It’s that time of year again, Nuffnangers! With the message of giving thick in the air, it is only apt for charity events to emerge.

One of these being the Empire Back to School project.

The aim of this project is to help orphans and children from poor families; essentially those in need of new school equipment. Empire Back to School has been helping approximately 400 children since it started in 2015, and it hopes to aid an estimate of 200 children this year.  Some children are selected from the list of Program Food Empire Bank beneficiaries and the rest are selected with the help of NGOs and NGI.

The following are this year’s event details:

  • Date: 9 December 2017 (Saturday)
  • Location: Aeon Big Wangsa Maju, Selangor
  • Time: 7am – 2pm

WE NEED YOU! How can you help?

  1. Make a donation to EMPIRE BACK TO SCHOOL 2017 recipients – a sponsorship of RM150 per person
  2. Become a VOLUNTEER on the day of shopping. Please click here to register as a volunteer. They need 250 volunteers!
  3. Love and share this post. Every little donation will help give these children a reason to SMILE
  4. For more information, please visit the official page: Empire Back to School 2017

#empireproject #empirebacktoschool #empirebacktoschool2017 #restoringschool

Melissa Kartini
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Who wouldn’t love a chance to snap a selfie with their favourite Justice League superhero? They’re strong, brave and not to mention hella gorgeous. Every single one of them.

While this dream is just about impossible for most, we’re here to tell you that you can come pretty darned close to it.

This is because exclusive, life-size figures of our favourite superheroes have landed right here in Malaysia. Standing proud and tall in all their majestic glory, these iconic heroes (and heroine!) will be here and ready for your snapshots starting tomorrow.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-02 at 14.24.37

That’s right.

And to sweeten the deal, exclusive movie preview passes and more are there to be won.

Just click the poster above for all the information you need. Don’t take too long to decide on whether to go now; you might just miss your chance to visit them! We hope to see you there!

Justice League will be in cinemas this coming 16th November

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

unnamed (1)

Revlon certainly knows the way to our heart. Well-aware of what visual creatures humans are, it has gone ahead and packaged its latest products in sleek containers, the liquid formula stowed behind thick, frosted glass.

But sheer aesthetic alone isn’t enough, which is why the brand kicked things up a notch with the sweet allure of whipped vanilla and cream mango. The pearlescent formula is cleverly infused with the scent, reminding one of comfort and light-hearted happiness.

Interested now? So were we.

Take a peek at the key features of their new metallic stash:

  • Formulated with Revlon’s 100% wax-free gel formula
  • Lightweight, high definition matte metallic colour
  • Pearlescent formula for metallic matte finish
  • Moisturising, velvety feel
  • Plush, velvety applicator
  • Available in 4 high definition metallic matte shades

The ultra sleek, not-to-be-missed shades:

  • HD Gleam (Rose Gold)
  • HD Shine (Bronze Plum)
  • HD Flare (Scorched Red)
  • HD Luster (Grey)

With all these attractive features and shades, it was no wonder that the lucky 20 Nuffnangers who were selected for this launch were absolutely ecstatic over their goodie bags! Free metallic lippies and cream eyeshadows, encased in a sassy pouch? Yes, please.

As if that wasn’t enough, the lovely staff at the Revlon Flagship Store in Sogo provided us with a totally chic array of food to whet our appetites.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-27 at 13.59.52

Too pretty to eat!

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-27 at 13.59.51

Chocolate macarons. Don’t worry, the stamps are totally edible.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-27 at 13.59.51 (1)

Gold-wrapped chocolate bars with Revlon’s signature logo. 


Cute fruit pastries.


Gold-dusted chocolate cupcakes.

Gorgeous, right?

As a bonus, here is a picture of a couple of the beautiful ladies who attended the event:

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-27 at 13.59.53

Happy smiles all around!

All in all, it was a tasteful, elegant affair, and it is certainly one of many to come. Because we at Nuffnang make it a priority to get to know our community both online and offline, we hope we’ll be able to meet and connect with more of you offline in the future. So be sure to keep an eye on your inbox, because an invitation to a super exclusive party could be coming your way!


*Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™ in Metallic Matte is priced at RM42.90 each. You can purchase any of these lippies at leading pharmacies close to you.

Thank you, Revlon, for inviting us to your product launch!

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

Greetings Nuffnangers!

Hari Raya came to an end and there goes all the open houses and awesome good food, and oh, don’t forget the Raya snacks! Pretty sure everyone had their fair share of joy over the one month Raya season with packed schedules for open houses; one after another!

So here is a little throwback to our very own Netccentric Raya Open House at the breathtaking Glasshouse Seputeh!


Photo Credits: @sharkacai

Couldn’t express our gratitude enough to Glasshouse Seputeh for sponsoring such an awesome event space for us to host our open house! It gave us the chance to comfortably enjoy the night while introducing our Nuffnang Bloggerati and ChurpChurp Alphas to the team that work hard behind Netccentric! It has been a while since we gathered it was a great night seeing them in Kurungs and Kebayas!


Audrey, or better known as Fourfeetnine brought along her two very cute critters, Fighter and Penny! Fighter looks so adorable in  Baju Melayu, don’t you think? Though Penny is still too petite to fit in any nice Kebayas or Kurungs but rest assured that this little fashionista is still looking great!


Third from right to left: Suraya Sulatin, Syahira Zakaria, Cik Epal, Namee Roslan

Our glamorous Bloggerati, all dolled up for the night! It was a great night for our Bloggerati to gather and catch up with each other amidst their busy daily lives!

_DSC8331 (1) (1)

Our talents having a catch up session!



From right to left: Tian Chad, Saimatkong


From Right to left: Tian Chad, Mohd Zaid, Namee Roslan, Redmummy

After most of the guests have arrived, we started this cozy night off with a simple speech from our beloved Country Manager, Kausern Hieu.

Netcentri-Hari-Raya-Open-House-Glasshouse-Seputeh-2016-0787 (1)

Kausern kick-started the night with a fun and warm welcome speech, sharing the importance of creating content that shares a story! And the welcoming speech is followed by the introduction of our newly recruited talents by Faradina, our Talent and Community Manager!


Our new talents are great addition to the Netccentric family and we are honored to be given this opportunity to gather them and introduce them to our big family!

What would a Raya Open House be if there is no delicious food? And we owe our gratitude to Teaffani Catering who is our official catering partner of the night!

Teaffani Catering is a fast growing food catering company founded in year 2011 by a 2-man team. They are always passionate about food and event, providing you hassle free beautiful catering cuisine. Their choices range from Asian to Western and even canape food and beyond. Teaffani Catering started off as a home based business and over the period of 5 years, it has blossomed into a workforce of 50 full time staff with over 100 manpower on stand-by to attend to your needs!

With their central kitchen located in Kelana Jaya, their team has an impressive record of managing 15 sessions of events in a day and to-date, the biggest event under their portfolio features a total of 1000 guests.

While our guests enjoy the delicious catering provided by Teaffani Catering, we decided to feed their eyes and ears with exclusive performance from Malaysian Smule Community that hypes up the atmosphere!



It was an enjoyable performance from them as it boosted up the mood! But what made things more exciting was our lucky draw session, time to get some adrenaline rushing?

And the lucky winner goes to..



Our lovable Redmummy! Look at her striking red outfit!

And the next lucky winner falls into the arms of …


Our fun and going, Tian Chad!

Pauline, our Nom Nom Media team lead represented the company in presenting the hampers to our lucky winners!


It was a night filled with joy and warmth in this cozy Netccentric Raya Open House! Wearing the spirit of work hard, and with our hearts on our sleeves, we are beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to hangout with our talents and the powerhouses behind the company!

That’s a wrap from us!

We hope you had an awesome Hari Raya too!


Michelle Ng
Nuffnang Community Team


After working together for #NuffnangXThriller earlier this year, Milestone and Nuffnang have come together again for the first international staging of a musical by Istana Budaya, the award-winning musical, Saturday Night Fever: The Musical Live in KL!

Organised by Milestone Production and supported by Malaysia Major Events, Saturday Night Fever: The Musical Live in KL ran from the 4th to 13th of September.

As the official social media partners, Nuffnang was invited to an exclusive pre-launch media meet and greet at the Johnny Rockets Restaurant in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, VIP seats and a backstage tour!


This provided the best backdrop for a teaser and we managed to catch some one on one time with a few cast members, the gorgeous Jenna and handsome Nick.


The main cast of the musical: Nick Varricchio as Double J, Jenna Rubbaii as Stephanie, and Brandon Rubendall as Tony Manero

Q: What is something our generation can take away from the story (of Saturday Night Fever)?

Jenna: It’s about young people and it’s about their wants in life, whether it be getting out of their small town and dreaming something bigger, or winning a dance competition. There are so many lessons relatable to our generation specifically and that’s why I love doing this musical more than anything because even though it’s from a different era, it’s still so relatable. Everyone goes through those phases of wanting something more, no matter what aspect of life it is, it could be relationships, it could be your family, your dreams and aspirations and that’s what this whole story is about. It’s about two young people fighting for what they in life. And that’s something that’s timeless.

Q: How does it feel to be a part of a musical off of a movie that defined an era?

Jenna: It feels absolutely incredible! It is a lot of pressure, but it is exciting because I am so passionate about the fact that it’s so relatable to our generation that I love I get to give a fresh spin but also keep it true to that era. It is a beautiful message. The story talks about family, romance, and friendship, every kind of relationship a person has in their life and as a young person, I still feel all the odes for any of those relationships. Every night I am so grateful for being able to go on stage and go through that.


Jenna Rubbaii

Q: How much do you relate to Stephanie?

Jenna: (Laughter). I relate to her quite a bit but I also don’t. She is very feisty, I love playing her cause she has a lot of toughness, she stands up to the guys a lot. I don’t know, I’m a mix? I am probably a little more reserved than she is when it comes to that but I also know how to fight with the boys too. (Laughs adorably)

Q: Last and weirdest question ever. Have you ever danced your way out of a problem?

Jenna: Dance? Physically dance my way out of a problem? (Chuckles) I have not but that is a great idea. It is a wonderful idea! It puts a light on any situation and that’s another cool thing about the show. Everyone remembers the 70’s as being so fun with all the lights and the dancing and they think it is all fun but when you see it, it also deals with a lot of heavy subject matter. But the thing with dancing is that you can’t help smile when you see two people, even just moving a little. I think it’s a really great experiment, I think it could stop any fight really! You are going to start laughing at each other. We have got to try it.  World peace. (Another round of laughs)


Nick Varricchio

Q: How did you first get into this business? Did it happen like in the movies?

Nick: I went to school and music conservatory called Baldwin Wallace. Then I went to a showcase in New York City, auditioned for agents and found one, and I have been with the agent ever since. I started out pretty young, when you didn’t
know you could do it as a profession. And then I saw Jersey Boys on Broadway. It was 2005, it was the moment I knew I wanted to do that. It is kind of like in the movies? I got an agent and I just go out audition as much as I can, take as much dance lessons I can.

Q: What is one thing we can all take away from the 70’s?

Nick: Keep everything far out and groovy. Life should never been taken so seriously, life is too short. Life is one dance at a time!

Five of our Bloggerati were treated to a spectacular show on the Opening Night! IMG-20150905-WA0000_1[1]

Cindy and Yen’s party all seated in one row!


 Fadilla and Elly’s party with a candid Cindy casually strolling in the picture

Directed by Bobby Garcia, choreographed by Vince Pesce and led by Brandon Rubendall, Jenna Rubbaii and Nick Varricchio, the audience enjoyed an entertaining night featuring hit songs from the Bee-Gees.

©NOBBY CLARK+44(0)7941-515770+44(0)

The big numbers got people out of their seats and on their feet! Comparisons shouldn’t be drawn because Brandon really made the character his own.

The musical consisted of a healthy balance of drama and comedy: enough to keep the audiences engaged whilst still keeping much of the plot in intact. Audiences were  constantly surprised by the supporting cast who were just as impressive as the leads, especially Bibo Reyes as Bobby C and Mikkie Bradshaw as Annette in their stellar solo numbers.

Week 2 UpdateBrandon and Jenna were outstanding in their roles. Reminding us all of adolescent romance.

Justice had been done to the Bee-Gees, whose classic hits like Stayin’ alive, Night Fever and How Deep is Your Love were pulled off faultlessly and left a lasting impression to the audience. The trademark poses were seen all around the venue wherever flashes were allowed to go off.


Cindy capturing one for the friend as Huai Bin makes light conversation with a former Nuffie who was in attendance during the backstage tour.

Riding on the post-show buzz, our talents Cindy and Huai Bin were lead on an exclusive backstage tour led personally by Jamie Wilson who played Monty and Frank Manero in the show! The talented actor carefully explained how the show usually works behind the scenes: from how props were logistically managed throughout the tour to how they moved around on stage.


Having watched numerous musicals including this same one in England, Huai Bin (read more: is a theatre-lover. With the media pass given only to the bloggers and a few members of the media, Huai Bin took full advantage of the photo-taking access and backstage tour as so cherished in his write up. Trailing Jamie Wilson like a shadow during the backstage tour, Huai Bin shared the full scoop in his entry.


Joining him backstage was a former stage performer herself and former NTV7 Dreamgirl, Tey Cindy ( Having left that life a while ago, Cindy loves the stage lights and sounds, especially since the music this time was played live from behind the stage as opposed to minus one offerings. The sound effect raving off the acoustics of Istana Budaya gave the chills that she misses so much. Definitely in theme, bell bottoms were the outfit choice of the night and with her boyfriend and best friends to escort her, she had only nothing but wonderful memories to take away from the night.


Yen Simpson (goodyfoodies) who was the most excited of the lot, sadly had to depart before the backstage tour. Being a full-time mother of two children, Yen spends most of her time juggling between blogging and parenting, which is why rushing home immediately after the show ended was not a choice she could waive. Arriving with Craig and her blog manager, Samantha, Yen opted not to capture anything and just let the illusion of the show take her away. Indeed, she was more than impressed with the dazzling choreography and costumes that make the show such a hit with audiences worldwide.


Elly (ellyinwonderland) and Filla (kasihaleeya) are two thirds of the amazing team behind Ellfie Essence. Best friends at work, best friends online, and best friends for life. The two are inseparable. Having been raised to the tunes of the Bee-Gees playing on repeat growing up, they reminisce on a time when dance music was all the craze. A little older and wiser now, Elly has now two kids who love dancing, and it is no mystery where they got it from. Embracing their media passes, neither snubbed at the chance to take photos when allowed to.

It is really amazing how much effort was put into the show and why these shows cost as much as they do. There are no gimmicks, no shortcuts. Every dance, every scene and every song is rehearsed to perfection.

Certainly not a night to forget, the Saturday Night Fever tour will next make port in Singapore to round up the Asian leg and travel through China, Central Asia and Europe the following year. If you haven’t caught it, catch it there! You will not regret it.

Jive on!

Video Courtesy of Huai Bin (sixthsealdotcom)

Nuffnang thanks Milestone Production and all of you for the support and opportunity to be part of such a spectacular event! More great things await, but meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our last post if you want to be at the #NNPremiereScreening of #TheMartian!

Click on the links to their SNF experiences.


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Shake them Monday Blues away Nuffnangers,

Do you love Fashion?  If you do, I bet you might have had a crazy adrenaline rush when you heard that Churp Churp and Nuffnang are the Official Social Media Partners for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week this year :D


Do expect live updates from our top Influencers such as Jane Chuck, Fourfeetnine, Redmummy, Michiekins and many more!

Come on guys, support them, if you managed to catch them at the event don’t forget to hashtag #ChurpChurpxKLFW2015 #KLFWRTW2015 #Malaysiafortheworld.

Guess it is time for you to get on your Social Media to follow through these amazing and mind blowing influencers and their updates.

Here’s our Influencers, Don’t hesitate to stalk them on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates. They might just have more exciting news for you to rock that adrenaline rush of yours! Don’t forget that you can approach them if you see them as well, they are super-duper nice :)

Jane Chuck

Fourfeetnine blog snip KLFW

Fourfeetnine @ Audrey

Redmummy blog capture KLFW

Redmummy @ Kak Red

Michiekins blog capture KLFW


What else are you waiting for, check out their social media platforms.

KLFW starts this Wednesday till Sunday so please do check them out and stay tuned. Follow us on Dayre at nuffnangmy, for more live updates.

Download the Dayre mobile app now at Google Play and App Store to get started.


The Nuffnang Team

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