Feeling Creative? Your Design and Brand Name Might Be The Next Youth Credit Card!

The top 3 winners with the most creative designs will be walking away with fantastic prizes. Results are as below:

Grand Prize – 1 Macbook Pro with Retina Display worth RM4,599:
Eric Lee Huangshi – (

Consolation Prizes – iPad Mini(s) 16 GB worth RM999 :
Goh Pey Ying – (
Selina Oooi Shin Ping (

Congratulations to all winners! :)

Are you feeling inspired, artistic or creative? If you’ve always wanted to see your design pop up and be recognized all over the world, then you’ll want to keep reading for an opportunity of a lifetime!

For all you know, you can be walking away with a brand new Macbook Pro with Retina Display worth RM4,599 or an iPad Mini 16GB worth RM999 each! And best of all, the brand new Credit Card will feature YOUR design when you come up with the best design of all!

You’ve definitely read that right, your amazing design could be featured onto the new Credit Card for everyone to keep and everyone will come to recognize you!

To get your chance at fame (and maybe fortune), all you have to do is to follow the instructions below:

1. Create a design that you think is best featured on the new Youth Credit Card and share it in a blog post. The design has to follow the dimensions given below.

MINIMUM dimension for the design:

2,022px (width) x 1,275px (height)
21.06 inches (width) x 13.28 inches (height)

2. Briefly talk about the concept behind your design and give your new Youth Credit Card a rocking name! For example,  ‘Swipe n’ Swag‘ maybe?
3. Once you’re done, submit your blog post permalink(s) in the form prepared below.
4. Deadline to submit your entries is 12.00PM, 17 March 2013 (Sunday)!
5. The top three(3) designs chosen by an internal panel of judges will be walking away with:

Grand Prize: Macbook Pro with Retina Display worth RM4,599
2 x Consolation Prizes: iPad Mini(s) 16 GB worth RM999 each

Oops! The deadline to submit your entry(s) has already passed. :(

Come on Nuffnangers, it’s time to wake up your right brain and come up with a mind-blowing creative design that will wow us all! It could be your ticket to fame and fortune!

Watch this video to have a better insight of the contest. :p *done by some of the Nuffies!

Good luck and happy designing! You know you want all the gorgeous gadgets!

1. This contest is open to Glitterati Nuffnangers and NuffnangX users only.
2. Multiple entries are allowed, but each individual may only win ONE(1) prize.
3. The Judge’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence shall be entertained.
4. For more details of the Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. noktahhitam :

    Can I submit more than one design?

  2. azrul :

    im in

  3. Nuffnang MY :

    Hello NoktahHitam, yes you may. But please note that one design = one blog entry. :) Hope this explains.

  4. Narita :

    can you please explain terms no. 2

  5. sarah :

    so this doesnt have any age limit? even secondary students can join?

  6. allen :

    u mean summit the design at our blog??n

  7. allen :

    izit the design of credit card post it in our blogger?

  8. Nuffnang MY :

    Hi Narita, we will need you to share with us your blog URL, and NuffnangX URL as well.

  9. Nuffnang MY :

    Hi Allen, yes, as mentioned in our announcement, you will need to design and then to blog about it. :)

  10. cik Fatin :

    send by email or send trough blog entry?im blurr terms number 2n

  11. Jemsen :

    Can I submit a pen drawing of it? Like on paper design? (:

  12. Nuffnang MY :

    Hi Cik Fatin! All you have to do is to share your design in a blog post, and also briefly explain your design. Once you’re done, submit your details into the form prepared above and voila! You’re in the running! :D

  13. Nuffnang MY :

    Hi Jemsen, of course you can! But you’ll have to scan it into .jpeg format after because you’ll have to display it in your blog post entry. :)

  14. candy :

    Hi there, was wondering if there’s a specific template we’re suppose to use? :o And, are we suppose to actually make it look like a credit card with all the card number /chip etc or just the background out it? :)

  15. Aqilah :

    Should I name the Bank Name and card holder and change the card numbers?

  16. chow yin yin :

    can draft on paper instead of using software? =]

  17. Jemsen :

    Can I design it on A4 or artblock paper? Because I don’t have any paper with that size dimension.

  18. Wan Nor Aqmal :

    What is Blog Post Permalink?

  19. yangbaik :

    I am on my way… wait ya :Pn

  20. miracikcit :

    Submitted! Yeayyers!!!

  21. kuronofu91 :

    Hi…should the ” microchip” included or not??? other stuff like Visa,the valid numbers???

  22. Laura Lee :

    Hello! Yes, the microchip, Visa logo and numbers should be included in your design, exactly like how a real credit card looks like. :)

  23. Mag Trading :

    hai my friend better think for nicelyn

  24. Tcey :

    hi there, we put the bank name ourself example public bankn? and the cardholder as our name?

  25. fazfazaunly :

    kat mana kita nak lukis design ni?n

  26. Laura Lee :

    Hi Tcey, you do not need to put the bank name or your real name. You can put a dummy name for both, for example “XYZ Bank” and “Jane Doe”.

  27. philippecr :

    so do I need to be a NuffnangX users too? or just Glitterati would do?

  28. rofli :

    how should i know if my entry is already in the list???

  29. Dominance :

    Hey Nuffnang, should the microchips and all those valid number design must included in the design???

  30. Laura Lee :

    Hi philippecr, you will need to be a NuffnangX user as well as Glitterati member. :)

  31. Laura Lee :

    Hi! Yes, your design should be how a credit card looks like, which includes the numbers and microchip. :)

  32. Nuffnang MY :

    Hi everyone, it will be a plus point to have the microchip included. :D Exactly like a credit card would be great!

  33. Nuffnang MY :

    Hi Rofli, you will be notified once you have submitted your entry. :)

  34. Nuffnang MY :

    Hello Fazfazaunly, you can design it and paste it on your blog entry. :) Philippecr, One of the requirements is that the participant has to be both Glitterati Nuffnanger and NuffnangX user. :)

  35. Katharine Tan :

    need any explan for the design??and must be in malay or english?n

  36. zt_zati :

    may i ask..ncan i put many design in 1 post..?nor it should be 1 design 1 post..?n-please answer me..n(-.___-) huhu

  37. Katharine Tan :

    izit all design must be own draw?if own design but using some material find in internet to finish the designi izzit accept?

  38. timizero :

    i know this may sound stupid, but isn’t the minimum dimension given is way too HD for a blog post? i understand if you want this image file separately, but to post it on a blog is kind of waste and other people can steal that high resolution artwork easily…

  39. Eunice K :

    can i design by pens and paper, but not graphic through computer?

  40. Laura Lee :

    Hi Katharine, your explanation can be in both English or BM. You must come up with your own design, but you can source for inspiration as long as it is not a copy from something on the internet. :)

  41. Laura Lee :

    Hi timizero, you may post a lower resolution image of your design on your blog post, and send us the high resolution version after that. :)

  42. Laura Lee :

    Hi Eunice, you may design it on paper, but you’ll have to scan it into .jpeg format after because you’ll have to display it in your blog post entry. :)

  43. Cheng Ann :

    Greetings , can i design more than 3 and put inside at 1 blog ? and its only 1 will be selected right ? thanks n

  44. Laura Lee :

    Hi Cheng Ann, kindly note that 1 entry = 1 blog post. So if you have 3 designs, you will need to do 3 blog posts. :)

  45. Connie Khong Chai Ai Sim :

    Hi there, I think I am a Nuffnang X user – you just need to get your blog verified or something like that right? But I’m pretty sure I am not a Nuffnang Glitterati. So how? I have yet to submit anything (but pretty much done with the design and all) yet because I just realised that I am not a Nuffnang Glitterati. How do I fix/apply for that? :( I am so sorry… I am new to this kinda things.

  46. TunaPanda :

    HI, are we allowed to use “Visa” or “Mastercard” at the bottom right corner of the card? Also, are we to put few designs in 1 post or multiple posts?

  47. king :

    what does it mean by nuffnangx users? i have nuffnang on my blog, does that count?

  48. miracikcit :

    Just wondering, do we have to put our NuffnangX URL in our blogpost?

  49. orkachan :

    I designed 4 of the same theme… Should I separate them? I feel it’s better that all 4 of them are together…

  50. SiTracey :

    it should be in Malay or English kind of entry?

  51. dianadicious :

    I’m done…:D

  52. dianadicious :

    I’m done

  53. Anonymous :

    want put the bank name? can i knw 21.06 inches (width) x 13.28 inches (height) in cm?

  54. Katy :

    Did you receive my entry? :D

  55. JustJet :

    Submitted! All the best people ! :)

  56. dysha :

    i submited a wrong email.. not a email that i use in nuffnang.. so how??

  57. norhidayah :

    hai, saya hantar design di du blog sayandyshasahhir.blogspot.comndyshasahhircraft.blogspot.comnnsebab tersalah email.. harap dapat diterima penyertaan saya nenterima kasih

  58. syafiq :

    im late 2 minutes, i hope i still can make it. hmmmmmm.

  59. Anonymous :

    Please open one day please. I just received the emails :'( Ive done the design. Please :'(

  60. nana :

    Pleaseeee :'( I want to post it now. I jsut received the emails 5 days. And Ive done the design.

  61. jovinkwong :

    Dear person who may concern, nni had already summited information from the contest requirement for few days ago before the due date. I am both Glitterati Nuffnangers and NuffnangX as well, but yet i haven received any notification from nuffnang to know whether i am successfully participated. nnHope to get your reply as soon as possible. :) n( nThanks :)

  62. yangbaik :

    oleh kerana tempoh submit penyertaan dah tamat…nentry ini tersimpan… nak publish di sini… kalu2 admin boleh terima … sob3 ;(n

  63. TunaPanda :

    Submitted! *Praying*

  64. syarafi :

    i want to submit it now but its deadline already, can i submit it now :(

  65. EP :

    Passed the deadline. Which the time was on 12PM Sunday noon? Darn… I tot was on 11.59PM.

  66. king :

    oi, nuffnang staff. sleeping ah, u haven’t been replying to the queries here….

  67. Jonathan :

    What is Glitterati Nuffnangers and NuffnangX users?

  68. ZZ :

    Saja mencapap kat sini.. haha..nEntri yang aku buat

  69. Zham :

    when will you guys announce the winner?

  70. Khairulsyarafi :

    Walaupun da tamat nak hantar jugak harap diterima :(nHari tu ingtkan pukul 12.00 malamnn

  71. khairulsyarafi :

    Ingtkan hari tu tarikh taat pukul 12.00 malam…nTapi saya hantar juga harap diterima :(n n

  72. rofli :

    hi guys, when will the result be announce

  73. Anonymous :

    hi, what the results??

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