The Nuffnang Poll 2.0

Do you remember this little thing called Nuffnang Polls we introduced a few years ago? Basically, it was a simple poll you could place in your blog for you to better understand your readers’ demographics.

Well, we’re excited to announce that we’ve come up with a more extensive and comprehensive version of the poll we now like to call The Nuffnang Poll 2.0! It’s a new and improved version, with more more detailed questions that will help you get to know your readers even better!


What about that! We also gave it a brand new look with 3 different colours to choose from for all your colour-matching needs!


Placing the poll on your blog is so easy. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll have The Nuffnang Poll 2.0 on your blog in no time! :)

Step 1

Log into your Nuffnang dashboard and click on the new ‘Poll 2.0’ tab on the sidebar.


Step 2

Setup your Nuffnang Poll 2.0 first by picking a colour of your choice. Yes, you can customize it to fit the look of your blog!


After you have successfully chosen a colour and clicked ‘Confirm’, you will see this message.


Step 3

Copy the code and paste it right before the </body> tag in the HTML section of your blog. You can hit Ctrl+F and type in </body> to help you find the exact position to place the code.


Tadah! You’re done! This is how your widget will look like, minimized and placed neatly at the bottom right hand corner or your blog.


And this is what it will look like when maximized.


We will be slowly phasing out the old poll over the next couple of weeks, but it will still be available on your dashboard until everyone has moved on to The Nuffnang Poll 2.0.

This new poll will definitely give you a better sense of  who your readers are and help you engage them better in your future postings.

Results of the poll will be available in your dashboard after a certain period of time. Our very talented tech team is currently working on getting your results to you in the most efficient way possible, so stay tuned for that!

So what are you waiting for Nuffnangers? Get coding! :)


Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. KY :

    pretty neat!

  2. Mandy :

    Cool! Will definitely put one on my blog :DDnn

  3. iskandarX :

    This is great widget. Applying in my site right now.

  4. Serge Norguard :

    i recommend that you folks who is adding this via blogger to use the widget system.

  5. Serge Norguard :

    i recommend that you folks who is adding this via blogger to use the widget system.

  6. dieratekikushika :

    this is awesome!

  7. azstory311 :

    the layout look better than before..! ^__^

  8. sohoque :

    so coooollll!!! i wanna try now!

  9. Anonymous :

    Done!! thx nuff.. this is awesome :)

  10. Zaza_MyMoon :

    Thanks Nuffnang.. this is cool.. i’ve done it :)

  11. Koey Leow :

    Aww, is failed to put in my blog. it show “undefined’

  12. hani :

    osem! i’ll try it! nampak best!

  13. Anne Nurain :

    awesome!! already put in my blog.. :)

  14. triaz :


  15. aida :


  16. PuanGojes :

    wow! ok, will do that. baru perasan benda ni! ^^

  17. Kharnyee :

    It’s great! But how we blogger check the result of the poll?

  18. Cik Itah :

    already done :)

  19. Eunice GM :


  20. shila :


  21. Haru :

    I will do it :D

  22. comelcomot :

    wow! i like it

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