Nuffnang Malaysia’s First Ever Blogopolis


Hey Nuffnangers!! Don’t worry if you missed Nuffnang Malaysia’s First Ever Blogopolis. You can now download the speaker notes below! :)

Last Saturday marked another milestone in the growth of Nuffnang. With Blogopolis taking on its maiden voyage into the Malaysian Blogosphere it was definitely an event to be remembered. It was definitely great to catch up, share knowledge and meet our fellow bloggers after some time. All in all, Nuffnang Malaysia’s Blogopolis 2012 was definitely designed by bloggers for bloggers.

From TimeOutKL editor Lim Chee Wah to popular comic blogger Ernest Ng, the line-up of speakers at #NNBMY2012 boasts diversity while keeping focused to the topics at hand – Blogging. Speaking from experience, expertise and knowledge database, each speaker shared their thoughts, comments and ideas as well as tips and tricks on how to make you a prominent blogger in the Malaysian Blogosphere.

The conference opened with a panel of three speakers to share on their how idea sourcing and content generation can be enhanced for bloggers and writers alike. From the perspective of foodie KY, Editor Chee Wah and a comedic blogger Ken Wooi, the attendees were delighted with the different takes on what it takes to write good concise content that attracts readers.


Nuffnangers cheered on as blogging powerhouse Beautifulnara and online fashion entrepreneur Vivy Yusof stepped onto the stage to speak on building a successful and well known brand in both blogging as well as in business. We were reminded that as a person, every single one of us has a brand.

What enlightened the crowd were also the thoughts and opinions of our fellow bloggers Sixthseal and Hui Wen when talking about the opportunities gained through blogging. As there are so many opportunities generated when one starts blogging, it is highly encouraged that bloggers treat their blog as an online resume.

How does a great blog design assist in the popularity of a blogger? It was discussed extensively in our session comprising of three major designing experts Firdauz Haris, Eric Cruz and Lionel Chin. One of the highlights of the session must have been the blog fails and the panel of design experts all agree that one of the biggest pet peeves when it comes to blog design is auto play music.


Now done with the design aspect in blogs, the attendees were treated to a visual feast of beautiful compositions of art, light and nature. Both shutterbugs Carlos Nizam and Sue Anna Joe shared their expertise in the area of capturing moments and why storytelling through photography plays a large part in blogging.

If we were to ask the Nuffies, we’re pretty sure that most would agree that the surprise announcement of the new Nuffnang by our very own Firdauz Haris was the highlight of the day but ask any attendee and it most probably would be the very moment when the MC announced “Xiaxue!” Speaking on finding a voice in the blogosphere, Xiaxue never fails to inspire and arouse excitement in a crowd.


All in all it was a successful start to an extraordinary conference for Nuffnangers penning their thoughts in the Malaysian blogosphere. As remarked by speakers Premesh Chandran of Malaysiakini, blogging veteran Kenny Sia and our very own Boss Tim – Malaysians still have a long way to go to achieve the likes of the Huffington Post and Mashables; every successful journey however begins with a single step.

The day closed with a light session by comic blogger Ernest Ng and the comedic yet charming Maria Elena which sparked tonnes of laughter yet delivering valuable information on making comics and YouTube videos as an extension of blogging. There’s nothing to be afraid of because everyone can do it!

All in all it was definitely an event to be remembered and to those who attended, Nuffnang would like to wish you all the best in your future blogging ventures and hopefully we’ll be seeing you next year!

To our amazingly supportive partners (P1, Exabytes, Toshiba and MPH) who came to the event, thank you and thank you. You’re presence definitely lightened up our event and we look forward to working with you again!

For more photographs of the event, visit our Nuffnang Malaysia Facebook page here.

Also, if you missed out on the conference or if you missed out on some notes during the event don’t worry as we have for you the notes for you to download and revisit the knowledge and information. Just click on the name of the class to download the notes.

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