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When you’ve got so many interesting articles to read on the Internet but you’ve got so little time, have you ever wondered, “If only there was something that could help me decide what to read…?”

We know that feeling. So we created a special technology that will pull out the most emotionally-charged line as the summary of an article. We found that the most emotive line is usually the one that tickles our fancy the most!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got one minute or ten, all you have to do is browse through your feed and select the article with that one-liner that catches your attention!

Like this one right here:

Or this one:

Share Interesting Stories
We also know how it feels like to want to share these exciting stories with your friends. So to enrich your experience with Imotiv, we encourage you to sign up with Facebook and Twitter. Trust us, Imotiv is more fun with friends!

When you like a post, you can tell the world by syncing your Imotiv account with Facebook and Twitter. The best part is, all it takes is a just one move: Once you like a story, it will automatically be published on your Facebook and Twitter feed.

Express your thoughts
But like or hate a story, Imotiv lets you express your opinions directly. Drop a comment on the site, and the author will receive a notification on his mobile phone. If anyone replies to your comment, you’ll get one on yours too! Now you don’t have to wait all day till you’re at a PC to say what you feel, reply them on the go for an instant discussion.

Explore new blogs
We’ve also got our brand new discovery tab, where you can find out what your friends are reading and read them too! You will be recommended posts and blogs based on what your social media friends are reading, as well as posts of similar blogs to what you and your friends are following. With Imotiv, you’ll always be up to date with what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not.

Our Imotiv team is so excited to improve your mobile reading experience so do try it out for yourself and tell us what you think about it! Think it’ll be better if we added a new feature? Found a bug that annoyed you?

Reach out to us on our different platforms:

Twitter @ImotivApp or Facebook

Submit a ticket to our helpdesk

Need help? Email us at  or if you just want to let us know what you think of Imotiv, email us at

Whichever you choose, we welcome all your feedback!  

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
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    Imotiv is the same as nuffnangx? what happen to nuffnangx?

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    Nice technology.

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    NuffnangX Shifted to Imotiv? Just want to confirm.

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