“Glass Skin”? What’s That?


The Korean wave is a strong one. What with its attractive array of music (kpop, anyone?), dramas and of course, beauty products to choose from, it is no wonder that people are sitting up and taking an interest in Korean culture.

One of the most successful of which being their beauty regimen. If there is one thing we’ve noticed about Korean celebrities, it is their effortlessly flawless skin. Smooth, bright, pimple-free and poreless- just how is that humanly possible? It is not just their young ‘uns either; their older celebrities seem to sport the same skin as well. It is certainly worthy of envy.

So it is not surprising that people have started nosing into the beauty practices of Koreans.

And if you’re privy to Korean beauty trends, you might have heard of “glass skin”.

What is “glass skin”, exactly? This particular class of complexion is essentially that perfect Korean skin we all know and love, taken up a notch. The difference being? Glass skin supposedly possesses an even, all-over sheen that makes your skin look like -you’ve guessed it!- a piece of glass.

This is something that most people would find just about impossible to achieve, but one lass has done just that.

Going by the name elliejellyb3an on Instagram, Ellie Choi has successfully obtained this and has even shared her beauty regimen with us. Talk about generous!

Needless to say, we’re endlessly grateful for her wisdom.

Check out her Instagram for those grab-worthy tidbits!

Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

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