A night to remember with Astro’s On The Go Party and Nuffnang


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It was about 6.30pm when we arrived at The Pool, KL and after weathering the traffic jam along Jalan Ampang we finally reached the long awaited Astro’s On The Go Party. The whole of The Pool was transformed to an Astro On The Go football wonderland. The decorations were very nicely done and and everyone was dressed in their best football jerseys showing their love for their favourite UEFA EURO 2012 team! Despite the rain that night (ahh, Malaysian weather) we think it is safe to say that everyone had fun playing the station games and chilling with the best the whole night through.

The venue was definitely a good one. With the pool in the middle it gave a balance of both relaxation and fun!

The handsome Adam C and his Astro On The Go iPad.

Staying true to Malaysian form, we must take photos, loads of them!

Before the games started, there was a demo on how to access Astro On The Go on the new iPad too. It looked very fun and simple and we’re all very excited we can all access it on our iPhones as well.


The highlight of the night has too be the first ever iPad synced flash mob! The best part is that if you missed them at the party, the flash mob will be all over town so don’t forget to look out for them when you’re out and about.

There was also ongoing foosball matches all through the night and anyone can play with everyone. It was a casual atmosphere with a lot of very friendly people. Our Nuffnangers definitely had a lot of fun showing off their competitive side.

The teams playing foosball as part of the station games that night!

Aside from foosball, there was also a station where teams were asked to juggle the football as many times as possible within 30 seconds.

Look at our Nuffnangers cheering their teams!! Everyone had so much fun that night!


Nuffnangers also had the opportunity to take their photos at the huge mock of the Astro On The Go interface ourside along with props!!

Last but not least before everyone left, it was the presenting of the Best Dresses award and the winner is……


All in all it was a great night of football, fun and friends with Astro On The Go. We’re looking forward to seeing the flash mob out and about and make sure you take advantage of Astro’s promotion period as Astro On The Go is free until the 31st of August! Check it out as you will be sure to love the mobility of Astro On The Go, anytime, anywhere.

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***photos credit to Joel Wong. :)

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