5 Interesting Facts About Grace

1. I was a competitive golfer who used to represent my state. Bet you wouldn’t believe it if you met me in person!


Around the time I was 12, my dad decided to teach both me and my mum to golf and after the both of us passed our handicap test, golfing was a daily family affair. We’d head over to the course around 5pm and manage to play around 5 or 6 holes before sunset. Looking back, those were wonderful family moments. I’ll always remember those times.

2. I have the same name as a very famous luxury car brand. Guess which one? Answer below. I discovered this interesting fact when I went to Germany (here’s your hint). Riddle aside, Germany is one place I want to go again because it is simply beautiful. I only managed to visit 2 places when I was there and it’s definitely on my to-visit list when the kids are older!

3. If you asked me to choose between reading and a movie, I’d take reading anytime.


Those of you who already follow my blog might know that I actually grew up without TV. Perhaps that’s why when asked to choose now, reading always trumps watching. I shall confess that I’m thoroughly addicted to reading. I get grouchy if I don’t get to read after a prolonged period, which is probably why Hubs decided to get me books for my birthday this year, especially since I had to spend it in confinement as Baby Junior was born then! #totalgeek

4. When I was 9, my classmate wrote that her ambition was to be a housewife. I couldn’t believe her lack of ambition. I asked her repeatedly, “Why do you want to be a housewife? You can write anything else!” She replied, “I don’t know what I’d like to be and what’s wrong with being a housewife anyway?” Now I’m a housewife and she’s a career woman. #eatingmywords

5. I have a dog named Truffle, whom Hubs and I got when we were living overseas.


While she isn’t my first pet, she is my first dog and I was really gung ho when we first got her. I did a lot of reading up on dog training and every day after work, I would rush home to train her to potty and do doggy tricks. One of my proudest achievements is training her to potty in the toilet. Regardless of whose house she’s in, she knows how to find the toilet and potty there. #ikidyounot


Answer to Fact 2: Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes is a Spanish name which means Grace.


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