Change Your Life with Astro PVR

UPDATE (31/5/2011): The 10 Nuffnangers who reviewed the PVR unit went all out with their reviews, and the lucky Nuffnanger with the most comprehensive and creative reviews winning the grand prize of a 3D/2N getaway to Sutera Harbour in Kota Kinabalu is none other than Nor Iman from! Congratulations Iman, enjoy your holiday :)

UPDATE (20/1/2011): The results of the comment contest are out, and the 10 lucky Nuffnangers who’ll receive a free Astro B.yond PVR + 1 year free subscription to recording services are listed as below (in no particular order):

Congratulations to all, and have fun with your Astro B.yond PVR unit soon! :)

UPDATE (13/1/2011): The contest is now closed! Thank you for your participation.

We probably don’t really realise it, but for many people, a big part of our lives revolve around the TV. Ever felt left out during a discussion of a football match you missed? Or planned for your toilet breaks to happen during your favourite programme’s commercial breaks? Oh, here’s another one. We bet all of you have had the dilemma where say, you REALLY want to see who’s eliminated on American Idol on StarWorld, but REALLY want to catch a thrilling CSI episode on AXN at the same time? How now brown cow?!

Yeah, we might’ve had to make hard choices and sadly miss out on some things in the past, but not anymore. Astro’s latest innovative offering, the Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder (PVR) enables you to RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY all your favourite programmes, including those on HD (High Definition) so that you don’t have to miss a single programme and television moment again. Now, you can watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. On top of that, the PVR will also be able to support exciting new features such as video-on-demand offerings in the future!

The Astro B.yond PVR was launched some time earlier this year, but in case you haven’t been properly introduced to it, here are a few of things the PVR is capable of doing:
Record up to two channels at one time, or
– Watch one live channel while recording another at the same time, or
– Watch one recorded program while recording another two at the same time
Rewind Live TV and enjoy unprecedented instant replays of missed action in normal speed, fast forward speed, or in slow-motion
Pause Live TV while you’re away (say goodbye to scheduled toilet breaks!!), and play it again when you are ready to resume watching the show where you left it

Not too shabby, eh? If you’d like to get an Astro B.yond PVR for yourself and take charge of your TV-viewing experience, we’ve got good news for you! Astro is holding a contest exclusively for you Nuffnangers where you could stand the chance to receive, enjoy and review an Astro B.yond PVR set, and even win a 3D/2N getaway to Sutera Harbour in Kota Kinabalu!

Here’s how it works:
– Drop a comment on this blog post, and answer this question: “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?
– The 10 best comments will be selected to participate in the second stage of the contest, where they will receive a free Astro PVR set and a free 1 year’s subscription to recording services to enjoy & review.
– After the review period has ended, the blogger with the most comprehensive and creative reviews will win the grand prize of a 3D/2N getaway to Sutera Harbour in Kota Kinabalu!
– NOTE: Only existing Astro subscribers are eligible for participation in this contest.

So give us your best shot, Nuffnangers. Tell us how you think having Astro B.yond PVR would change your life, and you could just get the chance to actually experience it yourself!

For more information about Astro B.yond PVR, log on to, or follow Astro on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please view the terms and condition at this link.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. luckystrike :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?

    1. Family members don’t have to fight for the remote control anymore. It would be a win-win solution for all of us.

    2. I don’t have to face the dilemma between friendship and the last episodes of my favourite movie series. I don’t have to face this type of question “Come on la. Movie is more important than your friends’ birthday celebration ar?” anymore.

    3. “Eh, yesterday Rooney made his first ever goal for this year la. You saw it? Damn cun la” “Er…nola, yesterday I had stuff to do la.” With Astro PVR, I would say “Really? Go back I will replay the goal scene for 100 times in my LCD screen.”

    4. After all, I don’t have to give excuse like “Sir, yesterday World Cup final la. *YAWNING*” to my lecturers anymore.

    5. Whenever the phrase “The service is currently not available.” appears in my screen, I would just use Astro PVR and get my ass out for yamcha session with my friends.

    In a nutshell, all my inconveniences caused by movie channel in Astro is all solved. That’s the technology that people wish for. =)

  2. Song :

    I don’t need to buy two television for two TV programs which broadcast-ed on the same time. =)
    And I don’t can keep rewind and replay to learn bicycle kick of Ronaldinho! XDXD

  3. mr curly :

    yesssza!!!..mesti cube ni..hehe..ape2 pun, hepi new year n hepi besday nuffnang..

  4. joegrimjow :

    existing Astro subscribers

    err, the astro acc registered under my moms name, can her son join this contest as she dont have blog

    Yes, that’s possible

  5. daydeck86 :


    Sorry, Astro staff are not eligible for this contest :(

  6. Kancilbiru :

    There are so many great programmes in ASTRO but i have sooo little time to sit in front of TV to watch them all. CSI, Biggest Loser, American Idol, u named it!

    But with Astro PVR, i could RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY which programme i love and watch them together with my family, ANYTIME. Astro PVR definitely will return back the quality time to be with my family which i lost for so long…

  7. azharie : life is miserable…with Astro PVR…my life will memorable…

  8. Anak Perak :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Alamak hujan. Kain diluar kena angkat sedangkan aku tengah menonton movie best di Astro ni. Aduh… mcam mana ni. Takkan nak biar lenjun kain tu…

    Sedang menonton Mestika di Astro Box Office Tayangan Hebat sekali awek call. Takkan tidak jawab, mahu merajuk sebulan dengan aku. Macam mana ni?

    Pernah tak korang alami situasi seperti di atas? Dengan adanya Astro PVR semuanya berubah. Aku tidak perlu takut terlepas rancangan kegemaran. aku boleh rakan,play,rewind dan pause.Jadi, aku boleh tengok gaya Horatio Caine pakai spec di AXN berulang-ulang kali!

  9. Michelle Leong :

    Astro has been around my life for more than 10 years and still counting. That is how long I have been stuck to TVB dramas (every weekday from 8.00pm to 10.30pm). Catching up with these drama never came easy, for the fact that I have only one working television at home and one Astro decoder. The drama period (8pm-10.30pm) most of the time clashes with local / international news, sports (i.e. football), English series, and various movies playing on Astro.

    So my family of four will always have to fight for the remote control on who gets to watch the television and in the end where we came up with a rule of Monday to Friday for TVB Cantonese Series while the weekends remote-control-controller is given priority to my father. Whenever someone got the opportunity to watch everyone else will have to sulk (unless we’re on the same channel). Pretty bad isn’t it?

    How would Astro PVR change my life? Pretty simply isn’t it, with the background information that I’ve written down in the two previous paragraph. For one, no one will have to sulk not being able to watch their drama at that point of time because my dad were to win over the remote control, I can record my drama and my sister will be able to watch a repeat of her KPOP on Astro.

    Half way through a movie / drama and I need a break to refill my plate of snacks and drinks, I can just simply pause it without having to wait till the advertisement break and only having less than 5 minutes to get everything done (to get snacks / drinks and make a visit to the loo).

    Everyone in the family will be happy because there definitely won’t be any argument within the family – who gets to watch what and when. And did I mention skipping advertisement to get to the point of the show as soon as possible because of the tense drama moments?

    Everyone in the family gets to watch whatever, whenever and however they want! What’s more to bring a family together without having to argue for small matter like remote control?

    And that’s how Astro PVR will change my life – if only I have one *hint hint* :P

  10. dianna :

    i want that astro b.yond pvr. its definitely will change my life. you know when there is only one tv in my house and at the same time 2 or sometimes 3 movies played at the same time and we have to let go another 2 movies and just watch only one movie and pray that the other 2 movies will be repeated on the next day. isn’t it so kesian? and if we watch tv together as a whole family, there will be snack, can drink, and sometimes one of us need to go the toilet but we dont want to lose that moment. so, if there is astro b.yond pvr life will be like a bed of roses :)

  11. Jimmy :

    It can change my life because i can watch everything in TV without even going out from my house to do it. I can enjoy football like Manchester United will win the Premier League, Food Channel that i can cherish my hungry stomach for the moment when i am cooking my food and movies that you miss out from the cinema and many more thing that you can’t imagine that you can watch in TV!

    But With Astor PVR it can change my life for good i don’t need to be at home to watch my fav movie at certain time i can just record it when watch later or whenever i am free it is as easy as that. Now you can watch your movie anytime even during midnight. That is why technology is making our life easier and we can’t miss our favorite drama or series like SouthPark,Family Guy, The Simpsons i don’t need to waste time wait for the movie to start at certain time. So we have more time to do thing and planning more easier in things.

    Last time people can’t live without ASTRO and now with PVR we will misses every movie we want to see because with work and do not have much time or the movie show is not on the right time. Than we can replay the movie 100 times if we fall in love to the movie so much.

    ASTRO PVR > Make our LIFE EASIER ^^ PLANNING will not get easier than THAT!

  12. zuriey :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    1. Saya duduk rumah sewa tapi takde Astro. So, kalau ada Astro PVR di kampung, boleh adik saya rakamkan program yang saya suka. Balik nanti boleh tengok puas-puas.

    2. Movie yang best-best selalu disiarkan waktu malam. Kalau dapat rakam, tertidur masa tengok pun takpe. Bangun pagi nanti boleh tengok balik movie tue.

    3. Kalau ada emergency case masa tengah layan astro boleh di pause kan sekejap and boleh sambung balik lepas tue. Best2.

    Kalau dapat buat macam ni,24 jam mengadap tv pun takpe. Boleh eratkan lagi hubungan keluarga.

  13. Mah@mahu :

    ASTRO PVR could change my life from daily routine that irregular to time management that more systematic why because Astro PVR can become agent recorder to all programme I liked although in my moment no is housed because work assignments and this will be facilitated me to does not discharge every moment yg in show although no in front TV. Apart from that also this Astro PVR can become ensure my every family member have their own favorite program because everything may be eliminated record and kept for show anytime only splendid with this Astro PVR sure satisfied.

  14. Bean Moreno :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life? :

    1) Astro PVR will make me forget the Mamak Stall when ever have Football Match because if i have Astro PVR i can record, rewind the golden moment of My team Gols!

    2) Astro PVR can make me feel like watching life because i can watch all my favorite movies in HD view

    3) I can make use of my LCD TV bacuse without Astro PVR the HD function of my LCD TV is just a waste!

  15. JD :

    My family have been an Astro Subscriber ever since it’s been launch back in 1997 (if I remember correctly) and there’s where live football come into my life. Gone are the days where we had to watch the review show on local channels and get live coverage of the real event.

    That of course had already change part of my life growing up to watch live coverage, from the Premier League to World Cup and UEFA Cup. That was the time where we only had 1 decoder and someone had to give in because a Live coverage is always more important than some TVB series.

    Now of course, with me having my own kid, there are times where I just hope that there are reruns of Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all the way so that it could keep him occupy, rather than waiting for the next day to be able to watch another episode of that or watching it over youtube.

    That’s where the Astro PVR will come in handy, because we can have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day long and yet not missing any of the football action because I can then record either one of the programme while watching another. That’s where I can catch up my Chelsea game while they are chasing the Premiership title while my son can learn new things (which he already learning watching Playhouse Disney) with the Astro PVR.

  16. Simon Seow :

    If I have an Astro PVR I won’t have to go out to mamak stall to watch live BPL matches and also I won’t have to miss enjoying episodes of HKTVB series just because I am working. With Astro PVR I will be able to record all the episodes and watch it on my own free time.

  17. myvitrd :

    wah ada harapan dapat siaran astro percuma dekat umah tahun ni.. heheeh

    nak aku komen ke?

    Aku jawab soalan ni “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Astro PVR adalah yang terbaik dari hasil keluarannya kerana dengan adanya PVR ni.. bukan sahaja rancangan boleh ditonton sekali malah berkali-kali dengn fungi record yang telah dimasukkan dalam Decorder Astro PVR ni..

    Gaya hidup yang dulunya tengok tv sekali sekali.. lepas ada astro PVR ni.. dah confirm2. lebih 25 jam mengadap Astro bersama keluarga… so memang terbaik Astro PVR ni.. Macam-macam ada…

  18. Isaac Tan :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change My Life?

    Similar to Astro PVR’s tagline, Record, Rewind, Pause, it has always been my dream to be able to do this in my everyday life. By everyday life meaning I’m able to just walk down the streets of Kuala Lumpur, recording my every move, pausing it to review, and if I need to look back at how happening the moment was, I’ll just REWIND and REPLAY!

    Astro B.Yond PVR gadget would be the dream gadget my family and I have always wanted. Imagine being able to record different channels, pause the show you’re watching, or rewind back to check if we missed any of those critical moments needed to understand the movie. Imagine no more! It’s already here! With this hi-tech Astro innovation, the dream me and my family have will become a reality. Now how cool is that?

    To sum it up, my answer to the big numero uno question on how Astro B.Yond PVR will change my life, “The Perfect Home Living!” Perfect in terms of no more family bickering on astro channel control (RECORD function), or which of the soap opera actress cried “I love you” (REWIND function), or just the simple gesture of being able to use the washroom at anytime comfortably (PAUSE function). What else do you need in life?

    Astro B.Yond PVR, The Perfect Home Living.

  19. Erra Asmuni :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    Saya seorang yang boleh di katakan sebagi gila tengok rancangan televisyen. Semua jenis rancagan pun saya akan layan tanpa kira bahasa pu. Sebabnya saya rasa dengan melihat rancangan di TV saya boleh menambah ilmu pengetahuan. Terutamanya jika saya menonton rancangan dari ASTRO. Pelbagai rancangan yang disiarkan sehingga saya tidak dapat hendak pilih nak tonton.. Oh tidak..!!!!!!!!
    Tapi itu dulu laa..Sekarang ASTRO mempunyai ASTRO PVR.. Apa itu ASTRO PVR ye? ASTRO PVR adalah satu cipataan terbaru dari ASTRO untuk para pelanggan mereka yang tidak ingin ketinggalan untuk menonton rancangan kegemaran tanpa perlu mengorbankan rancangan yang sedang dilihat. Best sangat kan? yeah..
    :) ASTRO PVR juga boleh RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE AND PLAY kesemua rancangan kegemaran kita..

    Kalaulah saya mempunyai Astro PVR di rumah saya, memang sangat mengubah kehidupan saya. Ini kerana:-

    1) Saya tidak lagi menangis atau bersedih untuk membuat keputusan yang sukar dalam memilih rancangan ASTRO kerana kini ASTRO PVR banyak membantu saya untuk merekod rancangan ASTRO.. :p

    2) Saya sekerluarga dapat melihat rancangan yang telah direkodkan sebanyak mana pun yang boleh.. Terutamanya sukan kerana family saya memang fanatik sangat dengan sukan bola sepak. Tambah-tambah apabila pasukan kegemaran beraksi di padang. Kami boleh merekod rancangan ini. Juga kalau nak REWIND banyak kali pun boleh sangat. Teutamanya apabila pasukan bola sepak kami dapat menjaringkan gol dan kami merasakan masa itu sangat happy. Jadi untuk menambahkan kegembiran kami, kami boleh rewind banyak kali aksi pasukan bola sepak kami menjaringkan gol..!!!!!!!!! yeah..

    3) Saya suka menonton rancangan masakan di ASTRO.. Saya menjadi teringin untuk mencuba pelbagai resepi baru. Jika rancangan seperti Oliver’s Twist, GRILLED, Samantha Brown, atau SUGAR ke udara,saya menjadi teruja dan ingin memasak bersama mereka. Namun masalahnya, saya tidak dapat untuk catch-up bersama-samna mereka ketika menyediakan hidangan saya. Tapi dengan innovasi terbaru ASTRO PVR, kini saya boleh mengapplikasikan butang Pause jika saya ketinggalan untuk catch-up dan apabila saya sudah bersedia, saya boleh menekan butang PLAY tanpa ketinggalan apa-apa pun..

    4) Kini saya tidak lagi berebut dengan adik-beradik yang lain even dengan ayah pun saya dah tidak kisah jika rancangan saya bersiaran sama waktu dengan mereka. Saya cuma perlu merekod rancangan kegemaran saya agar saya tidak terlepas menontonnya.. WAH bestnya dan hubungan kami pun jadi Okay sangat tanpa perlu bergaduh atau kena mengikut jadual sahaja sekarang ini.. bagai mimpi jadi kenyataan lah.. (:

    Kesimpulanya, ASTRO PVR amat mengubah suasana kehidupan kami sekeluarga. Tiada lagi perkataan sedih tertinggal menonton rancangan atau bergaduh tarik-tarik rambut untuk menonton rancangan masing-masing. Lagi satu jikalau hendak ke toilet, tidak perlu lagilah tahan-tahankan.. semuanya kini mudah dengan menekan butang di remote control ASTRO PVR disamping melihat TV LCD kami dengan function HD.. Terima Kasih ASTRO PVR kerana dengan ciptaan anda, kehidupan kami kini lebih banyak menjadi mudah dan ringkas.. ;P

  20. eyriqazz :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    1) Saya dapat menonton kembali rancangan kegemaran saya yang tidak sempat ditonton atas kesibukan masa+masa berblogging seperti cerita CSI,Premier League, Drama bersiri menarik di Astro, kartun-kartun kegemaran Alisya(anak), dan pelbagai lagi.

    2) Ketika memenangi Subscription Astro B.yond dan HDTV dari Astro, it already change my life. Pengalaman yang mengujakan bersama Astro B.yond ( dan pengalaman menonton World Cup bersama Astro B.yond betul-betul best. Kalau B.yond diupgradekan ke PVR = One of my gadget list for 2011 akan tercapai.

    3) Pengalaman menyaksikan sendiri Astro PVR Roadshow ( membuatkan hati sudah tertarik untuk memilikinya. Sekarang, peluang sudah tersedia, this is my chance to grab it.

    4) Both of us are working fulltime. Jadi, kehadiran Astro PVR ini akan lebih menceriakan kami sekeluarga. Tidak perlulah berebut rancangan kegemaran dan boleh menontonnya di masa terluang. Killing two birds with one stone. Masa itu emas, dan Astro PVR akan membolekan pembahagian masa dapat disusun dengan lebih teratur.

    5) Astro – making Ur Life Richer. Yiezaa, kehadiran Astro PVR akan membolehkan saya lebih fokus dan masa with my side Income Money iaitu Blogging. More time–>More entry berkualiti–>More readers–> More Side Income for me. Duit itu bolehla saya gunakan untuk lebih menggembirakan orang tersayang i.e. gift, percutian, hadiah untuk pembaca juga dan etc.

    6) Pelbagai rancangan menarik dan program baru dengan Astro sekarang ini. Saya tidak mahu melepaskan peluang ketinggalan untuk menontonnya.

    Astro B.yond pengalaman menguja
    Astro PVR saya idam-idamkan dan menjadi cita-cita
    Bakal mengubah hidup saya dan terus gembira
    Seisi keluarga akan terus setia dan seronok menontonnya

  21. KM :

    Memang telah lama memerhatikan perkhidmatan ASTRO B.yond PVR sejak ia diperkenalkan tahun lalu rasanya. Dengan kemampuan RECORD, REWIND,PAUSE & PLAY rasa ia pilihan terbaik untuk kehidupan yang sentiasa sibuk dengan pelbagai komitmen setiap hari.

    Setelah hampir 10 tahun kesetiaan dengan siaran ASTRO, kemampuan yang ditawarkan oleh ASTRO B.Yond PVR sangat mengujakan namun kekangan kewangan mungkin menyulitkan harapan untuk menikmati kemudahan ini. Bila Nuffnang & Astro (Measat Broadcast Network Systems) menawarkan peraduan ini, mungkin inilah peluang terbaik saya untuk mencuba. Siapa tahun selepas 10 tahun mungkin saya berpeluang untuk menikmati sensasi gaya tontonan generasi baru di mana kuasa menentukan pilihan & citarasa anda menonton ditentukan oleh ANDA SENDIRI.

    Mungkin promosi di kaca tv banyak menerangkan kehebatan penguasaan Astro B.yond PVR, namun memiliki & menikmati sendiri perkhidmatan ini adalah jalan terbaik untuk menggambarkan kehebatan ASTRO B.YOND PVR seperti kata perpatah ‘dah cuba barulah tahu’……

  22. Candice Lim :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?
    I saved a lot of cash. Everything my family and I want, is all in Astro PVR… =] and what’s better than having more pocket money?

  23. Elwyn~! :

    wow, this sounds complicated and tough. but a question, does this mean only 10 people get chosen from the comments area before the actual contest begins?

    Yes, there are 2 phases to the contest.

  24. Carmen :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change My Life?

    1) It would SAVE UP SO MUCH TIME, if I’m able to record shows I want to watch without having to STREAM IT ON YOUTUBE. I don’t have to worry about missing my show, cause I can come home and just watch what was record. A click away. Unlike how it has been all these while, I have to watch SO LONG (sometimes even hours) to get it all streamed online to watch it smoothly. Ahh, I bet this would be so efficient.

    2) You know when there’s TWO INTERESTING SHOWS going on together, with Astro PVR, THERE’S NO NEED TO SWITCH FROM CHANNEL 711 TO 712 (or any other) CONSTANTLY!!! With Astro PVR I can just record one while watch the other peacefully, and watch what I recorded AFTER i’m done with it. haha, then, silly me wont be mixing up the story lines of both shows as I watch them both together.

    3) Few days back, my sister screamed “I DON’T WANT TO GO FOR THIS WEDDING, HALF BLOOD PRINCE IS ON AT 8 LATER” and she was whining the whole time about missing it cause of the wedding. With Astro PVR, my sister wont be whining anymore will she now? she’ll probably go “WEEEE, I GET TO GO FOR A WEDDING, AND COME HOME TO HARRY POTTER, THANK YOU ASTRO PVR”.

    4) everyone says, TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN!!! haha, with Astro PVR, time isn’t a problem anymore am I right? HAHA, I’m able to work OT without having to sigh about missing GLEE cause I can just watch it. I can pause the show, and walk to the kitchen to cook if I get hungry. I can rewind my fav kissing scene OVER AND OVER AGAIN, to have my heart melt over and over again!!! I FEEL LIKE A TIME MASTER WITH ASTRO PVR!!! MUAHAHAHAHHA… “Master of Time and Space”.

    5) MY ISSUES WITH PROCRASTINATION would not be much of a problem? haha. there’s always a good show when I’m about to study or complete my assignment, and I would always say, “ok, after this show, i’ll do my work/i’ll study”. After a while, I realise I’ve watched 3 to 4 movies in all. WITH ASTRO PVR, HAHA, I dont have an excuse cause I can record it and watch it AFTER I’M DONE WITH WORK!! I dont feel bad about skipping my work, I still get to watch the shows I want to watch, and I’LL BE A RESPONSIBLE STUDENT, *making mummy proud then*. ohhh, so excited!!!


  25. Edwin Lee Chee Kin :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?
    1. I can watch the many movie ,drama ,live show, funny show and more.

    2. If got 2 movie that i want to watch at the same time , i can record 1 movie ,and watch the other first, no need like last time here watch until the advertising time and change to the other channel.

    3.When you have any emergency , you no need to worry missed any part of the movie, because PVR can pause.

    4.I like to watch movie and sms at the same time , so sometime i will missed the wonderful part, but i can rewind or slow motion to capture back the missed part :)

    5.No need fight with family for the remote control anymore !

    6.I also can enjoy a greater HD experience with Astro B.yond.

  26. aSstHa :

    Having Astro PVR Change Your Life because I can F-I-N-A-L-L-Y get to watch the telly… I hv not had the privilege of watching astro since 2005 since all my favourite shows ALWAYS clashes with my aunt’s chinese drama or sometimes work late and end up missing an episode and I get frustrated so I stopped watching. With this, I can finally prerecord everything and watch it during the weekends (eh, they didn’t mention how many hours I can record) since everyone is mostly out then…

  27. nikel :

    If i Have Astro PVR, it will play, stop and pause on my life which means my time can be rewind,play and record. Indirectly i have more freedom time to do my thing all the time with having this ASTRO PVR

  28. T :

    How would Astro PVR change my life? I can answer that in 3 ways. 

    Firstly, it would make me more Productive. Not only would I be able to do loads of other things like saving lives or stopping global warming WHILE my favourite show is on without having to worry about missing it, I will also be able to watch not one, but two shows later on when I’m free! 

    Secondly, it would make my life more Vivacious. I’m sure we all are familiar with the dilemma of having to choose between going out with your friends or staying in to catch the season finale of a series you’ve been dying to watch. But, the thought of having to stay in at home while everyone else is having fun is rather depressing. With Astro PVR, I’ll be able to go out and record the ending, and then I’ll get to watch it when I get home! Thus, I would be able to have a vivacious life AND still indulge in my couch potato-like behaviour! 

    And lastly, Astro PVR would make my life Revolutionary! There are all sorts of TV programs on Astro which I’ve missed because I was watching another show airing at the same time. But, with Astro PVR, a whole new world of possibilities are opened up to me!

    Should I watch Disney Channel or Nickelodeon? 

    HBO or Starworld? 

    These worries won’t apply anymore! It would be Disney AND Nickelodeon, HBO AND Starworld! All these TV programs I will get the opportunity to watch thanks to Astro PVR will change the way I see television. 

    It will be absolutely Revolutionary! 

    Astro PVR will make my life more Productive, Vivacious and Revolutionary! 


    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    1. Terasa macam rugi kalau tak ambik Astro PVR kerana dah terlampau banyak channel astro sampai tak tahu nak pilih tengok yang mana 1. kalau ada Astro PVR boleh juga rakam

    2. Kerja tak menentu waktu membuatkan selalu ketinggalan program tv astro yang diminati. harap dengan adanyer astro PVR dapat menyelesaikan masalah ini

    3. Kekadang takde rancangan tv yang menarik. Dengan adanyer Astro PVR boleh tengok rancangan tv Astro yang telah dirakam

  30. synical :

    I have a confession to make – I am a TV addict. I will watch almost whatever is on the TV; like all the CSIs and the other crime shows, reality shows, cooking shows and everything else in between. So the Astro subscription has been a HUGE blessing.

    I am also a talk show addict, a TV genre which I usually can’t indulge in because they’re either on in the day (when I’m working) or late at night (cos I can’t stay up) to watch. I can’t even watch Larry King because it’s on in Malaysia because it’s during rush hour.

    So having the Astro PVR would be great because I could have the talk shows prerecorded and my dad can watch his Korean shows; my mum, her movies; and my brother, the History Channel at night without having to fight over the remote.

    So… pretty please with sugar on top? :)

  31. Sholee :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change My Life?

    Actually in many ways such as able to watch those live or delayed award shows as and when I am able to. I get to watch all my CSI’s without interrupting hubby’s live football matches. My angels don’t have to fight over the remote control to watch their favourite cartoon channels. I don’t have to rush home for any shows, series, etc…

    To sum it up, it will make our lives better, valuable and manageable. Each moment is priceless!

  32. aimi :

    Hye! Apa yang menarik dengan Astro PVR ? bentuk nya? rupa?? ataupun sifatnya?? owhhh saya tertawan dengan itu!

    opss apekah?

    masakan tidak.. Astro PVR mampu mengubah hidup saya yang tunggang terbalik jika tengah menonton cerita kegemaranku! makan tak kena, nak pergi toilet pun tak kena. Serba serbi tak kena lah! huh

    satu yang saya suka, bentuk remote yang vogue~ owhhh menarik! nak satu boleh?? hik =D

  33. Siew5 :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?

    1. P- Programme that I LOVE so much will never be missed again! I can Record my favourite dramas or movies that are showing in sequence.. Say goodbye to lonely nights with Astro PVR companion. With Chinese drama shown on Wah Lai Toi after 8pm, I am able to follow other movies in HBO, Star Movie or CineMAX after the dramas have ended!

    2. V- Viewing pleasure is 100% improved with Astro PVR and HD programme. I will get the best reason in the world to upgrade my house TV set to Plasma TV to enjoy HD programme to the fullest! HD BPL game is definitely increase my adrenaline rush for my favourite team! My family will be mesmerized with the latest drama series, Three Kingdoms HD! The glory of this legendary story on Chinese history will be told all in stunning HD detail!

    3. R – Relaxation is the only word that can describe my life with Astro PVR. Record, Rewind, Pause and of course Play will be the next big thing in my life. As much as I love to watch sports, Football(BPL), Basketball(NBA), Tennis, Badminton, and all other sport can be recorded and replayed anytime and as much as I wanted too.. Why wait for the replay in ESPN Sportscenter when you can watch the whole game all by yourselves?
    Better still, 3 days 2 nights getaway to Sutera Harbor will bring my Relaxation to a whole new level!

    Astro PVR is definitely stands for Pleasure Viewing Resurrection!
    My family will be so proud of me if I am able to win them Astro B.yond PVR set!
    That would be the best gift for upcoming Chinese New Year celebration! Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

    *I might get a bigger angpao for being so good boy winning a new Astro B.yond PVR set for them.. =DD*

  34. haiqal :

    How would Astro PVR change my life?

    Dengan Astro PVR,kini famili saya mampu untuk merakam rancangan kegemaran kami semua.Dengan hanya satu butang,segalanya sudah siap dirakam.Tidak perlu berebut kerusi,tidak perlu menyorokkan remote kontrol kerana wujudnya Astro PVR.Bapa saya boleh menjadi pengadil bola sepak secara tidak rasmi kerana Astro PVR boleh merakam,merekod serta main semula perlawanan bola sepak antara Argentina dan juga Jerman!

    Segalanya lebih mudah.Ibu pula tidak akan tersilap menyalin resepi di kaca Tv malah makanan yang dimasak akan lebih sedap dan tidak lagi masin!.Malah boleh menjadi chef secara alam maya.XD

    Kakak pula tidak akan tersalah dalam berfesyen manakala abang saya tidak akan ketinggalan untuk menonton video muzik terbaru.

    Adik pula tidak perlu balik sekolah awal semata-mata hanya untuk menonton Hagemaru.Kalau lebih bernasib baik,dapat menonton detective conan.Nenek tidak perlu lagi gusar lagi kerana kami semua sentiasa berada dirumah.Dengan Astro PVR,kini keluarga saya lebih bahagia.:)

    Namun begitu,semua ahli keluarga saya tamak untuk menonton pelbagai rancangan dalam satu masa.Perlawanan bola english,belanda.Enews,Police Fashion,Ebuzz,F Word,hell Kitchen,Hagemaru Doraemon,Detectiv Conan dan banyak lagi!XD

    Ternyata Astro PVR mengubah hidup saya dan keluarga.Ternyata Astro PVR terbaik buat saya dan keluarga.Astro PVR.Program Variasi Ramai!

  35. Himmat :

    Here’s how having an Astro PVR device will change my life:

    1) The next time my father asks me to sleep instead of watching Manchester United vs. Arsenal or Barcelona vs. Real Madrid just because the matches are played at 2.30 am, I don’t have to sneak down and watch them. I can record those matches beforehand, go to school, come back (don’t have to eat lunch!) and turn on the TV and watch the matches. Well, I’ll be putting cotton buds in my ears in school so I don’t get to know the scores. Then, it’ll be live watching the match LIVE!!!…only that I can now pause and rewind and replay in slow-motion! AWESOME

    2) I won’t need to fake a fever and miss school just to watch the Oscars live! Well, as we all know it, the Oscars are usually held at around 10 am, and well, 10 am I’ll be in school. No more fooling my parents that I’m sick. I can now go to school knowing that when I come back home, I can catch the Oscars on TV. This is a win-win situation…I can study in peace and I can watch the Oscars without being a liar! AWESOME AWESOME

    3) They’re having Transformers 2, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Star Wars…..too long a list to mention. Well, what I’m trying to say is that these movies are usually held in quick succession to one another, sometimes on two or more different networks. With Astro PVR, I can record the movies that I want and watch them whenever I like. Whether at 5.00 am or 10 pm, I don’t have to worry because the only schedule to fit is mine, not Astro’s anymore! Now that’s triple AWESOME!!!

    4) The next time I have assignments or exams coming up, I don’t have to watch the documentaries on the stipulated times. I am an avid fan of History Channel and National Geographic, and having to sacrifice some amazing documentaries for my studies is painstaking to times. Very, in fact. But Astro PVR will come to my rescue if I have it. I can record all the episodes of Dagfights on History Channel for example and watch the episodes once I’m done with my exams. Now, that’s cool ain’t it? Fouple AWESOME!!!

    5) Well, I am actually running out of time, so I cut the examples and get to the point straight. With Astro PVR, my life won’t be the same anymore. Like seriously, I’m not joking! Whenever I’m not free, whether I’ve got out to eat, a family function, school, tuition, date or lying on the hospital bed (hopefully not!) , I need not worry. Astro PVR will solve my woes. Essentially speaking, Astro PVR is a must have for everyone. If I don’t get selected for the next round, I will still pitch the idea of getting Astro PVR to my dad. Will be buy? That I don’t know!

  36. black_mel :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    I got a big happy family which is everybody are busy with our own life.My sis and dad are working,my younger brothers going to school and me are stay at hostel.But we share a same interest and hobby.We all like comedy movie or comedy show.Only with the show we can gather together in front of television

    But sometimes,my sister always stick with Zee channel only and she is a die hard fan for Hindustan movie.So if she are watching Hindustan Movie nobody can disturb her and the reason is she paid for astro bill.But if there is no Hindustan Movie we can change the channel and always bad happen is when we change channel our favourate show or our movie always finished or will continue next week.

    But with Astro PVR we still can record and find a free hour for everybody and get together infront of television an watch our favorite movie.For me,Astro PVR not only for entertainment but it a things that show to us the meaning of family.

  37. :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Astro PVR membuatkan diriku bersatu seolah-olah aku berada bersama dengan rancangan yang sedang ditayangkan. Dan juga ia dapat membuatkan diriku melayan rancangan dengan lebih sempurna dan menghayati serta tidak ketinggalan walaupun sesaat sekali pun…ahh astro PVr is marverlous one… i want now….

  38. yoreyore :

    bagaimana dengan saya?? tanpa ASTRO PVR tidal lengkap lah hidup ni. Tidak perlu katakan tidak pada apa jua rancangan TV kegemaran saya, bolehlah ketawa dengan riang bersama keluarga kerana sudah tentunya ASTRO PVR ini,sukanya hati.dah tidak perlu tergesa-gesa untuk kemana-mana pun,tidak perlu bimbang dengan TV lagi walaupun sudah ada dua TV, pasti dapat lihat dengan tenang.

    siang sibuk,malam boleh tengok kan,pagi kelam-kabut,petang kan masih ‘free’.Emak hendak tengok cerita drama indonesia,Ayah dengan lagenda P.Ramlee,adik dengan Geng Bus sekolahnya,kakak yang suka menyibuk.Hormatilah mereka,biarkan mereka menikmati dahulu kerana masih ada masa untuk anda dengan ASTRO PVR.

    semuanya dicipta untuk erat kan hubungan silaturrahim antara kita.terima kasih ASTRO.

  39. Sheng Wang :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    Can appreciate the finest detail like skin hair, pimple, marks because of the high quality video being broadcast.
    Further more if I miss those moment I could RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY to my convenient.

  40. Dzulhelmi :


    I love watching football and some of the classic match should be recorded for future viewing. Just to ask few questions:

    1. Can all the recorded programme be transfered to VCD or DVD for personal collection?
    2. How big is the storage provided?
    3. Finally, how much is the cost of having PVR and monthly fees?

    Thank you.

    Perhaps you might try finding out at the Astro website – :)

  41. Himmat :

    When does this contest end??

    Kindly refer the post for details

  42. Kristle :

    I’m currently using Astro b.yond.
    Let me tell you how it change my life..
    I’m more into watching TV rather than online..
    The HD is magnificent! You will satisfy wacthing in HD..
    See, my dad got his favourite show at 6pm & with the PVR he can’t miss his show and I can record my show that playing in the same time as my dad’s favourite show.
    How easy is that!
    Oh one more thing with the PVR it’s easy to bring my dad out for dinner as early as 6pm before this he is so fuss that he will missed his show! lol
    Astor b.yond PVR only make people life easier!
    Love it max!

  43. Siti Safiyah :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?

    1. I’m soo tired fighting for the remote control with my family! Huhu.

    2. I really don’t have so much time to stay the whole day in front television. There’s so many task to do.

    3. OMG! Its my nephew and niece going back from school. I have to cook! Arghhh! Again! Its my favourite movie!!!!!

    4. When my little kids arrived home from school, there’s no more chances to hold the remote. Grrrrrr!!!

    5. Pity me. Why do i have to see the same movies that i hate very much everyday? Now with Astro PVR, i can choose by my own whether to watch or not. Everything is in my hand. Yeahhh! I can see my favourite movies like 3 to 5 times a day. Haha..

    6. Watching movie with too many food. It can cause me trouble with my higher metabolism. Toilet owh Toilet. With Astro PVR i can Pause and Play back whenever i wanted to.

    7. When it comes raining, doesn’t matter anymore. I have the Records! Hehe..

    8. Oh, its my favourite drama! Brother said he wanted to see National Geograpic. What bout me??? Let him be. I already have the record and i can stay for the whole night watching television. Nothing to worry!

    9. What bout changing the baby diapers first then tidy your room, then cook then bla…bla…bla..
    No probs mom! She must not know that i can Replay this movie again. Hehe…

    10. Its call from the hospital. Emergency. All right. Coming!!!

  44. Fieza :

    Wah it’s great nak join la..

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    – Sebagai seorang wanita yang dah mempunyai anak ni, kadang2 bila tengah layan movie yang best jer msti akan ader gangguan. Kejap anak nak susu la,kejap nak makan la. So kadang2 terlepas scene2 yang menarik bila terpaksa buat kerja lain masa tue. Dengan astro PVR sangat mudah sebab boleh pause dulu bila buat kerja lain maka, kita enjoy ngan movie tue

    – Kadang-kadang bila balik kerja jer macam2 kerja nak kena buat. Masak, basuh kain n jaga anak. Kadang2 terlepas movie best sebab tertidur awal. Tapi dengan adanya Astro PVR, masalah akan selesai bila I boleh request my hubby tolong recordkan citer tersebut.

    – Movie yang menarik macam filem aksi contohnya, ader part2 tertentu filem tue kita nak tengok dua kali sebab best. Solution paling terbaik adalah dengan Astro PVR lah sebabnya kita boleh rewind balik scene2 menarik yang kita nak tengok semula. Hebat kan.

    Kesimpulannya Astro PVR akan mengubah hidup kita untuk menikmati suasana menonton movie dirumah dengan lebih selesa dan memberi kepuasan maksimum serta mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan. Astro PVR juga lebih hebat dari panggung wayang sebab wayang tak leh pause, rewind mahupun record citer kita minat. It’s was Great. Saya sangat suka. Thank You.

  45. linn :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    a tv freak like me definately will have a massive changes in life if having an ASTRO PVR at home. i will not waste my time watching my korean drama online while that time i’m watching CSI at AXN. i can record all the programs i like with ASTRO PVR. i wont spend lots of money to purchase the pirate dvd (owhh…d*** have to admit this) before the original one came in malaysia market. its quite late u know. but thanks to astro cuz they bring to us the latest drama from US and Korea ( fav only lah!).

    i can RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY all the time i wish.

  46. mr curly :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    For 10 years I’ve been Astro subscribers. My passion for the sport, especially football, make me loyal with Astro. With the Astro’s latest innovative offering, the Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder (PVR), it will add excitement to subscribe Astro.

    With Astro B.yond Personal Video Recoder (PVR), I am not worried anymore if my favourite football team match on my sleep time. Only record and any time can watch it again. If I was watching and miss some interesting acts, what else is just rewind and once again I did not miss in any situation. Sense of going to the toilet? do not have to worry again, press pause button!! move quickly to the toilet, then press play .. it’s fun!! it really changed my life …

    My wife did not have to sulk at me anymore. Want to know why? If her favourite channel like drama, flim at the same time my football game live at Astro, what else just record and anytime i can watch it alone, sometimes she like to watch football game too.. and we can enjoy our favorite programs together .. do not have to fight over the remote control again .. yihaaaaa!!!!!

  47. UtamaOptometrist :

    WOW!!! PVR is a great leap forward by ASTRO!
    Indeed! ~_____~

  48. Sharipuddin Alias :

    Astro B.yond PVR reminds me all the years when I have a VCR in my room. I will record all episode of Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu,WWF & more while I’m watching news & other programs. every week I have to buy video tapes for that. One day, I found out that my vcr are not working anymore. When I sent it to repair center, the answer was, they couldn’t find the spare part anymore. Not in this world!
    Today,no one will confess that they still using a video player because their “jiran” already having HDMI home theater, LED tv, Blue Ray Dvd player & even Astro Byond. For me, Astro Byond PVR just like having my VCR back & I tak perlu beli blank video tape & Video tape cleaner lagi.

  49. Yih Yann :

    If I have Astro PVR, I think I’ll stay at home the whole day watching dramas, movies or shows. Not only me, I think my father, mother and sister will gather in front of the tv. This actually can enhance our relationship too. Besides, I guess I will save a lot of money too because I will terminate the StreamyX(I no longer use it for downloading) and also shopping or hang out. Astro PVR totally change my life!

  50. pyamie :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    Macam mana Astro PVR bakal mengubah hidup aku?

    Senang kacang jer nih. Kalau sebelum nie Astro yang terpaksa buat ulang tayang kat aku, kali nie aku pulak yang akan buat ulang tayang untuk diri aku sendiri.

    Kalau ada movie yang tak dapat tengok dengan kengkawan, boleh record. Simpan dulu lepas tu ajak kengkawan lepak kat rumah sampai lebam bijik mata tengok movie.

    Kalau world cup dulu sampai nak terkeluar anak mata berjegil tengok bola dengan siang nya sibuk dengan kelas, kawad segala bagai mungkin lepas nie dah tak jadi macam tu lagi.

    Plan nak beli lagi satu tv, tak menjadi nampaknya dengan Astro PVR nih.

    Paling penting, takyaa rebut remote control dengan orang lain. Haha..

  51. JEJAI :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Yupp!! Sudah pasti. Apa yang bestnya anak-anak tak perlu bergaduh lagi sebab masing-masing mempunyai peluang untuk melihat rancangan mereka masing-masing. Dengan ini ia dapat mengeratkan lagi hubungan anak-anak saya antara satu sama lain.

    Yeahh!! Tak payah nak berperang mulut lagi dengan orang rumah kerana masing-masing berpeluang bertolak ansur untuk melihat rancangan kegemaran masing-masing,terima kasih ASTRO PVR yang bakal mengubah hidup kami..

    Apa yang pasti semua orang menyukainya kerana ia ciptaan yang cukup berinovatif dan banyak membantu pengguna dari segi masa.Thanks ASTRO PVR for you RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY which make my family happy.

  52. RajaEmma :

    LOVE ASTRO!! so many things to watch!!!
    but to fight with siblings (and my mom too) and i always FAR from home
    cause me miss lotSSS of my favorite shows…
    PVR….life saver
    make my life better

  53. Blur :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    1. Kalau tengok EPL, Champion League dan lain-lain berkaitan dengan pasukan Liverpool memang sakit kalau tayangan pukul 4.00 pagi… Kadang-kadang kene bersengkang mata tunggu silap-silap boleh terlelap time tengah tengok…

    2. Kalau ada 2 rancangan wajib tonton yang Clash… Uish pedih hati nak pilih mana satu yang nak tengok…

    3. Berebut dengan mak, ayah, adik dan abang nak tengok channel masing-masing tapi Astro dekat rumah ada satu sahaja…

    4. Masa ade rancangan best time tu pulak kene buat assingment… Kalau tak buat assingment kene marah dengan lecturer dan kalau tak tengok rancangan best tu kene tunggu ulangan…

    5. Time tengah syok-syok tengok kene pulak sakit perut atau hujan… Nak kene pergi tandas dan angkat kain kalau tak kene penyakit buasir dan baju kat jemuran basah dan kene marah dengan emak…

    6. Ada TV LCD Full HD tetapi still guna Astro yang lama lagi… Sungguh rugi…

    7. Terlepas tengok Gol yang cantik ataupun tiak puas hati kenapa player kene Red Card…

    Jadi dengan Astro B.yond PVR nie tak payah nak bersengkang mata menunggu rancangan lewat malam, berebut dengan family, tak payah nak pilih nak tonton mana satu, boleh ulang tayang babak-babak yang seronok dan kontroversi, boleh buat assingment dengan tenang, boleh pause dan pergi tandas atau angkat kain jemuran, sesuai dengan TV LCD 40′ Full HD (gamabar confirm cun) dan macam-macam lagi… Jadi Astor B.yond PVR mengubah cara manusia menonton televisyen dengan lebih sistematik dengan bermacam-macam kemudahan seperti record, pause, rewind dan play yang sungguh mudah dan menyeronokan…

  54. Cassie :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Well to me, i think i’m pretty sure that with this Astro PVR, i won’t get bugging by my mum asking me to switch to another channel she wants to watch while i’m watching my favorite movies by just tolerate her for a couple minutes then get mine “rewind” back!! Things are gonna be superb EASY yet CONVINCING ones ♥

    And also! You will never have to stay up late to catch the LIVE show maybe like the New Year Party Bash celebration thing at night! TEEHEE! So nice that i could save up some problems thinking how to get rid of the eyebags and hairlost! It’s just a few presses on the remote controller “RECORD” and it’s done! ♥

    “Oh Oh! Look it’s Justin Bieber on my LCD screen! Awww he’s amazing and so cute! Oh Oh wait, no! Don’t go away! I want JUSTIN BIEBER! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~” Hehe! Now with Astro PVR, no more worries mate! Click on the “pause” button and you can own Justin Bieber on your screen no matter how long or even days you like!!! Isn’t that amazing? ♥

    My mum loves cooking show, but she always miss it as she’s a very BIG BUSINESS WOMAN! So how? Naah don’t worry! Let me thumb-on the “record” button to make sure she will never miss the show again =) AWESOME INVENTION! Kudos to ASTRO!

    So what are you hesitating about? Life without worries with ASTRO PVR! Ya betta catch 1 now before it’s to lateeeee~

    Wuuuwuu don’t miss reading mine and get me win that awesome prizes! TEEHEE! Fingers cross! Muahh! ♥
    I love astro! Ciao gonna catch my favorite drama on Astro AEC, then my favorite kid show on Astro TVIQ!

    Just from CASSIE!

  55. Shahrul Amri Saidin :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    With the Astro PVR, I do not have a sense of missed opportunity to watch a channel that I like. Besides, I do not have to rush home from college and not have to miss class just to watch a story that I enjoy. Weekends can also be entertained throughout the day in front of the television with beloved family.

  56. Mr Neo :

    How Would having Astro Beyong Change your life??

    It make change my life be aligned like astro beyond

  57. Acik :

    Rumah sewa saya takde TV makanya saya dah banyak terlepas cerita yang saya suka. Maka saya NAK satu ASTRO B.YOND PVR supaya nafsu menonton cerita kegemaran saya dapat dipuaskan. Saya akan PAKSA mak dan ayah saya rekod semua cerita kegemaran saya. Bila saya balik kampung 2 minggu sekali, dapat lah saya menghadap TV sepanjang hari pun saya sanggup.

    Kamon, bagi kat saya SATU. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE XD

  58. cik eyqa :

    what Astro PVR can change my life??

    hehehe~~ i not influent in english..

    apa yang boleh buat astro PVR nie berubah dalam hidup saya, banyak benda kot. Saya duduk di UNIMAS, so lambat nak balik, kebanyakan cerita yang ada di astro mesti banyak yang saya tak dapat tonton..
    Astro PVR ni dapat tolong saya untuk merakam apa je cerita yang tertinggal.. macam orang cakap, dapat merealisasikan impian yang kita pendam.. eceh!!

    So astro PVR nie sangat lah berguna kepada sesiapa yang ketingglan rancangan yang diminati.

  59. CY :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?
    Dear Astro PVR
    Do you know how useful you are to me? Let’s see, I am really a cartoon lover. But, my mom always yells at me “Why are you still watching cartoon while you are 24 years old?” In fact, she is true. This excuse always wins against me and she will change it to her favorite channel.
    With you, everything might different. I can SECRETLY record the cartoon if my mom switches it to other channel. Childish? mom, you won’t have the chance to say it again *evil smile. So, it will become the secret between you and I forever. I know you will be my best friend if I have the chance to bring you home. Oops, time’s out. Bye!


  60. LeiLa MajNuN :

    Hello dan salam..

    i love ASTRO..tapi apa itu ASTRO PVR?saya neh orang kampung..mana la taw apa PVR..Bahasa inggeris pun saya x berapa sangat..setakat i dan u..yes dan no..taw lee..Yang saya taw,saya amek ASTRO..hehe..

    Apa2 pun..terima kasih lah ASTRO sebab terangkan tv saya dengan rancangan2 yang menarik dan berguna..

  61. V Ngoi :

    Actually ASTRO not only change my life.It change my mind . I love to watch about News on the TV everyday night 10 til 11pm.I gained a lot of knowledges. I totally not go and take out the newspapers and see what that had happen everyday in the whole world.
    I also love to watch (Japan Walk) .The walker Dou Yu Fong, She is funny she definitely give her effort to do her job . Well, she recommended those hotels, place to shop , thingie that we never seen. It is quite interesting. I LOVE U , ASTRO!!!!!!!Muakss..

  62. Mai :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    I`m sure it would definitely change my life… cause now I can REWIND to the time that I have missed out, just to answer the CALL OF NATURE… xD Astro PVR is like something a life should have, probably something that everyone wish to have. It allows you to PAUSE for the moment that you wish to remain at. You will never have problem in remembering all the happy memories you had with your love ones, when the button to REC is available for you to click at. You can really see how amazing life would be with Astro PVR. Happy memory can be PLAYed again and again in remembrance of the love ones. It would change my life as in I would really learn to cherish each moments I get to spend with my family. Because we rarely get to sit in front of the TV together to watch a movie or drama together, everyone would be busy facing the “book” (aka FACEBOOK). =)

    Let Astro PVR brings you another new experience in watching TV. Sooner or later, Astro is gonna make SMART TV to our life.

  63. Ben Bronson :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Yes..yes…thanks to writer for your info..ok i’ll write it informal…. referring to that question… by the way my parents already upgraded the old kind to this newest available.. but we didnt subscribe the PVR because it quite expensive… i didnt know if it just a rumor or not… somehow…if I won it will be much appreciate and will be the biggest surprise of 2011..hehehe…
    furthermore, my little brother love to watch cartoons and will cried if we try to get to the other channel and its really annoying to heard it everyday and a little bit sorry and pity to my father that missed his channel…even the Piala Suzuki on the other day…
    Same goes to everyone.. ok im not trying to steal their reason but it is really happen.. we missed so much channel especially the sinetron which we didnt get to saw it as we are busy all day with working and giving up to the annoying little brother… he is annoying but we still love him….. I hope Astro reconsider me and put me on your shortlist…I’ll pray for it…if you didnt. just thank you for reading this..once again THANK YOU

  64. mohd jamal bashah bin abu bakri :

    A >>> ALWAYS
    S >>> SHARE
    T >>> THE
    R >>> REMOTE
    O >>> OH GOD

    I watch it
    Morning, day and night
    ASTRO PVR are quite a sight
    Soap Operas, Reality Shows, Movies
    I watch anything there is to see
    But the little black box called ASTRO PVR
    Gets on my nerves…
    Happy family start with you ASTRO PVR,everything you give make us closer and happier like never before…ASTRO PVR change my life…thank god

  65. phreak-id :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?

    Well.. There is a big big big difference.

    1) Me and wifey will never fight with each other just to get control of the remote control. because she can record the drama she want while i’m watching a live football
    2) We don’t have to change channel for every advertisement break just to satisfy both side to watch their preferred program. 1 party can record it while the other party watch it. And then the party who record it may watch it later exclusively without any interfere. hahaha
    3) My passion with english football making me hard to take a break when watching Manchester United match. You know, 2 hours of football sometimes tiring. Yeah! You can go grab some food, go to toilet or answering a phone call during halftime, but hey! halftime is really important also because there is a halftime analysis where i can enjoy key moment in the 1st half. If i have to empty my stomach at toilet during that time, astro PVR can help me to record the moment.
    4) And when there a controversional penalty, a diving attempt in penalty box, a lucky escape from a harsh tackle, or controversial offside, there is only 1 time you could look into it over and over. It is when u play, rewind and play the scene again. And of course, only Astro PVR can help you clarify that after the match. Hey! after keep rewind and playing the scene, i’m sure you will eager enough and can’t wait to debate it in facebook/forum/blog. hahaha
    5) I always have a moment when i watch my favourite drama or watching football, there’s a call from my senior staff asking me to do specific things at work tomorrow. Once i answer, it may take a few minutes till i have to ask my wife “eh! why suddenly the hero die?” or “omg! gol??”. Now with astro PVR, i can pause it and resume it when i’m ready.

    ah! should i mention all the benefits of Astro PVR to my life here? You nuffies should let me do a full entry with it you know. I can list all the thing there. Like i said earlier, there is a big big big difference to my life with Astro PVR. Hahaha

    So, please let me try it!

  66. yussof :

    macam-macam ada..:)

  67. aziera :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    1.boleh tayang semula movie atau apa-apa rancangan yang terlepas

    2.tak payah berebut dengan ahli keluarga untuk menonton rancangan kegemaran masing-masing

    3.boleh rewind balik part yang menarik seperti part penjaga gol kebangsaan Malaysia menangkap bola semasa perlawanan denan Indonesia baru-baru ini.

    Apa yang paling penting, Astro PVr mampu merubah kehidupan manusia dengan menjadikan mereka hidup semakin bahagia, tenangb dan sistematik.

  68. elizabeth :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    1) Now the whole world can wait for some toilet break only because of the pause button :)

    2) Everyone has the certificate to be a football referee since ASTRO pvr enable it to happen.

    3)Dad can watch the NEWS and I did not have to worry about missing my favorite program and because of this I finally found the enjoyment of watching the news and be more knowledgeable.

  69. Melissa Lim :

    How would Astro PVR change OUR life?

    How I wish life would be as simple as Record, Rewind and Pause.

    My husband, Chris and I are the proud ‘owner’ of a beautiful 2 ½ year, Chindian boy, Jayden Phoenix. We are an average income group so juggling work (both of us are full time employed), home and studies brings us home late. After 14 years of hard life, I finally had the oppurtunity to pursue my lifelong dream of furthering my studies and Chris have to put in long hours at work which brings us back home late. As such we missed all our favorite shows and even the news.

    We really feel missed out with ASTRO playing all the GREAT shows now. It would be nice to catch our favourite show, together, after a long day’s work and Chris deserve this more than anyone I know. He works hard six-days a week for us and spends little of his free time with chores around the house when I am in class.

    I could not imagine a better gift for him. I know, I am sure, that I will be happy to see him enjoying and catching up his shows which bring him much ‘escape’ from the harsh day he has to go through.

    The icing on top of the cake? see him have a REAL holiday and seeing him to his FIRST flying experience. I do not wish this for me; I wish this to an honestly hardworking man. I wish him to be happy, which in turn I know will make him into a much more better spouse and dad than he already is.

  70. awin :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?

    1. Will make me and my family smile all the time watching without disruption

    2. Watching experience will be a great moment and of course i will spread news about my ne Astro PVR to all my friends,families and people around the world about how great the Astro PVR.

    3. My house will be the second cinema!!Yes!with Astro PVR everything is impossible and for sure i will invite my beloved friends to my house to have their first new experience with my Astro PVR.I am very sure that they will like it!!! :)

    4. No more rushing of course!!cause i can ‘Pause’ and ‘Rewind’ everything!its great!!!

    5. Astro PVR will be my second boyfriend!cause i already falling in love with my Astro PVR just like my boyfriend!!!yeahhhh…

  71. Kerol :

    Astro PVR rebranding our life and our mentalities

  72. ee :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    wow,perubahan zaman ke zaman,canggih betul dunia sekarang…kalau zaman dulu2 nak tgk tv pun susah,skrg anytime n kat mana2 je blh tgk siap blh rakam lg…fuyooo…zaman berteknologi tiggi

  73. basirah armain :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    My husband and me always miss our favorite channel when we out working. We really need the Astro PVR so that we can watch it together after work without worrying that we will miss it. With Astro PVR we can record our favorite programs that we could not watch.That is why i really need to have the Astro PVR.



    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    1)Astro PVR menjadikan kehidupan lebih bermakna terutamanya apabila bersama keluarga menghabiskan “QUALITY TIME”…Anak saya tak perlu lagi menangis untuk menonton rancangan berbentuk sains kerana dapat dirakam untuk tontonan anak saya. Istri mampu tersenyum lebar kerana ASTRO PVR Begitu bermakna

  75. Nuri.Ramli :

    A s someone who spends a lot of time online
    S urfing, blogging, youtubing and such
    T ough to not also download movies sometimes
    R ealizing that one can pause, replay and rewind
    O nly .. downloading illegally is a crime :(

    B ut what’s a girl to do when she comes home
    E veryones there, parked infront of the tv like lil lawn gnomes
    Y elling for the remote, the controller of channels
    O nly dad is at the other tv, fiddling with the aerials
    N ow what can this Astro B.yond PVR bring?
    D efinitely less fighting, high definition, more smiling

    P lans no longer need to revolve around TV schedules
    V iewing fave shows in a full house, no longer a struggle
    R ecording, rewinding, replaying …
    sounds like a delightful sin!

    (: parrot

  76. mummyalesya :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Astro PVR will DEFINITELY change my life. People may think as a housewife i am able to catch my favourite show anytime yet we always faced a conflict.

    1) Time
    – Rushing for all house work and taking care of Alesya (daughter), i will missed all my favourite show which on air before lunch time.
    – There’s a BIG No-no for watching TV when hubby get back from office at 7pm. Sigh…i missed ‘are you smarter than a 5th grader’
    (Yes! The ‘record’ button will make BIG difference!)

    2) Favourite
    – News is his favourite and i have to sacrifice ‘ugly betty’
    – Alesya ‘special agent oso’ aired the same time with ‘desperate housewife’
    (Oh! now i really need PVR)

    – Yes, i’m into CSI, Desperate Housewife, Ugly Betty, The Nanny, House. I wish to see Grissom when i miss him, watch Fran when i need laugh, watch Eddie Brit tribute episode when i love to..
    – I need ‘special agent oso’ help now to cool Alesya down
    (We will definitely RECORD, REWIND, PLAY and PAUSE of this craziness)

    4) Urgency
    – Need to go toilet when result time of American Idol, Alesya poo-poo and it’s season finale of TARA..
    (things will changed with PVR…u know.. those important ‘button’!)

  77. Mohd Noor :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    Astro PVR Change my life with Astro’s latest innovative offering, the Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder (PVR)enables you to RECORD,REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY all your favourite programmes, including those on HD (High Definition) so that i don’t have to miss a single programme and television moment again than before that i might’ve had to make hard choices and sadly miss out on some things in the past, but not anymore.

    Now, i can watch what i want to watch, when i want to watch it. On top of that, the PVR will also be
    able to support exciting new features such as video-on-demand offerings in the future!

    Thanks You Atro PVR

  78. dayang :

    selamat tahun baru..mulakan hari anda dengan menonton pelbagai rancangan hebat dr astro..yeahhhh

  79. Jep :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    1) RECORD – CORDial relations with my other Astro ‘rivals’ can be established after long and intense battle for the King REMOTE!

    2) REWIND – WIND back all that missed moments when it matters the most! Now I can check back on the ‘laser’ issues.

    3) PAUSE – USE the functionality to seize that moments for a short while for more important things such as…picking up the dry clothes when it rains!

    4) PLAY – LAY back, relax and enjoy my favorite recorded programs at anytime I want other than my father in-law favorite Korean soap opera time slot and my mother in-law favorite Asia Food Channel time..and not to forget my wife’s Juliana and Bill’s melodrama.

  80. rozieta raffar :

    kalau saya dapat astro byond PVR nie, buleh buatkan saya bekerja dengan hati yang gembira! hahaaa.. kenapa ye.. sebab selalunya saya akan terlepas nak menonton cerita yang best2 kan astro. balik kerja selalu lewat. nak tengok siaran ulangan pun kenkadang terlepas.

    so dengan adanya astro byond PVR nie,
    saya boleh RECORD,REV, PRE & STOP segala cerita yang terlepas nak tengok. terutama sekali adnan sempit the series, legenda budak setan the series dah yg terbaru jangan pandang belakang congkak the series.. so tak de la saya tergesa2 nak balik kerja awal semata2 nak tengok cerita yang menarik. so income tak terjejas. balik rumah hati senang walaupun kat tempat kerja mcm2 masalah….

  81. Bonny :

    Fulaaamaaaak!!! memang best giller…lot of my time I spend in my workplace….so I always missed my favorite show like Oprah, American Idol, movies on Star Movies etc…kalau la i dapat Astro PVR ne, x perlu la i rush nak balik…that’s cool!!!!!

  82. Norlin :

    Asto satu nama yang gah di dunia persiaran, dengan adanya Astro B.yond menambahkan kecerian hidup semua. B.yond melengkapkan hidupanku.

  83. eilasyafiq :

    ASTRO B.YOND PVR ! ! !

    Mesti la nak ! Gile ape tolak bende yg best mcm ni….
    ho ho ho ..tidak same skali.
    tiap2 ari xkan tido awal..
    sy akn pakse 1 family tgk tv dgn saye..ketawe kalau tgk movie lucu..nangis tgk cite sedey..
    menggigil klu tgk antu terbang…
    chayok2..astro kan mcm2 ada.

    jeng jeng jeng ! ! bg saye ae…
    nak nak nak … plssss.
    pasti family sy gempak abis ..glemer gile babas klu dpt.

  84. EnaMazad :

    Dengan adanya Astro PVR aku akan katakan TIDAK PERLU kerana :: Tidak perlu berebut remote kontrol dengan suami. Tidak perlu memilih HBO ataupun Star Movies sebab aku boleh rekod movies dan tonton semula pada bila-bila masa. Tdak perlu nak tahan kalau nak ke tandas.Astro PVR membolehkan aku menikmati kehidupan ini dengan lebih sempurna. Jadi kasilah aku menang.. :)

  85. azryn :

    kalau saya ada PVR? mestilah seronok, sebab saya boleh rakam rancangan yang selalu saya minat tapi tak dapat tengok macam oprah channel diva tu, selalu sampai rumah mesti dah habis, huhu..ulangan pulak 1 pagi, so dengan PVR ni saya leh RECORD, REV, PRE & STOP sesuka hati saya!

  86. Labuchee :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    (Acik tulis bahasa melayu yo,sobab eh dulu acik skola Arab.. Jgn Mara ha… :P )
    Salam uols dan Salam Sejahtera.
    Wah, ramai cuba nasib.Acik pun nak juga, Eden Torai yeh..
    Kat Umah Acik ado 4 bijik televisyen tp 1 je la kan yg boleh tengok Astro.
    Maka dengan itu, bermula pukul 6 (sebab ahli rumah balik keje) pasti akan terjadi nya perebutan yang sangat tragis di kalangan isi rumah acik uols. Sedih tak? (Sambil kesat air mata agagaga)

    Tragis bermaksud berebut ler nak menengok cerita2 di Astro tersebut.
    Dah tentu pemenang nya adalah Mak Acik..
    Semua ada Kesukaan masing masing kan.

    Alangkah bestnya kalau dapat Astro B.yond PVR ni sebab :
    1.Tak payah nak sentap menyentap bila tak dapat tengok cerita kesukaan, bole Record saje kan. Selesai semudah ABC, ececehh…

    2.Mak Acik boleh tengok ulang ulang cerita Tamil kesukaan beliau. Hebat kan???lakalakalaka Sivaji the Boss.. Ahaks :P

    3.Abah acik tak perlu risau atau Gusar sebab takut terlupa cara nak Speaking bile dah lama tak tengok HBO. Style la Abah.. :P

    4.Kami tak perlu nak menahan dan segan silu je nak ke tandas.. Pergi saje, boleh pause kan. ngeh3.

    5.”Aloh, tak nampak la Si A korek hidung pakai tangan ape td”atau “eh, eh macam kg aku je mereka shooting ni, ala terlepas plak” Jgn risau, boleh Rewind.. Beronok ronok uols.

    Segalanya HEBAT dengan Astro b.yond PVR ni weh..
    Hidup tak perlu gusar, gundah gulana mengenangkan cerita tak boleh tinggal kite, kalau kite tinggal tak lalu makan, minum, xleh wat keje sedang ditayangkan, sedangkan kita di office tak senang duduk..
    Ewah, teruk benar kau ni Acik. alalalala….

    Terima kasih Nuffnang,time kasih Astro sebab kasi saya hadiah ni. Opsss tetibe..ahahahahaa…Lariks :)

  87. zzz :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    1. My brother and I always had a big fight to get the remote control. My brother wants to watch Astro Ceria, while I want to watch AXN. But the winner is my mother, who wants to watch HBO. So Astro PVR will help me to watch AXN.

    2. I always don’t have enough time to spend to watch TV.

  88. mamaina :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    Anak2 dan saya TAK PERLU BEREBUT CHANNEL dan TAK PERLU KE WAYANG lagi. Tunggu saja disiarkan di Astro. Tak sempat tengok BOLEH RAKAM.Nak tengok lagi? BOLEH REWIND lagi tu. Tengah nonton tiba2 perlu lawatan mengejut ke tandas..BOLEH PAUSE lagi. Nak sembang ngan tetamu… bisa diatur…PAUSE, REWIND kemudian atau RECORD saja. Sedara mara yang datang pun TAK RASA BORING. ALkisah macam2 boleh..ASTRO boleh…lagipun saya tak ada ASTRO lagi…

  89. Mustika :

    “Solat tidak terjejas, rumahtangga lebih terurus”

  90. Jeremy Teh :

    Having Astro B.yond PVR would change your life?

    First thing first is that,Astro itself has made impact in every human life where informations or knowledge are given in front of your face without needing to go into the internet to search for it.In addition to that,it will bring everyone together where watching a show could be shared among families,friends and even strangers.For example,Watching football,it could be watch with family at hone,with friends and Even watch it with strangers in the coffee shop.It has been the best created technology that brings everyone together (1 Malaysia).!

    Having a Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder has made life easier where one does not need to sit in front of the tV waiting for their Shows they love! Just imaging if a movie or show display during the midnight or even early in the morning.Its hard for one to wake up just for it because viewers have work or even classes the next morning.Missing it will totally be a bomb where ,needing to waiting for the next time the show will be aired! This will help house wife to watch her favorite movie anytime because she have house responsibilities to take care of. It could be your mum or your better half. This has been a lovely creation that could create happiness for all.
    In addition to that,for students, they need to go colleges which makes them miss the shows that they like due to the availability of the movie aired during the time.This has cause inconvenience and they will go online and watch it.This is not a good practice where, looking at the computer for long will cause them to stare at the computer for long and could spoil their eyes. Furthermore,they will be anti social where staying in their room and in front of their computer all day. However,with this technology,this can be change where watching tv could be share among families or even friends.
    This also applies for working adults. Watching tv is limited where during early in the morning or after work only.This has cause limitation to them.However,astro has look into it and has come out with recordable function where they could record what they like and never miss a moment anymore. They could watch it again and again without needing to worry more.With Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder , viewer could relax and no need to worry about anything.Just imagine that life is full of worries where there are working stress,relationship stress,financial stress and more. Without Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder there is a added stress where no one wants to face.This has bring convenience to all not only working adults but everyone. In addition to all of that,Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder could help families to get together sharing moments . By waiting all the time for the show to aired and watch it on the worng time will cause lack of family time and communication with family members.
    With Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder ,One could record the movie they want and play it later when they are free. One’s could share more time with their family without needing to worry about missing a show anymore. Family time is important where they are the one that are always right beside you. Spending more time with them is the best one could do.
    As conclusion,Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder can change life where it could help family getting together,sharing time together ,never miss a moment again,and benefits all walks of life.

  91. faizahpaiz :

    I’m an Astro Byond geek.. I’m so into AXN HD, HBO HD, Fiesta HD and a lot more you name it.. I just love it so much and I must say that with Astro Byond Personal Video Recording (PVR), I wouldn’t miss any series of CSI in AXN HD, the same time I want to watch movie at HBO HD channel.. haaa…

  92. siti fatimah :

    now i use Astro Beyond.. but i still not satisfied because i dont have the PVR function.. oh it make me hard..especially when i have class at UKM.. i love to watch my fav movies or dramas from all channel that i subscribe, so when i have the PVR function, my life will be more easier.. specially for the rewind button.. i love that b’coz i can watch back the part that i love.. thanks Astro because create this PVR function.. i hope i can get it freely.. =)

  93. samaniah :

    tadi buka belog hanis zalikha jumpa iklan yang sama jugak…besnya kalo saya pom dapat Astro PVR ni :)

  94. misz sheyla :

    astro oh astro…aku suka….. tak yah susah berebut ngan adik2 ag lau nk tengok…

  95. kak ina kl :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    Kena ada Astro PVR sebab bolehlah saya rekod cerita kegemaran saya.

    Tak payahlah saya berebut lagi dengan
    1. suami yang suka menggunakan kuasa veto setiap malam(ashik tenguk rancangan sukan 801-816,831,832 )
    2. anak lelaki bongsu (Imran ashik tenguk 611-616)
    3. anak perempuan (Yana ashik tenguk rancangan korea 391, 191-nasib baik ada subtitle, 711 top models, ugly betty )
    4. anak lelaki – Firdaus ashik nak tenguk rancangan 701, HD721, 713.

    Geram tau sampai akak nak tenguk 707,706 (rancangan masak memasak) dan 201,202,108 (cerita tamil dan hindi) pun payah. Mereka kata cerita tu panjang sangat sampai 3 jam.

    Kalaulah ada Astro PVR tak payahlah saya bergaduh setiap hari dengan mereka sebab saya boleh RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY rancangan kegemaran saya.
    Mesti saya tak tension.

  96. mamaafzal :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”
    Bagaimana? Biar saya terangkan. Dengan memiliki Astro PVR, saya kini boleh menonton edisi terkini segala rancangan kegemaran dan yang paling penting, masa untuk menonton sekeluarga kini menjadi kenyataan sebab dengan kehadiran seorang kanak-kenak berumur 2tahun, menonton wayang amat tidak digalakkan. Maka sudah pasti sekiranya Nuffnang menghadiahkan saya Astro PVR, sudah pasti ianya bakal mengubah keluarga saya menjadi lebih rapat dan masa menonton bersama menjadi lebih bermakna!

  97. sue ghapa :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    For your information,i always fight with my father about channel program because he more like to watch sport mostly WWE but i always crazy watch entertain or reality show program so when i have astro B.yond PVR i don’t care and worry when i can’t see my favorite program because my father can record for my favorite channel.Otherwise,when i got Astro PVR my relationship with father more better than before this.Lastly,its not about prize but its all about moment with my family :P

  98. Gin :

    Well i’m pretty sure it will..I DON’T EVEN HAVE ASTRO!!

  99. Cikgu Wan :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    Tak susah nak langgan ASTRO
    Tak senang duduk kalau tiada ASTRO
    Lagi senang dengan PVR ASTRO
    Tambah ceria pastinya bersama ASTRO….

    ASTRO merubah segalanya…

  100. Yit Kiat :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    That’s simple. You eat, you sleep, you work and you come back and you want to watch TV. But on most days, you probably spend 8 hours sleeping, 10 hours working, 2 hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you are stuck in the traffic for 2 hours (Morning and evening). You are only left 2 hours to watch the tv and you have probably missed all the good shows in the day. With Astro PVR, you won’t miss anything as you can playback on a weekend where you can just sit back and relax. What better way to enjoy a good show!

  101. amirintandanish :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”
    “Adakah memiliki Astro PVR merubah hidup anda?”

    JAWAPANNYA ADALAH YA!!! kerana………..

    abang-abang minat bola,
    adik-adik minat cinema,
    berebut channel buat pening kepala,
    Astro PVR pilihan tepat sekeluarga.

    rancangan di Astro sensasi dan terkini,
    buatkan aku setia depan TV,
    masa terbuang kini tiada lagi,
    harap-harap dapat Astro PVR free.

  102. pink :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    1) Whoaaaaaaaa best kalau mempunyai ASTRO PVR dalam hidup saya ! sebab saya boleh hidup dalam keadaan tenang tanpa memikirkan ketinggalan episod episod kegemaran drama di Astro Ria :)

    2) Saya salah seorang penonton setia Kimora in Fab lane and America’s next top model and I will scream oh yeah ! My dad selalu bising nak tgk movie dekat HBO ,STAR MOVIE so saya takkan ketinggalan episode penting and dapat tahu siapa yang terkeluar dalam America’s next top model also tidak bergaduh manja dengan abah saya lagi hihi

    3)ASTRO PVR sangat power and alat yang canggih so kalau saya memilikinya tentu saya akan berkongsi pengalaman menggunakan ASTRO PVR dengan pembaca di blog saya :) Sharing is caring .

    Okay ,ASTRO PVR please hear me ! Be mineeeeeeee ! Will you ? Heeeeeeeee

  103. pakdabekam :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    – Mak saya selalu berebut dengan cucu-cucunya tiap kali cucu-cucunya balik kampung untuk menonton rancangan keagamaan yang menjadi kegemaran mak saya setiap pagi setiap hari.Setiap kali itu ,mak saya terpaksa mengalah dengan cucu-cucunya walaupun sebenarnya dia tidak pernah lepas peluang untuk menonton rancangan kegemarannya.
    – Dengan adanya Astro PVR ini , mak saya tidak lagi perlu berebut dengan cucu-cucunya untuk melihat rancangan kegemarannya.Selain gembira melihat cucu-cucunya sentiasa balik ke rumahnya, mak saya juga tidak lagi bersedih hati lagi kerana tidak dapat melihat rancangan kegemarannya setiap hari.

  104. Cik Peah :

    This is why:

    7.30 a.m :
    me: yesss..I can watch “The King Of Queens” repeat.
    lil daughter: “ania nak cartoon”
    me: errrkk..

    8.00 a.m – 6.00 p.m : off to…work..
    arghh can’t wait to go home to watch my fav. 711

    6.00 p.m :
    reaches home..usual excitement wanting to watch 711..
    me: yesss…I can watch it now..
    Mother: “Don’t change the channel..(Indonesian sitcom – RIA 104)”
    me: errrkk..(sigh..never mind can watch the repeat…)

    8.00 p.m :
    me: yeay..i can watch “How I Met Your Mother” now..
    Father: “I want to watch the news on AWANI..hand me the remote, please..”
    me: sigh..never mind can watch the repeat..

    10.00 p.m :
    me: he he he..everybody is sleeping.
    Husband: snatch the remote..”arghh what long day..what is on ESPN…”
    me: sigh..never mind can watch the repeat..

    12.00 p.m : zzzzZZZzzzzz

    This has been an endless loop in my daily life. If I don’t get this ASTRO PVR i might turn cuckoo..Please nuffnang..just please save me….

  105. Natalie :

    Good Morning!

    As a loyal subscriber of Astro for the past 10+ years. Would have to say that their programs are great but the worst part is that alot of the interesting programs all come in at the same time in different channels at peak hours! This has caused much misery as we don’t only have to argue through which family member gets the control, we also ahve to comtemplate on which program to watch.

    Having a PVR would change my life as now I do not need to spend extra time looking for the movies or clips online. All the time would be given to the family as we would then have more time to spend with each other!

    As my dad is a working businessman, he has very little time to come home and relax. Sometimes when he comes home a little late – he would have missed his episode even on Astro AOD. It will be so much better if he could watch it anytime he wants, rather than having to wait another 45 minutes – when he could have saved that 45 minutes for a better sleep – and to wake up to a better morning as the sole breadwinner of the family. Sometimes it’s so hard to be infront of the TV, even if he’s really tired – he forces himself throughout the whole episode. See how the Astro PVR can save so much sleep?

    I know the theme is about how it changes MY life, but since we’re a family – I believe if it changes his life – it changes mine to.

  106. eT :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?

    saya seorang yang berkerjaya dan masa siang adalah sepenuhnya di pejabat.
    malam pulak selalu kuar jalan-jalan ngan suami dan anak..
    amik angin malam la katakan…
    kadang-kadang jek lepak umah tengok tv sama-sama…
    tp kadang-kadang bila suami sibuk, terpaksa layan sorang-sorang ngan anak jek…
    tapi bila nk cerita balik kt suami tu jadi tak best…
    kalau dapat tunjuk cerita asal tu kan best…

    jadinya, dgn Astro PVR ni…dengan adanyer fungsi RECORD, REWIND, WIND, PAUSE, PLAY ….memang rasa cam best la…teruja nk guna Astro PVR nih…
    boleh tengok cerita ikut masa fleksibel kite….

    ok…sudah mau STOP ini komen…hehehe…

  107. june :

    Ease my daily routine job of switching one channel from another in order to suite the taste of my demandable little rascals while they are at home. But with Astro PVR, this problem can be solved thus making my life easier. By how? Check out the scenarios below:

    Scenario 1:
    Girl :Mami! Mami! Special Agent Oso finished jor..wuuuweehh!(cry) I want Oso! I want Oso! (rolling on the floor). **Tink! With PVR., this what I can do.
    Mami : Gal, find the blue color button with 2 triangle shapes (REWIND) and press it.
    Girl : Yeah!Yeah!!Got Oso jor!
    Mami : Relief. Problem solved. Can continue masak.

    Scenario 2:
    Girl : Mami! Mami! I want ‘ngng’ (shit).Stop Oso!Stop Oso!
    If no PVR, how to stop ler? Sure wuuuweeehh again.
    But with PVR…..
    Mami : Girl, find the pink color button with two one (11).(Pause button) and press it.
    Girl : **happy…Yeah!! Yeah!! Oso not moving edy.
    Proceed to toilet and her business…then get back to her watching position.
    Girl : Mami!Mami!!Oso not moving.
    **sweat Mami : Ok, now you find the light green button with a triangle shape (PLAY) and press it.
    Girl : Yeah!! Yeah!! Oso is flying jor.
    Mami: Relief..Problem solved again. Can continue to hang my laundry.

    Scenario 3:
    Girl : Mami! Mami!! I don’t want to watch Oso jor. I want Mickey Mouse.
    **sweat Mami, mana ada Mickey Mouse now. Now showing Timmy lor.
    *Tink!!Got PVR mer. Luckily, I have recorded Mickey Mouse earlier.
    Basically I just need to record the Mickey Mouse and play back again for her.
    Mami relief. Now I can go shit with peace.

    Now you know how Astro PVR have changed my life, even a 4 yr old kid can handle it! With 4 MAGICAL buttons, all problems solved!No sweat***

    I love you Astro PVR, you are my life saver!

  108. TikkoSS :

    Astro PVR Change my life?? I never try that device yet but prompt effects that I can think off are

    i) Grandma will watch her Wah Lai Toi all the time – less sleep, less mumbling, less hassle :P
    ii) My home TV set will be turned on 24x7x365 – TV lifespan getting shorter, many many holes in my wallet :(
    iii) Optician loves our family – A happy family with “4-eyes” trademark
    iv) No more conflicts and quarrel – everyone glue to TV .. Ops..! wait wait.. maybe i should say more fighting over remote control
    v) Nobody will ask me what happen to this series that they miss!

    From i) to v) I can forsee that my life will be peaceful, wallet will be bleeding (just kidding) but more importantly everyone in my family will be gratefully happy and THAT makes me a HAPPY MAN !


  109. Alien :

    Astro PVR can definitely, change my life! Why said so?

    1. I can record any dramas, reality shows or movies that i missed out. *its a must to record funny acts and unforgettable scenes!* I can watch it again and again in future! Like this, its just like i am having a collection of old or new movies/dramas/shows. =)

    2. I can ‘flash-back’ all the scenes too! =) Just like, when I went to washroom, and I missed out one important and interesting scenes, I can still watch back too! Just like those kissing scenes, or fighting scenes! All these cannot missed right? xD And what interesting is, I can put it in slow motion, or medium motion or even fast motion! I just can’t imagine how the actor and actress walk or do their stuff in slow motion eh? =P

    ASTRO PVR is loveeeee! =)

    3. My family can watch any shows/dramas/movies they like. They don’t have to buy 2 televisions and 2 Astro decoders just to watch different shows/dramas/movies. In this way, we will have less arguments, less trouble, less sadness and more happiness and laughter! =)

    4. With Astro PVR, such a modern, stylish decoder, my house will be more ‘updated’ and its like, I am living in high technology family!

  110. dilah :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    I always missed my fav show when I’m at my so-called hostel. there’s no Astro available. if we have Astro here I bet a whole crowd of my colleagues will be fighting their life out to watch all their fav shows *ok, I’m a bit exaggerate there. it’s todays trend, rite? xP*

    so, with Astro PVR, I can watch my fav show whenever I want to AT HOME :) without having to worry about other stuffs which always bothering you when you in the middle of having great entertainment. ouh and I will never be too blunt when my friends are talking about the latest gossips! LOL xD

    it’s good for catching up with the world! so, one PVR for me please! :3 <3

  111. cikween :

    Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder (PVR) enables you to RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY

    1. Boleh siapkan tugasan di pejabat dengan tenang tanpa memikirkan rancangan menarik yang disiarkan di astro.

    2. Tak perlu berebut remote control dengan adik-adik.

    3. Boleh berbisnes dengan senang hati.

    4. Dapat mengulang tayang cerita kegemaran 100 kali

  112. Christy Chai :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change My Life?

    So far i have been watching Astro for more then 10 years but all the while is a normal quality which is not PVR. Since i’m not watch Astro PVR yet so all the below is what i think that Astro PVR will change my life after i have one in the future. I think it is really improve the quality of all the programme whether is movie, drama, series, game or show that show on the TV. The rendering will be using more high technology technique with higher quality of picture and seeing for the audient.It will keep us up to date on the high technology equipment in our home. I will enjoy much with the more reality and surrounding picture on the TV. We will soon cannot differentiate is it a TV or we are inside the real world. We really need to improve ourself with the latest technology and have a better quality of life even just with the high quality of TV shows. It would be no need for us to puchace blue ray and HTMI DVD where it is expensive since we can just watch all our favourite show on the Astro B.yond PVR. The feeling will be different compare with the normal one. If you want to know how it feel, puchase an Astro B.yond PVR box and try it yourself!

  113. nadia :

    Saya seorang isteri dan wanita berkerjaya, hari-hari indah kami sekeluarga ditemani oleh rancangan dan cerita-cerita yang menarik di ASTRO. Namun, masa amat mencemburui saya dan suami untuk menonton ASTRO bersama, kemi bekerja di siang hari dan pada malamnya, kami sibuk menguruskan hal anak-anak. Masa menonton ASTRO bersama hanyalah di hujung minggu, kekadang banyak rancangan dan cerita-cerita menarik terlepas dek kerana kesibukan kami. Jadi, dengan adanya ASTRO PVR ianya memudahkan hidup kami serta dapat manambah keceriaan kami sekeluarga. Tambahan pula suami saya seorang penggemar bola sepak dan saya pula suka menonton cerita-cerita menarik di ASTRO WARNA. Hidup saya dan keluarga akan berubah dan lebih bahagia dengan adenya ASTRO PVR di rumah kami.

  114. Dyat86 :

    Astro.B.Yond memang Superb..CAra Hidupku memang sngta berubah

  115. Dyat86 :

    LAyarilah Blog Dyat

  116. zurajones :

    I can spend my whole day with my favourite things by using Astro PVR!
    As simple as 1,2,3 I’m able to record, rewind, pause and play my favourite TV programmes without worry! Astro PVR never turn me down. It’s worth have it!

  117. yanty nasyida abd rahim :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    1) saya dah suami mempunyai saluran kegemaran yang berbeza, dia suka sport.. saya suka channel E.. dan kami selalu berebut remote semata-mata untuk menikmati channel kegemaran masing-masing. sekali dua beralah ok lagi.. tapi kalau hari-hari? bole sakit jiwa macam nih. boleh gaduh-gaduh tau.

    2)rancangan astro banyak yang best-best, jadual penyiarannya yang kadang-kadang serentak membuatkan kami terlepas menonton beberapa rancangan kesukaan. astrokan macam-macam ada

    3) suami juga suka tengok champion league awal pagi tu.. bila nak pegi kerja mula la mata merah sebab tahan mengantuk. sangat menjejaskan prestasi kerja.

    4) waktu kerja yang tak menentu selalunya membataskan kami untuk menonton tv, walau ada ulangan sekalipun, kalau tak kena ‘timming’nya tetap akan terlepas tengok juga.. oh sedih la..

    oleh sebab itu saya sangat-sangat memerlukan butang PLAY, RECORD, PAUSE, STOP, FORWARD, REWIND dan SLOW MOTION untuk kehidupan saya kini.. dan itu tentunya Astro PVR kerana sudah tentunya ia akan mengubah hidup, menambahkan keharmonian rumahtangga dan yang paling penting sekali ia akan membahagiakan dan mengembirakan kami :)

  118. cik reena :

    dengan adanya ASTRO PVR apa yg boleh saya buat??? saya tidak perlu risau lagi untuk melancong walaupun rancangan kegemaran saya sedang diudarakan. Pasti ada yang akan merakamnya untuk saya. selain itu, bila ada ‘scene’ yang menarik ketika ‘nature call’ saya tidak perlu gusar sebab dengan ASTRO PVR saya cuma perlu menggunakan hujung jari untuk memberhentikan cerita tersebut sementara saya menyelesaikan hajat. SEGALANYA DIHUJUNG JARI.

  119. yanty nasyida abd rahim :

    i want.. i wanttt

  120. nik nur izzati :

    how would having Astro PVR changing my life?

    1 . my brother and I no need to fight anymore when it comes to out channel that clashing at same time. he can watch his channel, so do I can record my channel.

    2. i can get being busybody to the celebrities since Astro have the BIo channel.

    3. with Astro PVR, my family won’t turn upside down to watch their favourite channel. especially for my nephews. they were always fighting to watch their cartoons channel.

  121. Ahmad Faiz bin Abdul Majid :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Becoz of Astro PVR, I come out with this idea which I condemned those who did the same last time (LOL)



  122. Ahmad Faiz bin Abdul Majid :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life? (My 2nd try..huhu!)

    Becoz of Astro PVR, I come out with this idea which I condemned those who did the same last time (LOL)

    AA AA
    AA AA
    AA AA
    AA AA
    AA AA

    SS SS
    SS SS
    SS SS



    OO OO
    OO OO
    OO OO
    OO OO

    PP PP
    PP PP
    PP PP

    VV VV
    VV VV
    VV VV
    VV VV
    VV VV
    VV VV


  123. Wan Syamimi Aimi :

    Have u ever quarrel with your mom bacause she wants to watch CSI but that night is the last episode of biggest loser?
    Or you pull a face when u just have to watch that episode of Man v Food but your dad just can’t compromise because that night there’s football match between Manchester United and Chelsea?
    I did.

    Have you ever prepare yourself with a big mug of hot chocolate, cosy blanket along with your Edward Cullen poster beside you waiting for the New Moon movie on movie channel and suddenly you fell asleep before the movie even started?
    I did.

    Have you ever wish you could rewind the scene because the phone was ringing and u have to take the call?
    Or when mom called you to help her around in the kitchen and when u went back to the tv, u just dont understand the movie because of that one scene you missed?

    I did. And i’m not loving it.

    With ASTRO PVR, it all does not matter at all.
    No more pulling face with your dad, or big fight with your mom.
    You can RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY anytime you want.

    it’s not you who have to compete with time to catch the TV.
    It’s your TV, your TIME, YOUR WAR with Astro PVR :)

  124. Wan Syamimi Aimi :

    Correction: war *WAY

  125. Sorwen :

    Astro PVR will definitely make my life more colourful!

    I had a younger brother who loves to watch cartoons. But at the same time, I would want to watch my drama too! And because I’m elder, mom will always ask me to let him watch! Pfftt!

    But now, i can RECORD what I’m gonna miss if the time clashes with his cartoon’s. Oh, this is so awesome! Even if i had tuition classes or schools or events, i will not miss any episodes of my Hong Kong dramas, my AXN dramas and all the reality game shows!

    Besides RECORDING, i can too REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY my favourite scenes over and over again! For example, when my favourite singer from the One Million Star sang some awesome-pawesome songs that really touches my heart! Watching TV will never be so perfect without Astro PVR!

    And thus, my life shall be complete with Astro PVR!

  126. Wan Gerrard :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change My Life?

    @boleh tonton gol liverpool menang banyak kali sampai bosan
    @boleh slow motion ala matrix akan ku lakukan bila ada filem Angelina Jolie, sebab die cantik
    @tiada lagi tv yang akan menonton anda tidur lagi sebab boleh save cerita tu
    @Kalau ada match liverpool dan filem anglina jolie serentak, tengok match liverpool dan save filem tu. Dua-dua tak terlepas
    @nenek saya senang hati tengok tv bila tak ada orang kacau

    itu sahaja ^_^

  127. Jacqueline :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Well, it can change my life from many aspects, such as:
    1. Family and friend’s relationship- No quarreling and fighting each other! 10 Malaysia(s) also become 1 Malaysia! LOL, improve relationship indirectly.

    2. Time management- Even busy with my studies, working and outing, after finish those stuffs, i still manage to come back home, relax and enjoy the show without frustration.

    3. Astro programme- You can enjoy few tv programmes as well! You can show how evil- greedy are you! LOL! How perfect is having Astro PVR in my life!

    Have a blast with Astro PVR! =)

  128. talamkeladi :


    1. Selalunya perlawanan bolasepak EPL contohnya ada beberapa perlawanan menarik pada satu2 masa, tetapi dengan kebolehan Astro PVR, saya boleh merakam satu perlawanan sambil menonton perlawanan secara langsung yang lain dalam satu masa…pergh memang hebat siut!

    2. Dan selalunya siri kegemaran aku CSI ditayangkan ketika ada perlawanan bolasepak tersebut, dengan Astro PVR aku boleh pause siri CSI tersebut untuk menyaksikan bolasepak tanpa perlu risau menunggu ulangan siri tersebut yang entah bila akan disiarkan balik….wuhoooo…2 kali seronok.

    3. Yang penting, kadang2 tu aku tak berapa faham tentang jalan cerita sesuatu siri tu atau aku rasa tak puas menonton, aku boleh rewind siri tu beberapa kali yang aku mahu…suka hati aku je kan…sampai aku bosan sekalipun…dah beronok-ronok ni…tq astro!

    4. Kadang-kadang juga, aku merasa bosan dengan jalan cerita satu-satu filem tu atau aku tak sabar nak tau kesudahannya, aku boleh “forward” berapa banyak yang aku mau…

    5. Kadang-kadang tu, tengah-tengah aku seronok menonton siri CSI tu, ada je yang mengganggu, anak nak tidur la, anak menangis la, ada jiran datang la, gangguan emosi la (ada ke), aku boleh pause atau record atau rewind bahagian yang aku “miss” tu atau ulang balik tengok dari mula samada HD atau bukan…memang menakjubkan dan kagum yang amat kat alat ni la…

    So, apa lagi, kepada sesiapa yang belum ada Astro PVR, dapatkannya dengan kadar segera…banyak yang anda boleh lakukan dengannya….

    Terima kasih Astro….anda memang hebat!

  129. Lina :

    How Would Having ASTRO PVR Change Your Life?

    Bila ayah pilih 811, mama jeling jer…

    Bila mama pilih 703, muka ayah dah kelat…

    Bila kakak pilih 611, mama dan ayah jegil mata…

    Bila adik tertekan remote, terus semua menjerit…

    Alangkah senangnya bila ada ASTRO PVR. Dengan RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE dan PLAY, semuanya akan berubah.

    Bila ayah pilih 811, mama senyum jer…

    Bila mama pilih 703, muka ayah selamba jer…

    Bila kakak pilih 611, mama dan ayah pun tengok sama…

    Bila adik tertekan remote, semuanya relax jer…

    Yang pasti bila ASTRO PVR menjadi milikku, tiada lagi insiden sorok remote!!!

  130. anas :

    Don’t have to worry if we miss favorite channel in Astro…Astro PVR Can Change Our Life

  131. akubiomed :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life?

    Dengan Astro B.yond PVR sudah tentu kehidupan kami sekeluarga berubah kerana banyak masa kualiti bersama keluarga dapat dimanfaatkan. Semua ahli keluarga tidak akan ketinggalan menonton rancangan kegemaran masing dengan kualiti True Colour dan pada resoluri 720p and 1080i television HD kami. Maklumlah Ibu, Ayah dan anak-anak selalu berebut untuk menonton rancangan kegemaran masing-masing. Kami akan lebih teliti memilih rancangan apa yang hendak ditonton secara langsung dan rakaman rancangan apa yang hendak ditonton jadi kelebihannya kami tidak akan terlepas lagi atau menunggu ulang tayang episod. Astro Beyong PVR hadir dengan 4 butang mudah REC, REWIND, PAUSE dan PLAY memang ternyata mudah.

    Si ayah minat sukan lumba motor berkuasa tinggi MotoGP boleh menonton aksi-aksi menarik dan mendebarkankan di channel ESPN HD. Kalau bola si ayah boleh berulang kali menonton jaringan gol terutama pasukan yang diminati iaitu Barcelona dan ayah menonton aksi Messi ketika menjaring gol cantik berulang kali di Astro Super Sport HD. Menonton HBO HD dengan Dolby Digital Cinema seolah-seolah berada didalam pewagam adalah satu pengalaman yang unik kalau ada sistem Home Theater tidak dapat merasainya sangatlah rugi. Betultak?

    Untuk ibu sudah tentu tidak mahu terlepas menonton rancangan masakan terutama resepi-resepi baru di channel Asian Food Channel. Kerja mencuba resipi menjadi lebih mudah kerana ibu boleh PAUSE ketika hendak mendapatkan senarai dan cara-cara penyediaan. Tentu kami sekeluarga bergembira dapat mencuba resepi yang dicuba sebentar tadi. Ibu juga suka menonton channel B4U terutama video klip lagu Hindi terkini jadi ibu boleh membuat koleksi video jockey dengan dekoder Astro b.yond PVR.

    Untuk Along, Angah dan Adik selalu terlepas menonton channel Ceria kerana bersekolah apabila ada butang RECORD dan PLAY. Along, Angah dan Adik dapat membalas dendam dengan menonton pada hujung minggu atau selepas kerja sekolah disiapkan terlebih dahulu. Walaubagaimana pun pelajaran tetap diutamakan.

    Macam tidak percaya semua diatas boleh dilakukan dengan ASTRO Beyond PVR kerana dengan kapasiti merakam program sehingga 100jam untuk kualiti HD dan 290jam untuk kualiti SD. Kalau tidak cukup boleh ditambah dengan memasang dengan External Hard disk My Passport AV 320GB dari Western Digital yang boleh dibeli secara berasingan. Kemudahan Plug N Play tidak memerlukan kemahiran teknikal mudahkan :-)

    Kelebihan merakam 2 program serentak ketika menonton rancangan secara langsung, ketika tiada dirumah dan ketika menonton rancangan yang dirakam adalah satu kelebihan dan mungkin yang pertama kalinya ada untuk sebuah decoder secanggih Astro B.yond PVR yang sarat dengan teknologi untuk saiznya . Kami sekeluarga lebih merasa hubungan sesama keluarga, datuk nenek, sedara-mara, jiran tetanga dan sahabat handai makin erat kerana kami tidak mempunyai alasan untuk manafikannya. Lebih banyak masa kualiti dapat dimanfaatkan sebaik-baiknya oleh kami sekeluarga.

  132. adyshariz :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Mummy LOVE to see CSI, Food Channel and Movie
    but Daddy NEED to watch Football and National Geography
    and Azry will crying if not seen his Mickey

    Hmm..what a miserable life

    Mummy get angry because cant watch drama and movie
    mummy dont want to cook or cleaning
    Mummy make house dirty and stinky
    and Azry keep crying coz not seen his mickey
    Daddy get happy watching football in evening
    Mummy know,
    daddy need entertaintment coz dad give mummy MONEY and JEWELERY

    Oh god! Please help my family
    Please give us ASTRO PVR to make our family happy
    Mummy will RECORD CSI,Food Channel and all movie
    Mummy will cooking and singing with smiley
    Daddy can PAUSE the TV while Mummy asking any helping
    Daddy and Mummy will PLAY Movie records to make our LOVE so closely
    and Azry will happy to play and sing when seen his mickey
    that make why my family need this ASTRO BEYOND PVR execly
    its changed our life from sadly to happy :-)

  133. Rene :

    How would having Astro PVR change my life? The answer is very simple. It will make my family and my life richer.
    When someone from my family had to work overtime or I have a very important test tomorrow and we have no choice but to miss our favorite TV show. If we have the Astro PVR, we will be able to reward ourselves after a long day at work or long hours of study. It’s nice to know that Detective Mac Taylor and his team are waiting for you at home. You don’t need lots of money but just small rewards like that to enjoy a richer life.
    Besides entertainment, Astro’s channels provide lots of educational programs. Slow learners like me might not be able to get it at one time especially when it comes to art and craft stuff. Sometimes it’s also hard to learn something especially when you’ve only seen it for a couple of times. Or mummy might not have enough time to jot down this finger licking good recipe she saw on TV. I sense an upgrade in dinner if we have this Astro PVR. Awesome dinner with new knowledge, life is indeed richer.

  134. user :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    I have been watching Astro since I was 8. Now, I still use the ordinary Astro service. But with Astro PVR, it totally changes my life. It is capable in ‘Record’, ‘Rewind’, ‘Pause’ and ‘Play’. It brings advantage to the users actually. Normally after the movies have been released, they are also released in Astro especially. Therefore, I can just record the movies that I want while it is being broadcast on television.

    Sometimes, Astro also broadcasts old movies such as classical tales and cowboy stories and at the same time, I want to watch my favorite chinese drama (HongKong). To satisfy myself, I watch the classical tales on the television and catch up the next episode for the drama through online. Sometimes, it is really troublesome. If I have the Astro PVR, I can choose either one and record the other movie.

    Besides, the quality also improves a lot. Especially during raining days or when it cannot reach the signal, but with this new Astro, I can watch my favorite programme anytime no matter the weather is not good. This is what I like the most about Astro PVR. Because sometimes, when it is raining, I cannot watch any programme and it really upsets me. :)

    I also can just flash-back the scenes that I like. Usually I will buy CD or download the movies on the net so that I can watch them when I am free. But with this technology, I can just record them and watch back. AWESOME!! XD

    what can i say that this Astro PVR is pretty cool..

  135. hazmanfadzil :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    – I can Watch ALL series of NUFFNANG Project Alpha 3 ( Latest season ) in future…

    – RECORD :All cooking programme for my mum

    – REWIND :Great GOAL during i watch EPL league,World Cup and EURO CUP

    – PAUSE : To get A BOX OF TISSUE when i watch sad HINDUSTAN/BOLLYWOOD movies

    – PLAY : Movie @ favourite drama series marathon way (continuosly) time during weekend

    p/s : Off course i’m an existing Astro subscribers

  136. Sengism :

    How would the Astro PVR change my life? Well, I live a busy life. Its hard to keep up with my favourite tv shows while I fight wars, be a world renown chef, be a rockstar and build cities and empires. Not only that I also have a pet. Trying to juggle all these responsibilities together with my studies requires a certain skill that I have. But not even I can allocate time for my countless favourite tv shows. So how would the Astro PVR change my life? It would certainly make things less….hectic. Btw, I’m a gamer.

  137. budak kampung :

    likes it :)

  138. Pojiepooh :

    Dengan adanya Astro PVR ini ia bakal merubah kehidupan saya. Ohhh, bukan saya seorang sahaja, malahan keluarga saya juga.. Kenapa? Sebab dengan adanya Astro PVR ini, kami bisa menikmati makan malam kami dengan tenang dan mesra dari sebarang gangguan luar. Kami boleh menghabisi masa bersama² untuk berborak dan berbincang di meja makan ketika makan malam dan dalam masa yang sama kami tidak akan ketinggalan menyaksikan rancangan² kegemaran kami di Astro Prima dan Astro Ria kerana dapat merakamkannya. Selepas itu kami akan duduk bersama menyaksikan rancangan² hebat yang telah dirakamkan ketika makan malam. BUkankah bersama² keluarga itu saat yang indah? Ia bisa merubah keluarga dari yang kurang mesra dengan lebih mesra dan rapat selepas ini :)

  139. Mrs. Asida :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Seperti pengalaman yang sudah-sudah, bila tonton Akademi Fantasia, Raja Lawak, Lagenda Budak Setan, my husband nak tengok bola..berita score dan macam2 program pasal bola.

    Bila siang hari pula, anak-anak nak tengok cartoon dari pagi sampai petang, so I banyak miss cerita2 bersiri, dah tertinggal satu episode, rasa macam tak best dah..:(

    So, bila I dapat Astro PVR, ia betul2 buat hari2 I bertambah baik dan ceria.. I LIKE IT!

  140. jane lam :

    Reading about tat blog post made my saliva drooling all over right now… jealous! I want ASTRO PVR
    so badly…. =(

    ASTRO PVR will change my life like OMG~! because its so freaking awesome…

    1. I can say BYE-BYE to lifeless form 6 life and HELLO happening form 6 life. :D
    Life being a form 6 student is crazily hectic because i have to juggle both studies and co-curriculum activities in school. I barely have any time left for myself now. I spend my time in school from 6.30 a.m to minumm 3p.m and sumtimes 5p.m in school. When i am home, i will just doze off. With Astro PVR, i can watch all my shows on weekends now!!! GLEE, How I met Your Mother, American Next Top Model and etc.

    2. No more HOO-HA in my family.
    My dad, my mom and I always fight over the TV. The fact tat I am only free at night and so are they after work, made us all have to share the TV and my dad always always win. =( If my brother is back at home, we will decide who gets to hog the TV depending who grab hold of the remote first and once again, i always fail because i come home from school late. ='( such a BUMMER!! so annoying isn’t it?? but I bet with ASTRO PVR…. It will be all perfect =)

    3. if i have ASTRO PVR, my PEE TIME WILL BE ANYTIME!! :D isn’t that awesome?!!! and even if it is the ‘big business’ moment ;) I will still able to do it ANYTIME without being worry that i will miss the show.

    i always miss all the LIVE SHOW AND COMPETITION… I always get to know the results hours later. sO UNHAPPENING! All the live shows always show in the morning and I am always in school. So unfair =( but now I get to watch them like asap :D

  141. Nadirah Bt Pazaer :

    mahu tanya lagi macammana astro pvr mengubah hidup??
    dengan ketiadaan astro di universiti
    membuatkan saya tak berselera nak tengok tv
    bila dah ada astro pvr di rumah
    just upah seringgit dengan adik untuk record cerita-cerita best
    bila cuti..hoho^^
    “wajib” balik rumah dan tv sudah semestinya saya punya
    semuanya just angan-angan selagi astro pvr bukan saya punya

  142. yuyu :

    saya sudah buat entry untuk ASTRO PVR NI…

    1.Astro PVR ni memeriahkan lagi hidup saya satu keluarga kerana dapat tengok semua cerita yang kami impikan.

    2.perlawanan bola sepak,gusti dan anugerah anugerah hebat boleh ditonton bila bila masa sahaja tanpa risau traffic jam,kerja pulang lambat dan tertidur.

    3.hubungan antara rakan rakan juga dapat dieratkan lagi kerana tidak perlu membazir duit ke wayang tapi boleh bersantai dirumah dan menonton filem box office berulang kali.

    4.hero dan heroin filem boleh dianggap seperti keluarga sendiri dah sebab saya asyik play back cerita yang mereka berlakon jer menggunakan ASTRO PVR

    5.berita berita lama pun boleh di tonton kembali.maka,tiada masalah ketinggala berita semasa terjadi.


  143. aisha :

    Mummy LOVE to see Csi, Food Channel and Movie
    and daddy LOVE to watch Football and National Geography
    but azry will crying if not see his mickey Mouse singing

    Mummy will get angry coz can’t watch any drama or Movie
    Mummy don’t want to cook or cleaning, make our house so dirty and stinky
    and azry keep crying coz not seen any mickey singing
    but daddy get happy watching his football in evening
    Mummy knows that daddy give mummy Money and jewellery
    that why mummy just shut up and just keep smiling
    hmm…what a miserable life

    Oh! God Please help my family
    Please give us ASTRO Byond PVR to complete our family
    Mummy will RECORD and PLAY all Csi and Movie that Mummy Love to see
    Mummy will sing and cooking every night and morning with mood happy
    Daddy can PAUSE the TV program while mummy asking any helping
    and Azry will happy to see his mickey mouse singing and dancing

    That why my Family need this ASTRO BEYOND PVR execly
    Its changed our life from sadly to happy..
    Oh god please give us this ASTRO BEYOND PVR to me and my family

  144. Dyat86 :

    ASTRO B.yond??? Ermmm nama pown dh mcm Allien kan???Unik plak tu…
    Disebuah Rumah ada satu keluarga yang sangat Bahagia…Ada Ayah..MAk..Dyat..Adik….Mereka semunya hidup CEria dan gembira pada suatu hari datanglah seorang SaleMan Astro…Ikutilah Drama AStro B.yond
    Ayah : Maknya..mana dyat dan adik??
    Mak : apalagi bapaknya…..depan TV le.layan Astro.
    Dyat & Adik :Ayah..mak…mai arr sini kita layan tau..macam macam ada.
    Tiba-tiba loceng pintu berbunyi…Ting nong!!ting Nong!!.dyat dan adik pun hairan pepagi ada tetamu datang.dyat dan adik bergegas membuka pintu.apa yang dyat namapak adalah seorang saleman yang memakai uniform astro B.yond.
    Dyat : Ya Encik nk cari sape?? Bil Astro kami x bayar ke??
    Saleman : ni Rumah En.Masduki kan?? Tanya Saleman tersebut
    Dyat : ya..ada apa encik.
    Saleman : kami nk pasang Astro B.Yond dirumah ni.
    Selepas beberapa minit kemudian datang la..ayah ..Mak..
    Ayah : Akhirnya sampai jugak ye Astro B.Yond ni maknya….Cepat..Efisen…silalah masuk encik pasang cepat cepat k..x sabar nk tontonAstro B.yond ni.
    Dyat :Best ke Astro B.yond ni Ayah?? Ermmm macam lagi Best dan canggih je (berkata dalam
    Ayah : Astro B.yond ni memang best Dyat..bila ayah dan mak pergi kerja ayah x dapatkan tonton rancangan kegemaran ayahdi siang nanti Dyat tolong ayah rakamkanlah rancangan kegemaran ayah.lagi best kita boleh cepatkan ataupon pause jika kita ada perkara yang perlu diselelasikan contohnya nk gi tandas ke…nak ambil makanan ke…dana macam macam lagi.Astro B.Yond juga banyak Movie yang terkini dan gempak2 tau.Lagi satu yang penting kita selkeluarga dh x payah nk gaduh gaduh.Mak kaukan suka tengok dunia masakan.(sambil tersenyum ke arah Mak)
    Dyat & Adik : Lagi..Lagi…Ayah
    Ayah & Mak : Lagi?? Ermmm ayah n mak nk layan Astro B.Yondlah sekarang…Jom…hahhahahahah (gelak girang)
    Dyat n adik : hahahhahahahah
    Begitulah kisah keluargaku..bila Astro B.Yond lahir dirumahku berubahlah kehidupan keluargaku.kami kini saling bertambah sayang menyanyangi.Menonton bersama…
    Terima Kasih Astro B.yond!!! kerana Keluarga kami bertamabha Erat!!!!!

  145. alvink :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    Astro PVR can change my life with the amazing flexibility that it offers. Me and my family no longer have to rush home for shows and dramas. It also gives us stronger family time and bonding as we get to watch the shows we love together with Astro B.yond. Astro PVR is definitely a dream come through for me and my family as we always watch shows together despite our hustling and bustling days. With Astro B.yond, we can laugh, cry and feel together. That feeling is definitely b.yond my wildest imagination!

  146. cek lala :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    # Kat my rumah dah memang pasang astro b-yond. Cumanya takde lah function PVR ni. Hubby syok tgk bola yg ada HD tu jer. My kids pulak happy layan fav cartoon. Ibu nyer, melopong tak boleh nak tgk citer kegemaran.
    Tapi kalau lah My b-yond kat rumah I tu ade PVR, alangkah bahagia nyer rasa… Anytime ade citer yang best, boleh record n play bila-bila masa I suka!! Nak pulak sekarang ni astro bakal menyiarkan filem terbaru dari panggung! Boleh tengok dari rumah!! Wahhh!! Best! best!! Tapi, kalau asyek berebut remote dengan my kids, dengan my hubby.. bila masa nya nak SERONOK? Monyok lagi ade laaaa…


  147. Puteri Joy Lim :

    With only an idiot box a TV at home & 6 TV addicts, you can imagine the chaos we have all day and night deciding which programmes to watch. We have our own preferences like:

    Dad watches Channel 511 CNN right after work to get abreast with world news.

    Mum learns her cooking tips from Channel 703 Asian Food Channel.

    Just a teaser,read it all in my blog.. :)

  148. karyn79 :

    My son will start his preschool this 2011. So this means i will have less time to spend on TV if not any time at all. And after CAREFULL and PAINFUL consideration, i have decided that I will have to forgo the TV time to make time between sending my son to school, family,work and travel time between workplace and home that can that about 3 HOURS daily!!! So had I been the lucky person to have ASTRO B.YOND PVR…i am B.YOND ECSTATIC because it will make life so much easier and MOSTLY make my life RICHER WITH ASTRO B.YOND!!!

  149. aibaks :

    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    dude.. Astro beyond PVR change everything! with astro beyond PVR it let us think and see beyond our imagination. Therefore, astro beyond PVR is the only provider that helps me through beyond my expectations.

    haha.. is it ok tho?

  150. Azwan Azri :

    I wanna watch Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) but my brother wanna watch football match,
    AJL is only once a year but for him watching Manchester United in action is a must,
    ASTRO B.YOND simply flushes all the hustles,
    Just RECORD my favourite show so no more quarrel!

    I was watching GLEE that full of fun,
    Suddenly my naughty brother changed the channel and run,
    With ASTRO B.YOND anything can be REWIND,
    Don’t miss out any moment, REWIND all you want!

    While watching my favourite movie Sweeney Todd,
    Suddenly my mother asked me to buy tomato and carrot,
    PAUSE and PLAY features ease me a lot,
    Spare me some times so no more fret!

    “Macam-Macam Ada” is the tagline,
    “Making Your Life Richer” strengthens the brand,
    Hungry for features of PAUSE, PLAY, RECORD and REWIND,
    Please please please ASTRO B.YOND be mine!

  151. Zida :

    How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?

    OMG. Zida takde ASTRO kat rumah. Macam jeles jugak la tengok orang lain boleh tonton macam-macam channel, HBO laa, KBS laa, MTV laa, National Geography laa. Jadinya, bila dah ada Astro PVR ni kat rumah senang la Zida nak tengok cerita-cerita kegemaran, terutama cerita @ drama Korea. Adik-adik pulak tak payah susah-susah nak suruh mak ayah beli kan CD kartun sampai membazir duit sebab Astro kan dah ada banyak!

    Pastu pulak siap boleh rakam dan tengok bila-bila yang kita nak. Jadi Zida yang ada kat Egypt ni boleh suruh adik Zida rakamkan drama kegemaran dan Zida pun boleh tengok bila balik Malaysia. Takde la macam katak bawah tempurung ketinggalan zaman kannn.


    Tapi ni semua jadi kalau ada Astro PVR ni la kan :)

  152. syafiq ridhwan :


    “How Would Having Astro PVR Change Your Life?”

    First of all, dengan adanya Astro Byond ni, sebagai anak dalam keluarga, saya tak perlu nak berebut dengan adik-adik untuk menonton rancangan kegemaran masing-masing. Dengan itu, saya akan digelar abang yang baik hati. Dari segi sebagai anak pula, saya dapat memberi keutamaan kepada both of my parents. Dengan itu juga, saya akan menjadi anak yang lebih bertanggungjawab. Hubungan kekeluargaan juga menjadi semakin erat.

    Dari segi sebagai kawan, saya akan bertambah rapat dengan mereka apabila berbual dan berbicara mengenai sukan atau isu-isu semasa yang berkaitan. Mungkin ada yang saya ketinggalan, dan saya boleh menonton apa yang saya tak tahu itu semula di rumah.

    Dari segi sebagai seorang pelajar, hampir 90 peratus masa saya, saya habiskan di hostel. banyak rancangan yang saya agak ketinggalan dan tak sempat mengikuti, adanya astro byond ini, mungkin saya masih mampu menambahkan pengetahuan tentang apa-apa yang saya ketinggalan dulu.

    Kesimpulannya, dengan adanya Astro Byond, kehidupan seoarang abang, anak, kawan dan pelajar akan berubah hampir sepenuhnya. :)

  153. nikman :

    Apakah Memiliki Astro Mengubah Hidup anda? Bagaimana PVR berfungsi..?

    Anak2 dan saya TAK PERLU BEREBUT CHANNEL dan TAK PERLU KE WAYANG lagi. Tunggu saja disiarkan di Astro. Tak sempat tengok BOLEH RAKAM.Nak tengok lagi? BOLEH REWIND lagi tu. Tengah nonton tiba2 perlu lawatan mengejut ke tandas..BOLEH PAUSE lagi. Nak sembang ngan tetamu… bisa diatur…PAUSE, REWIND kemudian atau RECORD saja. Sedara mara yang datang pun TAK RASA BORING. ALkisah macam2 boleh..ASTRO boleh…lagipun saya tak ada ASTRO lagi…

  154. qieychie :

    wow !!!! Lot of comments that are of interest to everyone..
    For me, i like to see the channel by Astro…
    i can watching any movie,drama, live entertainment, new issued and anything without bonderies…

  155. joegrimjow :

    ASTRO B.YOND PVR – bagaimana boleh mengubaj hidup saya?

    A – axn boleh direkod sambil tengok tiramisu di tv3 – kata kakak
    S – sesekali boleh ke tandas semasa menonton rancangan kegemaran – kata kakak seorang lagi
    T – terkejut mak dan abang dah tak bergaduh nak menonton rancangan kegemaran mereka – kata anak saudara
    R – runsing miss rancangan diminati semasa cuci rumah? tak lagi dengan ASTRO B.YOND PVR!!! – kata bibik
    0 – otak akan selalu rindu ASTRO B.YOND PVR je =) – kata mak

    Ok, sebelum teruskan, saya memang dah pasang ASTRO B.YOND PVR di rumah dan pengalaman menggunakannya sangat luar biasa. kat atas tu boleh tengok betapa terujanya keluarga saya. dari kakak hinggalah ke bibik. ASTRO B.YOND PVR mengubah keluarga saya!

    jom lihat bagaimana ASTRO B.YOND PVR mengubah terhadap kehidupan saya pula

    B – Berkejar dari bandar nak balik kerumah sebab nak tengok rancangan kegemaran – tidak dengan ASTRO B.YOND PVR!
    Y – yang mana rancangan berkenan – semua boleh record, rewind, play
    O – oh my god!!! boleh rewind berpuluh kali rancangan kegemaran!!!
    N – nengok (lihat) dalam HD? hasrat akan tercapai dengan ASTRO B.YOND PVR!
    D – duit seringgit diberi kepada anak sdara untuk record rancangan bila balik lewat dari kerja

    ok, kata-kata akhir untuk menjawab soalan ‘Bagaimanakan ASTRO B.YOND PVR mengubah hidup saya’

    P – Play, Pause, Rewind dan Record – macam tengok dvd. eh, bukan dvd ni, tapi TV!!!
    V – Video di TV adalah realiti di ASTRO B.YOND PVR
    R – Ramai pengguna dah berpuas hati – saya salah seorangnya =)

    thank u =)

  156. joegrimjow :

    terlupa nak bagitau

    ada 1600 follower di twitter
    friends kat facebook – 36++
    facebook page like – 23++
    Blog UV – 1200-1500 a day

    terdesak nak join, hope can spread the benefit of having ASTRO BYOND PVR at home =)

  157. Que :

    “How Would Astro PVR Change Your Life”

    1) PAUSE – I can pause the channel so that i will not miss anything from ASTRO.

    2) PLAY – I can play the channel back if i want to continue watching the programme.

    3) REWIND – If i have some moment that make me confused, i can rewind it back so i can understand the scene much better.

    4) RECORD – If i have to go to another function, i can record all programmes that i am going to miss. So i can enjoy the party happily and watch them after that.

    Astro PVR completed my life by providing those function to make my life better.

    NO MORE:

    1) Fight between family members because of the clash of some programmes. Cool!
    2) Sadness because of missing any of my favourite movies,segment and live programmes
    3) Downloded files needed because i already record all the interesting movies
    4) Wating times to watch my programme because i can play what i have recorded anytime if i have miss the early show
    5) DVD @ Blu-ray needed because ASTRO PVR already provide us with full HD movies


  158. nikefreak :

    How would having Astro PVR change your life?

    My Astro decoder is still the same as the one we subscribed for few years back. I have always envy my friends who get to watch whatever Star Movies movies or CSI episode in HD, and I literally drooled over watching with Astro B.yond. And yes, my old decoder gives me hell lots of problems.

    With Astro B.yond, watching tv will never be the same experience again. It is a luxury of watching my favorite shows on HD, not only that, it is NO LONGER about CATCHING your favorite shows. It is all about ENJOYING the shows without any effort. So, seriously, what can I say more?

    Astro, you rule my world.

  159. Angah :

    I already miss this contest, who actually win this contest??

  160. Labuchee :

    Thanks Nuffnang :)

  161. shahroll photo :

    Congratz Iman a.k.a Eryqazz…

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