Om Nom Nom Your Way to Hong Kong!

Are you a fan of Amazing Race Asia? Have you ever dreamt of competing in a “food edition” where the Amazing Race and challenges are all based on your favourite past time – food and eating? Well imagine no more! Maxis now brings you “The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race” where we are looking for 60 bloggers to race against time to complete various food challenges all around Malaysia and win great prizes!

Date: 15 January 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Modesto’s, Ground Floor, Capital Square, 7 Persiaran CapSquare 50100, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8am-7pm
(all participants must register before 9am)
Dress code: customized “The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race” T-shirts will be provided (please indicate your desired size in your blog post entry)

You’ll be starting off and ending the race at Modesto’s, Capsquare, but the route that you’ll need to take on the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race will be filled with tons of other food. Tons of glorious food. *mops drool up* If the thought of Amazing Race-style challenges while savouring the best of Malaysian cuisine doesn’t get you excited yet, maybe the prizes will. Check out the amazing prizes you stand to win in the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race:

There are 2 main prizes to be won. The 2 teams who earn the most points will win the following:
1st Prize: A trip to Hong Kong 3 days 2 nights with 5-star accommodation (for the winning team members of 4 pax) worth RM10,000, and also 4x HTC Desire Z (1 per winning member)
2nd Prize: 4 x HTC 7 Mozart (1 per winning member)
All 60 participants will be rewarded with Maxis goodie bags.

Yes, you read that right – the winning team gets a 3D/2N trip to Hong Kong worth RM 10,000! We know you’re probably scrambling all over yourselves to prepare your submissions for this race now, so here’s what you need to do to score yourself a spot in the race:

1. Write a blog post titled “One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race“, and tell us why you would love to be a part of this Maxis Om Nom Nom Race.
2. Include the “Maxis contest participant” badge below in your post by embedding the codes below:

*NOTE: If you have already submitted your entry, you do not need to amend the badge used.

3. Include these links:
and share that the challenge will involve the iPhone 4, the Finder301 application and Wireless Broadband, all available through Maxis.
4. When you’re done with your post, submit your entry by filling in your details in the form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

The 60 Nuffnangers with the most creative entries will be selected to take part in the race. Deadline for submissions is 5 pm, 12 January 2011 (Wednesday) so hurry, Nuffnangers! Be a part of the first Amazing Race Malaysia style – food challenge and win fantastic prizes!

Find out more here:

Maxis Finder301 Application:
This location-based app provides you with information on food, restaurants, ATMs, banks, clinics, police stations and more around you.

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll love the food listings. FINDER301 has the largest food listings in Malaysia, and it’ll help you find great food around you. Get phone numbers, addresses, food reviews and even a map to help you get there.

Plus, sign up to be a FINDER301 contributor & you’ll be able to share your comments on the food places you’ve been to.
Find out more here:

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race – Details and Terms & Conditions:

1. 60 bloggers with the best entries will be selected for the race. All will be teamed up in 15 teams of 4.

NOTE: You may choose to apply in a team of 4 if you have already chosen your own team members OR you can apply as individuals – where Nuffnang will pair you up with other individuals. Please indicate your preference in your blog post)

2. You are to come up with your own team name (One agreed by all team members).

3. Maxis Angels will be given top priority (login to Nuffnang account, click Evangelist, pick Maxis)

4. Each of the 15 teams will be equipped with an iPhone 4 (with finder301 and GPS applications installed), a laptop and Maxis wireless broadband modem to assist in their tasks.

5. There is a requirement of 1 car per team for travelling purposes to each location, The chosen team member to drive must provide a valid driving license.

6. Please arrange for 1 umbrella for each of your teams in case it rains.

7. All teams will be briefed at the starting point (Modesto’s CapSquare) on the day’s events.

8. At the starting point and each location, each team will receive an envelope of clues and instructions on how to find their next location. The iPhone 4 GPS and Finder301 applications will be instrumental to finding these locations. Riddles will also have to be solved.

9. Once at a correct location, there will be Maxis Om Nom Nom Race “marshals” ready to assist. They will point you to your assigned table and you will be served some of the venue’s best dishes. Upon sampling these dishes you are to then write a blog review on the restaurant and its dishes (with the laptop and maxis wireless broadband modem provided) . You must include “The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race” within the title of your post.

NOTE: It is up to your team to decide whose blog you will post the review on. But each team member must post up at least one review in the entire race. You can post up the same review on more than one team member’s blog.

10. Only after you have successfully posted your blog post and shown it to one of the Marshals, can you then be given the envelope to the next set of clues and location.

11. Winners are determined on a POINTS basis:
a) The less time you take, the more points you gain
b) The higher the quality of your blog review, the more points you gain
c) For bonus points, post each review on all 4 team members’ blogs.
d) For extra bonus points, tweet and update your facebook status on your Maxis Om Nom Nom Race activities and blog reviews.
e) There will be 5 main locations for the hunt. There will be a specific timeframe for each location (e.g. 11am – 12noon : Location 2) . If you do not arrive at a location in time, points will be deducted.

13. You do NOT need to attempt all 5 locations (if time does not allow it) but the more venues you cover the more points you can gain!

14. There will be a fun game challenge at the end of the Race for you to win extra prizes!

15. There will be a closing party/award ceremony around 7pm to celebrate the efforts of all 60 bloggers.

16. Announcement of the chosen bloggers will take place on 13th January along with the announcement of fellow team members.

17. Only bloggers who have submitted an entry and are selected for this event contest- are entitled to win prizes. If a team of chosen bloggers wishes to recruit a friend or fellow external blogger in this event, that new team member will not be entitled to any prizes.

16. Contest Period: 4th Jan – 12th Jan 2011

Note: if you are selected and are unable to attend on the 15th January, please inform the Nuffnang Helpdesk ASAP no later than 12noon on 14th January so that rearrangements can be made.

Sign up as a Maxis Angel now to get first priority on more exciting promotions and contests like these to come.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. joshuaongys :


  2. Mohd zaid :

    Saya nak joinn.. Wahh dapat bercuti ke HK bestnya

  3. engtaukia :

    woohoO~ i want !!!

  4. eyriqazz :

    Is it all the food is Halal food?

    Yes, all outlets have a Halal kitchen

  5. Jimmy :

    Best Best!!!

  6. Joshualaw :

    2 events on the same day? o.O

  7. Nasz :

    nice. really want to participate. hehe.

    very cool event. chance to meet new friends.

  8. nikel :

    woo.. awesome prize given

  9. Yih Yann :

    Hi, for the pre blog post for the race, only one of the team member or all the team members need to write?

    All team members required to write, link each other’s blog to show that you’re a team

  10. shahroll photo :

    Nom nom!! what the best event lah.. huhu, cool!

  11. farra-eng :

    good luck guys

  12. eyriqazz :

    If joining n have team already, is it one entry is enough or all need to do the entry as well?

    Everyone needs to write an entry, but you can share in your post who you’re teaming up with and link their posts. :)

  13. Sue Fei :

    Done and submitted! ;)

    *keeping fingers crossed!* ;)

  14. Nuyui :

    fuh kiri.. fuh kanan……

  15. Nuyui :

    opss… koi dah sent ke Om Nom Nom Race.. yg nih saje nak bagi tau lebeh.. ehehehehhe

  16. Catherine :

    *Note: if you are selected and are unable to attend on the 13th January, please inform the Nuffnang Helpdesk ASAP no later than 12noon on 12th January so that rearrangements can be made.*

    you mean 15th or 13th?

    Whoops, fixed the error, thanks for pointing it out :)

  17. daydeck86 :

    try my luck

  18. kellyng :

    if there’s only 2 of us joined and we want to be in the same team, is it possible? we don’t mind having another 2 new members as long the both of us can be together :D

  19. Anak Perak :

    Kereta dan minyak sendiri kan?

  20. andyhowtt : dah siap..and dah submit

  21. encik kimi :


  22. nur :

    nice nice.. would ove to join but.. i promote je lah..

  23. xinvee :

    Hey this event sounds really cool ! I so wanna join this !

    but hey, is there an age limit ? :p

  24. jard :

    looking for teammate!

  25. Serge Norguard :

    i see belts being unbuckled, shirts unbutton, pants/shorts/skirts unzip and a michellin-type paunch draping out once this is all over.

  26. JEJAI :

    Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..Watch Out “The TALIBARUTS'” in on the move..hehe

  27. Asfiedaimpiana :

    Hii nuff just to correct ur date.. 12 january is wednesday not sunday, tq

  28. eyriqazz :

    Submitted mine “The Talibaruts”

  29. Shazwani :

    Yeahhh.. I join!

  30. adam :

    if we choose to enter in team of 4, is there any possibility that only one person qualified to enter the contest and not all four?

  31. Kheirul :

    heheh… wait for my entry lah…..
    banyak syiok nih…..

  32. Jinwei :

    How many members per team ah?

  33. AzyM :! Nak join!!! :D

  34. Bean Moreno :

    This is my TALIBARUTS TEAM :

  35. aimi :

    nak join! amazing race tak dapat, yang ni pun boleh! hahaha


  36. Tan Sia Yang :

    OMG, this is so freaking cool, my dream to race in sth like amazing race! Arghhhh!!! I want it so badly!!!!!!!

  37. Tan Sia Yang :

    Hi Nuffnang, I would like to ask if I got the place but my other 3 friends submitted their entries but didn’t get the places, can I call them along to form a team?Or if I call non-nuffnanger friends along to form a team can I? And if we win then how the prize will be? only 1 smart phone and hk trip 1 pax given to me or 4 smart phones and hk trip 4 pax given to me and all my friends

  38. Mohd Zaid :

    One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

    “Team Kami Telah Bersedia 110%” :)

  39. Azree :

    Safely submitted.


    fuuhh2..macam bez je ni..semartphone tuuu…huhu

  41. puterinuur :

    can i write in Malay?

    Yes, you can

  42. Tan Sia Yang :

    Hi Nuffnang, I would like to ask if I got the place but my other 3 friends submitted their entries but didn’t get the places, can I call them along to form a team?Or if I call non-nuffnanger friends along to form a team can I? And if we win then how the prize will be? only 1 smart phone and hk trip 1 pax given to me or 4 smart phones and hk trip 4 pax given to me and all my friends or what?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  43. nina mustaffa :

    Hi Nuffnangger….

    This is my entry….Hopefully we will be selected….

    wish me luck….

  44. UtamaOptometrist :

    nak join nak join!

  45. Candice Lim :

    can I write in Chinese?

    Keh yi

  46. zakia :

    nak join,tapi event dkt KL.i dekat penang. :(

  47. Bro Framestone :

    ok.. sudah submit… mahu menang huhuhu

  48. sw33tdarling :

    i already digi angel… can i change to maxis angel…?

    Yes, but there’s a pending period of 2 weeks before you can leave any Evangelist brand

  49. myvitrd :

    wah..menarik & tertarik.. nanti aku cari idea sebelum 12hb.. sapa nak ambil aku sebagai team..hehehe.. aku nak pergi hong kong melancong…

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  52. Candice Lim :

    and any age limit?

    Nope. But if you’re below 18, make sure you get your parents’ permission before you join

  53. Eazy Izzuddin :

    i’m a little big confuse,
    just asking, must post the entry about this Race…
    with good entry will be choosen to join ea?

    Yes, but priority will be given to Maxis Angels

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  55. JULYA :

    Hai Nuffnang. saya dah join. hope kali ni terpilih lagi.

  56. Cathey Schleisman :

    your article is fantastic and so nice that we have many kinds of plus size womens clothings! welcome to visit our

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  58. shahroll photo :

    i’m DONE! please read my humble post *grin*


  59. teddyuna :

    oh my… i wanna join this..but i’m not in kl right now.. T-T
    guess we just can enter if we post entry..maybe i’m not the lucky one

  60. phreak-id :

    Handsomely did. Check it out!

    > One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

    Terbaru > One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race > Tukar Banner/Link Dengan phreak-id > Selamat Bersekolah

  61. MuJE :

    alaaaa…. aku bukan maxis evangelist…huhuhu

  62. lAl :

    Sudah siap!!!! lets enjoy! :P

  63. Vince :


  64. khaisim :

    Hello! :D Awesome event, can’t wait for 15th Jan! And that is not an overstatement!

    Anyway, done AND submitted my entry!

    Along with my teammates’ :)

    Here’s to a great start for 2011!




  66. kimicnol :

    good luck2..wish me luck ;)

  67. farysa :

    nak join jugak tp kena cari team.
    spe2 kosong tu nk isi tmpt boleh?

  68. lih wern :

    So even if I’m a Digi, i still can join right?

    Yes, you may but priority will be given to Maxis Angels

  69. fatin aliyya :

    sy nk submit entry tp dkt part ‘address’ tue jadik error.dh bnyk kali buat ttp jugak error.kenapa eh?help me asap.thnx
    btw, my entry

  70. Lightmaster :

    I can’t submit my link…
    anyways I will submit here

  71. Mai :

    Hi, I am confused with the

    17. Only bloggers who have submitted an entry and are selected for this event contest- are entitled to win prizes. If a team of chosen bloggers wishes to recruit a friend or fellow external blogger in this event, that new team member will not be entitled to any prizes

    is that means that, we can select non-blogger as our team member ? i have 3 blogger friends and i wish to add in another friend of mine, but she is not a blogger. Is it possible ?

    Thanks… =)

    Yes, but your friend will not be eligible for any prizes

  72. Jeff :

    Just notice the badge has been changed.. So which badge should we use actually? Thank

    If you have already submitted your entry, the old badge is fine

  73. luckystrike :

    Hai, i have submitted my entry. However, I just found out that the “Maxis contest participant” badge has been changed? Should we change that in our blog so that we meet the requirement?

    No, the previous badge is fine

  74. afiq :

    really interesting event!!! keep it up!!! i’ll join this event!! =P

  75. Simon Har :

    Om Nom Nom!

    By the way, I realised that Nuffnang has changed the badge. Is it ok to use the previous badge?

    Yes, you do not need to change the badge

  76. phreak-id :

    Eh, the badge/picture change. I have to re-edit the entry or this one is acceptable too?

    > One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

    **please delete my previous comment as i put a wrong link**

    Anyway, since i never state if i will forming a group. Will we have a choice to choose our own group member on the event day base on whom invited to the event?

    Thank you..

    The previous badge is acceptable. If you have not stated your team members in your blog post, you will be assigned to a team with other participants on the day itself

  77. Farid :

    Dah join

    cmne nk thu kte angel list untk maxis or tidak?

  78. Filivi :

    submit my link aldy.
    Wish me luck. really excited to be a part of this amazing even. ^^V

  79. muse :

    finally done.i wish im one of the 60 bloggers. Wish me luck

  80. Eazy Izzuddin :

    im joining

  81. mojoko :

    I dah siap dah…..mana-mana team pun boleh…saya tak kisah…!

  82. darkbatman :

    check this out..

  83. Ciklilyputih :

    Hey Nuffies,

    Submit the link already.

    Here’s mine :

    And here’s for my teamate :
    Hamzah Ian –
    Daydeck –
    Shahrol –

    Hopefully we can get the invitation..

  84. Jayleo :

    submitted :D

    means a team needs to consist of 4 members rite? regardless of bloggers/non-bloggers? or is it a team made up of 4 bloggers + u can bring along how many friends u want?

    All team members have to be Nuffnangers

  85. darkbatman :

    hopefully our team terpilih..

  86. redlinda :

    My entri..

  87. Farid :

    Team mate cmne nak cari….

    Spe nk amik aku

  88. Tammy Miu :

    is there an age limit?

    No, there is no age limit

  89. Syarih :

    my entry. hope not to late!!

  90. Yih Yann :

    I’m get ready for the Om Nom Nom Race.

    Our team name is FOOD BRIGADE.

    My team members are ready too.
    Tai Choo Yuan (
    Soo Wei Siong (
    Nini Ong Suk Lian (

  91. adam :

    waaah. sume orang punya post power power. intimidating.

  92. JaMaR :

    i dh antr, tp cam permalink dh digunakan. leh confirmkan dah sent or not ye..

  93. phreak-id :

    If that’s the case, i already edit the entry and put my newly form team info there. thanks. and let me in!!!

    hehehe :p

    > One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

  94. IXBARR :

    can i see this programme in any channel such as Youtube etc.?

    Latest entry :
    Join Amazing Race Malaysia Style-Food Challenge sblm 12 January!!


    Maybe? :D

  95. aim_marshall :

    nak join gak…sape nak cari team mate…jom!! tgh mencarik gak nih

  96. Samantha Chow :

    Hi, would like to know how would you know if we post it up on Twitter and Facebook? Should we leave a special link or is there any hash tag we can use?

  97. POjiepooh :

    Ok siap!!



  99. eRiCa :

    best of luck to all!

  100. hizami rahim :

    do we need to submit link in this comment section?

    No, it’s not necessary

  101. Mah@mahu :

    I already joint here and ready to run for your life wakakakakak.. come guys comment me here ok…

    Hope enjoy it…

  102. Michelle Leong :

    Hope to get in!

  103. Tan Sia Yang :

    Hi guys, enjoy reading this!! Team Phantom gonna rock our way towards the end of Maxis Om Nom Nom Race…………Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :-) :-)

  104. jard :

    is it true? that chances for bloggers who apply in groups are more likely to get this than bloggers who apply as individuals?

    Priority will be given for Maxis Angels, then creativity, then group

  105. Yvonne Chew :

    This is my blog =D

    Im ready for the race!! Thanks nuffnang n maxis for organizing this event =Dl

  106. Eefar :

    Here’s my entry:

    and this is my partner’s entry, we want to be in the same team =)

    Enjoy reading our post =)

  107. Eefar :

    Let say that we join in a team of 4, is it possible that not all 4 will be chosen to join the competition?

  108. Xin :

    Yo Yo~ Phantom is coming to eat all the food and win all the prizes. hee =D

  109. El Zaffril :

    Just Try My Luck.

  110. YuhJiun :

    Hmm may I ask where’s the evangelist to said that Im a maxis angel? I can’t find it

    In order to be a Maxis Angel, log on to your Nuffnang account, click on the ‘Evangelist tab’, choose Maxis and ‘Start Evangelising’. The Evangelist program is only open to Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers.

  111. Alyza Fisol :

    dh anta dh… :D

  112. Sutan :

    This is my entry

  113. Tan Sia Yang :

    THE PHANTOM IS 100% Ready for Maxis Om Nom Nom Race!!! Haha, we are over anticipated to it!!! Weeee!!!

    THE PHANTOM consisted of:

    1. Ickes-
    2. Calrance-
    3. Belle-
    4. Nigel-

    Have fun reading!

  114. Moon :

    my entry …baik punyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  115. Mai :

    Hey guys.. here is my entry…

    I am having my stomach ready for this race !! xD

  116. Naki Chiam :

    Not sure if I’ve submitted this so I’m going to post here again :)

  117. JacquelineKhoo :

    Gogogo!! Nommies! x)

  118. Aus MeLankoLik :

    dah siap !!!

  119. Christy :

    Me and my team! Nommies! Come visit =D

  120. Che :

    Submitted my entry!

    And looking for partner(s). :)

  121. Filla :

    hope to be chosen.. dah buat entry terbaek dari ladang..
    check it out
    tq maxis and nuffnang!

  122. myvitrd :

    saya tak dapat nak join.. tapi bagi sokongan dekat team Geng talibarut

    jom baca entri khas untuk tanda sokongan ni..

  123. Qarl :


    my team – THE GLUTTONOUS and i are ready for the race! yeah! hehe

    my entry

    mt team mates;
    Adi Luqman :
    Wan Fuuyoo :

    note that there are 3 of us. 1 more space is open to anyone! hopefully we can meet and make new friend!

  124. belladelarosa :

    heyy this is my entry!

    will be in my team

    other will submit soon.

  125. Umadevi vengdesh :

    check it out…heheehee

  126. wansteddy :

    Dengan penuh usaha dan keazaman saya bina entry ini.
    Jemputlah baca kawan-kawan :D

  127. SYAZWAN :



  128. Adi Luqman :


    my team – THE GLUTTONOUS and i are ready for the race! yeah! hehe

    my entry

    mt team mates:
    Mohd Haiqal :
    Wan Fuuyoo :

    note that there are 3 of us. 1 more space is open to anyone! hopefully we can meet and make new friend!

  129. Moon :

    this is my entry

    my team ..nom nom burpppp

    Fila –
    Sutan –
    Zaimi –

    yihhhaaaaaaaaaa PICK US PICK US

  130. Kay :

    super late, but check mine out!:)

  131. Ickes :





    Enjoy Reading!

    Team PHANTOM surfs the wind at the speed of light!
    Surrender now and or prepare to lose!

  132. belladelarosa :

    fuhhhh joining this contest!with my team!

    hope all will be chosen.:)
    our team name=food fetish!

    tq!omg girls team uhuhu.

  133. hsien :


    hope i’ll be chosen.

  134. nabila ramly :

    im joining this competition ;)

    this is my entry ;) will be in my team

    hope to be chosen ;)

  135. mira :

    hello..i’ve already submitted it.

    hopefully my team will be selected in this race.

    Go go go fighting “Clumsy Om Nom Girls”!!..(^___^)

  136. SyazanaRazak :

    Done. x sabar nk makan banyak2! selamat membaca. harap terpilih. insyaAllah =)))

  137. MH :

    hope we get it!:)

  138. Ickes :

    When can we know the result on who will be chosen for the race? Waiting for it!! Thanks!

  139. Asfiedaimpiana :

    Got email fm nuff..200 participant, too many n less chances to get i think .. :(

  140. AN :

    hey there..was told email has been sent out to say winners will be picked, but i havnt received anything?

  141. Kay :

    Ickes: haha.. so did u receive the email? :)

  142. tzeing :

    gogogo.. cant wait for 2morrow event… =)

  143. Angah :

    I also do not receive any email from Nuffnang.. Pity me !!

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