1. Where/When can I purchase tickets?

Tickets will be available for purchase from 28 May 2012 till 6 July 2012. Feel free to drop by the Nuffnang Kuala Lumpur office from 9am - 6pm during weekdays to purchase your tickets. We however advise you to book your tickets in advance to avoid any disappointments. Alternatively you may also pay via "Bank Transfer" to our Nuffnang account. Click here for more details

2. Will food be provided on the day?

Yes, a working buffet style lunch will be provided. There will also be two separate coffee breaks. If you have any special dietary requirements, please inform us when making your ticket payment as this will give us time to make the necessary arrangements.

3. Can I get a refund on my Blogopolis ticket should I change my mind?

Unfortunately we are unable to issue refunds as all sales are final. If something comes up and you are unable to attend, you are more than welcome to organize the sale of your own ticket. Don't forget to email Nuffnang (info@nuffnang.com) to let us know of the new ticket holder so that our attendee records can be amended accordingly.

4. Are mothers allowed to bring their babies with them to Blogopolis?

Yes, of course! If you can't find someone to care for your little one, feel free to bring them along with you to Blogopolis. We do ask, though, if your baby becomes restless and/or begins to cry during any of the sessions, please step out into the foyer area to avoid any interruptions. We however recommend that you have somebody assigned to take care of your baby/infant to get the most out of the classes.

5. On the morning of Blogopolis, will I need to register for the master classes I want to attend?

There is no registration required for standalone and breakout classes. You will, however, need to register at the counter by 9am to have your name marked off the attendees list and pick up your name tag.

6. Is the venue public transport accessible?

Certainly, Concorde Hotel is just a 5 minute walk from Bukit Nanas monorail station. Feel free to drop us an email (info@nuffnang.com) if you have further inquiries.

7. Do you have a Blogopolis group accommodation hotel discount organised?

Yes, there will be discounted rate for group accommodations. Should you require more information regarding this, feel free to drop an inquiry at info@nuffnang.com.

8. Will there be tickets sold on the day of the event?

Unfortunately, tickets will not be on sale on the event day. Due to very limited seats, we strongly advise you to purchase the tickets as soon as possible.

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012

Date : 14th July 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 8.00am - 7.00pm
Venue : Concorde Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur

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