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The cast and crew of Thriller Live landed in Malaysia to perform one of the most anticipated the show of the year. They have dazzled the eyes of thousands at Stadium Putra from the 19th – 24th of March 2015! If you didn’t catch it, you’ve missed the show of a lifetime but don’t worry, we’re pretty sure they will be back for another show in a blink of an eye ;)

Astro Hazel, Lai Peng, Munchy’s Nada, Palace of Golden Horses Ricky, RHB...2

Before the show started, the cast and crew were already in Malaysia getting ready to mesmerise the crowd with their sleek Moon Walk moves and hitting the beats to Billie Jean. There was a meet and greet session with the crew members at the Palace of Golden Horses on the 18th of March 2015 whereby they shared many wonderful stories and insights to some things that were meaningful to them throughout their journey from continent to continent. The cast and crew were just ever so excited to be Malaysia as it was their first time here to a country filled with such rich and cultural history. Aside from that it was their last stop after months of traveling and performing in many other regions before returning back to West End London.

Grace Lee (Managing Director of Milestone Production)

Grace Lee, Managing Director of Milestone Production shared with us that they have been trying their very best to bring Thriller Live to Malaysia for years and finally their strong determination has succeeded.

From the Left Prinnie Stevens, Alex Buchanan, Grace Lee, MiG Ayesa, J Ro...

They’ve brought to us probably one of the biggest show of the century over here for all Malaysians to enjoy and cherish the evergreen performances and music by the one and only King of Pop.

Thriller Live Lead Cast in 2

There’s more! During the meet and greet session, with music on in the background, the cast members stood up and showed us a sneak peak of what was in store even before the actual show began on the 19th of March 2015! Even without a stage, their performance was not hindered at all!

Promo Poster

Being the Official Social Media Partner for Thriller Live in Malaysia in collaboration with Milestone Production, we, could not be any more excited and honoured for this eventful show that wowed the Malaysian crowd. Many of Nuffnang’s Bloggerati bloggers such as Tey Cindy , Sixthseal, Kimberlycun and Goodyfoodies and also our fellow Nuffnangers were given the chance to catch the Undisputed King of Pop and all his glory live on stage. Click on their names to read about their experience at the show!

Here’s TeyCindy during her backstage tour spending some time with the cast and crew members!

tey cindy thriller

Some pictures taken by our community bloggers before, during and after the show :)

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During the show, everyone didn’t even want to sit down but they just wanted to enjoy the show just like that. We even heard that some of our bloggers stood up and danced to the tunes of Michael Jackson’s hits like Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Thriller and even the rendition of Jackson 5’s ABC. What more could you ask for? An amazing performance coupled with the beautiful crowd; this is a recipe for a successful show :D

 IMG_0261 IMG_0357 IMG-20150319-WA0017 IMG_0371

You are not alone, we believe this show has touched us from many angles and we truly appreciate the efforts shown by the cast and crew in making this show a huge success.


We would love to have the cast crew members return to Malaysia again in the near future as we know that one show is never enough. The spirit of Michael Jackson will never leave us and the Smooth Criminal that he is has stolen our hearts with this awesome show!

All in all, it was a successful show and we can still hear people going around singing Michael Jackson’s hits on the street. A huge thank you to Milestone Production who brought the Thriller Live to us here in Malaysia!



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