Boom! Clap! Tune Protect Brings Nuffnang to The Electric Run 2015!

Hello Nuffnangers,

Wanna know what’s new? Malaysia’s first ever Night Run with lights and music, The Electric Run 2015 that happened on the 12th of September!

It was Malaysia’s Premier Night Time 5k fun run experience! We were really excited to be one of the participants for this pioneer event! We were specially invited by the all new ‘Tune Protect’ (previously known as Tune Insurance) to bring the night run to our Nuffnang Bloggerati Team as well as our community bloggers.  :)

Want to know what Electric Run was all about? Let’s go!

Have you ever wondered how it’s like to walk or even run at night? We did, with the aid of fluorescent lights and immersive tunes; through a 5km adventure!

Participants were encouraged to be as creative as possible with their outfits. Don’t let the public eye skew you away from who you are destined to be! By collaborating arts and fitness, there were no boundaries:D

Electric Run Group


Tune Protect; the official Insurance partner for this unforgettable run had gracefully invited Nuffnang on board for a night of lights and music. Bloggerati Bobo Stephanie as well as her Churp Churp counterparts Freeze and Brian See were also there to run with us :)

Electric Run 7

5km may sound like quite the distance. To us, at least! But with the combination of energy and dazzling lights, we shuffled our way through the course in no time.

Apart from that, we had bloggers from our Nuffnang Community who joined us and definitely brightened the mood that night. Nuffnang and Tune Protect would love to thank each and everyone of you for making time to join us for this fantastic event! Let’s share some of the pictures that we have from that night:


Electric Run 2

Photo Credits: Kifli Mally with his Tune Protect Dice!

Electric Run 4

Photo Credits: Ayue Idris the light instructor!


Electric Run 6

Photo Credits: Sunshine Kelly showing off her medal!

Again, we want to thank everyone who attended and ran with us! Of course, we specially thank Tune Protect for inviting us!

Electric Run group 2

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Also, some things are definitely more difficult to do than register for Tune Protect insurance as stated in the video below:

Finally, the day had to come to an end with pictures, pictures and more pictures! Go check them out here and here!


The Nuffnang Team

Jack Saw
Nuffnang Community Team

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