Dominate Your Fears at Astro’s Fear Factor House

LATEST UPDATE: Aaaaaaaand the winner of the Fear Factor Best Buzz Blogger goes to…………..Chan Yin Ying from! Here’s a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to her for winning a brand new Apple iPad 2 and RM1,000 cash! *cue fireworks*


UPDATE: We have included the details of the Fear Factor House roadshow in the blog post below! Scroll on down to check it out!

The air is hot and humid, your forehead is beaded with sweat, you look down on your feet and you start thinking “OK maybe this isn’t such a good idea…” You turn back to look at the TV crew just 3 feet away from you, urging you to go on, you look down again and you feel nauseous now because 30 stories below a crowd is chanting your name. “Think of the money, think of the money!” You clench your sweaty palms and take a step forward. BOOM!

Okay we’re not talking about really jumping off a 30-stories building, but we ARE talking about getting rewarded handsomely for facing your fears! This December, Astro is bringing you our very own Fear Factor Fearless Challenge that’ll test your fears to their limits!

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Face it, every single one of us has to live with fear. Be it the fear of heights, or little kittens, help us help you to overcome that fear! Oh have we mentioned about the prizes yet? Some of you might even walk on fire for them! Nuffnang Malaysia is inviting 30 Nuffnangers to participate the Fear Factor House roadshow, and the participants would stand a chance to win the following prizes:

Grand Prize
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.9GHz
RM1,500 Cash

1st Runner Up
Canon EOS 650D kit (EFS 18-55 IS II)

2nd Runner Up
The New Apple iPad 64GB

Best Buzz Blogger
Apple iPad 2
RM1,000 Cash

The details of the Fear Factor House roadshow are as follow:

Date: 15 December 2012 (Saturday)
11.00am – 2.00pm (all 30 Nuffnangers) *registration starts at 10.00am
2.00pm – 4.00pm (top 3 Nuffnangers)

Venue: Sunway Pyramid

***Participants are allowed to bring ONE(1) supporter into the roadshow challenge and they will get to bring home prizes too!***

How can you be a part of the Astro Fear Factor House roadshow you ask? Now that’s easy! All you have to do is:

1. Write a blog post and tell us “What your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?”
2. Mention about Astro’s Fear Factor Malaysia and share with us your thoughts for this season (exp. Who will win? Who’s your favourite artist? Etc).
3. Include the tagline “Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!”
4. Once you’re done with the blog post, kindly fill in the details in the form prepared below.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

5. 30 of the most interesting entries would be chosen to participate in the Fear Factor House challenge!
6. Deadline to submit your entry is 5.00pm, 9 December 2012 (Sunday).

That’s just it! So what are you waiting for Nuffnangers?! Tell us your biggest fear and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes at the Fear Factor House roadshow! Remember, you’ll have to help us help you overcome your fears!

1. This contest is open to Glitterati Nuffnangers and NuffnangX users only.
2. Judges’ decisions on the selection of participants are FINAL.
3. Blog post entries can be submitted in both English OR Malay.
4. One entry entitles the participation of one participant only.

Darren Low
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Maisarah90 :

    cool !! hahaha

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    is it ever going to come to Singapore? ah!! I want! hahahann

  3. Daniel Chiam :

    I AM SO IN!

  4. Daniel Chiam :

    I love the intro of the entry by the way…. <3

  5. hidayah :

    overcomes our fears.. wwoooo…nwanna give a try la..n:)

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    Menarik! Nantikan entri daripada saya..

  9. kiflimally :

    super cool :)

  10. daus :

    I fear nothing except The Creator, so do I really have to enter this? It’d be awesome to win those prizes

  11. KhaiArtzfar :

    ooh me too hahaha

  12. Atika :

    i have so many fear laa..adoii.nwhat is best buzz blogger category?

  13. Rabiattul Adawiyah :

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    kalu ade blogger tu ade dua blog dan ada dua akaun dekat nnuffnang, boleh join dua-dua ker,darren low tolong jawab

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    contoh entri :

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    i like..

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    For best buzz blogger, is it together with this contest or will be separate?

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    wish to join it, but i’m in sarawak…

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    Yerrr.. im already joint this segment look here please comment me.. n

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    I forgot to fill up nuffnangx url .. this is it .. .. thanks

  31. muja :

    why must we keep on writing the same thing to comment using nuffx conversations. not convenient. do improvise. but anyway, this thing is cool. gonna think about this :)

  32. Pajill :

    i wanna join. but out of town…nn

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  36. Elaine McDholic :

  37. Michelle :

    Can’t even bring myself to look for photos to blog about my biggest fear ! I GIVE UP n

  38. muja :

    if it scares me to death to meet, look, and talk to my crush, is it possible? hehe Anda hebat dan gagah?

  39. Aileeza :

    Interesting!!! Wait for my entry! Abang aaron termasuk dalam prize ke??? eheh :D

  40. SYarif :

    YAHuu..Best gift.

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  42. wantie :

    cool.. must have fun at Fear factor road show bebeh..

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  44. Ana Jonessy :

    I’ve submitted mine and you can read it at . Anyone else joining? Would love to read yours!

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    sudah post…harap2 terpilih sebagai 30 peserta nanti :-)

  49. hanis_narnia :

    my entry

  50. Tian Chad Chen :

    Just blogged my entry for this scary roadshow!! Wish me luck! (I wish you luck too if you are joining! =D)n

  51. Amy :

    what does the supporter do?n

  52. Amy :

    What does the supporter do?

  53. akuzle ayu :

    alhamdulillah! see all of you in the event…n

  54. kiky :

    i want new iPad …..

  55. Anonymous :

    Super cool fear factor videos! Watch now:

  56. nur izati :

    saye minat dengan cabaran ni dan saye memang sokong 100% dan cabaran ni memang best sangatttt

  57. nur izati :

    saya suka cabaran ni dan saya juga minat fear factor ni dan cabaran ni memang best sangattttt

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