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Election season has never been an easy time for anyone, so when it was announced that the 14th Malaysian General Election will be held on a Wednesday, it came as no surprise that many are finding it tough to even go home to cast their vote.

Inspired by the #PulangMengundi and #CarpoolGE14 trend on social media, a group of young Malaysians randomly stumbled across each other online and decided to collaborate to build a platform in hopes to help other Malaysians go home and vote. All in the name of helping fellow Malaysians to perform their civic duty. What feel-good story could be better than that?

So if you’re in need of transport to get back  to vote, this is what PulangMengundi can offer:

  • Carpool services OR
  • Travel subsidies

And if you’re interested in helping them, you can sign up on the website to:

  • To lead a carpool
  • Contribute towards travel expenses


To ensure the legitimacy of riders and those helping out, voters are requested to disclose their IC and voting information, their Facebook/Twitter ID, and proof of travel expenditure.

Potential donors are also allowed to determine who they want to fund; such decisions can be made based on information like whether the voter is a student or where the voter(s) need to travel to in order to vote.

As of April 18th, PulangMengundi has connected >2400 Malaysians for carpool rides, received over >1800 voter requests and have a total amount of >RM18000 pledged.

PulangMengundi does not collect or disburse money; it merely helps connect people with other people.

As a politically neutral website, it is not affiliated with any political party.

With that said, let’s do our part for our country. Even if you’re not eligible to vote just yet, you can do your part by helping to spread the word about this cause! Share this post on your social media, be it your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Every little bit counts.

Let’s do this for Malaysia, everyone.

You can support #PulangMengundi by following these pages

Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

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