling lingering on your taste bud, nevertheless it was still a insanely fun night seeing tears shed due to chicken wings. *evil grin*


Check out the funny pictures here.

Hall of Fame

Nom Nom Hall of Fame is our annual client appreciation night! This year, Guinness Anchor Berhad generously hosted us at the GAB Tavern, it was a free flow kind of night.

There were flash mob done by the Nuffies, prizes given away and of course the freestyle dancing on the dance floor to end the night.


And to sum up the year, Netccentric also organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity to help out children at Siddharthan Care Centre. The Nuffies contributed in buying books, stationary and other daily needs.


Here are some of the moments captured on camera. :)

Happy New Year Nuffnangers! We at Nuffnang, wish you the very best in everything that you do.

Of course, don’t forget to head over to Churp Churp’s blog for a video recap of what happened throughout 2015!


The Nuffnang Team

Samantha Tew
Nuffnang Community Team

Hello Nuffnangers,

Wanna know what’s new? Malaysia’s first ever Night Run with lights and music, The Electric Run 2015 that happened on the 12th of September!

It was Malaysia’s Premier Night Time 5k fun run experience! We were really excited to be one of the participants for this pioneer event! We were specially invited by the all new ‘Tune Protect’ (previously known as Tune Insurance) to bring the night run to our Nuffnang Bloggerati Team as well as our community bloggers.  :)

Want to know what Electric Run was all about? Let’s go!

Have you ever wondered how it’s like to walk or even run at night? We did, with the aid of fluorescent lights and immersive tunes; through a 5km adventure!

Participants were encouraged to be as creative as possible with their outfits. Don’t let the public eye skew you away from who you are destined to be! By collaborating arts and fitness, there were no boundaries:D

Electric Run Group


Tune Protect; the official Insurance partner for this unforgettable run had gracefully invited Nuffnang on board for a night of lights and music. Bloggerati Bobo Stephanie as well as her Churp Churp counterparts Freeze and Brian See were also there to run with us :)

Electric Run 7

5km may sound like quite the distance. To us, at least! But with the combination of energy and dazzling lights, we shuffled our way through the course in no time.

Apart from that, we had bloggers from our Nuffnang Community who joined us and definitely brightened the mood that night. Nuffnang and Tune Protect would love to thank each and everyone of you for making time to join us for this fantastic event! Let’s share some of the pictures that we have from that night:


Electric Run 2

Photo Credits: Kifli Mally with his Tune Protect Dice!

Electric Run 4

Photo Credits: Ayue Idris the light instructor!


Electric Run 6

Photo Credits: Sunshine Kelly showing off her medal!

Again, we want to thank everyone who attended and ran with us! Of course, we specially thank Tune Protect for inviting us!

Electric Run group 2

Did you know about the Tune TrIP Travel Insurance Plan? Click to find out more and know that Tune Protect will save you from the unexpected!

Also, some things are definitely more difficult to do than register for Tune Protect insurance as stated in the video below:

Finally, the day had to come to an end with pictures, pictures and more pictures! Go check them out here and here!


The Nuffnang Team

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team


After a long wait since Nuffnang’s 8th birthday bash celebration, we are back with the winners’ for the Crabtree & Evelyn and Pedro contest which ran from 25th March – 19th April 2015!

Who is excited to find out about the winners?

Let us announce the winners for the ‘Best Write Up’ of #Nuffnang8irthday. The winners will be receiving awesome products from Crabtree and Evelyn worth RM323 EACH.





Crabtree & Evelyn SMP.jpg

1. Vimal Raj

2. Jessica Yong

3. Vivian Gan

4. Alisha Ho

5. Poon Wai Yan

We enjoyed reading your entries and you guys deserve the ultimate pampering products by Crabtree & Evelyn. :)


We have the winners for the Pedro Instagram contest. The winners will be walking away with cash vouchers from Pedro worth RM1,000! The winners that would be rocking in style with Pedro are:

Pedro SMP


1. kenwooi

2. alex_yap

3. laurakanggg

There you have it Nuffnangers! The winners for both contests in conjunction with Nuffnang8irthday.

A big thank you to Crabtree & Evelyn and Pedro for the awesome prizes and also to all Nuffnangers as well!



At the glimpse of an eye, Nuffnang is now 8 years young! With heartfelt appreciations, we would like to thank you Nuffnangers and those who have made this journey a possible one!

How else to commemorate this celebration other than to kick it off with an Infinity celebration, right? :)

This year, the Nuffnang 8irthday celebration took on the glitz and glamour of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, under the astounding ambience of Zouk KL!

Look at some of the action that went on at the registration table!



The Nuffies along with our creative-minded interns worked wonders with the decorations of the day! Check it out!


 (Don’t miss out on the details to how you could walk away with an exclusive hamper from Crabtree & Evelyn at the end of this blog post!)

The Nuffnang 8irthday – 8th Is Great, Let’s Aim for Infinity celebration was enriched by the enthralling experience of FIFTY SIX DEGREES and the whiskey-induced desserts!

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (52 of 395)


Look at some of the great desserts of the day!

Sweet delights by Foret Blanc Patisserie:

(Great news for attendees of #Nuffnang8irthday, for those who took pictures of #ForetBlanc, you’ll get to enjoy a 10% discount at their patisserie :D )

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (56 of 395)


Indulgements by #MilkcowMY:



The fun times of the Nuffnang 8irthday was captured in snapshots by Fotobox Malaysia, who never failed to liven up the crowd!

Lovely printouts, don’t you think?


The attendees of the day were also given vouchers of delight by our sponsors Garden Of Dazzles, Milkcow and Strip, including the sugary greatness of Foret Blanc’s macaroons and a set of headphones from Heineken! Talk about a bagful of glee!

And that is only at the registration table!

The Nuffnangers then proceed to the activities in the Zouk main room, where happenings such as customized soft-serve ice cream and our Nuffies ‘Do-You-Know’ booths keep the crowd alight to the mood of the Infinity celebration!

Check out the booths at the Nuffnang 8irthday!

The Sales booth: 

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (218 of 395)

The Talent & Community team booth: 

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (217 of 395)

The Advertising Operations (Ad Ops) booth: 

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (219 of 395)


Check out our beautiful emcee for the day – Careen Tan, who was dressed by Rent A Dress KL for the Nuffnang 8irthday! So pretty!

NNBB image3

Careen kicked off the celebration by inviting our Co-Founder Timothy Tiah, for a speech marking the start of the celebration, along with the launch of Bloggerati by Nuffnang.

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (163 of 395)

If you haven’t seen our Bloggerati video, watch it here.

The invitees were also entertained by a Saxophone performance from Nuffnang’s own travel and food blogger Ken Wooi!

Did you know that he could play the instrument so well?

We bet not, and we’re glad that you’ve found out about it now from us! :D

NNBB image4


Next up was a speech from our beautiful Country Manager Rachel Tan, who shared her experience with Nuffnang for over 5 years!


The sassy Rachel (who was also styled by Rent A Dress for the day), shared her experience since her first interview session with Timothy Tiah, and also let the invitees in on ‘A Day in the Life of A Nuffie’ through this video.

The Infinity celebration was also graced by a sharing session from veteran bloggers Kasihaleeya &Kampungboycitygal, who shared the ups and downs of their journey as a blogger with Nuffnang, and was given exclusive prizes by Garden Of Dazzles as a token of appreciation!

The celebration also saw an Award ceremony for Best Dressed Male, Best Dressed Female, and Social Butterfly – who received cash vouchers worth RM400 each from Pedro! Congrats guys, we’re all green with envy!



Following the Awards ceremony is the Lucky Draw session, with Swarovski jewellery pieces by Garden Of Dazzles! Check out some of our Lucky Draw winners!



With that, our ‘Nuffnang 8irthday – 8th Is Great, Let’s Aim for Infinity’ celebration comes to an end!

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (202 of 395)



A very big thank you to ThoughtShots Photography for all the pictures during Nuffnang 8irthday! Check out the pictures they took HERE.


However, the excitement doesn’t end here!

Crabtree & Evelyn will be giving out 5 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Set Worth RM 323 EACH for you to enjoy the ultimate pampering session that you truly deserve!

NNBB image8

All you will have to do is:

  1. Share your experience at the #Nuffnang8irthday on your blog and tell us, at the end of your blog post:

“I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because…”

       2. Include the hashtags #CrabtreeEvelynMY, #NuffnangxCrabtreeEvelynMY, and #Nuffnang8irthday

       3. Submit your blog URL at the comments section below

       4. Wait for our announcement!


You know what they say…. Good things come in a pair…

NNBB image9

Don’t miss out on the chance to clank away with a RM 1,000 worth of cash vouchers from Pedro, as Pedro are giving away 3 x RM 1,000 cash vouchers JUST FOR YOU!

Here are the deets:

1. Follow us (@nuffnangmy) and Pedro (@pedroshoes_official) on Instagram
2. Upload a picture showing your shoeholic craze and tell us in the captions,

“I deserve to rock in style with Pedro because…”

3. Include the hashtags #pedroshoes_official, #NuffnangxPedroMY AND #Nuffnang8irthday in your caption, TAG @pedroshoes_official and wait for our announcement!

Hurry up and send us your entries! We can’t wait to give out these great cash vouchers!

P/S: Be sure to set your account privacy to ‘PUBLIC‘ so we could see your entries!


We look forward to your blog post & Instagram entries! Last day of submission is 19th April 2015, 11.59PM so be sure not to miss out!


“It’s a mistake you always make, trying to love a wild thing.”

– Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team

5 Facts About Me:

#1: I got married at the age of 22…

…to my first love, my high school sweetheart, Boon.

5 facts about Careen Tan - 1

Our younger selves, me at 15 and him at 19. Look at what puberty did to us. And don’t judge my fashion sense. It was cool 10 years ago.


We dated for 8 years before tying the knot. He popped the question on my 22nd birthday, and we got married less than a year later :) A lot of people questioned why I decided to get married at such a young age. Until now, I have no solid answer to that except for the reason that I felt ready, I knew in my heart that he’s the one, and we didn’t see why else we should wait any longer.

Two years down the road, did I regret marrying young? Not at all. I have the same freedom and support I had from him pre-marriage, and I’m glad that I have the luxury of time, honeymooning and travelling for whole two years before deciding to try for a baby. We love kids and wish to have 3-4 children, so here’s to hoping we get preggers soon! :)

#2: I am the eldest of 7 sisters.

5 facts about Careen Tan - 2

I know, you must be counting how many there are in my family now! This is my family, my amazing parents and 6 sisters whom I love very much.

When people ask me, “How many siblings do you have?”, my reply is always, “Erm, plenty.”

How is it like growing up in a big family with all sisters? Let’s just say it’s a slumber party everyday. The house is always abuzz with chattering, laughing, screaming, and occasional cat fights. *reow* But it’s always fun. We replay chick flicks like Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids every day to the point that we can memorise and recite the scripts at any given time. That includes our youngest 6 year-old sister!

When I moved out after the wedding, I had a massive withdrawal syndrome because my new house seemed so awfully quiet without my family. I slowly got used to it but I still miss them always, and we’ll make a point to have family meals together weekly.

#3: I was once a kindergarten teacher, dance instructor, coffee barista and freelance model

Growing up in a big family, there is sure to have lots of expenses. And being the eldest child, I’ve seen how my parents sacrificed to give us the best, which is why I value money and have always believed in working to gain experiences and earn some pocked money, even if it’s just a little. At least I could cover my own personal expenses and lift some burden off my parents’ shoulders. I stopped taking allowances from my parents since the age of 16 when I started working as a part-time hip hop dance instructor, and have been working various odd jobs ever since.

You can say that I’m the type who cannot sit still because I can’t bear the thought of wasting time. At every semester break, I would apply to work at any place that I feel could give me a good working experience that offers decent remuneration as well. So yeah, in my high school days, I worked as a part-time kindergarten teacher and a coffee barista at Coffee Bean for a couple of months while teaching dance classes, and freelance modelling, working at events and earning from some blog advertorials in my university days.

5 facts about Careen Tan - 3

Seventeen Magazine, Feb 2010 Valentine’s Day issue.

I slowly moved into being a commercial talent for magazines, TV commercials and print ads, started emceeing for events and also start up an online fashion boutique ( all while I was still studying.

5 facts about Careen Tan - 4

Citibank Rewards Print Advertisement

5 facts about Careen Tan - 5

Kellog’s ‘Special K’ TV Commercial with Carmen Soo

From the time I gradated from my Communications degree programme until now, I’ve been working on my blog, emceeing for events and running consecutively. I never regretted working while studying as it taught me to have discipline and proper time management. I always encourage my younger friends to work while they’re still young because experiences are valuable and are yours to keep forever. Make the best out of your youth!

#4: I never bought a luxury bag. 

Taddaaaaaa. Shocker. Yes, I never bought a luxury bag before. You must be thinking, “Aiya, husband buy maaaa.” But no, I always tell him not to. Before you start judging me, let me just say that I have nothing against people buying luxury goods. I, for one, love looking at the latest luxury collections and am always tempted to get my favourite Prada bag for myself. Whenever I think of doing so, I just can’t bring myself to actually buy it. I’ll think about how much it costs, and how I can actually spend that amount on my family instead and where I can actually go travel with that money!

Let’s say my Prada bag costs RM5k, with that amount I can travel to Tokyo for 10 days and spend freely. Prada bag or travel? Travel, hands down! So yeah, that’s the reason why I still don’t own a luxury bag until today, even when I could already afford it from many years ago. The only atas bag I own is a Longchamp Le Pliage that was sponsored.

Maybe few years down the road I might get myself one when I have extra money lying around. But for now, work, family, food and travel are my priority. Yes, I am very practical and unglam one. Haha!

#5: I’m crazy!

Okay, crazy as in not the mentally deranged kinda crazy, but…you know what I mean. Beneath my prim and proper exterior is a crazy chick who doesn’t mind getting all ugly for the sake of fun! I get super excited when I’m tasked to act in a challenging role, a character that requires me to put my self-consciousness aside. My favourite actresses are Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect and Zooey Deschanel. Zooey Deschanel’s weirdness is just too awesome! And my secret dream is to act in a sitcom such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and be placed in a role such as Phoebe. Okay no longer a secret now, but you get the idea.

Here’s the craziest thing I’ve pulled so far.

If you’re crazy like this too, we can be best friends ;)

That’s all from me for now! More on the blog at

Signing off!


Denise Lee
Nuffnang Community Team

Hey Nuffnangers, 2014 has been a year to remember for us! From having super awesome events to meeting new Nuffnangers along the way :)

Even though, there were some ups and downs along the way, we want to thank you Nuffnangers for the endless support we have received from you awesome people in the past 12 months. Without our beloved Nuffnangers, Nuffnang would not have been what it is today and for that, we want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We want to welcome 2015 with a bang but first here’s what went down this year :D

Nuffnang 7 th Birthday Bash 

Nuffnang turned 7 in 2014 and it is another milestone which was achieved thanks to all the support our awesome Nuffnangers :) So, what other way to celebrate this special occasion than to party 007 style!

Photo Credits:

Talking about how times flies, Mr Stickman is now in primary one! *oh boy, going to school already?*

Fotor03289129Recap 2014 images NNBB007

Another awesome celebration was thrown to celebrate his 7th birthday! Want to know how did Mr Stickman’s James Bond theme party went down? Read it all here! Don’t forget to check our Nuffnang Official Facebook for all the pictures. #NuffnangIs007



The one and only Jersey Boys were here in KL to WOW the audience with songs such as “Beggin’, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)”, “Walk Like A Man”, “Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)”, “Sherry”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and many more!




Nuffnang in collaboration with Milestones Productions gave away tickets to our Nuffnangers to enjoy a night of amazing performances.


All thanks to Milestones Productions as well who brought Jersey Boys to perform live in Istana Budaya from 15th til 27th April 2014, Milestones Productions came on board for Nuffnang007 Birthday Bash as well by giving away 2 pairs of tickets to catch the show live in KL!

First Ever Nuffnang Lovin’ 

first nuffnang lovin

We also had our first ever Nuffnang Lovin’ at Aloft KL Sentral W xyz Bar in April. Nuffnang Lovin’ is a platform for Nuffnangers to meet new people.

Recap 2014 images NNLovin

It is an event specially organized for Nuffnangers who are constantly on a lookout to try new things and meet new people. Click here to take a look at the activities for the night. #NuffnangLovin’


Nuffnang Raya Open House

#NNRaya Open House 2014

It’s Raya season again and for this year, we decided to have our very first #NNRaya Open House 2014! We invited our bloggers so that we can spend quality time as well to celebrate the festivities :D Wanaka the Bungalow was kind enough to let us have our #NNRaya Open House 2014. Our very first #NNRaya Open House 2014 was visited by almost 200 people where there were awesome food and exciting games for all to enjoy!

#NNRaya Open House 2014 2

It was a gathering for Nuffnangers to get together and celebrate this great day! Want to know how it went, click here to find out more about #NNRaya Open House 2014.

Check out our #NNRaya Open House 2014 video as well:



We had out very first experience in complete darkness! We had our second Nuffnang Lovin’ at Dialogue in the Dark in The School, Jaya One.

Recap 2014 images DiD

Our bloggers were invited to not only dine in the dark but to also experience darkness at another level where we were guided through the whole of Malaysia J Show some support by visiting Dialogue in the Dark’s website and their Facebook page as well!


Bloggerati 2014


Bloggerati by Nuffnang was established in 2013 as the talent agency division of Malaysia and in August of 2014, Bloggerati MY was launched!

Nuffnang works with top bloggers closely to help them manage brand partnerships, media relations and professional guidance for further development :)

Check out the Bloggerati video:

You can find out more about your favourite top blogger and more details at Bloggerati by Nuffnang



#NNPremiereScreening 2014

The movie relay continues in 2014. Nuffnang managed a total of 53 screenings this year! We know you guys love movie nights, after all movie nights are extra special when you watch em with the other Nuffnangers! :)

We promise to bring you something bigger in 2015, so, just sit back and relax while we bring and wait for great news from us. #NNPremiereScreening



Laugh Malaysia By Harith Iskander

Laugh MY Talents

We were super excited to be announced as the official social media partner for “To Know Malaysia is to.. Laugh Malaysia!”

Laugh Malaysia community bloggers

Our bloggers got the chance to enjoy a laugh-filled night with the one and only Harith Iskander and moral of the story is that we can always laugh to make our day that much better! :)

Click here to find out more about Harith Iskander and his International tour.


The Maze Challenge Asia 2014 

Our bloggers from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Malaysia had the chance to find out what it’s like to get lost in the BIGGEST maze Malaysia has seen til now!

The Maze Challenge Asia - visual for sharing 1

Nuffnang bloggers had the experience of their lives when they flew in to race through The Maze Challenge . Nuffnang bloggers VS The #Maze Asia, who do you think won?

Here’s a hint, check out the pictures of our finishers below :P

The Maze



NuffiesXmas 2014




Tis the season to be jolly where our Nuffies embraced it fully by having a #NuffieXmasDeco competition where Nuffies went all out to decorate their workspace to fit the yuletide season. Who do you think had the best design overall? :)


Not to forget our #NuffieXmas2014 Party!


Recap 2014 images NuffieXmas


The Nuffies were having a jolly Christmas celebration in children attire, there was gift exchanging aka secret santa and food, lots and lots of food specially made by the Nuffies as well :D



With all the mishaps happening in the year 2014, our hearts and prayers go out to all those who were affected by these series of unfortunate events.


We pray for 2015 to be a better year for everyone.

Recently, Nuffnang showed that #NuffnangCares by teaming up with MERCY Malaysia to share the news for the flood relief donation drive.


Check out MERCY Malaysia for details on how you can help out the flood victims.

With the misfortunes happening, Nuffnang hopes we can all keep everyone in our thoughts this year.

Here’s to an awesome 2015 to come! Many plans are in the making for 2015 so keep an eye out for them :)

Not to forget, if you want to see all the happenings from Nuffnang, you can always head over to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!




Best regards,

The Nuffnang Team

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team

Yen (aka Baby Sumo) blogs at Goodyfoodies about food, travel, hotel reviews and kids stuff. Here are 5 lesser-known facts about her.

Yen 1

#1 Cooking from a young age

I started cooking when I was about 7 years old. I am starting my kids young too – my son who is 4 years old now started baking/cooking in the kitchen (with supervision) since he was 2+ years old. And he’s loving it!

And since we’re on the topic of cooking, one of my favorite chefs and inspirations, Gordon Ramsay follows me on Twitter 

Yen 2

#2 I love travelling

I used to live in the UK for 7 years before moving back to KL. Happy that I got to visit so many wonderful places in Europe (just to name a few – Spain, Germany, Luxemburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice)  and all over UK while I was there. My two favorite places are Scotland (the beautiful sceneries) and London (musicals, Michelin restaurants and visiting all the touristy places).

When I was pregnant with our first child, Hubby flew me from London to Kuala Lumpur on Business Class and later, when I was pregnant with our second child, he flew me First Class on Malaysia Airlines on the same route . Unfortunately for me, I’ll be flying Economy Class from now onwards as I am not planning to have any more children.  :P

Yen 3

#3 I love photography

I bought my first DSLR after the birth of our first child (so I can take lots of photos of our baby girl). That was about the time when I started taking lots of photos of food.  And thanks to my love of food photography, I got into food styling a.k.a making food look good and appealing on the plate. I guess it has now become a hobby of mine.  I also love taking photographs of nature – flowers, insects, sunrise, birds.

I love Instagram. Been using it since the app first came out. It’s become a routine for me to post at least one photo a day, so do follow me @babysumo for daily photo updates. 

Yen 4

#4 I have a double-degree

Most people are surprised to hear that I am a housewife with two degrees under my belt – a First Class Honours in Engineering as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Surveying from two reputable universities in UK.  I am proud to be a full-time mum to my two kids now.

Yen 5-2 

#5 Urban gardener, music and yoga

I cook a lot of Western food at home and Western cooking usually calls for lots of fresh herbs. For that reason, I started a herb and fruit garden.  I find great joy in harvesting basil and making my own pesto as well as roselle to make jam.  Yup, gardening is therapeutic and very rewarding. Try it.

Yen 6

I like listening to music when I blog. Puts me in a good mood. And I do yoga to keep fit and healthy.

Samantha Tew
Nuffnang Community Team



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