Part I: Free Blogs vs Self-Hosted Blogs


If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, you must have come across the terms “free blogs” and “self-hosted blogs” before. So, what exactly are these? And why are there two kinds? What’s the difference?

To put it very simply, the differences between the two lie in what you want to do with your soon-to-be-blog. If you’d just like to be a casual blogger, then the free route is for you.

If your reason for starting a blog is to enhance your professional image, then the self-hosted route is the way to go.

As for the reason why these are categorised as such, allow me to draw a comparison between and Seeing that WordPress has a powerful presence on the Internet, this is the easiest and perhaps one of the most relevant comparisons one can make.

For this particular article of this 2-part article series, I’ll be focusing on

WordPress.Com, a Summary

With similar URLs, people often get confused between and, but once you learn the differences, they cannot be anymore different.

The most obvious contrast to take note of is that one is paid for while the other isn’t. This is because the free version comes with many restrictions that encourage you to eventually self-host your own blog.

This “free” version is, a website that allows you to sign up for an account and create a blog under them. “Free” because it does have a paid option, but this upgrade is often times more expensive than having a self-hosted blog. Do note that even if you upgrade to a paid, you will not be able to access everything that blogs can.

To keep things short and sweet, the following are the features that does and does not offer, neatly split into pros and cons:

Infographic (3)

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WordPress.Com, a Conclusion

If you don’t mind any of the hurdles comes with, then you can go ahead and sign up for a free account. This version of WordPress is perfectly tailored for those who want to blog as a hobby, and those who want to explore the world of blogging.

Honestly speaking, blogging doesn’t have to be taken seriously, and this is the perfect way to have fun without worries in mind.

You’ll be able to improve your writing while you’re at it too!

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Melissa Kartini
Nuffnang Community Team

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