Nom Nom Hall Of Fame 2015

It’s been a year since the last year end party organized by Nom Nom Media and we follow this tradition by heart! Never have we missed out on a party where we involved clients, Bloggeratis, Social Media Influencers and yours truly, the Nuffnang and Churp Churp team :) Ask no further, here is what went down during #Nom2HallofFame

Firstly, Nuffnang and Churp Churp would love to thank The Tavern at G.A.B for being the venue sponsor that kindly welcomed us with open arms and free flow of drinks which we felt made the night even better than what we planned it to be.



Before we begin the stories, we would want to thank all the Nuffies for helping out throughout the night but the biggest appreciation has to go to the awesome team that comprises of Rachel Tan, YY, Rowena and Shelly for kickstarting this whole event!

Let’s not delay the great night stories from all you readers anymore, let’s go!

Welcoming everyone who attended was the main entrance of The Tavern with a little touch of FAME.


Guests were greeted by our very own beautiful ladies at the registration counter, we’re pretty sure our guest couldn’t wait to get a photo with them :P


Talking about beautiful ladies, we definitely met some guests who shone brighter than the stars in the night sky! After all, our them of the night was to dress up like the star you really are :D


Abang Budiey with Freezeforshort!


Mr. TC or Tian Chad with Fashion Guru Budiey once again!


Fly FM DJ/Dancer/Malaysian Taeyang, Dennis Yin with his lovely partner Jazel Lim graced us with their presence


Boss Tim and Fourfeetnine were there as well!


Team Supergirls: Bwincessnana, Bobostephanie and Wei Zhi of Kampungboycitygal ;)

Those were just some of the people we met at the party, we did try our bestto locate the other superstars but to no avail so if you did spot any other superstars at #Nom2HallOfFame, do share it with us so we can keep expanding our photo album filled with sweet memories :)

While we’re on the topic of memories, we want to thank WowBooth for spending the night with us and helping the guest collect memories that will definitely last for a long time!

HOF 10

HOF 11

You know what goes well with memories? Great company and friends! Let us share with you some photos of people who may or not may know each other but bonded over the hours spent at #Nom2HallOfFame :)

HOF 12

HOF 13

HOF 14

We may have stumbled across something similar across the three photos shared above, want to take a guess as to what it is? If you guessed that it was the box of popcorn then you’re right on the money! Popcorn should be shared and all this could not have happened if the GSC team did not hook us up with popcorn or everyone to share :)

HOF 15

All the popcorn we would ever need credits to GSC Cinemas!

Before we forget, the night were filled with awards and fantastic prizes that went home with the lucky winners that night, so here’s to Huawei for providing us with some spanking new devices that came straight from the office: The Huawei Talk Band B2! Congratulations, you lucky winners you ;)

HOF 16

We move on now to the main event: The @#Nom2HallOfFame Awards Ceremony

We would like to congratulate the winners who went home knowing that they did great things in the year 2015 and wish everyone had a great 2015 because 2016 is just around the corner!

HOF 17

Male Influencer of 2015, Dennis Yin!

HOF 18

Female Influencer of 2015 goes to Cikepal who unfortunately could not make it but the award will be kept safe by her Talent Manager!

Could you guess who were the MVPs or should we say MVNs Most Valuable Nuffies of 2015? They were none other than, drum roll please..

HOF 19

Ng Yu Tson or better known as Yuyu around the office :P


HOF 20

Rebecca Kiew, the back bone who keeps us all together in the office!

Congratulations you two and to the rest, don’t worry too much because there’s always the MVN awards next year :D

Shall we move our attention to the empty space behind the Awards Ceremony because we had a surprise FLASHMOB by the Nuffies!

HOF 21

Go Team FAME!

HOF 22

Watch me whip, watch me Nae Nae!

HOF 23


HOF 24

Team SISTAR bringing sexy back!

That was not the only entertainment of the night, we also had a live band performance and Mike Leaner to get us all hyped up throughout the night :D

HOF 25

HOF 26

Thank you for keeping us on our feet that night :)

Even though we did not want to go home that night but it had to come to an end because even the greatest of nights had to come to an end. Before the guest left we had a little special gift courtesy from the ladies at Mermaid Dreams, Bwincessnana and Michiekins! Eveyone went home with vouchers worth RM20 each to be spent at Mermaid Dreams :)

HOF 27

We hope everyone enjoyed their UBER credits too as they were kind enough to give most of us a lift back home after a fun and tiring night. Also, not forgetting to thank our other sponsors of the night such as Tokyoninki and Lazada for being a part of the great night! Of course, one final thank you to G.A.B at the Tavern for the venue and hospitality :)

HOF 28

Lastly, we bid everyone farewell and we hope that #Nom2HallOfFame was a memory that everyone will remember for many years to come and see you again next year.


The Nuffnang Team

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Fadzrul Rosli :

    Looked like a great party. Wish I had received invites as well. :(

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