Let Your Voices Be Heard

Adolescents are more than just sugar and spice. We have all figured that out. What we haven’t figured out completely is how they’re wired, why they do the things they do and how the world around them affects their choices and opinions which lead to so many other adolescent issues.

Often we are told that the teenage and adolescent years are the “best years of your life.” The best memory highlights happy groups of high school students energetically involved at a dance or any sporting fun events. However, this is only part of the picture. The teenage years can be an emotional assault course for all concerned. But do you know that adolescents today face complex and diverse problems more than ever before?

Here is a look into problems and issues that teenagers deal with as they learn about life, choices and the power of their own voice and beliefs.

• Depression
• Acts of Violence – Physical, Sexual or Psychological
• Unemployment
• Peer Pressure
• Sexual Orientation
• Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Adolescents and issues go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is very important for the public to understand and aware of all these important matters.

Together with UNICEF Malaysia, we all need your contribution by helping to create awareness about the main issues that most adolescents face.  Everybody needs love and attention, and youths also need to feel needed, have a need for approval and a need for someone mature to talk to, to receive guidance, discipline and to have clear boundaries.

So dear Nuffnangers, if you have any stories to share, please do as getting your stories will definitely help to increase the public understanding of this matter. If you have experienced any emotional issues or know anyone involved in such matters, please do blog about it to get the word out. Troubled teens need to know that they are not alone in this, and perhaps there is someone out there who will benefit from you sharing your experience. Please help to spread the word, as your stories can make a positive difference for the world. :)

Do refer to this link for more information which would be helpful for all of you who wish to support the cause. So hurry now, together we unite for this worthy and good cause.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team



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