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Malaysia is a multicultural country and well-known for their great delicacies. Most of the food in Malaysia has a twist of spiciness and that is what makes our country special.

Malaysia’s spicy food is also popular among tourists and it is definitely a must-have when they visit Malaysia.


People are usually very gung-ho when it comes to spicy food, even though some of them can’t bear the spiciness but the ‘syok-ness’ keeps them wanting more. Honestly, foodies don’t mind eating spicy food under the scorching hot sun as long they can fill their happy tummy with good food. Here’s a trick – spicy food makes you sweat, and sweating actually cools the body down!

Curry Mee

Speaking of spicy food, most of our Nuffies love it too. Living in Malaysia, you definitely won’t miss the taste of “Sambal” and spicy foods despite the hot weather.

“Nasi Ayam Kunyit” is one of our favourite choices for lunch. The wonder that is Nasi Ayam Kunyit is quite a distance from the office, but nothing can stop us from enjoying the delicious taste of spicy chicken with steaming hot rice. Trust us, although it is really spicy, it’s the kind of pedas that will keep you coming back for more.

nasi Kunyit

As spicy as the food may look, we have a way to stop the spiciness – Mamee Cool Tea. Mamee Cool Tea consists of eight different herbs that aim to cool the body down.


With Mamee Cool Tea, all this spicy food is nothing to us!

A sip of Mamee Cool Tea will relieve that burning sensation, allowing you to eat even more of that delicious spicy Ayam Kunyit, Daging Masak Cili Padi, or Sambal Belacan.

Cool tea

Unfortunately, Malaysia’s eternal summer often leads to the Nuffies falling sick.

However, we no longer complain about the heat whether it is burning our mouths or searing us from above as we have Mamee Cool Tea and it can be in any convenience store.

Nuffies 1

So what we’re trying to tell you guys is that you should try out the all new Mamee Cool Tea, as their tagline says “Lagi Cool, Lagi Best!”



Samantha Tew
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Sharafie :

    Mamee cool tea mmg sedap..first tile minum rase cool je tekak ni

  2. Jay Chha :

    where to get Mamee Cool Tea ? :D

    Jay Chha
    fb : Jay Chha – pinkypigletland
    blog :

  3. mizzura :

    ooh..that reminds me of nasi ayam kunyit near capsquare.. must get this week..

  4. Ikmal~san :

    Lagi Cool Lagi Bessssssst… bila Nuffnang akan anjurkan event lagi?

  5. Ann :

    that nasi ayam kunyit are my favourite too. the spicy, the better.

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