Join our first ever Comic Bloggers Gathering!

Latest update: Guess what, we’re extending the deadline to 6th November (next Tuesday), 12.00PM! Plus, we’re also giving you the option to upload the comic version of yourself on Facebook! Just tag our featured comic bloggers and our awesome venue CAFFEine! ;)

Update: We have tried drawing our own comic blog post and found that many of us here have absolutely zero talent (and time for practice) in drawing! Thus we’re going to make it easier for you to join in too – all you need to do is draw a comic version of yourself and tell us why you want to be a part of this Comic Bloggers Gathering! It’s as simple as that! 

Any Nuffnangers here love comic blogs? We personally love it because comic blogs can tell so much with so little words, plus they’re always so darn cute!  Perfect for you busy blog readers with a short attention span, right? ;)  Well guess what, if you love comic blogs as much as we do, you’re going to be psyched for the upcoming Comic Bloggers Gathering!

Featuring the masterminds behind and, Nuffnang’s first ever Comic Bloggers Gathering has tons of good times in plans for all you comic blog fans out there.

You can take notes as your favourite comic bloggers share their success stories; get inspired by a live demonstration; vandalise a canvas wall with your art and even immortalize yourself with our personalized avatar drawing session!

Here are the details:

Event: Comic Bloggers Gathering
Date: 10 November 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00PM – 5.30pm
Venue: CAFFEine, Setia Walk Puchong 
(click for map!)

Scheduled to be held at the latest coffee joint in town , CAFFEine, which is also our venue sponsor for this awesome Comic Bloggers  Gathering promises to treat your taste buds to the finest coffee, premium chocolate, cakes and many more. For the non-coffee lovers, fret not as CAFFEine offers tea too! Or rather, there’s caffeine in tea? Tea in CAFFEine? Point is, there’s plenty of good stuff there that’s sure to satisfy as you mingle with the comic bloggers!

As we want everyone to get to know each other really well at the event, we’re keeping it exclusive to 20 attendees. Here’s how you can score the invites:

  1. Draw a comic version of yourself and tell us why would you like to attend the Comic Bloggers Gathering. Share it on your blog or your Facebook page (or both!). As we’re looking for the 20 most creative entries, illustration skills are optional! Remember, content is key! ;)
  2. Include links or tag our featured bloggers ( and as well as our venue sponsor CAFFEine.
  3. Fill in your details in the form below by 6 November 2012 @ 12PM. That’s it!

    Sorry, the deadline of the contest has passed.

Sounds like a fun weekend to us! Wait no longer, get your artistic juices flowing and start illustrating your very own comic blog post! Beginners and art newbies are more than welcomed, just show us how creative you can be with your hands! Good luck!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. kifli mally :

    wow cool :_

  2. Rosmiza :

    Interesting.. But I got no talent on this even I love comic blog so much.. T_T All the best for all!

  3. wantie :

    wow.. best!! I like comic. it tell us a thousand of feeling.

  4. ericleeh :

    U dun need much talent to draw to create comics. Even stickman or posing for photos can be made into pretty interesting comics as well. =)

  5. Daniel Chew :

    hahahaha!! Amazing how things have changed. Too bad I didn’t join the bandwagon previously

  6. Tian Chad Chen :

    Quite near to my house. Can I pay a visit? ;p

  7. MissyMiyen :

    Oh so cool! I wanna join:)

  8. lov :

    uwaaaaaa i lov comic blog, me comic so much!! but hav zero talent 2drawing.. T_T

  9. Shahzeeq Shahren :

    This is mad !

  10. Si Matatajam :

    I love comic blogs’s so cool of them

  11. a'an :

    wow..i wanna join but I got zero talent T-T

  12. alongboystudio :


  13. kuromeowiie :

    Is this a single invite?

  14. kahmon :

    Okay done, =3

  15. kahmon :

    Okay done, =3

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