Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers

Hey Sabahan Nuffnangers! We’ve always wished that we could have the opportunity to touch base with all of you on the other side of the South China Sea, and now we finally have a chance to do so!

Remember Glitterati Plus, the club for active Glitterati Nuffnangers we introduced some time ago? Well, the President of the club, Shah from happens to be making a weekend trip to the Land Beneath the Wind soon and he’d like to meet up with you guys and say hi at a mini Sabahan Nuffnangers gathering!

In case you’re thinking the name sounds familiar, perhaps you might recognise him as the Featured Blogger of the Month for October, and maybe as the “Alphanite guy” from this awesome video submitted for the Project Alpha Season 3 auditions :P

Details of the gathering are as below:
Date: 26 November 2010 (Friday)
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Dream Cones, Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu

Come on down and join Shah and your fellow Nuffnangers for some quality bonding time, and there’ll also be some limited edition Nuffnang T-shirts and badges given out there. We hear the ice cream’s good at Dream Cones too, so there you go, another reason for you to drop by at the gathering :D Here’s a photo of Shah, just so you know who to look for on Friday:

See you there, Nuffnangers! :)

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. sofea :

    Like to come but I am at Shah Alam now….

  2. Adriel D.K :

    Mini gathering? how many people gonna show up? :P 8 pm… hm..

  3. Samuel Vun :

    I’m Sabahan but unfortunately i’ll be still be at KL.. anyway.. have a great one!

  4. suffer8zine :

    ape lagi org sabah. terjah

  5. Steward John :

    Date: 25 November 2010 (Friday)
    Time: 8 pm
    Venue: Dream Cones, Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu

    I guess there is a problem there.. 25th November is Thursday….

    Whoops! Fixed it already, thanks :)

  6. yanmie :

    wah bestnyeee akhirnya ada jugak mini gath utk blogger sabahan kt sana :)
    tak sabar nak tengok siapa blogger2 sabahan :)

    me blogger sabahan tapi duk kt klang…ehehe xleh nak pegi :P

  7. ellen :

    Wah…this is the time…hehehee

    tak akan lepaskan peluang ni..

  8. ahm :

    aduh jauhnya g sabah terbang shah ni..tak dpt den nak joint ni.. hehehe

  9. sankai :

    mahu pergi, tapi rasanya tidak dapat. mungkin kalau buat before christmas dapat pergi kot. btw, next time cuba buat dekat tawau pulak sebab di tawau pun ada ramai bloggers. ;)

  10. farra-eng :

    nuffnangers Kota Kinabalu apa lagi kasi ramaite hahahahaha

  11. De'din :

    bila nak buat di kedah ?

  12. MSS LaWLiET :

    INTERESTING! ;D Is there any pass or ‘hot ticket’ for this gathering? Well, I will go to KK this weekend for watching the Harry Potter’s new-released movie. Hope I would be there too..! XD

    It’s an open invite, you can just drop by and say hi :)

  13. hamzah :

    itu dia event selain dari KL.. nice2

  14. hazman aka species1980 :

    25 November is Thursday …. right?

  15. Vince :

    Fulamak, shah giler macho wei! You rock senior! :P

  16. Zaid :

    Teringin nak pergi Sabah.. :)

  17. Kancilbiru :

    finally, Nuffnang menjejaki orang Sabah, best tu! Orang Sabah jangan lepaskan peluang ok…

  18. MsXeRoZ :

    Wahahaha.. Good Morning Shah~ I wan souvenir XD

  19. Glo-w :

    Wa~ so nice^^ wish I could join too. Don’t forget bout us up here in Penang~ ^^ PS I still prefer to call him Teh as in the teh tarik drinker ^^

  20. henry^munkey :

    it’s about time Nuffnang organized a gathering after the last gathering 2 years back if i’m not wrong… too bad this time I’m already in KL or else I would be happy to join in the gathering. Anyway, have fun organizing it, Shah! :)

  21. suria :

    wah!!!go to sabah!!nice!!wanna to juin but…i’m at kl lorh!!

  22. ShueQry :

    I’m Sabahan blogger, and I’m staying at Kota Kinabalu,Jesselton Point is just 10 minutes from home..

  23. eryati :

    wah…terujanya…mau datang ni. tapi limited ker?

  24. Wen :

    i m in KL… huhuhu nuffnung buat la pla untuk sabahan nuffnungers yg duk kat KL… hehehe

  25. zuriey :

    bestnya kalau dapat join sama

  26. dynda_zaa :

    it will b great!! i’ll come soon.. nsib baik bt di kk..boleh join hehe

  27. shahroll photo :

    Sabahan bah! apa lagi mau ditunggu.. heheh kasi ramai lah! =D

  28. afham :

    i will join yours next year..

  29. Joanne :

    Wow, great!
    Anyone is going?

  30. eyriqazz :

    nak join nak join..hik3,Saya blogger terengganu…dah lama menetap di KL…

  31. kaizen :

    woah!!!! i’m sabahan but currently in Tawau, T.T

  32. lAl :

    bha.. kalo sy di KK lagi kompem join nih…hohoho

  33. Aly :

    Interesting! Thanks for not forgetting the E.M bloggers :)

  34. Rora :

    erm.. alahai aku balik sabah 8 Dis ler adoiiyaii mesti gempak pnya!!

  35. Sumijelly :

    sila ambil peluang bertemu dengan President GPlus…
    tanya banyak2 soklan..sebb bukan mudah nak turun ke sabah…
    so…ambil la peluang ini, kerana peluang selalu datang sekali sekala…..

  36. Mendy.Chan :

    I wish I could go but I have SPM to take. :(

  37. fyda :

    bah… i join…. WELCOME TO SABAH!!!

  38. Steward John :

    Alamak, since the date has been changed, I can’t join lar.. I’m going to KL on the 26th. Kirim salam baju Nuffnang jak la.. hehe

  39. Fara :

    ouhh!!will come!

  40. Baboon Tan :

    Great event! Hope there will be more events at Sabah and Sarawak,
    So that I can join and meet the Nuffnangers there! :)

  41. kulanz :

    Wow, peluang baik ni.
    Open invite kan?.. kalau xda aral melintang nak datang juga.. :)

  42. AnnieMing :

    Hey this is cool! Bah apalagi Sabahan bloggers, lets meet up there!

  43. Kristle :

    omo! i wanna join! hopefully i could escape my plan on friday! *finger crossed*

  44. chegu carol :

    Oh no, I will definitely come and meet up if it isn’t because I have already have something’s up for that particular night.

    henry^munkey, Sabahan Bloggers still organized gatherings for Sabahans. Just that, after the SBG in 2008 (where Nuffnang was involved), the next two SBGs were done on our own.

  45. aidawahab :

    good2! hope boleh pergi :D

  46. Shan7 :

    SOund good for the mini Sabahan blogger gathering,
    I wish i can join but sadly I’m currently in KL..
    ENjoy the gathering all the Sabahan… :)S

  47. jard :

    too bad i can’t. huhuhu

  48. azlina aziz :

    Dah lama saya tunggu gathering ni. Tiba2 saya nite duty pulak ari tu. Ohohoho…Omaigod. Baru plan nak pegi sebelum teringat jadual kerja. Huhuhu…help2!

  49. dayun :

    huhu..gathering. bestnya
    dayun bukan sabahan, tapi blog sy bersiaran dr sabah. leh join jugak la kan? huhu

  50. honeyamour :

    i’m sabahan blogger..goshh..i really..really ..really want to come but i can’t…maybe next time…:'(

  51. chan qing sheng :

    Hi i am from sabah. how do we rvsp to this gathering? or just be there only?

    There’s no need to RSVP, you can just drop by and say hi :)

  52. John Khor :

    Cool!!! That’s so nice but it’s quite far for me!!! Hopefully Nuffnang will do one for Penang!!! Tim’s hometown!

  53. Kie-yu :

    Johor plsssss………

  54. Maya :

    Fly sekejap ke Tawaulah Shah…

  55. chan qing sheng :

    alright thanks. great i see you guys there.

  56. Gyee :

    Who’s going to pay the bill….?


  57. Nancy :

    will definitely be there!!!!

  58. TcrAin :

    haa … at first, i felt really excited to hear this, because this is the first gathering for Sabahan Nuffnanger. But after I saw the date, I have no luck. I already have another program. But for me this program is a tribute to all nuffnanger in Sabah. I will spread this news to my Sabahans friends.

  59. salmia :

    harap2 nanti ada di utara pula. :)

  60. krole :

    wuahhh rugi krole x dpt p~

  61. LionGirl :

    I just came back from KK. Check out about entering Sabah via my recent post:

    You will LOVE Sabah!

    (p/s: pls delete my earlier comment. Thks.)

  62. ladylike :


    am not around in KK…anything in february??~~ I really wanna go to a nuffnang event. Waited for about 3years already..

    have you guys! Hope to meet some of you when we have the opportunity.

  63. nanazack :

    wah bestnye nak wat kat jesselton point….ntah hubby leh hantarkan ke tidak…huhu

  64. NoktahHitam :

    posing insecure + protective kenape bai? hahaha. sorry sha, aku org kl je.

  65. bluedianthus :

    Oh no, I thought 25…unfortunately I cannot make it there..sob sob..

  66. Ervina Erfie :

    See you guys there!!!!! :D

  67. Ronald mohoni :

    ini kalilah… Nal akan datang…

  68. TcrAin :

    Sharing about this

  69. UtamaOptometrist :

    Love Sabah!

  70. uruchimaru@kf :

    wah…ok bha klu ko hihi…

    good luck for sabahan nuffnanger…enjoy for the event !!!

  71. Jobby Isaac :

    WOW! i will b there… c u all there for those who will come :D

  72. mr & mrs mikko :

    wow.. intresting..
    tp malam la pula event dia ni…
    kalo siang and weekend,
    sure aku attend ni..

  73. Qhris :

    i try my best to join…love too, hopefully work done on the dot!

  74. lyanamira :

    bah sya nie org lg sabahan tah kta

  75. nur misnan :

    salam all.. alamak jauhnya nak itut..
    enjoyed semua.. =)

  76. farah soraya :

    this is my entry . hope u can accept it .

  77. nui :

    still at shah alam…:(

  78. ema サニ :

    wow! best! bila buat kt sarawak? hoho~

  79. amir raof :

    i love to go sabah, but i dun have money to go there… :(

  80. amir raof :

    hope nuffnang can support me

  81. TcrAin :

    Plsss…. sesiapa yg ada join hari tu kongsilah cerita.. Tcr Ain pergi sana sehari selepas kejadian gathering ni…

  82. cathj :

    wow.. how nice.. now wish that I am in Sabah that time.. ^_^

  83. Teh Tarik Drinker :

    made a post on the event guys! hope you like it!

  84. berry : come I missed it. sigh…

  85. arlyna :

    alamak..sedihnya..tlepas la.:(

  86. berry :

    me too..I missed it ;(

  87. JAI : round welcome to the Land of Hornbill SARAWAK..hehe..

  88. ahmad fairos :

    teringinnya nak gy sanerrrr

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