What You Will Need To Know Before Starting A Blog!

I’d love to share five blogging tips but who am I to do that? I’m no expert. I don’t follow guidelines or a format and believe me, no blogger really does. You create your own format! You probably have one you don’t even realise. Do I have one? Who knows?

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I’m not going to sit here on my bed and type on and on about what you must do to be a good blogger because first and foremost, you’ll never win everyone’s heart so don’t try to go that direction. Some like witty bloggers, some like serious ones. Some want blogs with lots of pictures, some don’t want any at all. So, I’ll share with you what I think you’ll have to know when you want to blog.

What you have to first do is..

1. Be yourself and do it for yourself

Cliche? Cliche is cliche for a reason. It works. Don’t copy others, be original. Believe me, I would love to know what you did last week for your mother’s birthday. Others? Maybe they’ll not. But, oh well. Don’t blog about how to make Homemade Chicken Pie if you really don’t enjoy doing it. Do what you like, and you’ll do wonders!

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2. Make sure you’re blogging for the fun of it more than anything else

Having a blog is an amazing way to earn some income but that shouldn’t be your aim. If it is, it’ll feel like chores to you so don’t suck the fun out of it!

3. Be brave!

Speak your mind, but decently. Don’t hurt anyone with your words and be very careful. People can respect your point of view if you don’t bash others online. That’ll just be rude. Also, if you don’t actually have a blog but you really want to, do it! The comments and messages you get will make all your time spent blogging worthwhile.


4. Don’t share too much

Please, don’t give personal details. I think this is quite self-explanatory.

5. Your stories last forever

Your name will forever be on the internet. Your stories will always be there. Anytime you want to read about what happened on your graduation day or your trip to Paris, just search for it on your blog, and you’ll get to read about it and look at the pictures taken there. Almost like an e-book about yourself by yourself. Even your family members and future generations can read stories about you. Just imagine your great grandchildren reading and feeling such strong connections to you.


That’s all from me. Just have fun while you do it too. No rules otherwise, remember that!


Athisha Khan

Samantha Tew
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Louise Ling :

    Great tips.

  2. A'ishah K :

    Good tips from a pretty girl. Tq dear

  3. Erni Hasmiza :

    Wow… a great tips from an awesome blogger. Btw I loves to read your blog.

  4. budleee :

    The blogs that died out, forgot to have fun

  5. Yati Rahim :

    Simple tips and easy to follow. Thank you Atisha.

  6. Khairun Nisa Binti Sazlee :

    This is true Atisha. I blog whatever I feel and whatever i want. And we have same minded that this story will be last forever

  7. okje :

    Thanks for the tips AK….It’s look like simple tips but it is a fact…
    Anyway you are so cute AK!!

  8. dila :

    thanks for good sharing..nice to know u..

  9. Ashabul Kahfi Niaga :

    simple n sharp! tq ..

  10. thehaikal :

    well..i agree that every blogger will have their own style. Even when a ‘pro’ tell you how to blog the right way and etc, actually that is only the theoretical part of it..but when you starting your own should interpret the theory with your own style..

    Just my 2 cent ;-)

  11. budu.siam666 :

    nice to share…

  12. Pretty Vrach :

    Awesome tips!

  13. Alyza Fisol :

    really good tips! Thank you for sharing it!

    Lets enjoy blogging!

  14. lina :

    great tips

  15. yuli :

    really helpfull.tq :)

  16. Clive :

    I really like point no #4.
    I’ve seen a lot of people who are new to blogging and share too much of their “personal details” which could make them very easy targets for identity theft. Kudos for the reminder.

  17. kakgojes :

    nice tips..

  18. Fadzrul Rosli :

    Now now isn’t she the cutest little thing

  19. qalbu :

    Thank you good tips to follow ^_~

  20. sha nazri :

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

  21. Fiona Chan :

    That’s some good standard tips!

  22. Sarah lalala :

    very nice tips

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