Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale

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  1. yanmie :


  2. Anak Perak :

    nasib baik tweet.x perasan contest ni.baaaaanyaaaakkkknya…contest…

  3. Glo-w :

    But I already have PS3 Move! Lols…not like I’ll win the grand prize but the parfume looks delish! ^^ All the best!!!

  4. Joshualaw :

    Haha….this movie is funny! :D

  5. karen :

    here’s my entry :

  6. Izahusni :

    Ok….let’s do it

  7. wcheryl :

  8. Jean :

    my post:

  9. Jack Ng :

    eh eh , i saw churp2 also got the same contest , can we join both n win both ?

    Yes, you can

  10. MuJE :

    wahhhhhhhhhh… bestnye! tapi rambut pendek…huhu

  11. farra-eng :

    wahhhh my oppers suka movie nie.

  12. kasih suci :


  13. zuriey :

    camne nak tunjuk rambut kalau pakai tudung.. edit pic boleh kan

  14. Ms & Mr Red Ribbon :

    Luv Rapunzel! Always love her hair and been long time didn’t see any new cartoon about her…

    Here’s my entry:

    Hope can win :)

  15. Dyana :

    Check out mine! :)

  16. arul :

    hope u like it :)

  17. jolene :

    3D? can’t watch..

  18. SarahY :

    must the picture of my hair be real hair ? or can it be a wig ?

    Wigs are acceptable

  19. Dauspozi :

    Menarik!… Tapi takde idea la pulak nak join contest ni… keh3

  20. LVC :

    Done mine— together with a bad hair day. XD

    Please let me feel Rapunzel’s hair in 3D on 24th November~~~ ^^

  21. teratakindah :

    woow..menarik nie…

  22. Sholee :

    Touch my crowning glory for luck:

  23. Sue Me :

    Wrote mine here! Woohooo!!

  24. Kak Anie :

    Alamak… kalau nak kena ambil gambar rambut tu… maknanya yang pakai tudung tak boleh lah ye…

  25. Chia yee :

    Here’s my entry!
    Hope it’s not to weird-ish. :P

  26. Carmen :

    I want those tickets badly!!!

  27. Aizul Azril :

    trying my best and luck again ^_^

  28. Audrey Chew :

    Here’s my blogpost ! :)

  29. ainil :


  30. darkbatman :

  31. Bro Framestone :

    i done yesterday… but how come it not show here

  32. kak ina kl :

    boleh guna gambar orang lain atau tidak?

    You’re required to post pictures of yourself. :)

  33. ManjaIxora :

    holaa.. dah joint.. hohoho

    mintak2 dpt tiket free.. fuh fuh fuh.. hohoho

  34. adam :

    here is it! Enjoy reading=)

  35. Jejaka Terhangat :

    wow..the Rapunzel sure is cute..ahaks..
    err..Rapunzel’s hair cannot be cut due to it has been cursed right?

  36. ayu :

    Just try my best!! =D

  37. nur :

    wah.. nice grab.. hmm if i had rapunzels hair?.. think first

  38. ellyana1 :

    Read mine and pick me eh.. hehe :)

  39. rubi :

    girls with scarf like me can not enter lor..

  40. Jessy Long :

    I love Rapunzel and I really really wanna catch her on the big screen!!!!!

    Here’s my blogpost:

  41. Jack Ng :

    oh my , here goes my reputation …

    Please please let me win … or i might kill myself . LOL

  42. Cik lily putih :

    Ni Nuffies,

    trying my luck to get ticket

    Here’s the link :

    hah.. mesti korang ketawa lah baca post aku nie.. kelakar.. :)

  43. Theresa :

    Here’s my post .

  44. serenity :

    i’ve been waiting for this movie to come out like forever…finally!!rapunzel in 3D..wanna go watch!!!

  45. sarah :

    here it goes

    trying my luck!

  46. puterinuur :

    This is my entry ;)

  47. Jimmy :

    This is my post hope you all dont LMAO me ok?

  48. Veron Foon :

    Where to submit the post I’ve written? Just include the permalink here together with my comment?


  49. Puteri Bahiyah :

  50. Karmen Lim :

    Hello darlings!!!

    Here’s the post! Enjoy!!! =)

  51. Carmen :

    here’s mine!!! I think i tried submitting in before. not sure if it got through. =)

  52. sW33tDaRLinG :

    ok, this is my link… huhuhu

  53. Elaine Hooi :

    Rapunzel Rapunzel…. let down your hair… * cricket* * cricket* urmmm…?? oh well… anyway… have a good time reading my post yea!

  54. Cweelee :

    Posted Mine:

  55. Mai :

    * cross my heart, hoping i can win * =P

  56. Vanessa Soong :

    Here is my post for the contest.

  57. marina :

    tarikh tutup?

    Kindly refer T&C at top right corner

  58. Elwyn~! :

    Can I ask whether it is a picture as in only 1 picture? Or I can put in multiple pictures of myself?

    You are free to put multiple pictures of yourself.

  59. sw33tdarling :

    where’s my submission…? 2 times already submitted here…

  60. hOt mAmA :

    cam best ja…nak ikut..ngeeee

  61. seriwangi :

    Harap-harap Seri Wangi dapatlah tengok wayang RAPUZEL dan dapat hadiah lagi…heee best giler.

    Link saya:

  62. kak ina kl :

    this is my N3

  63. Mummysya :


    this ie my entry

  64. tengku jacklyn tiara :

    hey. i am a hijab girl. i put interest in this competition but yeah im wearing instead i cant put off my hijab. can i tell the story based on my lil sis one?

    Yes, you can

  65. Jwxwei :

    Here’s mine: :)

  66. wawa :

    this is my entry ;)

  67. Ynn :

    my blog post :D

  68. zuriey :

    nak try gak..huhu

  69. Tifa :
    Pick me pick meee:)

  70. kianfai87 :

    can use Photoshop to edit the hair? Guy can take part right? *shy*

    Of course :)

  71. epulafea :

    sila berusahalah! T_T

  72. Kok Jin :

    Hey everyone, here is my entry

    Weird theory I have. lol.

  73. Mouki :

    Here’s my entry ;)

  74. annapeje :


    here my entry…just wanna try my luck :p

  76. ajie sosondoton :

    a daydreamer’s effort :)

  77. FARIZ :


  78. Anyss :

    Ohhhhhh kena letak gambar ke? Bertudung ni macam mana?

    Mmmmmm baru je potong rambut…ish! ish! ish!

  79. Miu :

    done.. :D

  80. Jackie :

    Just done mine ;)

  81. Mummysya :


  82. Xing :

    Here’s mine! I wanna watch this movie!!!

  83. Isabell Liang :

    Phew! done with mine! :)
    Do enjoy!

  84. Jwxwei :

    Second attempt on sending this in. Hope it gets through *crosses fingers

    Here’s my post:

  85. Elwyn~! :

    Here is my link~!

    Hope this is the winning post~!

  86. Shinnaz :

    for the 1st I suka Mandy Moore. Wanna be with you….lalalala~

    Here is my post “If I had Rapunzel’s Hair..”

  87. mizznora :

    i like and so excited…

  88. Muhammad Najmi :

    gosssh!!! so many have posted!!! I want to watch this movie too! And you are being so generous to let us watch it in 3D!!!! I don’t want to miss this!!! Please let me see this movie!!

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity!

  89. hOt mAmA :

    this is my link…

  90. SarahJenysah :

    Entri saya !

    wishly , dapat menang :D

  91. Kb :

    My entry~ just 4 fun.
    Please do visit n comment :D

  92. Aimi AZ :

    Sudah berjaya menyiapkan itu entri. Check out:

    Good Luck semorang! :P

  93. tanlaywern :

    My entry!!!!
    I will be in the museum!

    Rapunzel in the museum!!!!! :D

    Thank youuuu!!

  94. tanlaywern :

    Ps: Sorry i typed the email wrongly.. Thats why repost!
    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience :)

    My entry!!!!
    I will be in the museum!

    Rapunzel in the museum!!!!! :D

    Thank youuuu!!

  95. misXoman :

    This is the story about twin Rapunzel which is Ripunzel.DO visit how Ripunzel looks like and U can leave your comment. =)

  96. sub :

    cant stop myself from laughing…enjoy guys!!

  97. UtamaOptometrist :

    wee~ this movie looks extremely irresistable!

  98. nikel :

    YES> can do it..

  99. niantse :

    here mine :P

  100. Chia Pai Chieng :

    My blog entry:

  101. hizami :

    Check it out !

    Wish me luck !

  102. Charmaine :

    Check out my cool hair! LOL!

  103. Jamie :

    Here’s my entry! Wishing myself the best of luck. Have fun!

  104. Supia :

    After a long long preparation I finally finished my post.
    You don’t want to miss it.

    Btw, the notification email will be send to my email I registered with Nuffnang or the email I used to leave this comment?
    Sorry, coz I used 2 different email.

  105. Kb :

    My entri. 2nd time post. Why it didnt came out 4 the 1st post?

  106. Renae :

    my very first nuffnang contest entry..>< I hope I get it.XD

  107. copykate :

    can’t wait to watch the fairy tale! XD

  108. tanlaywern :

    Rapunzel is in the museum!!!!
    This is my post!

    Hohoho thanks!!

  109. Shannon Chow :

  110. kure2kecik :

    kiut doe katun dia…

  111. Lydia Lau :

    If I had Rapunzel’s hair :)

  112. nissa :

    i’ll try my best to win~

  113. Althea Loi :

    Done. : ) It’s silly and I do know that but what the heck, so be it! :)

  114. Jeremy Teh :

    There you go,
    My entry!

    Beware! Malaysian Culture involved! And Picture of my bad Hair day! Time for a LOL!

    Go to the link below to know more!

  115. sherry fam :

  116. fazley86 :

    My entry…May this post entangle me with those pair of tix!!!

    wish me luck guys!!!

  117. ferry :

    wish me luck

  118. Sandy Ryan :

    wow..~~ I wanna watch this movie..~~ <3

    here is my post.. leave some comment..^^

    ~you know you love me~


  119. Nick Chang :

    I do mine…Hope that I can get into the cinema!!hehe..*cross finger*

  120. nissa :

    check out mine~
    hope can win..(:

  121. Little Mama™ :

    here’s mine :)

  122. evelynwann :

    I am looking forward this movie…Rapunzel~~~

  123. Khalid Amin :

    Creative tak post nie, cam biasa je…

  124. Nana Eddy :

    My Enchanted Book of Fairy-tales…

  125. Serge Norguard :

    somehow i wonder what will happen if i won both sides ? *cough*

  126. fathiah85 :

    Hai Nuffnang!

    Saya sangat meminati cerita Rapunzel sejak kecil, bila tahu nuffnang buat contest movie macam ni, memang sangat here is my entry:

    thank you Nuffnang =)

  127. Esther :

    my entry…:D

  128. aquegadis :

    hope dpt sokongan tentang blog yg sye wt nie…^_^

  129. aquegadis :

    hope dpt sokongan tentang blog yg sye wt nie…^_^

  130. y--square :

    Mine is here. Enjoy!

  131. DevilDiba :

    interesting contest! I’ve joined. Here’s my link :)

  132. Shinnaz :

    sorry. after editing. lupa lol nak letak picture. Hre is my new post about “If I had Rapunzel’s Hair…

    Thank u!

  133. Anak Perak :

  134. labuchee :

    Acik pun nak cube…. :)

  135. eLLy :

    Done !!

  136. cikween :

    here mine…

    hehehe enjoy k

  137. nunsie :

    Hellooooooo ,I joined this contest .woot woot !:D:D:D

  138. budleee :

    This is my entry :D, its about time I can talk about hair without looking like a fool

  139. Reekha Rosalind :

    im in!

  140. wansteddy :

    join jugak >< jemputlah singgah my blog :)

  141. cekla :

    cekla nak join jugak.

    ini entri berangan saya.

  142. mr curly :


  143. azlina : my post =)

  144. gwen velora :

    hahaha.. i want to try.. :)

  145. Jil :

    One of the funniest posts i’ve done :P

  146. gwen velora :

    this is my first attempt on nuffnang’s contest. I really want this!!
    oh dear nuffnang.. if i don’t get the ticket can i have the wii only. that would be ok too.
    It would be birthday present for someone special. huhu.. :)

  147. Ningxi :

    Here’s mine!
    Hope the day for the release comes faster. =)

  148. Faizal :

    Ok finished mine! here goes:

  149. Kahmon :

    Hey, that’s my link:

    Enjoy~ =X

  150. Nam :

  151. Nam :

    cuba jugak

  152. pnstoberi :

    Try my luck again :P

    p/s : jgn gelak tgk rambut ‘pelesu’ saya. teh hehehehe

  153. lekatlekitgurl :

    nak try jugak la

  154. Steph :

    enjoy :)

  155. Hanim Ma'mun :

    Mine :)

  156. Celeste :

    my version :)

  157. padel :

    im in..

    jgn gelak plak…

  158. lenglengloo :

  159. Nicole Cheong :

    Here’s my entry, hope this works :)

  160. WQ :


  161. Celeste :

  162. Jiayeen :

    Hopefully I can win this =P

  163. bigblackwolf :

    Hey everybody! Hey nuffnang people please visit

  164. farra-eng :

    Ucapan untuk diri sendiri..> good luck huhu (^.^)

  165. Liew Meng En :

    can I Write in Chinese?

    Yes, you may

  166. budleee :

    Eh? I thought I put in an entry here.. where did my link go? :(
    Thank goodness I was searching the comments…

  167. tasha's :

    nak rambut macam tu….. seriusly teringin sangat!!!!

  168. MissN :

    take a look at it!!! enjoy..

  169. MissN :

    take a look at it,enjoy it.

  170. Jinwei :

    When is the deadline for this contest? :O

  171. Stephanie Yap :

    when will we know if we win?

  172. Crystal :

  173. Norlizah Mohd Noor :

    Done.. let c my luck

  174. Lizzie Yasmin :

    ops sori, just now mistake…

  175. Reekha Rosalind :

    submitted! im in~

  176. Crystal mun :

    This is my post
    Hope you’ll like it.

  177. Jeff Soo :

    Can I still submit?

    Yes, you can

  178. fadzlina :

    aisey, gua pakai tudung la..ferrr

  179. Bubble :

    This is my entry^^ Hope i can win.

  180. lizzy :

    This is my link!

  181. Liew Meng En :

    Here is my entry :

    hope I can Win :( *pity face*
    choose me choose me
    選我 選我 :)

  182. Jinwei :

    :D Good luck everyone!

  183. nur misnan :

    salam… ohhhh…. have to watch this cartoon
    so funny n i love Repunzel hair.. dreaming about her hair.. =)

  184. luckystrike :

    This is my try~!!!

  185. zackarr :

    done :)

  186. mia :

    dis is mine..i wrote it in malay..can rite?


  187. slibk :

    wow…nice contest..i would love to participate..just 4 fun..come guys..see my story..


  188. Emokids :

    IS that any closing date for this contest ??? COz i ll submit my post soon ~

    Kindly refer to the T&C

  189. Emokids :

    IS the prize giving at the venue provide above ?? if i m not at there on time , wat shld i do next

    Yes, prize giving will be done on the day itself

  190. Liew Meng En :

    Here is my entry :

    hope I can Win :( *pity face*
    choose me choose me
    選我 選我 :)

  191. MsXeRoZ :

    Wait Wait~ Wait for me~!!!!



  192. Cereal :

    My take on Rapunzel if i had her hair,

  193. Engku Aishah :



  194. SarahY :

    here’s mine :)

  195. hash :

  196. isha :

    i dah join ;D

    hope u like it

  197. Jeff Soo :

    Here’s mine..

  198. lea :

    Hello Nuffnang Crew :)
    this is lea’s entry.

    hope you like it. :D

  199. akuzle ayu :

    plz come n indulge this ‘poyo’ latest ‘Sister Trim’s Fairy Tale’ that never been told before…. …EHEHHEHEH

  200. awekmerahjambu :


  201. Kina :

    I hope i’m not too late..attached here for your perusal..hehe..

  202. luckystrike :

    just in case I didn’t leave my blog permalink before this.

  203. Hannnah liew :

    Here is my entry;)

  204. Sharifah Qistina :

    here’s mine;

  205. Ibu Emir :

    I hope still accepted…

    thanks ya

  206. Galvin Tan :

    Making it fun :)

  207. awekmerahjambu :

    just try my luck again..=)

  208. PojiePooh :

    Here you go!
    My entry about IF I HAD RAPUNZEL’S HAIR
    wish it’s still valid and can win the prizes and movie tickets :)


  209. sarahtan :

    doneee (:

  210. Ickes :

    This is my entry:

    Have fun reading, people! :-)

  211. Hazman aka species1980 :

    Hi there….

    Here is my last minute entry…

  212. Qiao Xin :

    Harlo!! Hope you guys will like it!! Thanks!!

  213. Raymond-Chloe :

    It is not yet the closing date right?
    I’ve spend more than 5 hours and tons of efforts in writing this post.
    Really wish I can get it, I’d be very sad if I dont… :(

    Thank you~ ^^

  214. izny :

    how 2 join?

    Kindly refer to instructions above

  215. Dale Lian Lenjau :

    WHIP YO HAIR BACK AND FORTH!!!! Check out mine!!!!

  216. Xin :

  217. Que Haidar :

    Huh..Finally im done wif this post..So tired thinking sumting unique..Hehe

    As u wish Mrs Nuff..Wish me luck :)

  218. Crystal mun :

    Can winners bring partner along?

    Yes, every blogger gets 2 tickets

  219. sirei/rei :

    last minute me!
    haha, hope u guys enjoy mine with pictures!

  220. farra :

    dear nuffnang, still can post a blog title “IF I HAD RAPUNZEL’S HAIR” or not? :)

  221. Que Haidar :

    congratz to all winner..i wan tat Nintendo Wii..waaa

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