Global Battle of the Bands – Grand Finale

If you have been following our blog religiously, you would know that our fellow rockers have been jamming and belting their hearts out tirelessly for the past couple of weeks in the Global Battle of the Bands. And after a painstaking battle with at least 80 bands across Malaysia, the winner of the National Finals will proudly march on to the Grand Finals to compete with all the great bands all over the world for the sought after title of “Best New Band in the World” this very weekend.

Not just that, besides the coveted title, the champion would also be walking away with a whopping grand prize of USD100,000 and go on a world tour to promote their music!

And as though that is not already huge, let us remind you one more time that the Global Battle of the Bands this year is made even more special because Malaysia is going to be the host for this grand event for the very first time ever!

The GBOB Grand Finale will be happening this weekend, and the details are as below:

Date: 26 February 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

Okay here comes the good news! We have tickets to give away for the GBOB Grand Finale so if you are a music junkie and just can’t wait to get your hands on them, all you have to do is drop a comment here and tell us how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion, and the first 15 comments will win 2 tickets each to the Grand Finale!

Now, the finalists are ready, but the question is, ARE YOU? So c’mon Nuffnangers, place your comments now and let’s find out which band is going to take back the winning trophy as well as the title of the “Best New Band in the World” this weekend!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Cheng Jit Ming :

    If you were the GBOB champion, I will use that money to invest on a recording studio and I will scout for music talents around Malaysia,market them, make them famous..just like what Jay-Z and Usher did. Contributing to the music industry is always been one my ultimate dream!

  2. aimarshall :

    how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion..

    then, i would..

    1- take a break with a luxury vacation for all team member
    2- spend the rest of the money investing in our own album


  3. Bryan.K :

    if i were the winner of GBOB, I’d use the USD 100,000 to record a full studio album, go on a tour to raise global awareness on some issues, donate part of it to charity maybe.

  4. Abuya Hayat :

    I would spend the USD100 000 to buy me all the things I want… Hope I get the tix…

  5. Ikhwan Pauzi :

    if i have the USD 100 Thousand for the GBOB winning, i will use it to increase my band skills . besides, i will help the orphanage ! and the rest of the money, we will divide to each of our band member . and if there any money left, its for the band fund. :D

  6. Abuya Hayat@Adi Gagah :

    How would I spend the USD 100 000 if I were the GBOB champion?

    Most definitely by establishing the most awesome grunge music garage in Malaysia!!!

  7. babyyeah! :

    I would create a new singing competition like Global Battle of the Bands like this, and I will gain lots more money again. So, my money will grow bigger, cuter and greater! Yeay, long-live GBOB!!! :)

  8. hakimfaridzul :

    how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion???

    sudah tentu saya akan tembusi pasaran muzik antarabangsa!
    bergabung dengan artis-artis hebat dan terkenal untuk maju selangkah lagi!
    hidup di Hollywood sudah tentu! :)

  9. Ahmad Fuad bin Adzmi :

    Q: how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion

    A: I would spend the money to build my own Jams studios!

  10. Shafeeq :

    how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion?

    i will record my song with sony Music,because i won the GBOB which show that my voice is great!!!

  11. Natasha Ong :

    Q: How you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion?

    A: Ohh, some of the money for the charity, and I’d buy fancy cars, (shopping shopping)!, for family needs, and future needs!

  12. RMA :

    If I am the GBOB champion, I will spend USD100,000 totally for well organize the band. Likely to make records, band merchandise, world tour and freebies for fans. :P

  13. hazmanfadzil :

    how i would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion ?

    >>> I would make my own reality show and sponsored 15 lucky
    blogger for my VVIP guest…

  14. Cik Azz :


    There are so many things I can do with the USD100,000…

    But, I can’t think properly right now. Give me a week to make a planning for that money…


  15. Calvin Chuah :

    What will i do with USD100k if i were the champ?
    Buy new guitar of cause! That’s what every guitarist wanted! :p
    Then start recording for a demo album to promote my music!

  16. TikkoSS :

    I wish i can be part of celebrating with this crowd.. Looking forward to hear some good news!


  17. aimarshall :

    still no comment???

  18. Shiok Leng :

    If i were the Global Battle of the Bands champion and i won USD 100,000 (That would be RM 304 653.50),

    I would donate part of my money to charity through Rotary International Club(!) and the other to further my studies. The rest of it, i would spend on the people i care about. =D Hehe. And ofcourse save some for the rainy day!

    Why am i filling this in now?
    Just testing my luck. ;D


  19. yul :

    hurm, I divide the money to the band members and buy some new equipment for playing music.

  20. Zairie :

    jika saya menang battle of the bands yang menawarkan hadiah sebanyak USD100,000, perkara pertama yang akan saya buat ialah saya akan menubuhkan satu studio rakaman untuk kumpulan saya berlatih di samping mencipta lagu lagu terbaru kami.
    selain itu wang yang saya menang jugak saya akan mengeluarkan album pertama saya dengan semua hasil lagu di dalamnya di cipta khas oleh komposer terkenal tanah air mahupun di luar negara. dengan jumlah wang yang cukup besar ini, saya percaya saya akan dapat hasil yang terbaik di kalangan komposer yang terbaik.
    seterusnya, saya akan menyimpan 20% daripada wang yang dimenangi itu di dalam bank untuk simpanan saya dalam bidang seni ini kelak sebab saya percaya langit bukannya selalunya cerah.

    maka itulah cara saya mengunakan wang yang dimenangi dari pertandingan battle of the bands.

  21. papabear :

    would love to watch but simply can’t… all the best to the winners, both band and bloggers!!!

  22. zam :

    Gbob Rock!

  23. zam :


  24. Isaac Tan :

    Aww, I guess I’m not the first 15 commenters, but I’ll comment anyway because am really hoping to get these tics.

    how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion?

    20k for charity, 20k to invest in bonds, 20k to clear off my outstanding debts, 20k for my parents who brought me up with love, and… the final 20k will be used to PARTY with my friends~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, will you be my friend then?


    Best Regards,
    Isaac Tan

  25. ainihussin :

    USD100??? wow! amazing!

  26. Arman :

    i will invest it into music store that i dream on.

  27. Alan Lim :

    Q:how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion?

    A:No need think so much, goto travel around the world to get ideas for the next rock music production…

  28. lost kitty :

    how you would spend the USD100,000 if you were the GBOB champion?

    I will spend it by buying a new computer for me and no one can use it aside from me. Next, I will give some to my parents or might be the whole money because I am still a highschooler.
    Budak-budak tak boleh pegang duit banyak.

    Just realise that this post has reached 15 comments. Argh! Too bad

  29. mem :


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