Introducing another way to optimize your Nuffnang earnings

Hello Nuffnangers!

It’s been almost 4 years since Nuffnang has started and in that time we’ve helped our community collectively earn millions of RM from their blogs. It’s a constant challenge for us at Nuffnang, always looking for new ways to bring more rewards to our community. This year we’ve decided to roll out an additional system to our current banner ad network.

Many of you probably know that there are two types of ad campaigns that run on Nuffnang for the past two years, which are the Cost per Click (CPC) ads and Metered Cost per Impression (mCPM) ads. The main difference between them is that for CPC ads, you get paid when genuine clicks are generated from ads on your blog, while for mCPM ads, you’re paid according to the unique impressions advertisers purchase from your blog who’ll be able to see the ad. You can actually read more about these ad types on our FAQ page, or write in to our helpdesk to find out more!

Not everyone has a constant stream of ads running all the time so we’ve been experimenting with methods in which to further optimize the ad space from your blogs and increase earnings. After consulting some of our loyal Nuffnangers, we’ve decided to roll out our first Cost Per Action (CPA) ads. With CPA ads, you get rewarded whenever there’s a specified action desired by the advertiser e.g. a product being purchased or, a registration form being submitted as a result from clicking on the ad from your blog etc. The amount earned will range from the transaction involved. The more difficult it is to do the transaction the more you earn. For example, if users who click on a banner are meant to just fill up a form, a blogger can earn say RM1 to RM20 per sign up (depending on the advertiser). However if it’s something more challenging, say if something of high value is bought then the amount rewarded can be even over RM50 being rewarded per transaction.

Please note that mCPM or “buffered earnings” (as some Nuffnangers refer to it as) will always take priority over CPC or CPA ads. Should your blog be selected by an advertiser for an mCPM ad, it will override the CPC and CPA. The CPC and CPA ads will only come on if there are no other ads running.

If you don’t want to have any CPA ads on your blog however, feel free to turn the option off using the Blog Manager tab on your dashboard. We’ll be watching over the new CPA model as time goes by and tweaking it over time to ensure it turns out to be an effective new stream of income.

And that’s all there is to CPA ads :) Thank you, Nuffnangers, for your everlasting support!

If you have any questions, feel free to write in to us via our helpdesk.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. ARC™ :


  2. hamzah :

    Fuhyooo.. Cool. Lg byk la duit pasni. Har har har

  3. Blur :

    kurang faham la mcam mane nak aktifkan CPA nie

  4. fadzioriq :

    if there’s a like button, i will absolutely “Like” this! =)

  5. sillylupie :

    Sounds so cool!!
    Except the ‘understanding’ part, no fault of nuffnang, I’m just too slow to comprehend stuff!
    But, I’m quite sure if it nuffnang, it must be cool (this is the part I bodek!)

  6. Azham Vosovic :

    Okay! This is a good news for small+cute bloggers like us…keep on uodating us with the latest info…

  7. zakia :

    thank you nuffnang.bileee lah i nak dapat buffered earnings ni heee ;)

  8. :

    1st! Nice Nuffnang!

  9. Andy :

    That seems cool .Maybe up to RM 50 as a reward is quite good la . Hope I can get a reward like that . =P

  10. Zala Wajik :

    wuuw another improvement on way to earn more money from Nuffnang ^______^

  11. myvitrd :

    ni kaedah baru ke nak dapatkan earning dari nuffnang?

  12. :

    i wonder…so is it means that CPA ads will appear only on blog with highest traffic or including blog with regular traffic?

    All blogs on the network are eligible for CPA ads regardless of traffic.

  13. sha-hir@meng :

    good jobs..
    really like it.

  14. Roseli A Bakar :

    Good Work Nuffnang !

  15. Rowlin :

    Wow! New Method!

  16. Moco :

    Wow,Nuffnang is very clever..!

  17. kaizen :

    wow…. i think i wanna try CPA… new is always better isnt? hehe

  18. daus :

    WOOOW ! Nice Nuffnang..

    I hope you can put more Ads :)

  19. Mama Zara :

    wahh..good job nuffnang team for ur new way for ads :)

  20. papabear :

    This is interesting. Can’t wait to see it in action!

  21. papabear :

    BTW, where is the option to turn on or off the CPA? Just went over to the dashboard but could not locate it.

    It’s located under the Blog Manager tool.

  22. Kancilbiru :

    wow!!!! more $$$ to come…yahooo!! thank you Nuffnang!

  23. sim keam beng :

    how to join this “Cost Per Action”

  24. daph :

    oh wow! :) Do we need to sign up or anything?

  25. Wanita Tercantik Di Dunia :

    Cool! It gets better and better!

  26. ailyl rozanna :

    okay understand ! Thank you Nuffnang ! <3

  27. bluedianthus :

    This is a good news. Never thought that Nuffnang will run CPA ads.
    Wish you all the best. I will support Nuffnang though many SEA blog advertising
    community are being developed. :

  28. innovator :

    i want to ask something important..why my earning is still RM0.00 eventhough i`ve promoted my blog to most of my friend..and they said that they had click to the advertisement..i also cannot sign in innit chatter eventhough i`m a gliterati nuffnangers..why?why?help me please

    Kindly write in to our helpdesk and we’ll assist you further.

  29. Ahsan Nur Mubarak :

    Thank you for giving me the first BE!! :D :D


    best best best
    tak sabar nak tengok iklan CPA
    jangan lupa bagi kat blog saya yer.. hihihi…

  31. Ho kang tao :

    Hope to get some CPA ads soon…

  32. hana yoriee :

    owhh..ok..this sounds interesting!

  33. nur :

    wow.. new thing in the house!..kriteria apa yang dapat CPA ?..

  34. Priscilla :

    I feel it’s quite difficult to get earnings :| but still, I can wait. :D
    and awesome infos! :)

  35. Kristy Anne Nunis :

    CPA ads…that sounds good :)

  36. nisa :

    hello…y my earning doesn’t going up..always rm4 even i was using almost 1 year

  37. Vishnudharan Gopal :

    Nice to hear this news… Of course its not easy to earn through really CPA but there will be honest click and not fraud on CPA… Nuffnang always great!!

  38. beaty :

    Just read this just now. Thanks for introducing this to Nuffnangers. Im very new for being Nuffnangers. Hope this CPA giving great opportunity to Nuffnanger to earn reward from Nuffnang..All the best..

  39. De'din :

    nice !
    macam ni pown ok !

  40. aida4eva :

    W0W!!this is very interesting news. may i post this to my blog??

  41. shazika :

    thanks for the information :)

    i love nuffnang. thank you :))

  42. kak ina kl :

    wah bagus..tu sebab setia dengan nuffnang..tq

  43. Ronaldmohoni :

    Change?, I Hope can earn more.

  44. suzieannachan :

    masih tertanya-tanya kenapa still takdapat any earning dr NUFFnang walaupun dah lame sign up.. huhu. T.T

  45. suarapeople :

    great!! thanks a lot nuffnang :)

  46. syu90 :

    really like it~!

  47. anna :

    quite interesting…he3…great… thanks a lot nuffnang …

  48. odahone :

    bravo! bravo! welcome CPA! welcome to my blog! hoho!…ops! terover pulak…

  49. shahroll photo :

    nice job Nuffnang, waiting more from you! watchaaa!! =D

  50. sw33tdarling :

    caiyok caiyok!!!

  51. mien :

    awesome…can’t wait to see dis!!! yeaahhh

  52. aim_marshall :


  53. shekechik :

    thankss..akn setia menunggu nk dpt CPA..hehehe

  54. shazika :


    thanks nuffnang :)

  55. tiefazatie :

    good job guys!
    thanx a lot!

  56. shazika :


  57. cik reena :

    BE pom i xpernah dpt :(

  58. zanna :

    wow!! very interesting…thanx da info.. :)

  59. Daleela :

    yeke best? only applicable to the blog yang always get buffered earning la.. it been a year im writing blog only 2 or 3 day je got buffered earning. Kesian my earning only RM6.30. Hahahaha… funny..

  60. tips-kurus :

    * regardless of traffic-great!! ;)

    CPA=not only Chartered Public Accountant ya!

  61. sabree hussin :

    cool nuffnang

  62. Nazwa :

    this is great! thanks nuffnang :)

  63. zorro :

    Just a question though.. How can I turned off the CPA.. I mean, when I looked at the blog manager option.. It shows that if I want to turn off the CPA I will also need to turn off the CPC.. Can I just switch off the CPA options.. Because I’m doing just great with CPC and mCPM.. Besides the CPA ads have some issues..

  64. malaysiancareer :

    nampaknya selepas CPC sekarang CPA pula,, mungkin nanti untuk lebig hebat nuffnang boleh perkenalkan CPM (cost per month ) pulak ke, maybe ada advertiser yang lebih suka pilih mana-mana blog yang disukai untuk iklankan secara monthly…

    apa pun gud luck nuffnang

  65. Cassy :

    awesome!! happy man

  66. mylia09 :

    REally…..What’s a good news for us…Hopefully I can earn more money…

  67. thomas :

    hope it will bring to better income to our blogs.

  68. hisyam :

    good information..

    nice nuff nang……..

  69. mamawana :

    Still waiting for BE and the next BE and the next BE…CPA pls help me to earn more. Me, keep on updating what ever…. Jomtangkap hantu kat my blog

  70. kaizen :

    x faham sgt la…

  71. mummy nana :

    wow wow macam affiliate lak. tp tak la macam affiliate. thanks nuffnang!

  72. pirate :

    Thx for the new opportunity!

  73. sendra :

    i think i should write something about this in my is quite interesting strategy by nuffnang..clap2..

  74. nyong :

    it really help some people to make money at home.. good strategy!

  75. aslam :


  76. tasha's :


  77. Azlin :

    thanx a lot nuffnang. it is a golden opportunity to us…da bloggers…..like2….

  78. Acheron :

    Apa yang dimaksudkan dengan

    “If you don’t want to have any CPA ads on your blog however, feel free to turn the option off using the Blog Manager tab on your dashboard. We’ll be watching over the new CPA model as time goes by and tweaking it over time to ensure it turns out to be an effective new stream of income.”

    Dan bagaimana hendak mengaktifkan?

    Terima kasih

  79. Aliaa :

    tQ nuffnang.. I love y0u.!

  80. w7 :

    kurang fhm la..
    ade sape2 bleh tlong x???
    ap yg kne bt utk dptkn nya???

  81. Mohd Fitri :

    cool. i thought this idea is very cool. but as for normality, something good needs some serious commitment. to get a person who really interested with the ad might be hard. btw, this is surely cool way to earn money. :)

    thank you nuffnang.

  82. matjoe :

    awesome, now we have CPA

  83. Haw :

    AAAAAAA! (sambil tarik rambut).. napa laa aku lambat baca pasal ni.. tq nuffnang!

  84. venusa :

    Hello, I’m new to nuffnang, I wonder why I already on the CPA and had add the nuffnag ads link in my blog, but my earning still RM0?

    You might have misunderstood how Nuffnang works. Please do read our FAQ further or contact us via our helpdesk so we can help you. :)

  85. Mohd Shahrul Hafizi :

    Welldone Nuffnang! Such action will tremendously increase your clients in the future. I hope Nuffnang will success till the last blood! Ganbate!

  86. babyedday :

    thanks for the great opportunity.
    it’s really help us out.
    we will keep on supporting the only adverts community, NUFFNANG!

  87. mieza sandha :

    please nuffnang..i want CPA adv..bagging u please..

  88. SandyRyan :

    wow..!!! thanks Nuffnang..! =)

  89. Rabia Sensei :

    Wallawey! Awesome! This is a great news. The best part is, it is not based on traffic. As long as someone genuinely click the ads from our blog and fill in form, buy someyhing, do transaction etc..the more money we will get. Thanks Nuffnang =D

  90. farhana :

    macam mana nak pasang iklan dalam blog ? lepas tu , macam mana duit boleh masuk tanpa berbuat apa2 ?

  91. derek :

    how do i turn off CPA without turning off CPC?

  92. Liza :

    how to earn money from Ads..

  93. Yuja :

    wooooo… cool habis.

  94. jalil :

    Bila satu iklan dikongsi di facebook oleh pengikut-pengikut unik blog, kemungkinan blog-blog akan dilayari oleh bukan pengikut unik. mereka akan terus mengklik ikan paparan oleh Nuffnang. Mereka terus ‘sign-up’ untuk iklan tersebut. Dapatkah Nuffnang memperolehi data yang menunjukkan klik itu berlaku di blog yang terlibat? Jika tiada satu kaedah untuk masalah seprti ini, dapatkah kami mengoptimumkan pendapatan? thanx.

  95. mamahani :

    thanks a lot nuffnang :)

  96. Kak Sue :

    Kalau betul teknik dan caranya, CPA boleh menghasilkan pendapatan yang amat lumayan.
    Syabas Nuffnang!

  97. kakNor :

    quite interesting…


  98. nirlestari :

    suatu pembaharuan yang agak menarik..
    syabas nuffnang

  99. anjungsena :

    Hope can got that, terima kasih , tow Ce , thank you , rumenandre , nuffnang

  100. 3 Suku 5 Minit :

    This is way cooler!!! congrats Nuffnang and it’s time to increase your earning ‘pipol’ !!!

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