What’s On: Janji Zehan

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  • Genre: Drama/Romance
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Languages: Malay, English, Persian
  • Starring: Nur Fazura, Amir Rezazadeh

Itching for a movie to watch on Valentine’s Day, but you’re strapped for cash? Then this telemovie might be more your speed. Directed by Bernard Chauly dan Zabrina Fernandez, “Janji Zehan” is a local film that showcases both Malaysian and Iranian culture, thanks to the international marriage between the two main characters.

What is it about, though?

“Janji Zehan” is about the love between two newly married individuals who come from different backgrounds, languages and cultures. These two individuals are Zehan (Nur Fazura) and Arman (Amir Rezazadeh), and the story of “Janji Zehan” takes place during their honeymoon in his home country, Iran. It is while they are there that the aesthetic beauty of the country, as well as its unique culture are displayed.

But much like any other couple, though, Zehan and Arman aren’t perfect, which they soon discover almost as soon as they touch down in Iran.

“Janji Zehan” is airing on Astro First Eksklusif, channel 480 starting this 14th February (today!!)

For only RM15.90, viewers can watch “Janji Zehan” repeatedly within 48 hours after purchase

“Janji Zehan” can also be found on the digital platform, “on demand”.  

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

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