Countdown to Blogopolis 2012!

Good news Nuffnangers!  The Blogopolis ticket price is now reduced to RM180.00 per ticket to the next 20 participants, thanks to some of our partners for this event. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to attend this life changing blogger conference. If you have purchased a ticket earlier, don’t worry as we would be in touch. 

Did you start blogging because you wanted to live a day in a blogger’s shoes? Do you dream of one day living life blogger style; going to posh events, awesome parties annnnnnnd the creme de la creme…getting paid to do it all? This is your chance to set foot into the blogosphere.  With less than 2 weeks to Nuffnang Malaysia’s First Ever Blogopolis, all of us Nuffies are giddy with anticipation and we’re so happy that we could do this for all you awesome Nuffnangers.



If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, here’s what you might be missing. Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 boasts a myriad of topics, a variety of industry experts and a bevy of talented top bloggers who are more than happy to share with you their experiences, their stories and their blogging tips on how they have achieved top-blogger status. Calling all aspiring Nuffnangers, here is your chance to get one step closer to become a top blogger!



What is Blogopolis?

Blogopolis 2012 a conference like no other.  Our aim is to transcend the expectations of bloggers and public alike while providing them with a paradigm shifting experience of what blogging is actually all about. Armed with an arsenal of great speakers from different industries and a variety of topics that will be covered in our sessions, Nuffnangers will be assured your value for money. With the success of Blogopolis Australia 2011 and the upcoming one this 30th June we are proud to present our beloved nation Malaysia with the same if not better gathering of minds. Click here to see the successes of Blogopolis Australia.

What’s In Stored for You at Blogopolis MY 2012?

A bevy of speakers from a variety of backgrounds. From the leading lifestyle magazine TimeOutKL, to online news portal; from food blogger KY Speaks to a fashion blogger and online business entrepreneur Vivy Yusof we have almost everything covered. So it does not matter what type of blog you have, there is always someone you can relate to. To put it in a simpler way, you will be getting input from all the different perspectives like the clients, the bloggers, as well as the print media.

Informatively fun classes – From Branding to Photography and even something for the more serious bloggers out there SEO and Analytics, we have covered so many topics you will be so informed your other blogger friends will be jealous. Imagine taking a walk with professional photographer Carlos Nizam and see the world through his eyes, understanding and learning how to manipulate your site’s SEO to your advantage, how to use your analytics to understand your audience and how to capitalize on that. So  many experiences all in one day. How is one going to absorb all that information? It’s easy because it will be fun!

The chance to meet your favorite bloggers – From the highly influential Xiaxue to the hottest online entertainment portal Beautifulnara we have an entire line up of powerhouse bloggers for you to mingle with. Yes, you will get to talk to them over tea, lunch and even dinner. Ask them things you’ve always wanted to ask and take photos with them. Get to know the personal side of them and not just the one you all read about in the pages of their blogs.

A world class venue– Blogopolis Malaysia 2012 will be held in the prestigious Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur which is located in the heart Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a ballroom so grand it is no stranger to hosting such events, get ready for a world class treatment and hospitality.


A chance to meet our Nuffies– Ever wondered what it is like to work here in the Nuffnang office? You’ve probably seen the video’s and photos but here’s your chance to see the many people behind Nuffnang Malaysia. The very people who plan your events, answer your helpdesk and all your movie screening contests. You will get to talk to us, not only the Community Relations team but also the rest of us.

A Blogger conference catered to the Malaysian Blogosphere – We don’t want to call it classes, it sounds a tad too formal. Perhaps “sessions”…now that is a bit more fun!  The main objective behind these sessions is to enhance your overall blogging experience.  These sessions are designed to benefit a wide cohort of audiences. From bloggers of various genres to practically anyone who wants to get a better insight on enhancing their blogging experience in every way possible, this will be the conference for you!

Details of Nuffnang Blogopolis Malaysia 2012 are as follows:
Date: 14 July 2012 (Saturday) 
Time: 8.00am – 7.00pm 
Venue: Ballroom, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Here’s a sneak peek of the passes that you will be getting on that day. Major bragging rights yeah!!

So what are you waiting for Nuffnangers! You have less than 2 weeks to reserve your seat to be part of the first ever Blogopolis 2012! Hurry, time is ticking. Click here to book your seats HURRY!!



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