Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Puss in Boots

Paging all animation+cat+movie+anything cute lovers! We have a movie that will have you squealing and going ‘awwww’ due to its incredible cuteness! It’s a cat-hero who would probably put even Zorro to shame with his style and swagger!

First we had ‘Z’ for Zorro, and now we have ‘P’ for *drumrolls*… Puss in Boots! Voiced by the ever sexy Antonio Banderas, Puss in Boots will surely steal your heart away, cat lover or not!

Long before he even met Shrek, the notorious fighter, lover and outlaw Puss in Boots becomes a hero when he sets off on an adventure with the tough and street smart Kitty Softpaws and the mastermind Humpty Dumpty to save his town. This is the true story of The Cat, The Myth, The Legend…The Boots.

Thanks to United International Pictures Malaysia, we are giving away 25 pairs of tickets for the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Puss in Boots! Details of the screening are as below:

Date: 22nd November 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: GSC 1 Utama

This cat is definitely one that has swagger, heroics and is still incredibly cute. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer below!

Want to watch these cute furballs? All you have to do is;
– Write a blog post titled “What would Puss in Boots do?”
Tell us how you would defeat the bad guys if you were Puss and Kitty Softpaws.
– Include the movie poster in your blog post using the codes provided below:

– When you’re done, submit your entry as a permalink on this blog post!

The 25 most creative and original blog posts will win a pair of tickets each. Oh and by the way, cute cat pictures would definitely help! ;) So hurry and get blogging!


Terms & Conditions
1. This contest is open to Glitterati Nuffnangers only.
2. Your blog URL must be stated in your comment.
3. The first batch of invites will be sent out latest by 14 November 2011 and RSVPs will be required. Failure to RSVP will result in invites being revoked and passed on to the next in line.
4. Screening tickets are not for resale to other parties.

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