Welcome to the New Frontier of Blogging!

Hello there Nuffnanger! And welcome to the New Frontier of Blogging!

The Journey

Hard to think that in a short 5 years we’ve gone from launching Nuffnang to today, launching NuffnangX. We would like to thank all you Nuffnangers for your loyalty and everlasting enthusiasm for anything and everthing Nuffnang and we hope that with the brand new NuffnangX, it will make the experience of being a blogger that much better!

A New Frontier

Since the beginning of blogging, millions have jumped on the blogging bandwagon and there grew a population that made the blogosphere rich with information, entertainment and perspectives of journalism and publishing. It has formed a culture where sharing and following knowledge and passions are the norm. Now in 2012, we bring you the new frontier of blogging. With the highly anticipated launch of NuffnangX, going mobile with your favourite blogs have never been more seamless.

What is NuffnangX?

Never before has an application for blog stalking been made with such precision and is so user friendly. Find, follow and converse with your favourite bloggers on NuffnangX with one simple tap on your iPhone or Android. With a layout that is easy on the eyes and loading time that is snap quick, there is no reason why stocking up on the latest blogs have to offer should be a problem. For more information on this revolutionary application, visit our official website at NuffnangX.

Be a Pioneer

NuffnangX is truly an application built for experience. No manual or article can explain fully how it feels in your hands. The ultimate review lies within your palm and so download NuffnangX today for a step into a world of mobile blogging like no other. NuffnangX is now available on the App Store and Google Play, just click the tabs to download.

Special Thanks

Thank you to all the Nuffies that have been working hard day and night on this revolutionary application. A big round of applause to the Netccentric team for making vision a reality.

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