The Vuvuzela Challenge: Take on the World’s LARGEST water ride!

UPDATE: The deadline to submit your entry has been extended to 12.00pm, 8 May 2013 (Wednesday)! So you’ve got a tad more time to submit your entry! :D

Once in a while, our Nuffies here at Nuffnang decide to take up the most random challenges. And not long ago, one of us thought “Hey, since we’re going to take on these challenges anyways, we might as well invite our Nuffnangers along!”.

And for the first time ever, we organized our first unofficial Nuffnang challenge back in January, where we took on the Skytrex Adventure Park in Shah Alam. It has been months since then, and just when our Nuffies were getting bored with their weekends, Sunway Lagoon decides to launch the world’s biggest water ride, The Vuvuzela!

When we found out, we knew we had to ride this beast of a theme park ride! From what we’ve read, riders will be launched from a 30-meters (11 stories) high tower, and plunges into a 152 meters ride that is designed to resemble the rough rapids of a turbulent river! To top it off, the ride ends with a plummet into the world’s largest water funnel, spanning 22 meters in diameter. *Urhmm…you look kinda silly with your jaw hanging like that…*

Here comes the kicker…the good folks from Sunway Lagoon has decided to invite us, along with 30 other Nuffnangers (and their partners), to spend a day at the awesome theme park! This includes full access to the Vuvuzela of course! Details of the event are as follow:

Date: 11 May 2013 (Saturday)
Time: TBC *most probably the first half of the day*
Venue: Sunway Lagoon
*winners are entitled to bring a +1

To win yourself ONE(1) pair of ALL-PARK PASSES to this exclusive event (worth RM120 each), all you have to do is:

1. Write a blog post and briefly share about the launch of the Vuvuzela in Sunway Lagoon (you may download the press release HERE).
2. Tell us “Why do you want to join Nuffnang for a bloggers’ day-out at Sunway Lagoon?” in ONE sentence.
3. Include a reaction video of yourself “riding” the Vuvuzela! The duration of the video should NOT be any longer than 15 seconds. *this sounds like fun teehee* We’ve included an example to inspire you!

4. Once you’ve published your blog post, fill in your details in the form prepared below.
5. Deadline to submit your entry is 12.00pm, 8 May 2013 (Wednesday).
6. The top 30 most entertaining blog posts will win the invites!

Uh oh! The deadline for you to submit your entry has passed. :(

Aren’t you excited NOW??? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR NUFFNANGER?! Get started on that blog post, and take on the world’s largest water ride with us!

1. This contest is open to Glitterati Nuffnangers only.
2. Judge’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence shall be entertained.
3. Guests should have a minimum height of 110cm to be eligible to ride the Vuvuzela.

Darren Low
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. eivin :

    aww…so hesitate to take a video of my reaction wakakaka!!

  2. AinNawwar :

    i wish i could join too. but i’m 18 and lived in terengganu :(

  3. Lala :

    wow, it is soooo interesting =D

  4. jaa kechik :

    wah sangat hebat ni. saya pun nak join jugak.. tunggu sahaja entry nya

  5. MargeGoh :

    Wow a must try.

  6. Mahamahu :

    yes dah buat entry and dah submit….

  7. sherryever :

    so fun.. too bad that day I am not available.

  8. sizzling suzai :

    omg….yup sounds FUN looks FUN n assuredly FUN! wait for my post then..teheeeee!!!! ;)

  9. Anne :

    Hey! I can’t submit my entry because apparently I’m pass the deadline? I thought the deadline is on 8th May and today is only the 7th…

  10. Elie :

    Crazy man! I sent in my entry! Hoping so hard to win!

  11. Anne :

    Weird… how come I can’t submit my entry? When I entered my details and blog link, I’ve been told that it has already been used and it requires a unique entry. How is that even possible when I haven’t even registered in the first place??

  12. Nuffnang MY :

    Hi Anne,nnWe have your entry in our database already. :)

  13. Jying :

    Omggg! Such a good opportunity and I wish to go so badly! But I’m currently back to hometown for my final exam preparation. Awwww :'(

  14. ika :

    Wow. Very fun. I like it :D

  15. Amir :

    is this for other country too or just Malaysia

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