Lift Your Senses with F&N Magnolia Sherbet

The 5 winners with the most creatively written blog posts (in no particular order) are as below:

1. Carmen Wong (
2. Joshua Wong (
3. Hilda Teo (
4. Ahmad Syafiq Bin Mohd Hasib (
5. Foo Er Ling (

The winners of the most creatively completed blog post titles are as below:

Week 1 – Carmen Wong, with the title “A Magnolia Sherbet a Day Keeps All My Other Cravings Away!”
Week 2 – Vishnudharan A/L Gopal, with the title “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day Activate Your Taste Bud Everyday
Week 3 – Ahmad Syafiq Bin Mohd Hasib, with the title “A Magnolia Sherbet a Day Reminds Me of My Childhood Memory Everyday

Congratulations to all winners! :)

We all love a good serving of ice cream once in a while, but the rich cream also often comes with a post-dessert coma. Have you ever wished that there was an alternative which was just as yummy as ice cream, but without the richness of regular ice cream?

That’s where F&N Magnolia Sherbet comes in. Lift your senses with F&N Magnolia Sherbet – its texture is lighter and smoother than regular ice cream, and contains real fruit pieces/puree – it’s a refreshing pick-me-up like no other!

Available in 4 variants of Lychee, Mangosteen, Melon and Orange, the fruity flavours perk you up without the heaviness of a full-dairy ice cream. It’s perfect for those of us who want to indulge a little every now and then without feeling guilty about it.

Here’s your chance to enjoy some refreshing sherbet and be rewarded at the same time. F&N is organising a blogging contest exclusively for Nuffnangers where you could win up to RM 1,500 in cash! Here’s what you need to do:

1. The contest runs for from 3 January 2011 – 31 January 2011.
2. Write a blog post with the title, “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day _______” and complete the sentence with any catchy phrase you like. “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day Keeps My Fat Rolls Away”, “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day Gives Me Strength For My Day”… okay we’re sure you can do better than us. :S
3. Tell us about your favourite Magnolia Sherbet flavour as creatively as possible.
4. Include pictures of yourself with your favourite Magnolia Sherbet flavour in your blog post as well! You can download this file for a list of selected outlets for reference where Magnolia Sherbet is available :)
5. When you’re done with your blog post, submit your entry using the form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Check out what you stand to win for exercising your creative imagination:
Best written blog post (x5)
RM 1,500 cash each

Weekly winner (x3)

RM 200 cash each (for the most creatively completed blog post titles of: “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day _____” every week except Week 4, 24-31 January 2011)

Yes, F&N Magnolia is giving RM 1,500 each to FIVE lucky Nuffnangers with the most creative posts, and RM 200 to the Nuffnanger who completes the slogan the most creatively each week for 3 weeks! This means that you could win up to RM 1,700 if your slogan blows our socks off :P

What are you waiting for, Nuffnangers? Lift your senses and get rewarded now!

Terms & Conditions:
F&N Magnolia Sherbet Contest

1. The F&N Magnolia Sherbet blogging contest will be held from 3 January – 31 January 2011 (inclusive both dates) unless notified otherwise.
2. Contest is open to all Nuffnang registered bloggers.

3. Permanent and contract employees of F&N Dairies (M) Sdn. Bhd. (including its subsidiaries and related companies), their immediate family members, its promotion agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies and its associate companies are not eligible to participate, unless stated otherwise.
4. To be eligible for the contest, all participants must be registered members of Nuffnang.

5. Top 5 winners will win RM 1,500 cash each.
6. Three winners with the most creative blog title of “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day _____” every week will win RM 200 each.
7. F&N Dairies (M) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the rights to substitute a prize of similar value at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons thereof.
8. Prizes are non-exchangeable for cash and/or transferable to any third party.
9. Prizes will be presented to each winner by the end of the contest period, subject to changes.
10. Judges’ decision is final and binding.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. fezal :

    menarik . bahasa melayu boleh ?


  2. Kancilbiru :

    best…nak eskrem!

  3. anisism :

    OMG. Finally! A friendly vice! I’m begining to feel good with my 2011 resolutions LOL! XD

  4. carmen :

    yummy :P

  5. Beaty :

    I saw the outlet sell them in Sabah..How do I buy them…so sad

    The list was actually for a selected list of outlets for reference only, you can try looking for it in your local supermarkets :)



  7. :

    It’s getting hot in here! And I want that F&N Magnolia Sherbet!!!

  8. zakia :

    wowwwwwwww,MUST JOIN ! teheeee sedapnyeee ! ;)

  9. cik aina :

    yeahh..wanna join!!!

  10. bluedianthus :

    This is a good start for year 2011. :)
    But I noticed in the full list of Magnolia Sherbet outlets
    that the products are not available in Sabah. So sad..huhu..

    The list was actually for a selected list of outlets for reference only, you can try looking for it in your local supermarkets :)

  11. eqbalzack :

    i will join this contest!

  12. edy :

    wah…nice…nak join

  13. leon chu :


  14. nur :

    wah.. nak joining!!

  15. myvitrd :

    wah terbaik di awal tahun ni.. insyallah pasti tidak ketinggalan.. kena g cari F&N Magnolia Sherbet dulu baru boleh masuk contest ni.. heheh.. tungguuu

  16. MuJE :

    argh! kena pegi beli eskrem ni petang ni jugak!

  17. azlina aziz :

    Tau agak susah nak menjejaki eskrem ni di Sabah tapi saya akan berusaha. Chaiyok2! :D

  18. azieda razak :

    yes nak join.. i love ice cream… kena g cari cepat2…

  19. ellen :

    will try to find this product in Sabah…Happy new year Nuffnang..hope to hear good news also for Sabah nuffnanger again soon..hehe

  20. Beaty :

    I will try to find them in Kota Kinabalu

  21. chunyu :

    only in english? what about chinese?

  22. Jinwei :

    Can I join for every week? :)
    Oh, and I just want to ask a question, the RM1500 is for lucky Nuffnangers or is it for 5 BEST WRITTEN BLOG POSTS? A bit confused. :)

    1. Yes, you can join for every week, provided you submit a separate post which is distinctly different from your previous posts each time.
    2. It’s for the 5 best blog posts :)

  23. md_duan :

    adess..terliur tgk gmbaq..hahah..

  24. nik azila :

    yummy yummy…ice cream…emmm.
    nak cuba dulu ice cream…baru leh masuk contest

  25. mashimaro :

    argh!!!dah makan sekali and it was super awesome!!
    will cari lagi later!!
    will join it!!

  26. seriwangi :

    Sedapnya…..!Tak tahan tengok ice creamnya…tak sabar nak beli, tengok mangkok ice creamnya comel, cantik dan menawan, boleh buat collection lagi weeehhh!

  27. Vishnudharan Gopal :

    The title should be this “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day” or our own “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day __________”

    You have to complete the slogan with your own words.

  28. waniey :

    oh ice cream…antu eskremm dah datang ahhaha

  29. MJ :

    hepi new year!hehe..
    wow,i like ice cream..macam nak join je..=)

  30. Fatin Najwa :

    I’ve tried this ice cream before . real yummy ! x)

  31. kaizen :

    lapar2…. hahaha akan ku hunt eskrim nih sehingga ke peti sejuk!!! wahaha

  32. honeyvsbee :

    wow! nk join :) kalau ada masa lah!

  33. Eryn :

    wohoooo!!! Im so gonna grab all 4 of these F&N magnolia sherbet!!!!!

  34. NoktahHitam :

    Nanti balik2, muke same jugak menang.

  35. madeline :

    wanna join but there isn’t any outlet selling them in Sarawak here.. too bad!!!

    The file is only a list of selected outlets for reference, you can try finding it at your local supermarkets :)

  36. yoreyore :

    wow..tggu apa lg cpt p beli ice cream ni..haha aq mmg suka ice cream nih yummmyyyy

  37. asfieda :

    Hii nuff…this contest will run for 4 week, can we join it every week or 1 entry only?

    You can join every week as long as you submit a separate entry which is distinctly different from your previous entry(s).

  38. nisa fadzil :

    wah, sangat menarik! kena charge camera ni esok nak posing dengan ice cream Magnolia :]

  39. hisyamudin fadzil :

    macam sedap jer.. nak cari lah!!!

  40. Bro Framestone :

    kena bergambar ek.. ok mahu cari dulu

  41. khairunnisa :

    wow! nak join.. nak join…

  42. has ishak :

    yang part include pictures of yourself with your favourite Magnolia Sherbet flavour in your blog post as well, takpe ke kalau buat super impose? hehehe..

    Boleh, tapi can utk menang tu rendah ah

  43. MeMhalid :

    Bm boleh ker?


  44. tip-kurus :

    uuuuuu… eat! eat! eat before you sick:)

  45. lizz :

    nak join…best2

  46. juli1202 :

    i love the Mangosteen! tried it during the roadshow at jusco mv…

  47. JEJAI :

    OMG!OMG! ice cream..yeahh..where can i get one..haiyoo..air liur dah meleleh dah nie…

  48. UtamaOptometrist :

    yup! I just tried it! Its so yummy! Refreshing!
    Great TASTE~ ^_______________________^

  49. WendyVictoria :

    i wanna take part it’s not selling at where i’m staying! =(

    Be patient, it will be available soon!

  50. JaMaR :

    harus join nih..tiap2 minggu leh submit post kan?

  51. jennifer :


  52. Amancalledamie :

    i will join this. boleh ke kalau tajuk dia kita letak bahasa inggeris tapi isi penting dia atau tulis dalam bahasa melayu or just translate dia punya makna dari english punya tajuk ke bahasa malaysia ja? please admin give some reason for me to make me say ” thais rock..i will join!

    Tajuk tu kena ikut lah, tapi isi dia tulih lah dlm Bahasa ;)

  53. Cik lily putih :

    submit already!

  54. roqreynosa :

    i just want to ask….there will be 5 winners rite, so it is like 1 winner for each week, or the 5 winners will be announced at the same time?…..

    The 5 winners for the most creative posts will be announced at the same time, after the end of the contest

  55. nia_oii :

  56. IXBARR :

    i wish the ice cream also got in terengganu….huhu

  57. ^mIss MatAhAriEy^ :

    i should join this contest for sure.. just falling in love with the picture of the ice cream.. yummy…

  58. mummy nana :

    alamak best ni. kalau sempat i join.

  59. gnesop :

    menarik! nak gi beli magnolia sherbet skrg jugak!

  60. Lorna :

    uiii semangat gak nk joinn neh :) haruusss g carik jap gi..hehe..

  61. chunyu :

    Chinese cannot?

    Keh yi

  62. hanisyahani :

    mcm bes sajo, dlm bhs melayu boley?


  63. kai :

    uish! make me hungry right know! meleleh air liuq ne.. adeh..

  64. farah :

    boleh tak letak gambar orang lain…? atau ramai2..?

    Gambar sendiri

  65. nadia :

    macam bes jek.. nak tulis bhsa melayu boleh ke?


  66. Firming Face Cream :

    Hi there! Very useful post! I am very glad that I was able to stumble upon your blog while searching Google. Koodles for this great post!

  67. mamawana :

    Yezzaaaa….sedaplicious tewwww…I’ll join. OMG give me the chances to win one of the prizes.

  68. Wong :

    May i know how to get a permalink from?

    Permalink can normally be obtained from the title of your post. Just right click on it and select ‘Copy Link Location’.

  69. jard :

    just bought all four flavors!! hehehehe

  70. roy :

    erm…. yum yum

  71. MERAH :

    wahhhhh macam best je!!nak joinnnnn nanti.
    tapi aiskrim ni x ada kat kuantan pon??

    Jgn risau, nnti dia sampai ah. Eskrem sedap camni mesti ada kat mana2 di Malaysia

  72. kyuubi :

    i love ice cream! will try my luck with this one! :)

  73. The Traveler :

    Interesting contest

  74. Franz :

    kat kuantan dah ada x ?

  75. elynn shazlin :

    i wanna try !!

  76. mie :

    Tak jumpa lagi yang jual di kawasan Kedah ni…

  77. adam :

    Oh, based on what i read on the previous comments, RM 1500 X 5 is not RM 1500 for five persons for each week right? Is it possible if a person win twice? or thrice ?

    The RM 1500 cash prize is for the best 5 entries overall, and not given on a weekly basis.

  78. bardboo :

    ok…will try..

  79. zacky :

    wahh cmbestt jerr

  80. ruby tlm :

    saya sudah pun test this produk on early december 2010..texture very soft very nica test..packing pun comel…jangan ketinggalan untuk dapatkan serbet ni..pasti anda puas hati

  81. mamat :

    join this..

  82. the Girl :

    will be going to mid valley tomorrow… n buy some ice cream… wait for my entry… hihi

  83. Miera Aziz :

    Wow! Menarik! I love ice cream.
    Going to find those ice cream as soon as possible!

  84. ijai :


  85. Azmi Khan :

    Tulis dlm bahasa melayu tak leh ke?


  86. nina_mustaffa :


    this is my entry….


  87. Eunice Lim Wuey Sheen :

    oh yeah! i’ve got my own version!

  88. apenk :

    1.5k ehh..not bad..try tgk bule dpt ke x…

  89. Fiona YJS :

    Not sold in Penang? =(

    The list is only a selected list for your reference, you can try finding it in your local supermarkets

  90. roqreynosa :

    if the blog been written in malay, it still got the same chance to win as the blog written in english rite?

    Yes, everybody stands an equal chance

  91. Eunice Lim Wuey Sheen : i’ve done my best!!

  92. Eunice Lim Wuey Sheen :

    i got a big big question! what do you mean by ”NOTE: Blog URLs submitted as entries will NOT be processed as valid entries.
    Example of a blog URL:
    blog URL submitted as entries, will not be processed as valid entries???
    I really don’t understand…
    is this url ok? >>>

    Yes, it is a valid permalink

  93. cik fyza :

    yay~ weee nak join…write it in Malay ley gak kn…hihi ok nak join~ wewiit ^^,

  94. yangbaik :

    omg!… will me have it a month later?… huhuhu

  95. Tallboyz :

    My blogpost! Hope you guys received my permalink;

  96. mizred :

    waaa! so delicious ! can i have 1? =P

  97. jard :

    hey.. if my picture is in .gif? still acceptable?

    Don’t see why not. :)

  98. hy :

    submitted :D

  99. boyak :

    wosh!! whee~~ nak join!! :D
    tapi..dah merata tempat saya cari..
    x jumpe pun…-.-‘

    Duduk kat mane ni? Meh kita check

  100. kay :

    OTW nak join gak :)

  101. misz sheyla :

    x jumpe gak cari.. cari kat sogo x jumpe…kat the mall pwtc x jumpe…where??????????

  102. aima :

    I`ve done….

  103. eryn :

    hooorayyyyyyy!!! Dearest nuffies, i just found magnolia sherbet!!! Stay tune for my entry ya.. love the melon flavour!!!

  104. Zings :

    wow! i’ve try this ice-cream no longer before,the taste make me unforgettable~
    hmmm..can i write it in chinese version?
    think to present it more fun in my way.
    i’m just try to ask. XD

  105. CMM :

    Ala..kene bergambar ke?he

  106. fuzy :

    i really like ice cream, nyummm3…I’ll participate this contest..wait 4 my entry yahh…yabedabeduuu…

  107. yuslanz : nieee..nk try laaa….hu3x

  108. Rzlan :

    hahah submitted mine….
    kalu pkai bahasa campur2 boley x? english+malay

  109. secantikmanis :

    hoorayyyy my entry done

  110. lisa :

    saya pun mau try la….mcm best kan??

  111. the Girl :

    this is my entry.. hihi

  112. sl :

    hi thr…when submit my entry, I type rather than
    is it still consider valid? refers to your blog URL, only permalinks to your entries will be accepted.

  113. sl :

    so it is mean i my blog post can’t be submitted for this week contest? are there any way to change the mistake?

    You can resubmit your entry with the correct permalink

  114. yangbaik :

    my entry will come soon…

  115. nina_mustaffa :

    This is my entry….

  116. mr curly :

    nk sekelim !!! nk duit !!! ..hikhik

  117. yangbaik :

    olla yummy!

    my entry submitted already… just try my luck…

  118. eLLy :

    emmm nampak sedap.. nak gi beli dulu rasa baru join =)

  119. anak mama's :


  120. Angah :

    My simple post will come forward after I take a picture of Magnolia Sherbet..

  121. weengorgeous :

    I already submitted my entry. but i posted a pic of me with magnolia sherbet in animated gif instead of jpg format. is it still counted? tq :)

  122. Fiona YJS :

    Hey I’ve been searching all over Penang for a week now but I still haven’t found any store which sells Magnolia Sherbet. Can you guys try checking out for me where it is available in Penang?
    Thank you <3

  123. Grace :

    Done and submitted! :)

  124. Nur Fannun :

    wah, sedapnye..nak beli le nti

  125. Dunia Baru :

    saya mestii pileyyyy…

  126. weengorgeous :

    my 2nd attempt :) it’s ok to submit more than one entry. isn’t it?

  127. Vishnudharan Gopal :

    Hi admin,

    I already submitted my post in week 2,Can i update my post to be more creative enable me to be run forward for Best written blog post confidently. :-)

    Yes, you can

  128. zaitun :

    yummy…! :P I want some…

  129. equeen :


  130. UtamaOptometrist :

    Love Magnolia Sherbet!!!

  131. ainna :

    knape kat selected place je…. nk jgk makan aiskim ni..

  132. zakia :

    Helloo,i nak tnye this contest still going on ke tak ? sbb i tgk dkt recent post,dah takde pun pasal this contest.i nak joinnnnnn.please :)

  133. Caveat Lector :


    There was an error when I wanted to submit my entry. I shall submit it here.

    Thanks, and good luck, everyone!!!

  134. vviisshhnnuu :

    Hi admin,

    Which one is the best, whether updating previous week post or making a new post to move confidently in the race for Best written blog post ?

    It’s up to you :)

  135. Abuya Hayat :

    Hi,I just updated my entry @
    Because I am a new blogger, I would really appreciate any comments and feedbacks.
    Peace and love.

  136. Kaseh :


  137. kay :

    If I submitted my entry after 11.59PM 23rd January am I eligible to contest on the slogan? Because my internet connection in my campus currently suck so I can’t submitted on 23rd.

  138. feyus :

    Mesti best nih!!!!. Very nice.:)

  139. wansteddy :

    kaji + design + karang = my entry post —->

    Jemputlah baca dan enjoy!
    1st time buat entry ala-ala novel grafik :D

  140. vviisshhnnuu :

    Seems like we have 1Malaysia based winners in this contest? co-incidence? :-)

  141. theeggyolks :

    here’s our entry :D

  142. ujee :

    saya join contest ni…


  143. weengorgeous :

    yeah. i did noticed about it too. thumbs up nuffnang ;)

  144. ujee :

    hi..mana link i…?
    er…er…disqualified ke?

  145. haswani samilan :

    saya dah join..dalam bm pon takpe kan??

    thanks yep.. =))

  146. vviisshhnnuu :

    @weengorgeous thumbs up Nuffnang and the winners :-)

  147. Eryn :

    Yooo~~!! Seems like everyone is having their great moments with F&N Magnolia Sherbet~~
    taaada… here is mine!!

    F&N Magnolia Sherbet lifted my senses the magical healthy way!! whooshhhh… more to come people! <3

  148. aima :

    i want to join again….

  149. nau :

    sangat menarik…tapi bahasa melayu boleh ke…


  150. Eryn :

    Hey xinxian, i re-submitted my entry because there’s smth wrong with my permanant link for the previous entry.. Please take note of it ya… (THANKS A WHOLE LOTS!!)

    Do enjoy my post ya…(like how u enjoy Magnolia Sherbet!!woots!)

    slrupss!! Seems like F&N Magnolia Sherbet lifted everyone’s senses yoooo…

  151. ezumie :…

  152. Ickes :

    Read my post and please leave me a comment of what do you think of my blog post okay? Thanks, will appreciate your comment!!! :-D

  153. azniz :

    urmmm..yummy..eating get money..who’s dont want??

  154. asya :

    weeeeeee,,interesting tp quite tight wiz the dateline..will try and gimme my best…

  155. Yana Aziz :

    hi! gambar perlu ke?


  156. eyriqazz :

    my last minute entry :

  157. zirconia :

    submitted another one.

  158. Caveat Lector :

    Hey people!!!

    The dateline is over (and I have submitted it).
    Just wanna share it with you guys. ^_^

  159. vviisshhnnuu :

    Comment needed. This is my post:-

  160. hafiz :

    bila boleh tahu result contest ni..

  161. Fatin Najwa :

    I couldn’t find Magnolia Sherbet in any supermarket at my place . I guess its not my luck ;(

  162. vviisshhnnuu :

    how could i lose when i think hmmm…. anyway congratz Nuffies !!

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