Nuffnang’s New Facebook Interest Group for Foodies!

Update: Email invitations have been sent out to the chosen Founding Members of Tastebuddies, so check your emails! Don’t worry if you are not chosen this time, as there will be other opportunities in the future. :) Till then, bon apetit!

Do you have a passion for food? Do you stand by the motto “Live to eat” instead of “Eat to live”? Do you love to blog about your food adventures?  Are you the one who always goes “STOP! Let me take a picture before you start eating!” at the dining table?

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES, then we are looking for you!

(Picture credits to KampungBoyCityGal)

No matter if you love spicy, savoury, sweet, or salty flavours, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this rare chance to be in one of the newest and most exclusive food-lovers group!

What is it?

With the success of our current Facebook Interest Groups, Fashion Fabulous and Shutterbugs, Nuffnang is glad to announce the addition of an ALL NEW Facebook interest group, especially for food lovers, called Tastebuddies! We’re looking to recruit 20 food bloggers to be our pioneer members, so read on to find out how you can be part of this exciting new group! :D

(Picture credits to KampungBoyCityGal)

The perks and privileges of joining Tastebuddies is that members will be given priority when there are events pertaining to food, such as review sessions, product launches or cooking workshops (just to name a few). Besides that, Nuffnang will also organize monthly gatherings and other activities exclusively for Facebook Groups members too!

(Picture credits to Tian Chad)

How do I get in?

Membership for these Facebook Interest Groups is by invitation only. We are looking for 20 Founding Members to join our exclusive Tastebuddies group and kickstart a whole new gastronomic journey.

What’s more, these Founding Members will have a say in deciding members who might be added to the group in future, so you know it’s serious (foodie) business! If you have a passion for palate pleasures and eager to bring your tastebuds on a new adventure, come on over and join us! Here’s how:

  1. Write a short blog post titled “Tickling My Tastebuds”.
  2. In the post, include a food picture (preferably taken by yourself) and a short paragraph describing the food or your experience with it. Be creative, go ahead and play with words! :D
    For example:
    This dark chocolate cake from Godiva is one of the most heavenly desserts I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! Every mouthful of the rich, creamy cake was absolute bliss, and the tangy, tart flavours from the strawberry complemented the chocolate perfectly. A word to the wise, though: this slice of divine dessert is best shared with a buddy, as it can be pretty filling when consumed alone. Well, unless you’re a chocolate maniac like me, then by all means… INDULGE!
  3. Fill in your details in the form below, and walla! You’re done!

Sorry, the deadline to submit your entry has passed.

Deadline for submission is 3.00pm, 8th March 2013 (Friday), and the best 20 entries will be chosen to join the exclusive Tastebuddies Facebook Interest Group!

What are you waiting for? Submit your entries now, and get your tastebuds ready! :D


1. The Nuffnang Facebook Groups are open to Nuffnang Glitterati members ONLY.
2. Winners would be chosen by a panel of judges specially assembled for this occasion. Judges’ decisions on winners are FINAL.
3. The Nuffnang Facebook Groups are exclusive closed Facebook groups and members are by invite only.
4. Memberships are exclusive and non-transferable.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Lala :

    yeay ! i love snap pic before start eating シ

  2. safura zahari :

    yeay! i love to snap food pic before eat too lala!n

  3. kifli mally :

    uhhhhhh~ sounds delicious ^_^

  4. ruzmerah :

    yeay! i love to snap food pic before eat too hahahaah!

  5. penaberkala :

    i must join thisnnice one!

  6. sashaxoza :

    entry must be in english or malay?

  7. AlyzaFisol :

    i want to be part of the team…yeay!!!

  8. J_Fish :

    Can we have a make up group too please? *puppy eyes with false lashes*

  9. sohoque :

    yeahh.. im preparing the entry now

  10. evelynwann :

    ‘Live to eat’, isn’t that just so me?! haha

  11. Mutiara Mersing :

    Hope dapat join group nie….. i love to eat

  12. Zyrazeezee :

    awww..i love food so much..this sound interesting. hikss

  13. Mutiara Mersing :

    hope dapat join group nie

  14. AnfaalR :

    Already submitted mine! :)

  15. C H I Q E S S :

    Yay! Foodies unite :)

  16. ally :

    Psss, article must be in English or it can be written in Malay? :)

  17. sizzling suzai :

    LOVE this and photographing before eating is a blogger thingy lor~ =D

  18. sashaxoza :

    done submit my post :)

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