Win more BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones with Celcom – your #1 Blackberry provider!

Yes, you read it right – if you missed out on the previous contest where Celcom was giving away two BlackBerry Torch smartphones, you can stop beating yourself up over it, and start drying your tears because there are more to be won!

As you already know from this post, the Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 is the first smartphone with a BlackBerry keyboard and full 3.2 inch touch screen! It also comes with a 5 MP camera, 8 GB memory expandable with a micro SD card, integrated social feeds, and of course everybody’s favourite push email and instant messaging capabilities. Whew, that was quite a list. :P

By the way, there’s something else we have to share with you – On this auspicious date of 29 October 2010, the Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 is officially launched and there’s a one-day-only crazy deal going on in conjunction with the launch! Here’s what you can expect:

– Enjoy the Celcom BlackBerry Torch at CRAZY prices from as low as RM 8 when you sign up on the day with Celcom Exec or Celcom Biz plans!
1st 10 customers to sign up get it at RM 8!!!
Next 100 customers get it at RM 488!!
Following 100 customers get it at RM 888!
– ONLY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE and it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVED… so get there as early as you can!
– Get a FREE Limited Edition BlackBerry Torch Door Cover, FREE BlackBerry Torch hard casing plus FREE Call Me Tones for 1 month worth RM5, games, apps for BlackBerry®. Just Dial *118#, and select STUFF FOR BLACKBERRY!
– There’ll also be many other fun activities, prizes and giveaways on the launch date.

With deals like that, we know you wanna drop everything now and run out to get a Torch for yourselves, so allow us to point you in the right direction with the launch details:
Date: 29 October 2010 (TODAY)
Time: 3 pm – 10 pm (Registration starts at 3 so be there as soon as possible!)
Venue: Bukit Bintang Entrance, Pavilion KL (in front of La Bodega)

Don’t fret if you can’t attend the event, you can still get the Celcom Blackberry Torch & enjoy affordable prices plus the widest coverage with Celcom, Malaysia’s No. 1 Blackberry community – in any Blue Cube outlet nationwide – from 3 November 2010 onwards! Check out these affordable packages from Celcom:

This time around, Celcom is giving away THREE BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones to three lucky Nuffnangers! If you wanna be the proud new owner of a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the envy of the town, here’s how you can make it happen:

1. The contest runs for 3 weeks, from 29 October 2010 to 11.59 pm, 19 November 2010.
2. Write a blog post and tell us how you have the best of both worlds with the full 3.2 inch touch screen and BlackBerry keyboard on the Celcom BlackBerry Torch.
3. In your blog post, share with your readers also the amazingly affordable prices Celcom is offering for the BlackBerry Torch and the CRAZY deals at the Celcom Blackberry Torch launch event on 29 October!
4. You can find more information about the packages and promotions from Celcom from a brief downloadable at this link.
5. Only one entry per blogger is allowed for this contest. If you participated in the previous contest, you can still submit your entry for this one!
6. After you’re done with your post, submit your entry using this form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Don’t miss out on this promotion! For more information about the Celcom Postpaid Plans, head on to

Terms & Conditions:
1. The Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 blogging contest will be held from 29th October – 18th November 2010 (both dates inclusive) unless notified otherwise.
2. Contest is open to all Nuffnang registered bloggers.
3. Judges decision is final and binding.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. rma :

    masih ada harapan.. :)

  2. aReaL :

    Wow….!!!! So Cheap…!!!

  3. Anak Perak :

    wah lagi 3 biji.this contest different previous contest ya? means total up 5 BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones to win!

  4. Dimple Dee :

    woots! awesome~ =)

  5. yangbaik :

    hah…. that’s again… :-))

  6. Mai :

    if i din join the previous contest on why you like BB torch, would i be eligible to this?
    is this like the 2nd round of the contest in winning the BB ?

    Yes, it is open to everyone

  7. aznur :

    Berita baikkk!!

  8. joegrimjow :

    tau tau je tak sempat nak hantar 1st phase dulu. ok, akan masuk!!

    pss : cant open the downloadable link. Mac user, even using open office, still cant

    Could we trouble you to please try again? It seems to be working fine for us. If you encounter any further difficulties, kindly contact our helpdesk.

  9. joegrimjow :

    satu lagi, kalau celcom serius gila nak menang market torch 9800, mereka perlu ada very good Torch 9800 review on their website – what can u find here?

  10. appledia :

    Great,got nu contest for BB yeay!

  11. yasmin :


  12. NasZ :

    Cool..nak join la..tulis dalam BM bleh?


  13. Azizwan :

    woot! i want this BB. huhu..

  14. ahm :

    Jangan lepaskan peluang rebut 3 lagi blackberry.. pasti joint

  15. yanmie :

    wow..sgt menarik!! nanti nak try buat…banyak betul contest sejak akhir2 nie..sedang siapkan contest yg lain jugak..ehehe

  16. haiqal :

    LOL.sudah tiada idea.

  17. ahm :

    Aku tak mahu ketinggalan..

  18. daydeck86 :

    saya nak blackberry torch sebab blackberry curve saya rosak kena langgar
    kalau xdapat dari nuffnang next month pasti saya beli dengan wang simpanan :( :(

  19. Joanne :

    I am going to crazy, hahaha! <3 Nuffnang!

  20. Ashley Lau :

    Ohh no i missed the chance to blog about it :( it’s already 12 now!!

  21. Jennifer :

    kyaaa<3 BlackBerry torch is awesome, sweetest phone ever

  22. Clon :

    How about the previous one? The prize already been given out?

    Nope, the winners have not been chosen by Celcom. But rest assured once they are chosen, all participants will be notified

  23. Jeradyne :

    When will the winners of the first contest be announced?

  24. Cik Su :

    tak boleh pergi..huhu..jauh sangat

  25. eyra :

    DONE! submit already

  26. fadhil khalid :

    yang lama tu bila nak announce pemenang?

  27. hamzah :

    bila result untuk first BB torch contest akan keluar? nuffnang akan umumkan ke?

    Don’t worry. Just like any of our contests, we’ll email all participants with the result of the contest. Just be patient. :)

  28. Liyana Lunia :

    SAYA tak akan lepaskan peluang ini :)))

  29. Nian Tse :

    who is there grab the RM8 phone..:P

  30. faizal :

    I would like to know, I’ve wrongly submitted the entry in phase 1 (first contest) for this phase 2,so can i fix this by sending the correct document?i’m sorry for causing this trouble.

    You might need to tweak your post accordingly

  31. Hazmi :

    Yang nie pn kalau wat dalam bahasa melayu leh ke? Pastu yang mula2 tu dah dikira? kalau nak ambil bahagian dalam yang ini kena delete post yang hari tu punye ke???

    Tak payah delete. Buat je yang baru. Tulis Bahasa pon boleh

  32. Ju@LuckyMummy :

    submitted mine


  33. JaMaR :

    fight for the next BB..hoping for my luck! bravo NN

  34. Cik Su :

    tak boleh join sebab tak de idea…huhu..i give to you all..haha

  35. Bro Framestone :

    ok.. sudah join.. betul2 gila la… he…23x

  36. Kitaro Ajinamoto :

    To Nuffnang team,
    I think 2 consecutive Blackberry contests are really not good because a lot of people will use searching engine such as Google and etc to find other blogs that have joint the 1st Blackberry contest and the ‘stalkers’ would extract the ideas from earlier participants. This might be not happen but precaution is better that cure. It’s really sad if our previous ideas and hard works being copied illegally by those people without giving any credit to us.

    So i have few suggestions to overcome this problem,

    1) The rule of this 2nd contest should be modified a little bit. Meaning to say, Nuffnang team should give a very strict reminder to all participants. Copycat should be banned from this contest.

    2) Giving a different theme from 1st contest but the main points still remain. The theme is up to blogger but as long as not the same with the 1st Blackberry contest. It is up to blogger’s creativity.

    3) Allow us to save related posts in a draft first and only post it at the end of the contest period but this way is not good at all and will cause a lot of troublesome to the judges.

    I hope Nuffnang team will consider this problem.


    Thank you for your concern, but there is no need to worry as plagiarism is never tolerated in any of the contests on the Nuffnang platform.

  37. miza :

    wow.. so cool

  38. yasmin :

    gud luck guys!

  39. aien :

    fuuhh! i want blackberry! i <3 nuffnang!

  40. kyuubi :

    so means that if i have participate in the previous contest, i can still try this one? great!

  41. ciktiqz :

    contest yang lepas dah ade pemenang ke?
    nak hantar entry yang sama buleh tak?

    Celcom masih tengah memilih pemenang. Sabar, ya?

    Entri lepas tak boleh diguna untuk pertandingan kedua, ya?

    Harap maklum

  42. Jonha @ Happiness :

    I am from the Philippines, I wonder if I am eligible to join the contest too?

    Sorry, the contest is open to Nuffnang Malaysia bloggers only :(

  43. Raymond :

    Done <3

  44. Joey :

  45. nabel :

    apa bagus nya guna phone nie yep? :D

  46. mrs jamal :

    ala yang ni complete…boleh join lagi ker?

  47. blogsyarih :

    Fuuhh…I pun nak gak phone tu.

  48. cherry :

    waaa…///menarik ni. nak try luck la…

  49. farra :

    love is in d air with BB Torch… wannna win!!!

  50. Syarih :

    Nak tukar phone baru ni …nak Blackberry laa…

  51. Syarih :

    Nak sangat Blackberry tu. Yang ade ni lama punya takde kamera pun huhuhu….

  52. ciktiqz :

    ouch, means yang join yang lepas pon akan diambilkira untuk contest baru nie?
    ke kena buat yang baru? saya join yang lepas kan? takot tak submit je :)

    No, it’s not counted. You’ll have to take part again

  53. ainlaily :

    wow….bestnye.. nak bb…

  54. nur :

    i thought yg join 1st phase x boleh join dah.. so its still open eh

    Yes, boleh join! Tapi kena tulis entri satu lagi

  55. shasha adilah :


  56. lizz :

    wow…I can join…cute blacberry

  57. yasmin :

    Celcom dearie, pilih saya boleh? sayang awak tau! BHAHAHA…
    InsyaAllah. :D

    ps: guys, my final exam result will be out this evening. pray for my success ehh..? thanks

  58. Discount Hari2 :

    Menarik sungguh Black Berry nie.. Saya ada uda blog dalam satu email.. Satu memang ada iklan nuffnang.. Satu lagi tak reti nak letak dekat mana iklan nuffnang ni.. Dah terlalu penuh.. Ada kawan2 yang dapat membantu?

  59. talamkeladi :

    already submitted…can u confirm that my n3 is there, because there was a prob when i tried to submit just now.

  60. shopaholic :

    Done with mine!

  61. Aizul Azril :

    Try my luck… again and again! ^_^

  62. chekleen :

    wanna join…again..hope can win this..huhu

  63. Aion :

    Joined too! Good luck everyone :D

  64. ct fad :

    ak menang Blackberry Torch 9800….

  65. aznur :

    gumbiranya dalam hati…blackberry torch tengah menanti…harap2 dapatlah sebiji..dapatlah berinternet sesuka hati…dah join….

  66. Mummysya :

    Done. Submitted!

  67. Wan&Syazz :

    Done! Gud Luck all.

  68. UtamaOptometrist :

    I want BlackBerry also~

  69. weiying :

    it make me so excited !~but …i m still a high school student==…it make me so revolt!

  70. Fiona YJS :


  71. dedek :

    Im Done YEAH!!! Fullyhope i get the Blackberry Torch!!! PRAY~

  72. bunny :

    submitted my n3 ^^ how do confirm that it already sent? can we check?

  73. Sakira :

    Ooh. Nice . . . Hope I can join in time !

    Emh, can we use Manglish ?

    Yes, you can

  74. nana :

    it is my dream yo own one of the BB Torch !

  75. Chermaineccy :

    Can I know when is the dateline?

  76. Muhamad Rahman bin Sallehin :

    I’ve done my first post for Blackberry Torch 9800!!!

  77. suria :

    i am done!!!
    i want BLACKBERRYY!!!!

  78. suria :

    sory..the latest link

  79. Akma Azlin Mohd Zain :

    Dear sir/madam.
    I have submitted my entry and my url is

  80. Saidatul Maria :

    may lady luck on my side :)

  81. zamani :

    mau jugak!

  82. Melati :

    saya mau tapi saya tau saya tak layak… =(((
    takpe i will try my best for the next contest =)))

  83. falihin jasmi :

    i just try my luck =)
    a new bb for a new year? just nice!

  84. Mah@mahu :

    my entry..

  85. Mohd Hilmi :

    Wish me luck ! Thank to Nuffnang and Celcom to bring this opportunity !

    my entry >

  86. slibk :

    i have put my entry on…hope to win …


  87. Nurul Adira Jamaluddin :

    saya bawah 18 tahun . Boleh ke join?


  88. Sakira :

    Just trying my luck . . .
    And here goes nothing ;

  89. Mochon :

    If i already participated in previous Blackberry contest,do i need to modify my previous entry or just submit the old one?it’s because some information from my old post quite out of dated,such as celcom crazy price and full celcom blackberry plans.

    You’ll need to come out with new post

  90. Nurul Adira Jamaluddin :

    Boleh ke saya join? Saya bawah 18 tahun. Harap boleh ^^

  91. izwan :

    done with mine.. =)

  92. kyuubi :

    Submitted mine!! How do i know my entry have been submitted? There are problem occurs during my submission, so im not sure it has been submitted or not. huhu

  93. Anzur Anuar :

    dah join. and good luck to all. :D

  94. Nurul Adira Jamaluddin :

    sebelum ni ada hantar penyertaan . tapi delete. yang ini baru

  95. falihin jasmi :

    ok. i had joined this contest…hope for the best!

    this is my link

  96. sn0wee :

    last minute entry <3

  97. s2m3r :

    at last….my blog published all the post…fuh….
    nasib baik maintenance blog habis seblom tarikh tamat…
    submitted my enty…

    feel free to drop by:

  98. TikkoSS :

    Hi Nuffies, Celcom and Nuffnangers,

    I am sure everyone loves Celcom Blackberry Torch 9800.

    Want to know what’s the best of both worlds (touch screen and keyboard)? What the amazingly affordable prices Celcom is offering for the BlackBerry Torch?? How to get CRAZY deals at the Celcom Blackberry Torch launch event on 29 October ???

    Visit my post at:


  99. Liyana :

  100. cyndi :

    aduuii dah lambat..hehhehe..

  101. Nurul Adira Jamaluddin :

    when you will announce the winner?

    Winners will be announced once the judges have made their decision

  102. lydia :

    I’m done with my post yahoo…finally…

  103. Bit :

    berry berry love blackberry :)

  104. kurt :

    hye, when the last due date. today or yesterday? 18th or 19th?

    It’s before 11.59PM today!

  105. kurt :

    ok tengs.
    when the results will come out?

    We can’t confirm a date yet, but rest assured once the judges made their decisions, all participants will be notified and the results will be made public on this post. :)

  106. bettY.Yone :

    Hello! Do count me in ya’?:)

    Happy judging! Thank you:)

  107. MissN :

    with Celcom blackberry Torch 9800 i can enjoy the best of both world

    enjoy it

  108. Nurul Adira Jamaluddin :

    can i edit my post?

  109. Nurul Adira Jamaluddin :

    OMG! I’ve deleted my post accidentally. Macam mana nuffnang nak nilai?

    Meaning invalid entry lah camni.

  110. Nurul Adira Jamaluddin :

    eh eh. dah recover balik post. thanks :P

  111. kurt :

    tak sabar tunggu result.
    bila keluar?
    next week?
    next month?

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