So What Chu What Chu Whatchuwant?


Hey Nuffnangers! If you have not gotten in with the hype yet, it’s time to get on board the Whatchuwant train! We’ve added some tips and tricks our Nuffies prepared to assist you in your journey towards winning a pair of these awesome earphones!

First of all, we’ve now made the contest mechanics simpler but rest assured to those who submitted earlier your entries will be still be considered. You may scroll down for a better view of the updated contest mechanics.

The best video will be chosen to win a pair of  4 Bose AE Headphones worth up to RM700. There’s also a review of these awesome yet hip pair of headphone that could just be yours. Just scroll down to view it. It’s just one video away! So what are you waiting for Nuffnangers? Join the contest now because contest ends 25 July 2012!

So many choices, so many packs but which one will you choose? Everyone loves choices be it with clothing, cars, houses, even food; variety is important. Now with Xpax, you even have variety when choosing your mobile phone plan. Can you imagine? A mobile plan customized to your wants and needs all you have to do is choose Whatchuwant!

From someone who loves to chat all day and all night there is the Talk Pack and if you’re super tech savvy and can’t live without your Facebook and Twitter you can always choose the Surf Pack. They’re so many packs, so many choices, which one to choose?! Don’t forget to Pick a Pack.

Once you’ve picked a pack now you can pick a prize. Yes! Signing up for a mobile plan is so much more rewarding with Xpax you even get to vote for the prize you will be getting each week using the Whatchuwant meter.

Now you can win ONE (1) more prize as Xpax is giving away 4(FOUR) Bose AE Headphones to the four lucky bloggers who join this contest! How to join you ask? It’s easy. Just follow the steps below! Here’s a video to refer to done by the beautiful Xpax Whatchuwant Girls.

How to Win

  1. Make a short video telling us “Whatchuwant in life” and why we should choose you to win a   pair of these awesome headphones!
  2. Mention “Whatchuwant” in your title as well as in your video.
  3. Upload your video on YouTube and fill in the form below with your details and the permalink to the video.

Here’s a review of the amazing Bose AE Headphones to get you going!! Trust us, it worth you making a video!

The deadline for submission has passed.

Hurry up Nuffnangers! It’s time to win you the Bose AE Headphones. Quick! Make those videos now!! Contest ends 9.00am, 25th July 2012.

Terms and Conditions
1. This contest is open to Glitterati Nuffnangers only.
2. All judges decisions are final.

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