After a long wait since Nuffnang’s 8th birthday bash celebration, we are back with the winners’ for the Crabtree & Evelyn and Pedro contest which ran from 25th March – 19th April 2015!

Who is excited to find out about the winners?

Let us announce the winners for the ‘Best Write Up’ of #Nuffnang8irthday. The winners will be receiving awesome products from Crabtree and Evelyn worth RM323 EACH.





Crabtree & Evelyn SMP.jpg

1. Vimal Raj

2. Jessica Yong

3. Vivian Gan

4. Alisha Ho

5. Poon Wai Yan

We enjoyed reading your entries and you guys deserve the ultimate pampering products by Crabtree & Evelyn. :)


We have the winners for the Pedro Instagram contest. The winners will be walking away with cash vouchers from Pedro worth RM1,000! The winners that would be rocking in style with Pedro are:

Pedro SMP


1. kenwooi

2. alex_yap

3. laurakanggg

There you have it Nuffnangers! The winners for both contests in conjunction with Nuffnang8irthday.

A big thank you to Crabtree & Evelyn and Pedro for the awesome prizes and also to all Nuffnangers as well!



At the glimpse of an eye, Nuffnang is now 8 years young! With heartfelt appreciations, we would like to thank you Nuffnangers and those who have made this journey a possible one!

How else to commemorate this celebration other than to kick it off with an Infinity celebration, right? :)

This year, the Nuffnang 8irthday celebration took on the glitz and glamour of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, under the astounding ambience of Zouk KL!

Look at some of the action that went on at the registration table!



The Nuffies along with our creative-minded interns worked wonders with the decorations of the day! Check it out!


 (Don’t miss out on the details to how you could walk away with an exclusive hamper from Crabtree & Evelyn at the end of this blog post!)

The Nuffnang 8irthday – 8th Is Great, Let’s Aim for Infinity celebration was enriched by the enthralling experience of FIFTY SIX DEGREES and the whiskey-induced desserts!

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (52 of 395)


Look at some of the great desserts of the day!

Sweet delights by Foret Blanc Patisserie:

(Great news for attendees of #Nuffnang8irthday, for those who took pictures of #ForetBlanc, you’ll get to enjoy a 10% discount at their patisserie :D )

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (56 of 395)


Indulgements by #MilkcowMY:



The fun times of the Nuffnang 8irthday was captured in snapshots by Fotobox Malaysia, who never failed to liven up the crowd!

Lovely printouts, don’t you think?


The attendees of the day were also given vouchers of delight by our sponsors Garden Of Dazzles, Milkcow and Strip, including the sugary greatness of Foret Blanc’s macaroons and a set of headphones from Heineken! Talk about a bagful of glee!

And that is only at the registration table!

The Nuffnangers then proceed to the activities in the Zouk main room, where happenings such as customized soft-serve ice cream and our Nuffies ‘Do-You-Know’ booths keep the crowd alight to the mood of the Infinity celebration!

Check out the booths at the Nuffnang 8irthday!

The Sales booth: 

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (218 of 395)

The Talent & Community team booth: 

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (217 of 395)

The Advertising Operations (Ad Ops) booth: 

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (219 of 395)


Check out our beautiful emcee for the day – Careen Tan, who was dressed by Rent A Dress KL for the Nuffnang 8irthday! So pretty!

NNBB image3

Careen kicked off the celebration by inviting our Co-Founder Timothy Tiah, for a speech marking the start of the celebration, along with the launch of Bloggerati by Nuffnang.

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (163 of 395)

If you haven’t seen our Bloggerati video, watch it here.

The invitees were also entertained by a Saxophone performance from Nuffnang’s own travel and food blogger Ken Wooi!

Did you know that he could play the instrument so well?

We bet not, and we’re glad that you’ve found out about it now from us! :D

NNBB image4


Next up was a speech from our beautiful Country Manager Rachel Tan, who shared her experience with Nuffnang for over 5 years!


The sassy Rachel (who was also styled by Rent A Dress for the day), shared her experience since her first interview session with Timothy Tiah, and also let the invitees in on ‘A Day in the Life of A Nuffie’ through this video.

The Infinity celebration was also graced by a sharing session from veteran bloggers Kasihaleeya &Kampungboycitygal, who shared the ups and downs of their journey as a blogger with Nuffnang, and was given exclusive prizes by Garden Of Dazzles as a token of appreciation!

The celebration also saw an Award ceremony for Best Dressed Male, Best Dressed Female, and Social Butterfly – who received cash vouchers worth RM400 each from Pedro! Congrats guys, we’re all green with envy!



Following the Awards ceremony is the Lucky Draw session, with Swarovski jewellery pieces by Garden Of Dazzles! Check out some of our Lucky Draw winners!



With that, our ‘Nuffnang 8irthday – 8th Is Great, Let’s Aim for Infinity’ celebration comes to an end!

Nuffnang 8th Anniversary (202 of 395)



A very big thank you to ThoughtShots Photography for all the pictures during Nuffnang 8irthday! Check out the pictures they took HERE.


However, the excitement doesn’t end here!

Crabtree & Evelyn will be giving out 5 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Set Worth RM 323 EACH for you to enjoy the ultimate pampering session that you truly deserve!

NNBB image8

All you will have to do is:

  1. Share your experience at the #Nuffnang8irthday on your blog and tell us, at the end of your blog post:

“I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because…”

       2. Include the hashtags #CrabtreeEvelynMY, #NuffnangxCrabtreeEvelynMY, and #Nuffnang8irthday

       3. Submit your blog URL at the comments section below

       4. Wait for our announcement!


You know what they say…. Good things come in a pair…

NNBB image9

Don’t miss out on the chance to clank away with a RM 1,000 worth of cash vouchers from Pedro, as Pedro are giving away 3 x RM 1,000 cash vouchers JUST FOR YOU!

Here are the deets:

1. Follow us (@nuffnangmy) and Pedro (@pedroshoes_official) on Instagram
2. Upload a picture showing your shoeholic craze and tell us in the captions,

“I deserve to rock in style with Pedro because…”

3. Include the hashtags #pedroshoes_official, #NuffnangxPedroMY AND #Nuffnang8irthday in your caption, TAG @pedroshoes_official and wait for our announcement!

Hurry up and send us your entries! We can’t wait to give out these great cash vouchers!

P/S: Be sure to set your account privacy to ‘PUBLIC‘ so we could see your entries!


We look forward to your blog post & Instagram entries! Last day of submission is 19th April 2015, 11.59PM so be sure not to miss out!


“It’s a mistake you always make, trying to love a wild thing.”

– Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team



The cast and crew of Thriller Live landed in Malaysia to perform one of the most anticipated the show of the year. They have dazzled the eyes of thousands at Stadium Putra from the 19th – 24th of March 2015! If you didn’t catch it, you’ve missed the show of a lifetime but don’t worry, we’re pretty sure they will be back for another show in a blink of an eye ;)

Astro Hazel, Lai Peng, Munchy’s Nada, Palace of Golden Horses Ricky, RHB...2

Before the show started, the cast and crew were already in Malaysia getting ready to mesmerise the crowd with their sleek Moon Walk moves and hitting the beats to Billie Jean. There was a meet and greet session with the crew members at the Palace of Golden Horses on the 18th of March 2015 whereby they shared many wonderful stories and insights to some things that were meaningful to them throughout their journey from continent to continent. The cast and crew were just ever so excited to be Malaysia as it was their first time here to a country filled with such rich and cultural history. Aside from that it was their last stop after months of traveling and performing in many other regions before returning back to West End London.

Grace Lee (Managing Director of Milestone Production)

Grace Lee, Managing Director of Milestone Production shared with us that they have been trying their very best to bring Thriller Live to Malaysia for years and finally their strong determination has succeeded.

From the Left Prinnie Stevens, Alex Buchanan, Grace Lee, MiG Ayesa, J Ro...

They’ve brought to us probably one of the biggest show of the century over here for all Malaysians to enjoy and cherish the evergreen performances and music by the one and only King of Pop.

Thriller Live Lead Cast in 2

There’s more! During the meet and greet session, with music on in the background, the cast members stood up and showed us a sneak peak of what was in store even before the actual show began on the 19th of March 2015! Even without a stage, their performance was not hindered at all!

Promo Poster

Being the Official Social Media Partner for Thriller Live in Malaysia in collaboration with Milestone Production, we, could not be any more excited and honoured for this eventful show that wowed the Malaysian crowd. Many of Nuffnang’s Bloggerati bloggers such as Tey Cindy , Sixthseal, Kimberlycun and Goodyfoodies and also our fellow Nuffnangers were given the chance to catch the Undisputed King of Pop and all his glory live on stage. Click on their names to read about their experience at the show!

Here’s TeyCindy during her backstage tour spending some time with the cast and crew members!

tey cindy thriller

Some pictures taken by our community bloggers before, during and after the show :)

Thriller post blog image 1

During the show, everyone didn’t even want to sit down but they just wanted to enjoy the show just like that. We even heard that some of our bloggers stood up and danced to the tunes of Michael Jackson’s hits like Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Thriller and even the rendition of Jackson 5’s ABC. What more could you ask for? An amazing performance coupled with the beautiful crowd; this is a recipe for a successful show :D

 IMG_0261 IMG_0357 IMG-20150319-WA0017 IMG_0371

You are not alone, we believe this show has touched us from many angles and we truly appreciate the efforts shown by the cast and crew in making this show a huge success.


We would love to have the cast crew members return to Malaysia again in the near future as we know that one show is never enough. The spirit of Michael Jackson will never leave us and the Smooth Criminal that he is has stolen our hearts with this awesome show!

All in all, it was a successful show and we can still hear people going around singing Michael Jackson’s hits on the street. A huge thank you to Milestone Production who brought the Thriller Live to us here in Malaysia!



Nuffnang Team

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team

It is time for us to announce that Nuffnang’s 8th birthday is here! We’re so grateful for your continuous support throughout the years to make us what and where we are today! Thank you all Nuffnangers :)

Every year, we will throw a themed birthday bash and have Nuffnangers and clients to celebrate the birth and success of Nuffnang. This time round, we want to do that in a classy and glamorous way.

Speaking about that, how can we not think of the iconic character, Audrey Hepburn? Her charming character and classic-and-classy femininity are so much to die for!

Hence! We’re all out for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed birthday bash this year! *sparkleseverywhere*

main-visual-MY (3)

Date: 21st March 2015

Time: 10am – 2pm

Venue: Main Room Zouk, KL

Dress code: The classic 1960s’ Look

A huge thank you to Zouk, KL for being the official venue sponsor for the Nuffnang 8irthday! Liven up your Saturday brunch hour :D

*Food served at event day is pork-free*

zouk kl image

Now, what’s there to celebrate in a Tiffany’s themed party without jewellery? That is why Garden of Dazzles is on board with us! We are so looking forward to see you all in those pretty glitters and sparkles that compliment your look, as there will be Swarovski crystal jewellery as well.

logo1 copy Garden of Dazzles

Oh, and we know you’d love taking selfies! Thanks to Fotobox, we will be having a photo booth with customised props for everyone to take pretty pictures all day long!

Fotobox Logo (JPG)


56 Degrees will be on board as well for this exclusive event to showcase their new whiskey; incorporating their brand new line of Whiskey into the tasty desserts on that day :) Do give it a try on that day itself! Important Note: There will be alcohol provided on event day.



You heard us right, we will be having desserts straight from the Foret Blanc oven and it’s for all our attendees; Cupcakes, macaroons, mini éclairs and many more sweet delights for all you attendees. Don’t forget to check out Foret Blanc’s official Facebook page for all the beautiful customized cakes and cupcakes. :)


Malaysia’s weather is pretty hot nowadays isn’t it? Why not cool down with a serving of Milkcow because they will be there ready with their lovely and cooling cup of soft serve ice-cream!

Milkcow Logo 2(2)

Do you feel thirsty after reading this? We got some Heineken and Strongbow to keep you hydrated and cool you off under the mid-day sun! Important Note: There will be alcohol provided on event day.



Here’s another exercise for you attendees! Try to spot for dresses from Rent A Dress ;) Also, they are kind enough to be giving away goodies to all who are at the event :D



To give you a little taste of what happened last year, here are some pictures to get you excited for what’s to come!

Recap 2014 images NNBB007

Are you excited already? :D

Wait, that’s not all! There’s a chance you might even walk away with exclusive awesome goodies! We will be giving awards to the:

  • Best Dressed Male
  • Best Dresses Female
  • Social Butterfly

Now comes the fun part: “I want to go!! And get all the good stuff there! But how?”

Listen up Nuffnangers! We have really limited invites, only 18 pairs of passes up for grabs this year!

So wait no longer! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Like and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Dayre.
  2. Share this blog post on your Facebook page and tell us: “Throughout the 8 years, your most memorable moment with Nuffnang.”
  3. Remember to hashtag #Nuffnang8irthday and #NuffnangMY before sharing the post.
  4. Tag a friend that you wish to bring along to the #Nuffnang8irthday.
  5. Fill in the FORM.
  6. Contest ends at 12 noon, 18th of March 2015 (Wednesday).

What are you waiting for?

See you there at the #Nuffnang8irthday! :D

Terms and conditions:

  1. This contest is open to Nuffnangers only.
  2. The blog post shared on Facebook must be PUBLIC.
  3. The Judge’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence shall be entertained.
  4. Passes won is non-transferable.
  5. RSVP forms will sent to winners. Failure to RSVP, passes will be forfeited.
Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team

Hello Nuffnangers, did you know? Besides our blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; We are now on Dayre as well! Keep on reading if you want to find out what Dayre is all about :)

dayre 2

Social media is known for its mobile capabilities so here’s Dayre, your personal mobile blogging platform. Dayre is where you can actually blog on the go! You have already have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for that but Dayre is much more :D

Look at all the things you can do with Dayre! 

dayre 1

This is where the journey begins.

photo 1

You can share your story with words.

photo 2

Why not share a photo with the camera function within the app? This will make your Dayre more life-like and more on the spot reporting.

photo 3

Need more than a few photos? Go ahead and video your story!

photo 4

Add feelings into your posts with a selection of emojis to express your feeling at that point of time: Happy? Angry? Confused? Dayre has it all!

photo 5

Lastly, let your followers know where you are. Stay updated and Dayre wherever you go :D

dayre 3 Dayre is like a all in one solution to your daily dose of social media.

dayre 4

Dayre is such a craze! Look at our Nuffies filling their spare time by updating their personal Dayre accounts!

dayre 5

Find something interesting? Dayre it!

Have an interesting story that you’re dying to share? Write it on the spot and explain your stories with an image or a video.

Read someone’s Dayre and you like it? Go ahead and LIKE it. Want to share your Dayre with everyone? SHARE it. Want to know more about someone? FOLLOW them.

 “Share your stories, create bonds”


So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Dayre account and follow us on!

Also, some influencers that are already on Dayre, @TimothyTiah, @FourFeetNine, @Bobostephanie, @Tziaaa, @KimberlyCun and many more. Click on their names to read more about them! Follow them to get to know them better and see what they are doing Day-re to Day-re :)

Don’t forget to always be updated with Nuffnang related news on Nuffnang official blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Dayre :)



The Nuffnang Team

Adrian Leow
Nuffnang Community Team

The highly anticipated Thriller direct from West End London is coming to Malaysia for the first time! The legend lives on at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 19th til 25th March 2015.

Promo Poster

This musical celebration has visited 28 different countries and has been seen by millions of fans. The cast and crew of the musical have travelled around the world to bring their fans on board for a night filled with the greatest hits from the one and only Undisputed King of Pop!

Smooth Criminal 2


You wouldn’t want to miss out on Michael Jackson’s everlasting performances like Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Beat It, even songs from his Jackson 5 days like ABC and his trademark Moonwalk and gravity defying 45 degree lean!

Dangerous & Heartbreak Hotel 7


In honor of celebrating Michael Jackson’s works of art, this two hour musical will tell a story of Michael Jackson’s illustrious 45 years in the musical industry with powerful and eye-catching visuals, the nostalgic tunes and the ever-hyper cast and crew members!

Thriller AusNZ-Malaysia Cast with Tour Manager Phil Watts


All the cast and crew of Thriller cannot wait to see Malaysia and what we have to offer:


And here’s what Adrian Grant has to say as well:


For more details, you can always head over to Milestone Productions Facebook Page

So, are you a huge fan of The King of Pop? Then look no further because all thanks to Milestone Productions, Nuffnang as the official social media partner is giving away 6 pairs of CAT B tickets worth RM301 each to catch Thriller Live in Malaysia!

So what are you waiting for, join this contest today :D

Here is what you gotta do to win those tickets:

  1. Share your favorite Michael Jackson video on Facebook.
  2. Tell us why this is your favorite video in the caption.
  3. Remember to tag us @NuffnangMY and hashtag #ThrillerLiveMalaysia, #NuffnangXThriller and #NuffnangMY
  4. Write a comment on Nuffnang’s Official Blog and remember to leave your Facebook URL.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This giveaway is open to all Nuffnangers only.
  2. Nuffnangers Facebook postings must be set to PUBLIC.
  3. Your Facebook URL must be included in your comment.
  4. Multiple entries will be accepted but duplicates will be disqualified.
  5. Each winner is only entitled to one pair of tickets only.
  6. Judges decisions are final and organizer reserves the right to alter the mechanics without prior notice.
  7. Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice.
Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team

Hey Nuffnangers, 2014 has been a year to remember for us! From having super awesome events to meeting new Nuffnangers along the way :)

Even though, there were some ups and downs along the way, we want to thank you Nuffnangers for the endless support we have received from you awesome people in the past 12 months. Without our beloved Nuffnangers, Nuffnang would not have been what it is today and for that, we want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We want to welcome 2015 with a bang but first here’s what went down this year :D

Nuffnang 7 th Birthday Bash 

Nuffnang turned 7 in 2014 and it is another milestone which was achieved thanks to all the support our awesome Nuffnangers :) So, what other way to celebrate this special occasion than to party 007 style!

Photo Credits:

Talking about how times flies, Mr Stickman is now in primary one! *oh boy, going to school already?*

Fotor03289129Recap 2014 images NNBB007

Another awesome celebration was thrown to celebrate his 7th birthday! Want to know how did Mr Stickman’s James Bond theme party went down? Read it all here! Don’t forget to check our Nuffnang Official Facebook for all the pictures. #NuffnangIs007



The one and only Jersey Boys were here in KL to WOW the audience with songs such as “Beggin’, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)”, “Walk Like A Man”, “Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)”, “Sherry”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and many more!




Nuffnang in collaboration with Milestones Productions gave away tickets to our Nuffnangers to enjoy a night of amazing performances.


All thanks to Milestones Productions as well who brought Jersey Boys to perform live in Istana Budaya from 15th til 27th April 2014, Milestones Productions came on board for Nuffnang007 Birthday Bash as well by giving away 2 pairs of tickets to catch the show live in KL!

First Ever Nuffnang Lovin’ 

first nuffnang lovin

We also had our first ever Nuffnang Lovin’ at Aloft KL Sentral W xyz Bar in April. Nuffnang Lovin’ is a platform for Nuffnangers to meet new people.

Recap 2014 images NNLovin

It is an event specially organized for Nuffnangers who are constantly on a lookout to try new things and meet new people. Click here to take a look at the activities for the night. #NuffnangLovin’


Nuffnang Raya Open House

#NNRaya Open House 2014

It’s Raya season again and for this year, we decided to have our very first #NNRaya Open House 2014! We invited our bloggers so that we can spend quality time as well to celebrate the festivities :D Wanaka the Bungalow was kind enough to let us have our #NNRaya Open House 2014. Our very first #NNRaya Open House 2014 was visited by almost 200 people where there were awesome food and exciting games for all to enjoy!

#NNRaya Open House 2014 2

It was a gathering for Nuffnangers to get together and celebrate this great day! Want to know how it went, click here to find out more about #NNRaya Open House 2014.

Check out our #NNRaya Open House 2014 video as well:



We had out very first experience in complete darkness! We had our second Nuffnang Lovin’ at Dialogue in the Dark in The School, Jaya One.

Recap 2014 images DiD

Our bloggers were invited to not only dine in the dark but to also experience darkness at another level where we were guided through the whole of Malaysia J Show some support by visiting Dialogue in the Dark’s website and their Facebook page as well!


Bloggerati 2014


Bloggerati by Nuffnang was established in 2013 as the talent agency division of Malaysia and in August of 2014, Bloggerati MY was launched!

Nuffnang works with top bloggers closely to help them manage brand partnerships, media relations and professional guidance for further development :)

Check out the Bloggerati video:

You can find out more about your favourite top blogger and more details at Bloggerati by Nuffnang



#NNPremiereScreening 2014

The movie relay continues in 2014. Nuffnang managed a total of 53 screenings this year! We know you guys love movie nights, after all movie nights are extra special when you watch em with the other Nuffnangers! :)

We promise to bring you something bigger in 2015, so, just sit back and relax while we bring and wait for great news from us. #NNPremiereScreening



Laugh Malaysia By Harith Iskander

Laugh MY Talents

We were super excited to be announced as the official social media partner for “To Know Malaysia is to.. Laugh Malaysia!”

Laugh Malaysia community bloggers

Our bloggers got the chance to enjoy a laugh-filled night with the one and only Harith Iskander and moral of the story is that we can always laugh to make our day that much better! :)

Click here to find out more about Harith Iskander and his International tour.


The Maze Challenge Asia 2014 

Our bloggers from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Malaysia had the chance to find out what it’s like to get lost in the BIGGEST maze Malaysia has seen til now!

The Maze Challenge Asia - visual for sharing 1

Nuffnang bloggers had the experience of their lives when they flew in to race through The Maze Challenge . Nuffnang bloggers VS The #Maze Asia, who do you think won?

Here’s a hint, check out the pictures of our finishers below :P

The Maze



NuffiesXmas 2014




Tis the season to be jolly where our Nuffies embraced it fully by having a #NuffieXmasDeco competition where Nuffies went all out to decorate their workspace to fit the yuletide season. Who do you think had the best design overall? :)


Not to forget our #NuffieXmas2014 Party!


Recap 2014 images NuffieXmas


The Nuffies were having a jolly Christmas celebration in children attire, there was gift exchanging aka secret santa and food, lots and lots of food specially made by the Nuffies as well :D



With all the mishaps happening in the year 2014, our hearts and prayers go out to all those who were affected by these series of unfortunate events.


We pray for 2015 to be a better year for everyone.

Recently, Nuffnang showed that #NuffnangCares by teaming up with MERCY Malaysia to share the news for the flood relief donation drive.


Check out MERCY Malaysia for details on how you can help out the flood victims.

With the misfortunes happening, Nuffnang hopes we can all keep everyone in our thoughts this year.

Here’s to an awesome 2015 to come! Many plans are in the making for 2015 so keep an eye out for them :)

Not to forget, if you want to see all the happenings from Nuffnang, you can always head over to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!




Best regards,

The Nuffnang Team

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team



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