Recreate perfect skin with Lancôme Maqui Miracle

UPDATE 2: Thank you for participating in the Lancôme Maqui Miracle blogging contest! We enjoyed reading all your entries and your product demonstrations were truly engaging :) We’re glad to announce that we have the results of the contest, and the 6 lucky Nuffnangers who’ll walk away with Lancôme products and services worth RM 2,000 each are (in no particular order):

– Adzlinda Elier Ahmad (
– Nur Hanani Binti Jaafar (
– Lee Jian Quin (
– Nur Atikah A Rahman (
– Vinnilaa Aurumugam (
– Ginny Yap (

Congratulations to all the winners! Do stay tuned for upcoming events/contests in the future :)


UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response from bloggers who’d like to participate in the contest, Lancôme has generously decided to open the contest up to all Nuffnangers who are currently users of the Maqui Miracle compact foundation! Here’s what you need to do:

– Write a blog post titled, “Discover Your Miracle with Lancôme Maqui Miracle“.
– In the blog post, tell us about Lancôme Maqui Miracle and show us what miracles it has done for you.
– Once you’re done with your blog post, submit your entry at this page –

Use pictures, videos or whatever you can think of to make your post as creative as possible, because the 6 most creative entries stand to win Lancôme products worth RM 2,000 each!

Get started on your entries now, Nuffnangers, because the contest ends 11.59 pm, 31 March 2011.

NOTE: Only Nuffnangers who are currently users of Lancôme Maqui Miracle are eligible to participate in the contest, as product and usage shots are required to be a part of the entry.

Perfect skin – it’s the holy grail of beauty that many ladies lust after, but is also so very, VERY hard to attain. We’re sure every one of you ladies has your own laundry list of imperfections which you’d like your make up to fix – large pores, dull skin tone, dark spots and so on…

If you’ve been searching in vain for a miracle foundation which would make all your imperfections go away and make your skin glow from the inside, your search is over, for Lancôme Maqui Miracle is the answer to all your prayers!

Lancôme “recreates“ the aura of perfect, bright skin with its Aura Bright technologies that effortlessly capture the essence of naturally bright, vibrant beauty and boost it through a dynamic interaction with light. With the Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator compact foundation, not only do you get flawless, shine-free and long-lasting wear, the SPF 35 PA+++ formula helps to prevent the appearance of brown spots and protect skin from the damaging effects of daily UV exposure.

You know how they say miracles have to be seen to be believed? Lancôme is inviting you Nuffnangers to witness for yourself the magic of the Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator at a special workshop, happening on;

Date: 15 March 2011
Time: 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Venue: L’OREAL office – Level 13A and 15 Uptown 2, No.2, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Make up experts from Lancôme themselves will be on hand to tell you all about the new Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator, and you’ll also get to try it out for yourselves. That’s not all, because there will also be six prizes consisting of Lancôme products worth over RM 2,000 in total up for grabs to Nuffnangers who attend the workshop!

If you’d like to attend the workshop, kindly fill in your details using the form below and we’ll be in touch if you’re one of the lucky Nuffnangers selected for the workshop.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Send in your details now, Nuffnangers, because spaces are limited! We can’t wait to see what miracles the Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator will work on our skin :)

For more information on the Lancôme Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator, log on to

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Sabahan Bloggers Club :

    I will be in Sabah during that time. I wish i can come and attend this workshop myself….

  2. karen :

    erm, did my submission went thru?

    Yes, we’ve received your entry.

  3. Charmaine :

    Excited bout this! YAY!

  4. myvitrd :

    wah ni untuk blogger girls je kan.. aku antar wakil cik pn.lah.. hehehe

  5. Ikhwan :

    Kalau untuk perempuan sesuai la ni ^^

  6. eyriqazz :

    Is it single invite and for female blogger only? My wife love lancome and use it. If for pair invite, i wanna apply…

    Sorry, this is for a single invite only.

  7. shilazizi :

    hope i am the lucky one to join the workshop…

  8. Normala :

    Yes i like to attend the workshop

  9. Norhayati Alai Othaman :

    erm, did my submission went thru?

  10. awin :

    wah…it really interesting,…
    hope i will be the lucky one…

  11. Ayung :

    i want it! :D

  12. Cik Azz :

    I never used this product. But I can’t join the workshop… Can I get it by post… Just kidding… =)

  13. Lynnie A. :

    Why must it be at KL?
    Please do more events in Penang ^^

  14. chee-v :

    Can I submit an entry for this event using someone else name?

  15. Siti :

    I wish I can be there too.. but I can’t because i’m working at Johor…

  16. Glo-w :

    Wow, I really really want to go but alas, I’m up north =( any chance for live feed? Would love to learn from the experts! To all the lucky gals going…have fun^^

  17. Ciklilyputih :

    hopefully dapat lah ye

  18. hisyamudin fadzil :

    waaaaa.. for men didnt have ar? lancome… welcome… :)

  19. msxeroz :

    Erm 7am or 7pm to 8.30pm? If its 7.30pm means a workshop of 1 and a half hours?

    It’s 7 pm!

  20. Shemah :

    I will be in Sabah during that time too.. Coincidence eh, @Sabahan Bloggers Club? ;)

  21. farra-eng :

    wow lancome.. nak..nak..nak…hehehe

  22. Melati :

    put me in pleasee =))

  23. Nadratul :

    Do we need to do entry for this?

    No, that’s not necessary at the moment.

  24. Jue :

    Owh~ have to miss this one.. really love to go, but can’t.. hope Lancome can make a contest too for those who can’t go.. hehe

  25. yangbaik :

    kalaulah saya dapat hadir ke majlis itu… sudah tentu saya antara orang yang paling bahagia pada hari itu…

  26. jiaying :

    when will send email invitation??

    I wish I can get it….

  27. venusa :

    when can we be notified if we are selected?

  28. cik.fyza :

    wish i could get one!

  29. nad :

    wish I’m selected and that I can goooo…

  30. wan atikah :

    really hope can join this.please choose me to attend this special event.

  31. pinky fhang :

    Always a big fan of lancome! Their Foundation is awesome!

  32. fara :

    I’d love to attend, but not in KL at that time. maybe next time :)

  33. Jessying :

    Ah. please invite me !

  34. Jacquelyn :

    I wonder if my submission went through? As I got this error message – This field requires an unique entry and ‘’ has already been used.

    I don’t know if someone else used my url to submit or there was some error in the website when I submitted my entry? Please clarify? Thank you.

    Your submission has already been accepted, no worries.

  35. muhsin.aminudin :

    am i accepted? :P

  36. Melati :

    Hi, when is the result,..
    i wanna go =)) please =))

  37. Kristle :

    Aww.. too bad im from Sabah! :(

  38. stormz :

    i wish i can get the invitation.


  39. Lin ELier :

    Holy Moly! I hope this is gonna be the Holy Grail foundation I’ve been searching.
    I’ve been on a brand crusade hopping from Estee, Clinique, Shiseido and many more… yet I’m still searching…and blending few things together to get the ‘just right’ Asian colors.

  40. Chloe Lian :

    my details submited already?

  41. mummy moon :

    Can I register now?

  42. Tifa :

    Wow….interesting…pick me pick me:)

  43. mr curly :

    mau! mau!..nk bg sebagai hadiah kejutan tuk wife..hikhik

  44. Marissa :

    Kalau terpilih boleh buat hadiah untuk Mamaa <3

  45. mem :


  46. SUzy :

    bagus NYEEEEEE! bole dpt tempat untuk 2 ke :|

  47. asma :

    i got the invitation in my yahoo emel..the invitation need me to confirm my attendance..i just confirm my attendance but i used my yahoo email not the email that nuffnang required (that registered with them) (i registered with nuffnang using gmail email) so how? am i still eligible to the invitation cos i submit the wrong emel =( please help me =(

  48. nurra :

    please choose meeeeeeeee…:D :D

  49. ana :

    hey! saya dapat invitation ni, but email nye dah ter delete boleh send semula invitation die x?
    ni blog saya thnx

  50. hanani :

    am i accepted?

  51. Beaty :

    Im not KL ppl..So sad can’t attend them

  52. Melati :

    I dont get the invitation,.. =(

  53. Lin Elier :

    Thank you guys, appreciate it a lot. Looking forward to the workshop.

  54. ruth :

    Just to confirm with you my invitation successful or not? Because I didn’t received any confirmation email after the invitation email. And I not sure how to contact the person in charge of this event!

  55. Mabel :

    Once again thank you nuffnang! Excited nw =)

  56. yuyu :

    I buat review untuk Lancome boleh????
    its so interesting about Lancome actually..

  57. Dyg : minat gak ni tp apakan daya sy d sabah..huhu…

  58. fittiariri :

    wahhh great=_=

  59. weiying :

    woots~send my entry!~ pray hard~
    i m so exciting about it!

    a taiwanese girl got intro this before! i do really hope i can have this^^~

  60. Lin ELier :

    Dear Nuffnang & LANCOME,

    Thank you very much for making my day!

    Signing off to continue my ‘AKU MENANG!!!’ dance routine again.. :P


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