Pizza Hut Gears Towards a Digital Future

If you’ve ever envisioned being greeted by robots in every restaurant you enter, sit tight because that future might be close- starting with Pizza Hut, Sunway Pyramid.

As the world rapidly propels itself into a technology-driven future, Pizza Hut does as well, but with a twist. It maintains the same heart and depth that it was born with, all to ensure that customers enjoy a quality dining experience. After all, what is a meal if it lacks heart?

So what’s so great about this change, you ask? Allow us to illustrate.

Adorable, shiny R2D2s to greet you

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Well, maybe not R2D2, but we weren’t kidding about the robots! Created to instill a lively atmosphere, these robots are here to bust the perception that a fully digitalised experience is cold and uncaring. Quite the opposite!

Equipped with advanced technology, you’ll be able to interact and even play with these cuties the next time you visit Pizza Hut, Sunway Pyramid. How’s that for neat, huh?

Faster, more accurate orders

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Ever got mad when the waiter got your order wrong? Now that Pizza Hut servers are armed with tablets, this is a heck of a lot less likely to happen.

Plus, it also means that the kitchen will receive your order a lot faster too.

Digital Take Away Kiosks

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Can’t be bothered to wait in line for your turn at the cashier? Then these babies are your saviours. You’ll be able to make orders and pay more quickly- no more of that bothersome waiting when all you want is to get your order down.

Augmented reality menu

If you think the smell of freshly baked pizzas is the only thing there to tease your hunger, think again. Customers will also get to experience an augmented reality menu, where the food is seemingly brought to life while they select their dishes.

Man, it’s enough to make you wish you brought a few extra Ringgit with you.

Now you can game at Pizza Hut, not just in front of your PS4

After you’ve made your order at the digital take away kiosk, you can keep yourself entertained by playing a digital game! So there’s no need to cross your arms and grumble while waiting for your order. Pizza Hut has taken care of that for you.

Ordering with just a click

As if their fully digitalised store wasn’t enough, Pizza Hut decided to go ahead and launch its very own mobile app. With its built-in features, the popular pizza chain makes mobile ordering convenient and oh-so-worth-it.

Here’s how:

  • The app remembers the customer’s past order and preferences, including previous delivery address
  • It can detect the customer’s location and literally make ordering as simple as a click
  • Customers can also check on the delivery status to see how soon their orders will arrive
  • With every order, customers are awarded pizza points. These can be redeemed for free side dishes, drinks and even pizzas

Honestly speaking, all we’re hearing are upsides to this. Convenient and instilled with the same heart we’ve always known Pizza Hut for, there is no reason not to check out this new digital concept store.

Especially since we Malaysians just love food. We can already taste the pizzas.

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Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

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