#MothersDay Special – Millennial Moms: The Struggle is Real

Young mothers born between 1978 and 1994 are known as Millennial moms and are considered as the most diverse, connected, educated and creative moms today. But most importantly, they are the group of consumers that are highly sought after by brands and advertisers. Millennial moms are known to be highly influential while being raised in the technological era; they are also known to be smart and technologically savvy.

However, behind the glamorous title of millennial mom worn by this young generation of mothers, the struggle is as real and can some times be daunting.

Given that Mother’s day is just around the corner, let us shed some light on some of the struggles and share some wisdoms and #MummyStories from our influential mommy bloggers!

  1. Clash of generations

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 Having been raise in an era with infinite resources for information and exposures, millennial moms often find themselves stuck between values and practices held strongly and highly by their parents and the overload of information they have access to.

Most of our mommy bloggers share the same take on this which is; while it is important to seek a balance between both worlds, the priority always lies in what is best for the children.

  1. Social pressure

Living in an era where everything is a constant live update, millennial moms live in an illusion of having to be the perfect mom. Their parenting skills are constantly being judged be it offline or online. This daunting pressure sometimes throws millennial moms into self-doubt, just as how Careen and Grace shares their stories on a similar spectrum, it is apparent that the pressure is no joke.


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Then again, it’s not always all doom and gloom as Kimberly takes such pressures as inspiration to drive herself to be better and her assurance that she has given her best comes from non other than her son’s Liam’s healthy and happy growth.

  1. Choices of education

As information becomes more and more borderless, choices of educations for children of millennial moms are no longer restricted to only conventional ways. Free schooling, home schooling and un-schooling slowly catches up. Millennial moms often find themselves in a cross road of choices, not knowing what to choose.


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Audrey or better known to her readers as Fourfeetnine shares her struggles on her blog, discussing about the dilemma she faces where most Malaysian moms could relate.

  1. Disciplinary measures

 Many millennial moms find that disciplining their children a great struggle, as traditional methods like caning and public shaming find themselves no longer relevant and effective with the new generation.


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While Merryn shared her thoughts on this issue in her blog, she also admits that it takes enormous amount of patience and she often finds reverse psychology works the charm when disciplining her boys.

Though millennial moms are no strangers to being disciplined by threats and canings, Kimberly finds it a great struggle to avoid using fear as an element in disciplining her son, as it is an easier way out compared to reasoning.

Do you find these struggles relevant as you wade through the every day battle of being a mom; millennial or not?

Or if you have yet to join in the mommy clan, maybe you’d want to consider listing a handful of things you might want to do before becoming a mom like what Kimberly shared on her blog “6 things I wish I had done more before becoming a mummy!



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Share with us your struggles and your #MummyStories!

We would like to use this opportunity to wish every mom, especially all our mommy bloggers, Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for your continuous inspiration to our community and your readers!

Michelle Ng
Nuffnang Community Team
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    Happy mothers day to all mothers in the Nuffnang!

    my #MummyStories was quite great when I have to finished my master during my second pregnancy and doing the research proposal during my confinement period..its quite tough but then I manage to finished my study on time.. :)

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