5 Blogging Tips with Reem Shahwa

Grammar, ladies and gentlemen.

Nothing is sexier than an articulate mind. Don’t let it be ruined by incorrect passages or usage of the English vocabulary. When blogging in the second or third tongue, practice makes perfect.

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The person you are usually reflects in your writing. How your content is angled, your reaction to it, will be precedent to the readers, much less to yourself. Pick a presentation style that best fits you and go with it. Which brings me to the third point;

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Organised mind

Have a flow. Stay in context. The mind is mysterious, yes. Train your mind to write precise and to the point. There isn’t much sense in writing a million words to arrive at just one point. Write with a purpose.

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Know your audience

Keep it interesting. There is person at the other end of every posting. If writing is to be read, then give the reader a little something back. Leave your readers with a sense of satisfaction and more importantly, conclusion.

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The applications of blogging have somewhat expanded over time. But the core of it has always remained the same. Blogging is story-telling. May not necessarily detail every thought or feeling. May not even be perpetrated truthfully every time (some stories you keep to yourself). But if you leave gaps, your story will never come full circle. So keep writing. Be the inspiration you want to see in the world.

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