Why P1?

Getting inspiration for blogposts can sometimes give you that Ugh.. feeling. Remember that sleepless nights you were having especially when deadlines are creeping up? Especially when you start pinching yourself to stay awake, pulling off a line or two for a blogpost could not be any more difficult than this! And when you thought things could not get any worse...the internet starts to get really...really....slow..and before you know it...*disconnected* OH...MY...GOD....

So you decide to take a hike the next day just to clear the head. For some of us who want a quick inspiration fix, particularly for those who would like a change in environment, nothing beats an afternoon at a local cafe, greeted by the scent of freshly ground coffee beans. They have free Wi-Fi too!. But waaiiiiiiitt a minute! Coffee is great but is that free Wi-Fi reliable?

How many times have you ever experienced seamless internet at these free Wi-Fi outlets? What are the odds of that right? Unless you are that breed of insomniacs who literally wait in front of the store way before 10am with that notebook, tablet and smartphone craving for bytes and bytes of internet, you might be able to pull-off an hour or two of glitch free internet. Until customers start to arrive and you begin to get the "Page not displayed" error message and internet dropouts..*facepalm*

On a more realistic note, what if there is a much better solution to this mind-boggling issue that completely eliminates the worry of sloppy internet connectivity and provides portability at the same time? Remember that endless loading process on your tablet's web browser and that messenger app on your smartphone that continuously fail to deliver a message across due to turtle speed internet. *sigh*

Look no further fellow super-bloggers. Portable internet has gone to the next level. Just when you gave up on your current service provider for that portable high-speed internet at the most affordable rate, introducing the all new P1 ToGo Plan. For as low as RM1.30 a day, which is definitely way lesser than a few shots of crude espresso, you get ridiculously quick unlimited 4G internet which puts 3G to shame, flexible download quota which ranges from 2GB to 10GB, annnnnnnnnd you are entitled for up to a 10% discount!. Wowzeersss!!

Portable speedy internet is now just a few clicks away, so what more could you ever ask for?

To make things even more awesome, if you select the MF230 as your modem of choice you will be able to setup your personal hotspot. Say whaaaat? This means that you will be able to connect your tablet, smartphone and laptop simultaneously without worrying that any of your devices were to dropout due to slow internet or excessive connections. Whoahh!! and that isn't all. You get to connect up to five devices at once. All you have to do is make sure that your Personal Hotspot device is fully charged and you are good to go! After all you wouldn't want to run out of juice halfway through blogging.. right? Rest assured, P1 will ensure that your device is covered throughout the P1's rental modem program which gives you that peace of mind.

If multiple connectivity isn't your kind of thing, the P1 ToGo Plan has several other options via their interactive Plan & Packages page that will surely cater to your needs! If you don't intend to utilize the multiple connectivity features, you can opt for the UT235 4G USB Modem or the 4G High Performance USB Modem as well.

Perhaps, it's time to restore that faith you once had in portable internet connectivity. Some of our Nuffies are out and about for meetings all day long and their feedback of the new MF230 is just great stuff. So if the Nuffies say it's a yay, you know P1 ToGo Plan is the way to go, hence why P1 is also the Official Broadband Provider for Nuffnang Malaysia Blogopolis 2012.

Expect LIVE updates via @NuffnangMY and @P1Buddy with the hashtag #NNBMY2012 and for those who have already booked their tickets, come and experience high-speed broadband internet for yourself this coming July 14.

So, whatcha waiting for? Sign up online today via P1 ToGo Plan for a further RM50 rebate and in conjunction with The Dark Knight Rises this 19th June, every P1 ToGo Plan with MiFi sign-up entitles you to a shot at scoring the official Dark Knight duffel bag. Now that is super-cool!

That is not all. P1 will be giving away moarrrr and moarrrr Official Dark Knight merchandises (t-shirts, car decals, posters, mugs and caps) so be sure to make your way to the P1 booth during Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012.

You get unlimited super-fast 4G internet, RM50 rebate for every online sign up, and you also stand a chance to score movie merchandises. Mobile Internet can never get any better than this ! The P1 ToGo Plan starts from RM39 onwards so give this all new portable P1 ToGo Plan a shot by logging on to http://www.p1.com.my/togo.

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012

Date : 14th July 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 8.00am - 7.00pm
Venue : Concorde Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur

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