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  Personal Influential Powerfulxiaxue.blogspot.com

Wendy Cheng or as she's better known as; Xiaxue is one of Singapore's top bloggers who's credibility as a full time blogger is the envy of many. Her upfront, in your face writing style has gained her many fans and readers over her 8 years of blogging. What makes her so popular is her openness about her life experiences, honesty and her personality which just as bold and beautiful as her hair. Definitely a force to be reckoned with in the blogosphere, she is surely someone a budding blogger would want to emulate.

James Yeang

  Our Space Onlinefriedbeef.com

James Yeang is the Industry Head of the Telecommunications, Technology, Media and Automotive sectors in Google Malaysia, where he leads all business development and ad sales for those sectors. Before Google, James was the product marketing manager for smartphones and mobile internet in DiGi, where he spearheaded DiGi's initial forays into the smartphone market particularly for Android and BlackBerry devices, and broadband services. Before that, he also spent several years in the Nielsen company handling many top FMCG accounts, where he undertook several progressive management roles, both local and regional.


  Abang Nara Kacakbeautifulnara.com

Saya cuma seorang penulis blog yang cuba menghiburkan orang ramai dengan tulisan yang kelakar. Saya tidak pernah terfikir yang blog saya akan menjadi sebesar ini. Bak kata atuk Spiderman, with power come responsiblity. Kini saya bukan sahaja cuba menulis dengan kelakar, tetapi menulis dengan info yang tepat, padat dan tidak menyesatkan. Orang yang tidak kenal saya biasanya akan berkata saya ini lelaki jenis lembut. Biasalah, selalu kan gosip dikaitkan dengan wanita. Namun apabila orang berjumpa dengan saya, mereka terus mengkagumi kekacakan dan kelakian saya. Lebih-lebih lagi selepas saya berjaya bergelar ayah baru-baru ini. Saya tidak lembut secara fizikal, namun tulisan saya penuh lemah-lembut, sindiran dan gurauan.

Kadang-kadang saya sendiri terlupa nama sebenar saya apabila orang yang saya kenali sering memanggil saya dengan nama gelaran Abang Nara. Hebat jugak penangan blog BeautifulNara sampai ke tahap begini. Sebenarnya saya cumalah manusia biasa yang ada keluarga. Mungkin kelebihan saya ialah mempunyai blog yang dibaca oleh jutaan manusia setiap bulan. Namun saya tidak lupa diri kerana saya sedar tanpa pembaca blog yang terus menyokong saya sehingga ke hari tak mungkin saya mengecapi kejayaan ini.

Kenny Sia

  Nonsensical Unusual Funkennysia.com

Kenny Sia started his personal blog at kennysia.com in 2005, which quickly grew to become one of Malaysia's most recognizable blogs. Loyal followers of his blog are attracted to the ease of read, generous display of photos and the occasional dose of hearty humour and sarcasm. Apart from his blog, Kenny Sia is also active on Twitter at twitter.com/kennysia

kennysia.com has won numerous awards, including Project Petaling Street's Blog of the Year in 2005, Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Best Entertainment Blog in 2009 and Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Best Micro-Blog in 2011. As a result of his loyal following, Kenny Sia has become an unconventional trendsetter in traditional areas dominated by actors, singers and TV hosts. Today, kennysia.com covers a wide variety of topics encompassing lifestyle, events, travel, politics, pop culture and so on.

As one of the pioneers in blogging, Kenny has successfully utilized blogging as a medium for advertising and PR. Since 2005, he has worked closely with media agencies such as Mindshare Interaction, Vizeum, Universal McCann and ZenithOptimedia to execute many of their clients' online campaigns. His client base includes Maxis, Guinness Anchor Berhad, Malaysia Airlines, Tourism Australia among others.When not blogging, Kenny Sia runs Level Up Fitness - the largest commercial fitness centre in his hometown of Kuching, Sarawak.

Vivy Yusof

  My Happy Placeproudduck.com

Studied in KL. Attended 3 different high schools because wanted to experience different types of schools (public, government residential and private). Form 1 in Sekolah Seri Hartamas, Form 2 in Sekolah Seri Puteri and Form 3 to 5 at Sekolah Sri Cempaka. While taking SPM in Malaysia, also did A-Levels at the same time in a girls college in Bristol UK (would travel back and forth to take the 2 exams - got all A's for both exams), and obtained a law degree from London School of Economics, LSE. Returned home to Malaysia right after graduation, chose not to do the BAR. Working in a construction and property development company under Proven Group of Companies. Expanded the Group's activities to online retail by starting FashionValet.net with her partner, Fadzarudin Anuar. As Managing Director, mostly oversees operations and marketing of the company.

As hobby, loves to write. Write articles for various publication, but mainly pens her thoughts in her blog, Proudduck.com. Thousands of hits a day and also earns income from her blog through advertisements and review write-ups, largely via Nuffnang.com. In free time, love to spend time with loved ones and travel. Very strict parents who she's very close to. Always asking for guidance from them in whatever she does. What keeps her motivated everyday is her parent's prayers that she becomes happy and successful in life.

Maria Elena

  Best Simple Whitepeliks.blogspot.com

That adrenaline rush when the rollercoaster drops and speeds off, that moment when tears well up when watching or reading something that touches the heart, that curiousity to explore the world and gain experiences and knowledge, that spontaneity to do something different, these are a few of my favourite things. the name is Maria. =)

Eric Cruz

  Executive Creative Directorleoburnett.com.my

Eric Cruz is a Creative Director, Designer, Director, Educator and "Trans National" who calls home wherever his foot happens to be. He recently joined Leo Burnett Malaysia as Executive Creative Director, where he oversees the agencies entire creative output, helping brands like Petronas, Maxis, Proton, Samsung, Dutch Lady and McDonalds tell stories.

Prior to LBKL, he grew up at a place called Wieden+Kennedy in Tokyo, pursuing work that is culturally relevant to his Asian roots, collaborating with brands like Nike, Google, Honda, Aiwa, Kumon and Mori Building. He co-founded W+K Tokyo Lab, W+K's experimental music label and creative think tank, overseeing its entire visual output from directing music videos to art directing and designing its packaging, online experiences and live events which helped redefine and reinvent the music industry. His work focuses on the intersection between art and design, moving images and digital narratives, exploring new frontiers in media hybrids. +cruz also spent some time at W+K London as a CD on Nokia Mobile Computing and Nestea.

Before W+K, he worked at Imaginary Forces LA designing for film and television; Razorfish London where he evangelized about the merging of web and moving media; W+K Portland creating campaigns for Microsoft Office and Studio Archetype where he started off his career designing websites, packaging and identity systems. He taught Design and Moving Media at Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and Temple University, Tokyo.

Recognition includes the Tokyo ADC Award, Cannes Titanium Lion Nominations for Nike Presto, Cannes Cyber Lion, ADC NY Gold, the American Illustration Prize, ONE Show Gold and Silver, D+AD, ResFest, onedotzero and The Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Prize.

Lim Chee Wah

  Editor of TimeOutKLtimeoutkl.com

Lim Chee Wah started out as an advertising copywriter and then moved into the world of publishing through a stint in a travel magazine. He has over eight years of experience in the field of journalism and has written for local newspapers and international magazines. He is currently the whip cracking evil master (read: Editor) of Time Out Kuala Lumpur, and is responsible for quite a few of their award winning features and covers.

Carlos Nizam

  Human Interest & Travelcarlosnizam.com/blog

Carlos Nizam Photography serves as a medium for me to express a thousand words (or more) through the photographs I have taken of the people I have met and my surroundings. It could be a wedding event that I was shooting for my client, an ad campaign, the welcoming of a new family member or a cultural event. Every one of these moments shared with my clients and my surroundings, is significant and one of the many reasons that explains the passion I have for my trusty camera is the part where I can freeze time in a frame for me and them.

Premesh Chandran

  CEO of Malaysiakini.commalaysiakini.com

Premesh Chandran, 42, is the co-founder and CEO of Malaysiakini.com, the leading online media in Malaysia, reaching over 350,000 readers per day in four languages (English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil).

Founded in 1999, Malaysiakini has won various international awards including from Asiaweek, Businessweek, International Press Institute, the Committee to Protect Journalism and Reporters San Frontiers. The site has also been featured in various books and international journals, and has been credited as key driving force of political change in Malaysia.

Premesh is also the founder of Malaysiakini's non-profit training and research organisation - the Southeast Asian Centre for E-media. Seacem has trained over 500 member of independent media and civil society in using new media, and developed key technologies for media organisations.

Premesh speaks regularly at international fora on the business of new media. He is a TED Fellow for 2010 and a Chang-Lin Tien Fellow (2010).

Premesh has been a democracy activist since his university days, taking up issues related to human rights and democracy in Asia. He has worked as a lecturer, as a labour researcher and as a senior writer at the Malaysian daily newspaper TheSun. Apart from Malaysiakini, his passions include science, social entrepreneurship and human rights. He holds a degree in Physics and a Masters degree in International Studies.


  Eat See Sinkkyspeaks.com

A food adventurist who enjoys everything delicious except kiwi fruit. Originally hail from Penang, the epicenter of awesome hawker food, and currently residing within the Klang Valley. I will eat anything not on the endangered species list. Enjoys traveling, diving, and cooking too. The blog is a documentation of the portion of my life that is safe for sharing on this wonderful world wide web.

Huai Bin

  Trailblazing since 2002sixthseal.com

I started sixthseal.com in 2002 when I was studying in Melbourne. I was 21 back then and wanted a medium where I could express myself. Wordpress didn't exist and weblogs were virtually on the fringes of the net. I wrote about travel, food, events and the personal things in my life that adds that extra bit of self. I post about the things that I love doing and that has brought me to places I have could never imagine (both good and bad). I was the first to update daily with photos (did you know how much a digicam costs back then?) and throughout the meandering 10 years of fun, controversy, and life - you'll see a real person just like you documenting his journey through life. I hope to someday show my blog to my kids but I know I'll still be blogging then. I am still here. :)

Ernest Ng

  Everyone's Favourite Brodontlikethatbro.blogspot.com

The brainchild behind the wacky webcomic series, "Bro, don't like that la, bro", comic blogger Ernest Ng has been drawing ever since he has the motor skills developed well enough in his left hand which allowed him to do so.

The webcomic he created was inspired by his lifelong adventures with his four childhood friends (a.k.a. his Bros) whom he still hangs out with till today. The comic was born due to an incident of a bet that involves a social networking site and a supposed goat.

The comic is an almost cartoon biography of Ernest and his bros as about 95% of the things illustrated in the comics somehow happened in real life at some point in their lives. He has successfully single-handedly exposed (almost) all their secrets and embarrassing stories to the Internet populace without any repercussions so far. He is currently very thankful that his bros haven't decided to murder him in his sleep. Yet.

Keep calm and keep "Bro, don't like that la, bro"

Firdauz Haris

  Lead Creative Designernetccentric.com

Firdauz Haris dabbles in cooking, creative tweeting, trolling office emails, building applications for web and mobile, clay modelling, lunch dating, building robots and electronic prototyping - among other things.

Beyond that, he is the Lead Creative Designer for Netccentric - the parent company of Nuffnang and Churp Churp . A multinational company that builds sites and serve ices, and places good experience of advertising messages across social media platforms.

He is now in his 8th year in the advertising and web services industry. His 4th year of trying to figure out the correct attire when he's in the kitchen (he tried everything, so far, he only likes his pajamas) and only in his 1st year of becoming a serious online shopper.

Lionel Chin

  Personal Branding Voiceripplewerkz.com

Lionel Chin is the co-founder of Ripplewerkz, which is an all-in-one interactive media design and development house which offers high quality web design and development, mobile applications and graphics design.

He has a strong passion for web and digital technology and strives to ensure the dedicated team at Ripplewerkz puts their heart and soul into each project, ensuring a laser-like attention to detail and high levels of customization for each and every client.

Hui Wen

  Iridescent Entertaining Stylish.http://revel-in-me.blogspot.com/

One thing you should know about me is that I don't take myself seriously, and neither should you. However, one thing I am very serious about is my passion for fashion. I started blogging in university, and naturally my blog was skewed towards fashion. Since then, I have been featured in numerous magazines as well as made a style video for The Star Online. I have also been engaged by various fashion labels such as Dior, Wrangler Jeans, Topshop etc. for my blog. Today, I am the Creative Director of www.azorias.com, and as part of my job, I was asked to style a production as well as being invited by Monash University to speak on personal grooming. I was also recently nominated as Webtreneur of the Year for a local award. Last but not least, I believe in hardwork, dreams, and cupcakes.

Ken Wooi

  Krappy Eccentric Niftywww.kenwooi.com

Hi, I'm Ken from kenwooi.com. Originally from Ipoh, I'm currently working in Petaling Jaya where my profession is an IT Consultant

Blogging was initially a hobby, I must say. This whole 'writing on the Internet' obsession (well, not really) started over 4 years ago while I was still doing my tertiary studies. Since then, it eventually turned into a passion. Avid readers of kenwooi.com describe me as funny, and sometimes... entertaining. The topics I normally write about are perhaps unpredictable and random. More often than not, the blog is a platform where I share interesting and amusing thoughts and experiences - with a little pinch of humour.

Besides blogging, I enjoy traveling, taking photos and watching movies. In person, I'm organized, carefree and I believe in the saying "Laughing is the best medicine". So if you see me around, say Hi with a laughter! Oh wait, that doesn't sound right.

Sue Anna Joe

  Random Expressive Funnybududanbelacan.blogspot.com

I'm Anna. Sue Anna Joe. I used get annoyed when people called me 'Sue' Instead of Anna. Although a part of my name, I felt that Sue was too girly, not that I'm all manly, by for some reason, it just didn't gel with me. Now I don't mind as much, but I still prefer Anna. Okay, that's 56 words (supposed to write 100-150 words about myself). To be honest, that's not enough. I need a whole novel, maybe a whole series because I'm THAT interesting. Oookay, jokes aside. Always loved artsy stuff; drawing, poetry, acting since I was a little girl, still am. In 2003, when I got my first digital camera, I fell in love with photography. I saw it as another tool of self-expression, ended up doing a lot of self-portraits. Throughout the years, this passionate hobby turned into a career and I made a name for myself. I've won a couple of awards, opened up a studio, appeared in various media. In 2011 I closed down the studio, to complete my studies. However, I still continue to capture my version of life through the lens, and falling in love over and over again with photography.

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