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Fourth issue of “Crunch” in, and we’re proud to introduce our featured talent of the month, Kittie Yiyi. A delight both online and offline, this eclectic fashion designer produces creations that are a treat to the senses.

Whether you love fun and whacky designs or something more feminine, even fairy tale-like, Kittie has something for just about everyone.


You can read our exclusive interview with her in our latest issue of “Crunch”.

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We’re into the 3rd issue of our e-magazine, “Crunch“, and we’re proud to present our featured talent(s) of the month: Malaysian Flavours! Comprised of Summerkid and Summergirl, this adorable couple are Malaysian food and travel bloggers- which is good news for everyone, I’d have to say.

I mean, what Malaysian doesn’t love food? And of course, who wouldn’t want a chance to broaden their horizons?

And in light of Chinese New Year, we’re here to nudge you over to their special CNY post:

CNY Feast 2018 in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor

Here, you’ll be given 14 mouthwatering restaurant recommendations for your CNY needs.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out now!

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It’s the beginning of the year and our second issue of “Crunch” is out- and with it, our featured talent of the month! This time the title goes to the beautiful, equally ambitious Careen Tan of The White Atelier.

For a taste behind why we love her so much, feel free to peruse the following blog post.

We’re sure you’ll adore her as much as we do.

The Truth About Social Media

…is that what you see, isn’t always what you get.
…is that what you see, are the highlights of my life.
…is that what you see, is what I CHOOSE to show you.
Yes, guys. That’s the truth about social media. You may say, “Well yeah, I already knew about it. I knew everything that you mentioned above.”
We may all KNOW it, in our heads. But very often, whenever we scroll our Instagram feeds and Facebook timelines, we tend to forget all of that and be subconsciously influenced to think that whatever we see is how that person really is, how things really are, in real life.

Read More

Happy reading, Nuffnangers!

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Disclaimer: This article is an excerpt from our second issue of our e-magazine, Crunch.

As a mother of her incredibly adorable son, Tyler, and a loving wife to her husband, Boon, Careen is definitely a family-oriented person. However, she never stopped her lifelong dream of being in the wedding and fashion industry. Just last April, she launched her very own bridal boutique, The White Atelier which specialises in custom-made wedding gowns and shoes.

Since then, she has been hustling through the constant juggle of work, family, blogging and everything in between. Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to always look put together and sophisticated; and the best part of it, down to earth and kind to everyone who crosses paths with her.

In the spirit of entering a brand new year, we were more than fortunate to be able to sit down for a chat with Nuffnang’s superwoman, Careen Tan, to catch up on all her latest endeavours, while getting some tips on how to ace 2018 like a #GirlBoss!

To know more about Careen, you can follow her on her blog here, her Instagram at @careentxy or her Dayre (where she gets personal!) here.

Careen Tan-7

1. Let’s start with the most cliché question. Tell us about yourself and what you do.

Hi everyone! I’m Careen, and I’m first and foremost a wife to my dear husband, Boon, and mother to my son, Tyler who just turned two! I’m also the founder of The White Atelier, a bridal boutique that provides custom-made
bridal gowns and shoes to brides in Malaysia and beyond. I’m also a blogger at, a blog that I’ve been keeping for the past 14 years or so!

2. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Ambitious, optimistic, and practical.

3. What is the one trait of yours that you are proud of?

Okay, this is quite tough as I haven’t actually thought much about it before. I think one thing that has been pretty consistent for me all these years is that I’m not afraid of working hard. This started way back in my high school and uni days where I would work multiple part-time/freelance jobs to earn pocket money to support my expenses, and also to be able to contribute to my family’s finances. Coming from a large family (I have 6 other sisters!) has shaped me into always thinking of ways I could help my family live a more comfortable life. Whenever I got the opportunity to earn an extra buck, I would jump on it no matter how tired or busy I was.

This has continued on to my adult life where I would always think of ways that I can make my days productive. I don’t like to waste time, so I’m always finding ways that I can squeeze in time to work, finish up tasks and run errands. Even in my free time before bed, I would squeeze in a few articles from or to draw some insight and inspiration before I call it a day. I would feel extremely restless and unproductive if I hadn’t done enough or learnt something new in my day. So yes, I think that is one of the traits that I’m pretty proud of- that I’m not afraid of hard work.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Spitting! Cannot stand anyone who spits in public.

5. If you can only use one word to describe your goals for 2018, what would it be?

Growth. Not just business-wise, but personal development-wise, and also family-wise. *shy*

6. What are your top 3 priorities for 2018? Why?

1. My relationship with God
2. Building a healthy family
3. Growing The White Atelier

These 3 have been top priorities for year 2017, and will continue to be in year 2018, and I believe also in the years to come!

Personally, I believe that everything I am and have comes from God. Starting The White Atelier this year has truly strengthened my faith and trust in Him, because truly without the open doors from Him, none of this would have been possible. I owe all that I am and have to God, really.

On family, I want to work on improving myself; to be a better version of a wife, mother and also as a daughter. I want to spend more quality, uninterrupted time with my family, raise Tyler well, be a supportive wife to Boon, and be a loving daughter to my parents. My family is my everything.

On business, I’m excited to bring new things to the table for The White Atelier, and see what the year brings for us! Will do all that I can to grow and build this business. It is my dream come true to be able to dress brides for their once-in-a-lifetime wedding, and I cannot be more grateful.

7. Can you share a few of your 2018 resolutions with us?

My 2017 resolution was “Do it, and do it well”, to live a life with no excuses.
For 2018, my resolution will also be the same as 2017- to do all that I do with excellence, and to live life without making excuses for myself.

That’s for the big picture! For micro resolutions, I aim to sleep and wake up earlier, be more organised and tidy *shy*, and exercise more!

Careen Tan-5

8. Last but not least, do share some tips on how you plan to stick to your 2018 resolutions, while juggling all your top priorities?

One thing I’ve learned from the many years of making lists upon lists of New Year’s resolutions is that they don’t work for me.

Detailed lists of resolutions may work for some, but I’ve come to realise that I get overwhelmed by the list a few months down the road, and when I reach the mid-year, I totally lose my list and forget what I set out to achieve in the first place- simply because there were waaay too many of them! #overlyambitious

So for 2017, I decided to forget the list, and just work on what I want to achieve as a whole. This was how I came up with my “Do it, and do it well” motto, which pretty much sums up what and who I want to be.

Careen Tan-6

One of the things that would really help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions is to find out what works best for you. Perhaps it is not because you’re not good at keeping your New Year’s resolutions, but simply because the long
list just doesn’t work for you.

Explore and find out what works best for your personality type, and stick to it!

One of the reasons why I failed to keep to my New Year’s resolutions was because I forgot where I put them after a while. Life got busy after a few months, and when I finally remembered the list, I had already forgotten where I’d placed it!

Out of sight, out of mind. This applies especially true to New Year’s resolutions. So if you’re creating a list, print it out and have it stuck somewhere in your bedroom, study or office in plain sight. Then each time you go home or head into the office, you’d be reminded of them.

Or if you’re ditching the list and opting for a motto instead (like mine!), make it as simple and easy to remember as possible, and write it somewhere. Make it your desktop background, print it and frame it up, or put it as your Instagram bio (like mine! Hahaha).

Take time to pause and look back at your year, and see how you’re faring with your New Year’s resolutions so far. If you haven’t done much yet, remind yourself of your goals and keep working on them! If you’ve made progress, it’ll serve as great encouragement for you to keep moving forward and do better!

Reflecting and reviewing your resolutions every quarterly helps you stay on track. Doing so only in the last few months of the year might leave you without enough time to pick things up, which may leave you feeling defeated about your year in general- not a good way to end the year!

Reviewing your year every now and then helps you see how you’re faring, and whether or not you’ve been living your life according to what you set out to achieve. Constantly taking a pause to reflect and review your life is important, so that you can make sure that you’re on the right track!

Talent Feature - shoes

Talent Feature photos shot by Susan Yong


For more interesting content like this one, do check out the second issue of “Crunch” here

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WhatsApp Image 2017-11-30 at 10.45.01 PM

As some of you may already know, our very own Grace Ch’ng was featured on the cover of our newly launched digital magazine, Crunch!

And if you’ve already leafed through it – if you haven’t, it’s high time that you do – you also know she contributed a fun DIY Christmas article. It was an entertaining read, needless to say, but allow us to shed further light on why she was chosen for the issue by sharing excerpts from her blog.

For your reading pleasure:

5 Must-Know Tips If You’re Planning To Start A Small Business

2 years ago, I did the most extraordinary thing I could ever have done.

I gave up my 6-figure, comfortable job, for one which has NO PAY, lousy working conditions and overly demanding targets. Some countries call it “stay-at-home mom” but really, that’s just a politically correct term for ‘housewife’.

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How To Stop Doubting And Get Your Business Up And Running

Are you an aspiring business owner? Perhaps you have an idea in mind but you haven’t been able to put it into action. You’ve probably even consulted your family members and confided in your closest friends. Your (poor) spouse has been hearing you talk about your idea for the last 3 months. However, you haven’t put it into action yet because…


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Happy reading, Nuffnangers!

We hope you’ll see the gem that Grace is in the same way we do 😉

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1. I was a competitive golfer who used to represent my state. Bet you wouldn’t believe it if you met me in person!


Around the time I was 12, my dad decided to teach both me and my mum to golf and after the both of us passed our handicap test, golfing was a daily family affair. We’d head over to the course around 5pm and manage to play around 5 or 6 holes before sunset. Looking back, those were wonderful family moments. I’ll always remember those times.

2. I have the same name as a very famous luxury car brand. Guess which one? Answer below. I discovered this interesting fact when I went to Germany (here’s your hint). Riddle aside, Germany is one place I want to go again because it is simply beautiful. I only managed to visit 2 places when I was there and it’s definitely on my to-visit list when the kids are older!

3. If you asked me to choose between reading and a movie, I’d take reading anytime.


Those of you who already follow my blog might know that I actually grew up without TV. Perhaps that’s why when asked to choose now, reading always trumps watching. I shall confess that I’m thoroughly addicted to reading. I get grouchy if I don’t get to read after a prolonged period, which is probably why Hubs decided to get me books for my birthday this year, especially since I had to spend it in confinement as Baby Junior was born then! #totalgeek

4. When I was 9, my classmate wrote that her ambition was to be a housewife. I couldn’t believe her lack of ambition. I asked her repeatedly, “Why do you want to be a housewife? You can write anything else!” She replied, “I don’t know what I’d like to be and what’s wrong with being a housewife anyway?” Now I’m a housewife and she’s a career woman. #eatingmywords

5. I have a dog named Truffle, whom Hubs and I got when we were living overseas.


While she isn’t my first pet, she is my first dog and I was really gung ho when we first got her. I did a lot of reading up on dog training and every day after work, I would rush home to train her to potty and do doggy tricks. One of my proudest achievements is training her to potty in the toilet. Regardless of whose house she’s in, she knows how to find the toilet and potty there. #ikidyounot


Answer to Fact 2: Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes is a Spanish name which means Grace.


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