Get On Board to Stop Child Abuse and Win a Sony Cybershot W190

UPDATE: We have all the winners for the contest already? We’re pleased to announced the results as below:

Week 1 – Tan Sia Yang (
Week 2 – Tan Li Wei (
Week 3 – Nur Liyana (

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

Remember the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) ‘Get On Board’ campaign we shared with you more than a month ago?

Thanks to all of you who put up the Charity Ads, the campaign has reached out to a lot of people out there, raising much more awareness about the devastating effects of child abuse. Courtesy of SONY Malaysia, we’re giving out 3 units of the SONY Cybershot W190 camera for those of you who want to help out more with sharing this campaign with your readers!

All you have to do to be in the running to win a SONY Cybershot W190 is to do the following;

  1. Write a blog post titled, “Stop Child Abuse”.
  2. Tell us what acts of child abuse you would never want to see to happen again.
  3. Insert the image below into your post using the codes provided.
  4. Fill in the form below with your details.

    Oops! We could not locate your form.

Starting 22 November 2010 till 10 December 2010, a SONY Cybershot W190 will be given out randomly each week to a blogger who has written a post meeting all the requirements above.

Now, if you think child abuse is wrong and you have something to say about it, you can do it on your blog right away. Along with speaking up against this act of cruelty, you stand the chance to be the owner of a brand new SONY Cybershot W190 too.

Speak up now!

Terms & Conditions

  1. This campaign is open to Nuffnang Glitterati members only.
  2. Campaign period starts on 20 November 2010 till 11.59PM 10 December 2010. Week 1 is from 20 November till 11.59PM 26 November, Week 2 is from 27 November till 11.59PM 3 December, Week 3 is from 4 December till 11.59PM 10 December.
  3. Winners for each week will be chosen using a random generator.
  4. Only ONE blog post is required from each blogger. If you have already submitted your entry once, you will automatically be included in the draw for the subsequent weeks.
  5. Each blogger is only eligible for ONE prize.
  6. Results for each week is final and abiding.
  7. Nuffnang reserves the right to amend the Terms & Condition at any time without prior notification.
Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Sennie : good..stop child abuse

  2. Kathleen Ng :

    Can write in Mandarin right?

    Yes, you can. :)

  3. Que Haidar :

    wah..nice contest..Stop child abuse!!
    I wan tat camera lol..So sweet..
    Random winner..still got chance

  4. Liyana :

    the contest should be in english or malay?

  5. noorafzan :

    boleh buat entry dalam BAHASA MELAYU kan?

  6. nadia :

    can write in malay also

  7. Shakina & Sharifuddin :

    wah..i wanna join this definitely..

  8. Shakina & Sharifuddin :

    is it need to write 3 times to be qualified for 3 weeks? or 1 entry will be randomized for all weeks?

  9. Rara :

    This is my entry :

    Thankyou Nuffnang <3 Hope ada rezeki..

  10. yanmie :

    wow menarik! akan join :)

  11. zuera rasiddin :

    Hey, i join ard bt its more on how 2 prevent child abuse.
    Is it okay?

    As long as your post meets the minimal requirements you are free to elaborate however you want

  12. ahm :

    wah menarik ni..nak joint juga

  13. farra :

    malay also can?

  14. Sakira :

    Child abuse should be eradicated. Cooperation from all parties are essential to curb this menace from wide spreading. Do the right thing. Get on board. Stop child abuse !

    My entry :

  15. Jess :

    I’ve finally done with it after HOURS. Nice topic to write! :D

  16. MuJE :

    kiranya kalau first week melepas, kena buat post baru la untuk week kedua ekh? pulun2…hehe

  17. Intan Nasir :

    Can i write it in Malay language?


  18. Jinwei :

    Randomly? :/ Hmmm….

  19. mr curly :

    topik yg bess.. hadiah pn bess gak..hehe

  20. Henrytan :

    Permalink means just have to add in the www. infront right? =D

    No, it means the specific URL that will arrive to the specific blog post itself

  21. Cik Su :

    nyaris saya membuang entry Kempen get on board sebab banyak spam..haha..boleh edit je kan

  22. Edwin Lee Chee Kin :

  23. rma :

    i’m in :D

  24. Cik Su :

    im geli geli gliteri member…so layak hepi

  25. Raimi :

    can write in malay?

    Yes, you can

  26. ummi :

    Boleh buat entri untuk ketiga-tiga tempoh tu tak.. ataupun hanya satu entri untuk sepanjang tempoh kempen..

    lagi satu.. ads dalam blog kena tukar kepada Charity Ads ke??

    You only need to submit one entry. Displaying Charity Ads is not a criteria you need to fulfill, it is up to you whether you choose to do so or not

  27. tiefazatie :

    wah so nice!randomly winner!must try my luck!hihi..
    neway..everyone only can submit 1 entry or..
    can enter every week?

    You only need to submit one entry

  28. Glo-w :

    I think that as bloggers we can make an impact^^ thank you NN for doing this. A good social responsibility. Hopefully it’ll attract more people to be more aware and the prize is nice too^^

  29. ReD :

    1 blogger, 1 post tapi x boleh ketiga-tiga minggu kan? hanya boleh untuk salah 1 minggu je kan?

    kalau boleh join utk ketiga-tiga minggu, besar sket peluang nak menang:D

    Only 1 entry is needed for all 3 weeks

  30. Roselyn :

    how do i get the blog post permalink?

    From your blog post title

  31. wan syamimi aimi :

    i’ve write exactly about this topic few months back.
    can i just give the url of the post or i should do a new one?

    New one please. :)

  32. Lightmaster88 :

  33. Nasz :

    Menarik…Nice..Definitely will join..hehe..

  34. Priscilla :

    Mine is mostly about rants. o.o

  35. dya :

    my two pennies worth :)

    stop child abuse! together we can.

  36. talamkeladi :

    This is my entry : –

    tq…join stop child abuse…love your child please!!!!

  37. kambingbujang :

    already submitted mine

  38. fateen innanie :

    saya join~

  39. dj.bakery :

    dah submit..kalau ada salah type url’s ,pls let me know.this is 1st time join..tq

  40. anne :

    macamana nak letak code gambar 2 dalam entry?
    just paste kat post @ mcmana?

  41. tiefazatie :

    owh i see.thanx!
    but a different entry right?
    cannot a same entry la kan?

  42. Joanne Wong Choi Ying :

    All the best to everyone.=)

  43. spek pink :

    i’m in~~

  44. Akma Azlin :

    Dear Nuffnang.
    My entry has arrived

  45. fezal :

    sudah hantar :)

  46. wynonakristianne :

    how to paste the image of ‘Get on Board’ Unicef in our blog? I dont how to post using codes? can i simply copy paste the image? :P

    Yes, you may.

  47. sL :

    what if my blog is private, can i join?

    You can’t then. :(

  48. zara aluwi :

    My entry submitted.

  49. Khairunnisa Dalim :

    ok dah submit entry. dalam bahasa melayu dan ada sedikit rojak.. heheh

  50. Mah@mahu :

    Dah joint contest ni nak joint untuk ke3 minggu kerana ini adalah tanggungjawd sosial seorang blogger.. come visit and respond ok..

  51. ejum :

    it’s not just winning the’s about spreading the message to others!..

  52. Lizzie Yasmin :

    Support this campaign very much…
    thru the heart

  53. tip-kurus :

    Best of Luck friends!
    Everyone got equal chance :)

  54. aidadewie :

    dah submit..

  55. babyhanny85 :

    ..already submit and be a campaigner..

  56. queen F :

    raise your hand people!

  57. Permata Hati :

    join jugak support tis campaign

  58. Jumir :

    Tak menang takpe. Just STOP CHILD ABUSE!

  59. yuna :

    When will the result released? How could we know?

    Participants will be notified about contest results via email

  60. yanmie :

    Ok done

    cekidaut yea :)

  61. Syima Emi :

    all the best semua..

    get on board to stop child abuse.

    everyone of you can stop child abuse…

  62. lekatlekitgurl :

    bersedia menyahut cabaran

  63. AA :

    nice topic!!! child awareness. other than get the gift, we also can contribute to the society.

  64. UtamaOptometrist :

    Great EFFORT!!! Lets join together to prevent child abuse!

  65. eikasyaza :


  66. nik nurehan :

    Utk sharekan info serta tanggungjawab kita bersama!!

  67. nur :

    wah.. so nice.. must join

  68. Lynette :

    Submitted my entry :)
    Support this campaign to the max!! :)

  69. seriwangi :

    I am already joint To Get On Board.

  70. navina :

    My entry. cross fingers:)

  71. kenshiro :

    nak join!!

    cam nie meh..??

  72. Hasmardy :

    Saya angkat tangan !!!

  73. mr curly :


  74. Atiqah :

    da siap !!! at last, i had something to do during my sem break… =)

  75. iela :

    Yeah…nak join juga ;)

  76. FNajwa :


  77. amnina :

    Before this i wrote about the aborigine kids and society. Now im honoured to be a part of this campaign to stop child abuse. I hope this great effort by Unicef will be the eye-opener for this old issue.

    p/s: My entry title is “Stop Child Abuse. I mean really!”. Is it ok or do i need to ammend it to “Stop Child Abuse”. Please advise Nuffnang. Thanks

  78. CaDLyNN :

    Dah submit!

    Stop child abuse now!!! :)

  79. Afiqah :

    Im joining this campaign.
    Ohh my. really pity to those children.

    Visit my entry ;

  80. appledia :

    Hmmmm lucky draw.But,for good caused why not?

  81. Raja Rosemawati :

  82. chiahui :

    frankly speaking, this is the first time i tried joining one of nuffnang’s program and to be honest i’m not in it to win. i just want to play a part in stopping child abuse.

  83. FiSh :

    DONE Mine!

  84. zoul zombie :

    dah join juga. Jom kita saling follow dan komen. :)

  85. azlina aziz :

    Better late than never.

    Do right thing. Get On board. Stop child abuse. ;p

  86. rma :

    pls give comment :D

  87. Little Mama™ :

    I’m on board!

  88. Colleen :

    Let us fight for child abuse !!
    Here’s my entry, check it out.

  89. shazika :

    wait for my progress hehehe

  90. shazika :

    done :) okey tak

  91. dina :

    saya join :)

  92. Ickes :

    Visit my blog & read the post! :-) Enjoy!

  93. Sandra :
    This post reminded me to be thankful for what I have and for the safety of my family members.
    I just hope someday this will cease to be a problem in our society.
    God bless.

    P.S sorry. the earlier comment was a mistake.
    this is the correct link.

  94. Jeremy Teh :

    There is one story that i want to share with all,please click the link and see.

    I raise my hand to as a support to stop child abuse.

  95. tapaks :

    tapaks.blogspot menyokong penuh kempen ‘Get On Board-Raise Your Hand. Stop Child Abuse Now’

  96. Hannan Al-Qudsey :

    yeah i’ve joined !

  97. Kina :

    nak submit dekat sini juge..

  98. Goingkookies :

    This is a good campaign… and we really should say NO to child abuse!!

  99. JacquelineKhoo :


  100. TikkoSS :

    Dear Nuffies and all,

    I hope all my readers will stand up together to STOP CHILD ABUSE.

    Please visit my post and you are free to share all information with your family, parents, friends and colleagues.

    Thank you.


  101. miss annaz :

    Raise your hand, stop child abuse now!!!

    i’ve join..please visit my post…

  102. farhana :

    Show our support for this Get On Board and Stop Child Abuse.. :)

  103. Cik Nur :

    cik nur support this
    so nur dah wat entri nie :)

  104. xiao mei :

    check out mine~ ^^

  105. tiefazatie :

    support ur campaign!

  106. Mai :

    I would like to confirm whether my submission was successful or not…

    I tried to send yesterday but it seems that the it have difficulties to load the page…

    Thank you…=)

  107. Xing :

    Here’s my story of Child Abuse. Something to create awareness to Stop Child Abuse!!!

  108. belinda :

    Sayangilah kanak-kanak, peneraju masa depan kita.
    i’m support this campaign..

  109. Syima Emi :

    Dear Nuffnang,

    for second week and third week, is it we need to fill in the form again in order to submit the next entry?


    No, one entry is enough for all 3 weeks

  110. Weiwei :

    Lets stop child Abuse.!Im on board!!

  111. farra :

    join this contest.
    Week 2 from 27 November till 3 December 2010.

  112. Sherina :
    take a look on mine. Thanks


  113. bahyah :

    i already submit my post, but i insert the wrong email…i can’t change it…so can i submit again same post with the right email??

  114. yaya :

    i’m join!

  115. Ginny Goh :

    I just submitted my post on this… Hope I can get the reward… hihihi :p

    Come and view my blog, people.. =)

  116. Jimmy :

    Here is my post

    Let us all make A BIG DIFFERENT


  117. mie :

    here’s mine… do drop by…

  118. Adele K. :

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!! :D Feel free to visit mine… and tell me what you think in the chatbox :) Have a great day everyone! And God Bless y’all :)

  119. nora :

    sama – salah kita menghentikan penderaan kanak2!!!

  120. Kahmon :

    I’m on board.. gonna try my luck then.

  121. MaxC Chin Wei :

    My blog post is in Mandarin. I hope people only can read Mandarin also can get this message.
    Let’s Get On Board now~

    Raise your hand, stop child abuse now!

  122. Miss Coki :

    Raise your hand people…

  123. Shir26 :

    Wanted to join for the second week but it shows ‘This field requires an unique entry and ‘my blog post’ has already been used’. Do I need to write a new blog post?

    No, only one entry is needed for all 3 weeks

  124. navina :

    when will the winners be announced?

  125. farhana :

    Supporting Go On Board and Stop Child Abuse.. It is now or never..

  126. emmie :

  127. Fiions :

    Hmm …Worth a try :)

  128. CARMEN :

    Stop child abuse!

  129. Natalie Tan :

    Let’s lend our hand to stop child abuse!!!!

  130. Ng Wing Lam :

    And this is mine !

  131. fikirlah :

    i’m in..

  132. TikkoSS :

    Dear Nuffies and all,

    Never say too busy to echo on STOP CHILD ABUSE.
    Have a read on my Week 2 post !

    Thank you


  133. nur :

    join da contest…

    singgah n view my post..

    stop child abuse!!!!!!

  134. shiemacma :

    stop child abuse..
    im in!!

  135. CekLa :

    entri saya.

  136. Adyb :


  137. miza :

    let’s visit my belog

  138. linda :

    check mine!!!

  139. Carmen :



  140. nuyu :

    random winner??
    lol.. i have never been that lucky in life.
    lucky draw pun x penah menang…

    neways.. here’s my post –

  141. anishak_04 :

    salam..bleh tak nk buat entry ni 2 kali atau 2 entry yeng berkaitan dengan tajuk di atas,??
    tapu jalan citer2 yer laen r sket..bleh x??

    sila pantau di sini

    Only 1 entry is sufficient for the contest

  142. Natalie Tan :

  143. Natalie Tan :

    hello everyone…this is my post…all the best to we all!!
    and please get on the board and stop the child abuse!!!!!!!

  144. Lydia Lau :

    No more child abuse please ;(

  145. Nadia :

    I’m on board ;)

  146. pamela yeoh :

    Mine here:

  147. Su Fen :

    Do hope i’ll get it..

  148. Mok Zi Qian :

    my blog post.


  149. Sakira :

    In your mail you said :

    “If you didn’t win this time, fret not as your entry will automatically be entered into the draw for the subsequent weeks.”

    So, that means I don’t have to submit an entry for this week and for the week to come as my previous entry is automatically entered into the draw. Right ?

    Yes, that is correct

  150. Tisha Kristen Chwee :

    Here’s my post(:
    Raise your hand against child abuse now!

  151. Sakira :

    Anyways, here’s my second entry –
    Just trying out my luck.

  152. Baya :

    Sent it just now …

  153. budakpinky :

    can i write in malay??

  154. ashraf :

    high hopes :)

  155. phreak-id :

    Let’s stop child abuse. Raise your hand

    Stop Child Abuse

  156. Farhana :

    sounds good !
    mcm nk try jer ~~ :))

  157. Estella :

    It’s charity in a sense. Glad I could be of some help to spread the word! :)

  158. Inaachik :

    mari kita sama-sama hentikan penderaan kanak-kanak!

  159. aznur :

    dah submit…harap2 tersangkutla kali nie….

  160. Nasz :

    I am in!!

    Support Stop Child Abuse!!

  161. chan qing sheng :

    Check out those video i made which are often happen to child abuse.

  162. Priscilla :

    congrats to the week 1 winner :))

  163. lizzy :

    oops I accidentally typed in another email instead of the one I registered with nuffnang? Can I submit again then? Thanks.

    Don’t worry about it. It will still be valid

  164. Zoe :

    I’m In too….

    Support Unicef – Raise ur hand and say “Stop Child Abuse”

  165. latifah :

    how that i want to join for the second week because the permalink should be unique and i have already use the permalink for the first week

    You only need to submit one entry for the whole contest

  166. stormz :

    stop child abuse

  167. oxygenning :

    submitted =)

  168. budakpinky :

    jemput2 lar usha yea.. ;p

  169. budakpinky :

    nk ask.. cm ne nk wat Blog Post Permalink?? agak confius..

  170. Ashlynah :

    Hope i can win.. – Stop Child Abuse

  171. cming :

    what title should i use if i use chinese?

    You can just use your own translation of the English title

  172. yanmie :

    here entry for 2nd week :)

    cekidaut yea :)

  173. aChloe :

    Stop child abuse. It causes a lot to the child. Like in my film, it costs their life.

  174. ummiabqari :

    hope we will win!!!

  175. Akram :

    Kita mesti sokong habis-habisan kempen ini. Mata ni dah tak larat membaca berita di dada-dada akhbar memaparkan bayi dibuang dan penderaan seksual. Check out my entry:

  176. weengorgeous :

    I have done my responsibilities :)

  177. Lily :

    Wow, there are so many nuffnangers joining. I just submit my entry. Hopefully i win. But not sure. huhu

  178. Lily :

    btw, how to know the winners? How to know that we win or not?

  179. azrin87 :

    here’s my blogpost on Stop Child Abuse –

  180. Sandra :

    can I do a new post for this contest?
    Looking back, I didn’t do justice in my original entry.
    I didn’t do my research properly.
    Is that okay? Please?

    You can submit a second entry if you wish

  181. Liyana Lunia :

    kenapa saya tidak suka pengasuh atau maid atau sesiapa sahaja yang ditugaskan untuk jaga anak kita?

  182. ainul :

    i’ve done a huge favor for these children..
    may all of them bless..and keep fighting the best for them…because they deserve better..
    so..raise your hand and say NO to child abusing..

  183. Mah@mahu :

    Post entry for second week… please comment here..

  184. elly&emmy :

    Hentikan penderaan kanak-kanak.. sayangi dan hargailah mereka..

  185. MissN :

    Stop Child can make a difference

  186. Rowlin : ini entry saya… I HAVE RAISE MY HAND!

  187. wansteddy :

    Sayangi mereka, Bantulah Mereka
    Hentikan Penderaan Kanak-kanak

  188. Maxloon120 :

    Submitted, before 1159PM December 3rd, thanks :D

  189. Rachel :

    It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.

  190. erin :

    Ni pos saya…
    Hulurkan tangan~ hentikan penderaan..

  191. Renee :


  192. myvitrd@tn.punya :

    mencuba nasib juga disni

  193. YingJieC :

    Submitted. :)

  194. falihin jasmi :

    love our generation…=)

  195. falihin jasmi :

    here my post…

  196. ipinisme :

    ni plak entry saye

  197. Sakira :

    Get on board, stop child abuse.

    Here’s my entry ;

  198. hildamilda :

    Here you go (:

  199. TikkoSS :

    Hi all…

    Hope a small contribution of mine will stop the child abuse..


  200. eyriqazz :

    Submitted mine :

  201. Wavelyn :

    Here is my post! :D
    Child Abuse can be STOPPED!

  202. Clyde Vespia :

    Appreciate you sharing, great article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

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