Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we all know what that means. Flower sales are going to hit the roof- for roses, especially.

Did you know, though, that there is more to roses than their natural perfume and aesthetic? For instance, the colour of the rose you pick for your loved one can symbolise your feelings for them. Such is the language of flowers.

With this in mind, we’re here to provide you with a rose colour guide to help you with your purchasing decision. This and the upcoming month are (mostly) going to be about love, so let us help you make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special.



Ever popular, red roses are seen as a traditional symbol of love and romance, which understandably makes them the go-to choice for Valentine’s Day. What flower says “I love you” better than the red rose, after all?

Connections to love aside, the red rose also embodies the meaning of beauty and perfection.



Another popular option, the pink rose understandably has softer connotations than its red cousin. Admiration, gentility, grace, joy and sweetness are some of the meanings that this lovely flower is instilled with.

If you feel your special someone possesses any of these traits, it might be a good idea to have a couple of pink roses in your bouquet.



The colour yellow is often associated with bright, uplifting happiness so it is only natural that the yellow rose reflects the same meaning. If you want to tell someone that they make you happy, yellow roses might be your best bet.

Why, even just looking them lifts your mood without even trying!



If you believe red is the only colour that represents boldness and passion, you have another think coming. The orange rose is a fantastic alternative for those of you who prefer a more light-hearted tone in your gift.

So highlight the passion in your relationship by giving your loved one orange roses. These blooms are associated with energy, and are used to symbolise enthusiasm, desire and excitement.



While understated, the white rose remains an extremely popular choice in the flower business. These sophisticated blossoms are used to represent innocence, purity, remembrance and charm.

They can also be traditionally found at weddings, where they symbolise new beginnings.



An elegant way of expressing your gratitude to someone is through the peach rose. A cross between the colours pink and orange, this soft-toned petaled beauty is soothing to both the eye and heart. This makes it incredibly apt for representing appreciation, don’t you think so?

Sneak in a couple of peach roses in your bouquet to say “Thank you” with eloquence.



Want a more unique way of saying “I love you”? The lavender rose might be perfect for you.

A slightly unusual choice that is no less enchanting than its fiery red cousin, the lavender rose possesses an alluring air thanks to its more delicate shade. It also reflects love at first sight, and an eagerness to grow your relationship.

Which makes it more than adequate to gift to the girl (or guy!) you have your eye on. *winkwinknudgenudge*

Of course, there are more ways to express your feelings, but devoting effort by saying them through flowers makes your Valentine’s Day bouquet all the more meaningful. We’re sure your loved one will appreciate it.

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

As you know, Christmas is literally just around the corner, and for those of you who have yet to complete your Christmas shopping – naughty, naughty – this list right here might be of some use to you. I’m sure just about everyone is familiar with the feeling of not knowing what to get for a friend or family member.

So we’re here to help.

But rather than simply listing out general fail-safe gift ideas, the voices of Nuffnang staff will be heard as well. Who knows, their recommendations might just hit the nail on the head as to the perfect gift.

With that said and done, here we go!


“Perfume, because we really should start smelling nicer. I personally use Boss No.6 Cologne. Probably one of the lower ranges. But it’s not too strong smelling which I like. Haha.” -Isaiah Saw, RTV Producer


““SOME’’ guys are very picky about their accessories. It’s the season of giving and most of the items will come in cheaper prices. Well, if it’s for boys, I’m guessing caps will do as most boys in general would accept caps and wear them during outings or college, y’know? :) If it’s for men, wallets and belts will do as they usually don’t splurge on their accessories.” -Harry, Intern

“A set of belt and wallet because these things will wear out anyways.” -Isaiah Saw, RTV Producer


“A nerf gun or gaming console because deep down, all men are really just boys.” -Isaiah Saw, RTV Producer

Sports Equipment

“:) Guys in general are quite simple and practical creatures. Any present that is in line with our interests which we do regularly can make awesome presents! A guy goes to the gym all the time? A fancy Under Armour top would do the trick!” -Michael Chen, RTV Producer

“I’m into extreme sports and running, so getting a comfy pair of shoes or exercise clothes as a Xmas present will make me very happy to the moon and back 😊” -Khairil Shahrulnizam, Regional HR Manager

Something different

“Hmm, for me I think a pair of flight tickets/hotel vouchers to any ASEAN countries is great enough to spend some time together (with a loved one) inside or outside of Malaysia during Christmas… 😬” -Jia Loon Ow, Sales Account Executive

Something he needs

“For me, I prefer to receive items that I need. For instance, my wallet is tearing apart and if I receive a brand-new wallet from my friends or girlfriend, then I’ll be very happy d. Most importantly being able to spend Christmas with my loved ones. That will do for me.” -Jason Lee, Talent and Community Executive

“The guy drinks coffee all the time? Get him a manly coffee tumbler/mug! Just think practical. :)” -Michael Chen, RTV Producer

“Shoesss! I personally like Tomaz, cause it’s cheap, versatile, and has big shoe sizes, because I wear size 12. Other than that, men will appreciate small things that they won’t buy by themselves: socks, facial wash, shaver, pomade/wax/hair product, deodorant/perfume, anything small :)” -Khairi Anwar, Assistant RTV Producer

Something that is just Him

“”A perfect gift for men.” Well, my auto response would be gadgets, customised accessories and personalised gears. Personally, I would just go for practical everyday boring stuff. For example: shoes that need to be replaced, new baju because the old ones are… REALLY old already, vouchers for movie screenings. But if I dig deeper, what I am looking for is thoughtfulness. That the giver(s) was paying attention to my needs and desires and surprises me with a well-thought-out gift. There was one time when colleagues from my former workplace stuck post-it notes all over my car! And when I looked carefully at each note, I saw they were handwritten by different colleagues wishing me all sorts of well wishes. So much work but I felt loved and the timely acknowledgment definitely uplifted me. That was a memorable gift indeed!” -Kausern Hieu, Country Manager

With love, The Nuffnang Team

Merry Christmas!

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

Close up of woman hands holding red gift box for special event
As you know, Christmas is literally just around the corner, and for those of you who have yet to complete your Christmas shopping – naughty, naughty – this list right here might be of some use to you. I’m sure just about everyone is familiar with the feeling of not knowing what to get for a friend or family member.

So we’re here to help.

But rather than simply listing out general fail-safe gift ideas, the voices of Nuffnang staff will be heard as well. Who knows, their recommendations might just hit the nail on the head as to the perfect gift.

With that said and done, here we go!


“I think this one is a no-brainer. If the girl loves makeup, Sephora is a great place to check out. It even offers special Christmas makeup sets at reasonable prices. Tempting, I must say!” -Anonymous


“Perfume from Victoria’s Secret.” -shanelloves, Ad Ops Executive

“For me, I think most girls would really like receiving perfume for Christmas. This is because they’d be able to wear it during the festivities and while they’re out on dates. Lots of girls seem to go out on dates on Christmas! As for the fragrance, floral and sweet, fruity scents are usually the most popular.” -Pei Yi, Intern


“I really like books. So books are great. I especially like non-fiction over fiction- and most of my books are North Korean-related. Haha. Or any authoritarian state.” -Rebecca Kiew, Product & Marketing Analytics Manager

“I love reading and since I take the train to and from work, I usually read during my time there. My favourite writer is Stephen King, so anything from him would be greatly appreciated. I’m also quite fond of Japanese crime writers. Natsuo Kirino, for instance, is awesome. Keigo Higashino seems pretty interesting so far. As you can probably tell, I love horror and crime novels.” -Melissa Kartini, Digital Content Writer

“A psychology book would be nice because I think humans are interesting.” -Penny, Human Resources Executive

Music Albums

“Music albums are great too. I’ve always wanted to listen to more Beatles songs. I like how old and new it sounds. The instrumentals are very soothing.” -Rebecca Kiew, Product & Marketing Analytics Manager

“Kpop is pretty popular right now, isn’t it? The albums are quite pricey too, so I’m sure she’d appreciate it if you buy her an album by her favourite Kpop artist. If she likes Kpop anyway haha. I’m personally fond of B.A.P, BTS, GOT7, NCT 127 and Monsta X.” -Anonymous


“Jewelry maybe Thomas Sabo or Lovisa. As for watches, something simple like Daniel Wellington.” -shanelloves, Ad Ops Executive

Bath items

“I like shower products. Actually, anything that smells nice. Candles, concentrated spray, pillow mist, hmm anything with a good scent. Doesn’t matter where you get it from, I’d be happy with anything (I super love Bath & Body Works, though).” -Afreeda Nawawi, Community Relations Specialist

Something different

“I think I would like a flight ticket somewhere and anywhere.” -Anonymous

“Oh, and also, donate blood with me.” -Rebecca Kiew, Product & Marketing Analytics Manager

Something she needs

“I think for me, I would love to receive a gift that I didn’t even realise I needed until I receive it. So for example, someone realises your lotion is running low and buys you a new one or they buy you a new cup because you’ve been drinking coffee a lot in the office but you don’t have a cup of your own. I don’t know if that makes sense hahaha. Just little things like that. I think it’s the thought that counts.” -Susan Yong, Assistant RTV Producer

“MONEY.” -shanelloves, Ad Ops Executive

Something that is just Her

“With family and partners, there’s like a closer connection so I would assume that they would give me things that suit my personality and that are useful. Usually more personalised. For example, I really love dinosaurs. Because this friend of mine knew this, I got a dinosaur plate from her last year which I really loved but I lost it SAAAAAAD FAAAACE.” -Nicole Rinai Joachim, Assistant RTV Creative Producer

“The perfect Christmas gift for me is a buffet dinner with my loved one HAHA because who doesn’t love food, right? And it’s not just about enjoying good, unlimited food but also spending time with your loved ones doing things we love together=food! I know a buffet dinner is something that we can do any other day but with promotions and the approach of the end of the year, there’s all the more reason to do it during Christmas! And really, what better way to end a year with none other than good food?” -Bernice Tan, Sales Accountant Executive

“I’m currently taking kickboxing lessons, so light, breathable workout clothes would be very much loved. I need more haha.” -Melissa Kartini, Digital Content Writer

With love, The Nuffnang Team

Merry Christmas!

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team


With the tagline “More Cheese, More Ways to Eat, More Fun”, Pizza Hut announces the return of an all-time favourite:

Chicken Cheesy Bites Pizza

What’s so great about it? It has got:

  • 18 bites full of oozing cheddar and mozzarella cheese
  • Delicious chicken pepperoni, chicken meatballs and shredded chicken
  • A bed of tomato salsa sauce and extra creamy cheese
  • A pot of Cheesy Dip; a thick and creamy cheese sauce to dip your pizza in!

Are your taste buds tingling already? If so, don’t miss out on this limited edition pizza!

Available nationwide only till December 2017

This pizza can be purchased via ala carte orders at RM35.50 for a regular size while combo options are also available through delivery, take-away or dine-in experience.

For more information on Pizza Hut Malaysia and its ongoing promotions, visit and

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

If you’ve ever envisioned being greeted by robots in every restaurant you enter, sit tight because that future might be close- starting with Pizza Hut, Sunway Pyramid.

As the world rapidly propels itself into a technology-driven future, Pizza Hut does as well, but with a twist. It maintains the same heart and depth that it was born with, all to ensure that customers enjoy a quality dining experience. After all, what is a meal if it lacks heart?

So what’s so great about this change, you ask? Allow us to illustrate.

Adorable, shiny R2D2s to greet you

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-27 at 12.20.36 PM

Well, maybe not R2D2, but we weren’t kidding about the robots! Created to instill a lively atmosphere, these robots are here to bust the perception that a fully digitalised experience is cold and uncaring. Quite the opposite!

Equipped with advanced technology, you’ll be able to interact and even play with these cuties the next time you visit Pizza Hut, Sunway Pyramid. How’s that for neat, huh?

Faster, more accurate orders

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-27 at 12.20.40 PM

Ever got mad when the waiter got your order wrong? Now that Pizza Hut servers are armed with tablets, this is a heck of a lot less likely to happen.

Plus, it also means that the kitchen will receive your order a lot faster too.

Digital Take Away Kiosks

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-27 at 12.20.33 PM

Can’t be bothered to wait in line for your turn at the cashier? Then these babies are your saviours. You’ll be able to make orders and pay more quickly- no more of that bothersome waiting when all you want is to get your order down.

Augmented reality menu

If you think the smell of freshly baked pizzas is the only thing there to tease your hunger, think again. Customers will also get to experience an augmented reality menu, where the food is seemingly brought to life while they select their dishes.

Man, it’s enough to make you wish you brought a few extra Ringgit with you.

Now you can game at Pizza Hut, not just in front of your PS4

After you’ve made your order at the digital take away kiosk, you can keep yourself entertained by playing a digital game! So there’s no need to cross your arms and grumble while waiting for your order. Pizza Hut has taken care of that for you.

Ordering with just a click

As if their fully digitalised store wasn’t enough, Pizza Hut decided to go ahead and launch its very own mobile app. With its built-in features, the popular pizza chain makes mobile ordering convenient and oh-so-worth-it.

Here’s how:

  • The app remembers the customer’s past order and preferences, including previous delivery address
  • It can detect the customer’s location and literally make ordering as simple as a click
  • Customers can also check on the delivery status to see how soon their orders will arrive
  • With every order, customers are awarded pizza points. These can be redeemed for free side dishes, drinks and even pizzas

Honestly speaking, all we’re hearing are upsides to this. Convenient and instilled with the same heart we’ve always known Pizza Hut for, there is no reason not to check out this new digital concept store.

Especially since we Malaysians just love food. We can already taste the pizzas.

For more information on Pizza Hut Malaysia and its ongoing promotions, visit and

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team


Talk about taking the adage “Waste not, want not” to the next level. As part of an effort to highlight the problem of food wastage, a small-batch ice-cream chain from Portland, Oregan called Salt & Straw took the unconventional approach of creating ice-cream… made from food waste. Yum!

Now, before you turn up your nose and gag at the thought, take a gander at this flavour they had on their limited edition menu: sweet, spiced-rum-flavoured ice-cream that is drizzled with gloriously warm brown apple butter.

That doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? In all honesty, it sounds sinfully delicious.

But wait a minute. That can’t be hygienic.

Don’t freak out. When we say “food waste”, we don’t mean Salt & Straw picked the ingredients off kitchen floors and out of dumpsters. Perish the thought!

When we say “food waste”, we mean perfectly edible food that might have otherwise ended up in the trash. You get us? See, it’s not that bad!

As an example, let us take a look at how they created that spiced-rum-flavoured ice-cream.

The spices used to create flavoured liquor come from Portland’s Eastside Distilling. And according to Fast Company, “Salt & Straw will re-steep the rum-soaked spices in cream, then ribbon in the caramelized apple butter made from bruised apples that were destined to be tossed.”

So it’s all good.

Why does it matter, though? It’s just a couple of bruised apples.

To us, it might just be a couple of bruised apples, but to the entire world, it is part of the staggering approximate 1.3 billion tonnes of food that is wasted every year. That is a lot of food!

To zero in on just how serious this is, that is about 1/3 of the food produced every year, wasted.  And the reality is, more than enough food is produced every year to feed all the people in the world.

This isn’t just bad news for them, but for our environment as well, since excess food production also means more greenhouse gas emissions.

So take note of the message that Salt & Straw tried to send out. It is time that we do our part by making better decisions and ensuring there is less waste at a household level. The same goes to food companies as well. We might be a small part of a bigger picture, but every little bit counts!

Let’s save the planet; one bruised apple at a time.

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team



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