5 Facts about Syahira Zakaria


  1. I’m a nomad. My dad is from Johor. My mum is from Negeri Sembilan. I was born in Kelantan. At two years old, my whole family lived in Liverpool where we were neighbours to Wayne Rooney. At six, we moved to Ipoh. Currently, as I am studying in KL, I live with my husband here. So if you ask me “Asal mana?” I swear I don’t know the answer. Although, I’m comfortable being called an Ipoh girl having spent majority of my lifetime there. 123
  2. I’m a high achiever. Compared to my family, I’m the worst student. I do not enjoy the stress of exams or the confinement of the classroom. However, I have managed to score straight A’s for all major exams: UPSR, PMR, SPM. Currently, I am an intern under 1MDB-Yayasan Sime Darby ‘Work Grant’ Program which has a 4 year contract. My position is the Personal Assistant to the Head of Research, Postgraduate, Kuliyyah of Engineering. I am also on full-scholarship for law school. Did I mention I’m also a debater?
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  3. I have been wearing the hijab fully for as long as I have been a hijab blogger. Before 2014, I’ve been wearing the hijab on and off since primary school.567
  4. I love the arts. I’m a grade 6 pianist and a certified traditional dancer. I was cheerleading back in my all-girl school. I’ve directed plays back in school. I also directed the Mocktrial ‘3 Kalam’ back in Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM. Currently, I am with The Classroom Project, a minimalist theatre production in IIUM although I have stopped performing arts.678
  5. I am adventurous and I love sports. In cheerleading, I was the flyer. I am also an avid futsal player. Everytime there’s a tournament in college, I would be first in line to sign up. People didn’t think I could play because I look ‘girly’. But in the court, I have a totally different persona. I love skiing although it cannot be done here. The thrill and the adrenaline rush is something I crave for. Having toned muscles like the Victoria’s Secret angels is a plus!789 890

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  1. ummul azkee :

    interesting fact to know more about you!!

  2. Anis :


    Salam singgah dah salam kenal.

    Muka ada iras Hanis Zulaikha hehehe,

  3. Nawal Shahril :

    Masyaallah gurl! Live life to the fullest! You can achieve whatever it is that you have set your mind to do! love it! You go gurl!

  4. AQiL aDa BLog :

    Hi Syahira,
    already read all fact about you…

    So-amaizing girl to know about…


    I’m Fizah –>

  5. Cheryl Lim :

    Wow~ You’re amazing <3
    And I am impressed :D

  6. edlidza :

    you are awesome!! i hope that my kids follow ur steps.. haha.. i wish..

  7. Haziqah Muhamad :

    So pretty! Hanis Zalikha look alike! :)

  8. Nik :

    Wah , interesting facts about you Kak Syahira Zakaria . Glad to know about you . Super-amazing girl . :)

  9. Nur Aneesa :

    Subhanaallah sister
    You looked amazing and amazed people with those achievements.
    I’m a student of engineering and I’m trying to be an all rounder student
    Pray for me :)

  10. Ct Roxalynna NH :

    Wow, I’m really impressed with your adventurous life, sis… :O

  11. atiqah mutaza :

    to be honest i dah lama adore u.. suke your chracter.. keep it up girl

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