Christmas Shopping is Easy with Jipaban

UPDATE: Results of the blogging contest are out! We’re glad to announce the winners as follows:

1st prize – Lee Hui Yen (
2nd prize – Suzi Fadhilah Ismail (
3rd prize – Bernard Chung (

Consolation prizes:
Ellyn Lieu (
Ewin Chong (
Nor Iman bin Nazuki (
Sarah Tan (
Dympna John Singin (

Congratulations to the winners, and Merry Christmas to all of you, from Nuffnang and Jipaban :)

We’re seeing twinkling lights, fake snow and fir trees everywhere we go, and that can only mean one thing – Christmastime is near!

Once again, it’s time to get together with your friends and family over a nice Christmas dinner, but before that, there’s the Christmas shopping. :P ‘Tis the season to be sharing, but ‘tis also the season to be racking your brains a lot because it’s not always easy to get the perfect Christmas presents for the people you love.

Remember Jipaban? We first introduced our sister company to you in this post and now we’ve got more news for you: This year, Jipaban is here to help with your Christmas gift-hunting!

That’s right, Jipaban is having a contest where you could just get the perfect gift AND score yourself some cash at the same time! Here’s how it works:

1. If you haven’t already signed up for a Jipaban account, get yourself an account at now!
2. Write a blog post titled “Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina”.
3. Tell us who you’d like to get a gift for, which item in any one of the Jipaban shops you’d like to get him/her, and why. The price of the item must not exceed RM 100.
4. After you’re done, submit your entry by filling in the form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Wanna know what’s in store if your entry blows our Christmas stockings off? These are the prizes the most creative posts stand to win:

1st prize: Gift of your choice as per blog post + RM 500 cash
2nd prize: Gift of your choice as per blog post + RM 300 cash
3rd prize: Gift of your choice as per blog post + RM 200 cash
Consolation prize x5: 1 pair of GSC vouchers

Not only will you be getting the item you blogged about, it’ll be sent to the person it’s meant just in time for Christmas, completely free of charge! How awesome is that?!

The contest starts 29 November, and ends 11.59 pm on 18 December 2010, so don’t wait any more and tell us about your perfect Christmas gift now! Pssst… if your friend is already on Jipaban, you can check out his/her Wish List for ideas on what to get him/her. :P

Terms & Conditions:
1. The Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina blogging contest will be held from 29 November – 18 December 2010 (both dates inclusive) unless notified otherwise.
2. Contest is open to all Nuffnang registered bloggers.
3. To be eligible for the contest, all participants must be registered members of Nuffnang AND Jipaban.
4. Judges’ decision is final and binding.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Jimmy :

    Best Best! CAn give to someone SPECIAL ^^

  2. Ickes :

    Hopefully I can win something for my grandpa :-)

  3. Peachyice :

    Write in mandarin can?


  4. Cik Su :

    yang tak sambut cristmas boleh ke join


  5. Carmen :

    I just want to clarify somethings. When I click on my profile page at Jipaban,
    this is the URL I get.

    It isn’t like the example that was given above. Is this right?

    Your profile page would have /[your Jipaban nickname] after the above. Alternatively, you can also enter your name on Jipaban in this field

  6. Zaid :

    Boleh ke saya join? Saya nak bagi hadiah xmas kat girlfriend saya.. Dia pun celebrate xmas nanti.. :)

  7. fliani :

    Done ! Wish I can win the dress for my mummy =)

  8. yumichia :

    Good! Wish the one can receive it =D

  9. monica :

    can i write it in malay??

    Yes you can

  10. linda :

    i’m IN .. CHECK THIS OUT

  11. monica :

    i’m done..thank you.. :)

  12. Cheese cake :

    Actually i have one problem here. I have submitted the form above but then i realized that the url for my jipaban profile page was wrong. I tried to submitted again the form, but i got this mesej

    ‘This field requires an unique entry and ‘’ has already been used’

    so, what should i do now. I wish i could join this contest =(

    The info you tried to submit is the permalink of the Nuffnang blog post and not your profile URL

  13. Carmen :

    Sister deserves this, and would love to give this to her. =D
    thanks. =)

  14. shahroll photo :

    My humble blog post lah.. heheh Merry Xmas for all..

  15. TikkoSS :

    Hello all,

    Guess who is the lucky one that I’d like to get a gift for? what is it and why?

    Check out at …

    Many thanks to Nuffnang and Jipaban.


  16. chijingH :

    Done, thanks :D

  17. Nanaruzana :

    I hope I can give something for my besfren for her wedding as we are not celebrating Christmas…

  18. Jimmy :

    Here is my post!

  19. Priscilla :

    Jipaban hates me :(
    my line is okay, it’s humble to fb, blog, twitter, nuffnang.
    But I don’t know why it doesn’t to Jipaban :(

  20. eira :

    im in check this out ya

  21. CaDLyNN :

    dah join!

  22. Miss Cheezy Cake :

    i’m in ~

  23. Sandra Ang :

    I Wish I Could Win The Perfect Gift As A Christmas Present For My Beloved Boyfriend.. :) <3

  24. Xing :

    A pretty dress for my shopping buddy that changed my lala style to simple and pleasant one.
    Check it out.

  25. Priscilla :

    Jipaban love me after all :D
    I’ve finish my blog entry, ehehhe. I hope I’ll win <3


  26. Su Fen :


  27. Sandra Ang :

    DONE!!! :)

  28. Carol Leong :

    my beloved sister will sure love this <3

  29. Jamie :

    Done with my post! Hope Santarina Jipaban will help me to gift my mother.

  30. ..*AnNiE*.. :

    Submitted mine! =)

  31. ainul :

    done and cross my finger :)

  32. Jolyen :

    Entered! Hope that I’m lucky enough and merry xmas to all =)

  33. kookoon :

  34. Caroline Lim Zt :

    Submitted~ =)
    Good Luck everyone, Merry Christmas~!!

  35. Rainy :

    Hope the present really can make her feel better.
    I submitted the entry form do I need to paste my blog post link here?

    No, it’s not necessary

  36. mechell :

    submitted my entry :)

    happy shopping all!

  37. SnowFish :

    Hope I can win this for my mummy too =)

  38. J_Fish :

    May I know how the winners will be chosen?

    Winners will be chosen based on creativity of the post

  39. UtamaOptometrist :

    YIHHAAAA~ Shopping~ JOM!!!

  40. Phoebe :

  41. haiqal :

    here is my entry.take a look.

  42. Ashley :

    Wish to get HIM this. Dear, hope you like this much. Love you.

  43. shinyen :

    chinese blog..
    hope can get it for my lovely mummy..

  44. wansteddy :

    jipaban oh jipaban
    saya mahu baju baru
    sana sini tak rasa segan
    kerna stylo gayaku trendy keranamu!

    nuffnang oh nuffnang
    bagilah peluang saya menang
    berblog sakan bukan kepalang
    agar entryku bukan calang-calang


  45. wansteddy :

    admin, sori. kat mana silapnya permalink x follow tajuk. harap2 penyertaan saya diambil kira juga yep. maaf atas kesulitan :(

  46. Rzlan :

    can i wrote in both language BM&BI.. and also use common language? or bahasa pasar….

    Yes you can

  47. Maxloon120 :

    This is my post :P :P



  49. Chan Xin Yi :

    Done. =)

    Hope I can get the present for my lovely dad and mum.

  50. deem :

    join juga…hehehe…

  51. Mai :


    Here is my blog post…

    “Santa Claus is coming to town”

  52. Rzlan :

    ive submitted mine..

  53. kay yea :

    saya dah juin jugak~ ;)

  54. fendidahada :

    saya dah jugak…

  55. rma :

    i’m in… JIPABAN – MY 2010 SANTARINA

  56. syirah :

    done!!! can’t wait…

  57. Ynn :


  58. Lynette :

    Done with my post!! Hope I can be one of the lucky one to win! :D

  59. Jennifer :

    Check out on mine too <3
    Merry X'Mas Nuffnang and Nuffnangers


  60. eyriqazz :

    Submitted mine :

  61. suzi :

    mine done :)

  62. has ishak :

    done..hope my daughter wish come true..hihihi..

  63. Christine Lim :

    Take a look @ mine too ,
    merry christmas !

  64. windulgence :

    how to redeem the GSC vouchers?

  65. Marylou Spencer :

    done..hope my daughter wish come true..hihihi..

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