All Your Valentine’s Day Woes Solved!

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Disclaimer: This article is an excerpt from the third issue of our e-magazine, Crunch.

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February is here, which means only one thing to everyone all over the world: Valentine’s Day. February is the most romantic month of the year, but it comes with a lot of stress from all the thinking and planning to celebrate this month of love.

“Should I book a fancy restaurant for her or just go to her favourite diner?”

“Hmm what should I get him, a watch or compile photos of us in a DIY a photo album?”

“I don’t even know if we are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

All these typical questions running in your head could cause you that unnecessary extra stress!

To rescue you from all these Valentine’s Day woes, our team at Crunch did a few polls with our community to solve them all!

This piece is compiled by Afreeda Nawawi

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